Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dominique Strauss Kahn arrested- IMF names replacement?

That didn't take long!
His allies are suggesting this is politically motivated....
A "conspiracy." A word that has morphed into a buzz word used for derision & dismissal.
This arrest works out well for Sarkozy.

Notice how quickly the IMF names a replacement?
Within hours.
I.M.F. Names Replacement as Chief Awaits Arraignment

Strauss- Kahn, has not even been arraigned and he is out!
John Lipsky is in.

Mr. Lipsky, the I.M.F.’s first deputy managing director, is a former U.S. Treasury executive and onetime banker at JP Morgan. William Murray, an I.M.F. spokesman, said that Mr. Lipsky, who has been overseeing the logistics of the bailout of the Greek economy, would meet with members of the I.M.F. board in Washington later in the day, according to Reuters.

A JP Morgan man at the head of the IMF.
JP Morgan's reach just got a whole lot longer.

More on Mr Lipsky- pictured below

Was this politically motivated?

Dominique Strauss-Kahn is victim of trap, minister suggests

A French government minister said Sunday he could not rule out that IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn's arrest for alleged sexual assault was the result of a set-up with political motives.

"We cannot rule out the thought of a trap," Henri de Raincourt, minister for overseas co-operation in President Nicolas Sarkozy's government, said in a broadcast interview.

"I note that this has happened just after the affair of the car and the suit in a short space of time," he added, referring to sniping at the socialist presidential hopeful for using a Porsche and wearing tailor-made clothes.

Strauss-Kahn arrest removes Sarkozy's toughest rival

Dominique Strauss-Kahn's arrest on sexual assault charges removes the toughest rival to French President Nicolas Sarkozy for the 2012 presidential race, bumping up his chances of re-election to a second term.

Who benefits?

Had Kahn conducted himself in this fashion previously and got away with it?
Perhaps this time he miscalculated his political opponents?


  1. Hate to be off topic!
    But Edo was good enough to stop by and leave a comment in the previous post- A moondoggie alert-
    Dave McGowan put up a new part to his series. If you have been following along and want to read this promised last installment his site is bookmarked in the sidebar or

    Thanks for letting me know Edo!
    I will go have a read.
    Though I peeked and Dave promise's it is back to Laurel Canyon soon.

    Though I know he will be on Meria Heller's show this week talking Abraham Lincoln...

  2. Additionally, below is a link to a speech delivered by Mr Lipsky on China

    Interesting, because setting aside the spin, he wants China to turn itself into the next casino for the bankers, spin the wheel and screw everyone..

    When he states he wants the market to set the rates, as opposed to the chinese government he really means he wants the banksters to roll the dice.

    When he states he wants to Chinese to have more "financial assets" for investment.
    He really means spin the wheel!

    He wants " mutual funds, corporate bonds, equities, annuities, insurance, and securitized assets"

    Rather then the Chinese investment vehicle of choice buying property...

    The IMF wants to turn china into their casino playground.

    No wonder a JP Morgan man is at the helm

  3. Except, DSK is well known to be a "walking penis". It might be a trap, but I have no difficulty to believe it is not. DSK is the typical arrogant male tribesman who cannot walk by women without touching.
    Here a link to an older affair where he raped a journalist, who dropped the charges for political reasons. The host of that show then tells that he knows of 14 friends who have been molested by DSK.

  4. In the video the name of the politician they're talking about (the cimpanzee in heat) is beeped but from other sources it was confirmed that they were talking about DSK.

  5. I have to say the idea of celaning his room in the middle of the night seems a bit unusual. Then he's chasing her down the corridor in the nude - all a bit unlikely. The man's not a fool and I don't think he imagines that he has immunity in public.

    These people have private residences where they can do what they do undisturbed.

    Not to say that he's not a vile man who can lead entire countries in economic dependence though.

    Trail by media!!

    Nevertheless reading Gallier2 , he may have overreached himself


  6. Hey Gallier! how are you?

    Actually I would not doubt this man is a "walking penis". He is one of the elite, therefore he is one of the scum at the top. The scum are known to be, well scummy.

    I think of Mr Epstein the pedophile banker, flying young girls around on his plane to 'entertain' the elite classes of assess.

    That all said, DSK's penis, would be just the tool to use, to get him if someone wanted him got.

    You know what I am saying.

    Because really, as Jeffrey Epstein makes clear, the scum get away with whatever they want.

    So, I do think someone wanted DSK out of the way and knew just how to do it.

  7. "we live in a world in which the weaknesses of some are watched by others in order to use them ..."

    Hey Gallier I translated the page, and this sentence explained exactly what I meant.

    I can't understand the video, though. :(

  8. Aferrismoon! How are you?!

    He may have overreached himself, but the overly dramatic arrest of one of the top bankers for the rape of a chambermaid seems to be something that under normal circumstances, by normal I mean normal for the scum at the top, would be quietly dealt with.

    Of course, there could be such a thing as justice, real justice, but I admit to finding that just to difficult to believe.

  9. We have to look at that story from 2 different angles. If we do that it's not as clear cut as you might think.
    From an US view of things it's logical, as the IMF had given harsh warnings to the US and such. From a French perspective it's more difficult, because DSK was the presidency candidate the "Empire" wanted to put in place of Sarkozy. Sarkozy and anyone coming from his party (UMP) cannot by any stretch be reelected. You can not imagine how hated the Nabot is here. People do not like the left (socialist party) either, because frankly there's not much difference between both parties (you will often encounter the UMPS abbreviation as a contraction of UMP and PS to designate the same thing, a bit like repubicrats in the US).
    So the choice of candidates on the left is a bit more difficult for the establishment. Segolène Royal, while having some popularity is not very liked by the PTB, she's too much a loose cannon. Martine Aubry, has a better image in that regard but represents the bureaucratic apparatchick and her popularity would go up like a lead balloon. François Hollande, no, it would be like voting for Elmer Fudd.
    DSK was the sole candidate that had some credibility (in the view of the mainstream).
    The scenario was to prop up Marine Le Pen so that she is in the second round and to oppose her against DSK, which would have easily won, reversing the scenario that was played out in 2002 with Chirac and Jean-Marie Le Pen.

    Furthemore, the sources here that propose this entrappement story are the usual suspects who come always in the defence of the elites with libido problems. These defenders are not bound by any left/right differences, these are the same people that come to defend people like Roman Polanski, F.Mitterrand, R.Gutman (interesting case for the pedophocracy story, I may comment on that story later).
    This said, it might be possible that DSK overstaid his welcome and that, knowing his natural behaviour, he was not bailed out as would have been the case before (in one of the videos gave, the rape victim said that her attorney had heaps of dropped rape cases against DSK, he is well known for that, I knew about these stories for years).

  10. Gallier:

    I am going to move your commentary to the latest post and will reply there.

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