Thursday, June 30, 2011

Israel warns Assad: Attack us and we will assassinate you

Apparently this warning was issued to Bashir Assad via Turkey.
Is this really a threat to kill Assad?
Or is this a set up for something else?
I am leaning towards the 'something else' angle?
Though I won't discount Israel's assassination potential.
First the news, then I will explain...

Israel reportedly sends message through Ankara following intelligence reports revealing unusual troop, missile movement, Kuwaiti paper reports.

The (Israeli) government sent a message to Syrian President Bashar Assad in recent days, warning him that if he started a war with the Jewish state in order to divert attention from domestic problems, Israel will target him personally, Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida reported on Tuesday.

A little more here and here and here
Let's pay attention to some of the language being used here?

"The personal warning was sent through Turkey following intelligence reports of unusual Syrian troop movements, including the moving of long-range ballistic missiles that could be used to target Israel"

"This sort of provocation is consistent with Assad’s previous behavior, in which he has tried to divert from domestic problems by getting various segments of Syria’s population riled up against Israel."
What was the alleged provocation?
From where did the so called intelligence reports emanate?

The claim of "provocation" by Israel stems from the Palestinian protests, when Israel used live ammunition to slaughter protestors .
Israel made the claim at that time, that Assad had "provoked" the protests as a distraction from domestic issues.
I find this claim pretty nonsensical.
The Palestinians have many valid reasons to protest and have long done so on their own.
They certainly need no cajoling from anyone.

I have covered the issue of Israel's claim of "provocation" on two occasions.
Find that info here

Both times I mentioned that the provocation excuse can be used by Israel to launch an attack on Syria.

The claim of having "intelligence" would seem to emanate from Israel.
Why do I say that?
This story emanates from Israel and is then picked up by a Kuwaiti newspaper.

"According to the Kuwaiti newspaper al-Jarida, as relayed through the Jerusalem Post"

This latest news seems to be an upping of the ante.
Or should I say the false flag potential?!

Let's recap?

We have an unsubstantiated intelligence claim being made by the Israeli's of missile movement by Syria.
We have the false narrative of previous provocation
Additionally we have a report of IDF buildup on the Northern border
"the Israeli Defence Force has increased its preparedness on the northern border "
Ostensibly in case Lebanon does something? But, who knows?

Therefore, this has to be viewed as management perception, planted in the Israeli press. The beginning of a fictional narrative that will go like this-

Israel had to defend itself from Syrian attack after all they had "intelligence" that claimed missiles were being moved. Very quickly western allies will come to their aid.

The reality will be that Israel can conveniently use this cover story to launch a war of aggression on Syria aided by western allies, salivating in the wings.

Quoting from the end of IBT, linked above:

It seems however unrealistic to think that Assad would attack Israel since he knows that is one thing the country's western allies will not allow him to do."

Assad, won't attack Israel. Israel will attack Syria.
Who knows it may happen while the world is watching the Gaza Flotilla?
Israel is really making a show of that.

HHQ has upped his false flag alert to red.
In light of this news.... we all need to be paying attention

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Israel not preventing human trafficking for sex and forced labour

Being really short of time today I am just going to throw a few links up to some news that didn't get a lot of coverage. This report emanates out of the US State Department, so you can bet this ranking was whitewashed..... for political reasons.

Israel that bastion of democracy ,participates in the exploitation of human beings by inadequately fighting human trafficking. Israel the nation that alleges itself to be "God ordained" a nation built on land that is allegedly "god given" Inhabited with followers of Judaism who espouse themselves as "God's Chosen".

What does this news imply about the nation of Israel?
What does this news say to us about God?

Israel ranked with 3rd world nations in human trafficking

The US State Department on Tuesday published its annual Trafficking in Persons report, ranking Israel in the same category as Pakistan and Rwanda.

The reports states that "Israel is a destination-country for men and women subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking".

"Some, face conditions of forced labor, including through such practices as the unlawful withholding of passports, restrictions on movement, inability to change or otherwise choose one’s employer, nonpayment of wages, threats, sexual assault, and physical intimidation," the report read.

In addition, it is stated that "many labor recruitment agencies in source countries and in Israel require workers to pay recruitment fees typically ranging from $4,000 to $20,000 – a practice making workers highly vulnerable to trafficking or debt bondage once working in Israel."Some face conditions of forced labor, including through such practices as the unlawful withholding of passports, restrictions on movement, inability to change or otherwise choose one’s employer, nonpayment of wages, threats, sexual assault, and physical intimidation," the report read.

Israel is not included in the list of western democratic states in terms of fulfilling the minimal standards required to battle human trafficking – a list which includes western Europe, United States, Canada and Australia.

US State Dept. slams Israel over human trafficking

The State Department report takes Israel to task for not complying with minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking.


State Dept. says Israel not preventing human trafficking

WASHINGTON (JTA) -- Israel is not in full compliance with the minimum international standards to prevent human trafficking, but it is making efforts to bring itself up to par, the U.S. State Department said.

Israel's was classified in the State Department's annual report on human trafficking released Monday as a "tier two" country, the second ranking in four possible categories. It was the fifth year in a row that Israel has received the tier two ranking after improving in 2007.

According to the report, men and women, mostly migrants, are subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking in Israel.

Israel, not even doing the bare minimum required to prevent human trafficking.
This is not really a surprise given the level of abuse Israel visits upon the Palestinians.
The complete disregard for humanity. The murders of the first flotilla participants.
The murders of peace activists.
What a disconnect from the reality of Israel's conduct and the media's coverage of Israel's conduct within civilized society?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Upheaval In Syria" with Dr. Joshua Landis

"We discuss the evolution of the protest movement in Syria, media coverage and distortion, the Syrian opposition, the Turkey/Iran/Syria axis, Russian interests in Syria, and what the fall of Assad would mean."

Guns and Butter - June 15, 2011 at 1:00pm

Click to listen (or download)

His site is Syria Comment

I have used some of his information on my blog. Specifically on Farid Ghadry.
The interview is about an hour in length, covers a broad spectrum of topics surrounding the Syrian Upheaval.
Including Turkey, Iran, Lebanon, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Russia the US and more

Monday, June 27, 2011

Turkey, turns up the heat ! Creating the conditions for war

Last week I mentioned Golan Heights as an "iron in the fire" A way into Syria.
The other way is Turkey.
NYSC from thenakedfacts left this link.

There are parts of that news that are not believable, but, let's say I am going to separate the wheat from the chaff!

"EU and US intervention in Syria is designed to harm Iran and to protect Israel and Lebanese Christians, not Syrian people, according to Robert Baer, a retired CIA officer with experience of the region."

Interesting because he acknowledges the US & EU are up to something. Which they are!
I agree it is not to benefit the Syrians at all.
Neither is it to protect the Israeli and Lebanese Christians.
This seems to me an appeal to western audience, largely Christian, that this destabilization is being done to protect aformentioned Christians.
He also touts the line that Syria is being the "bad guy" when it is clear Syria is responding to attacks.

Still the author mentions information which is most undoubtedly factual
" I'm still talking to my Syrian contacts and they are quite convinced that weapons are coming in [to the opposition] not just from the Sunnis in Lebanon and through Iraq but also from Turkey"

This would make sense given the fact that the uprisings have overwhelmingly presented themselves along the border of Syria.

Some of the analysis offered above was backed up by an EU diplomat

"We have reports that Wahhabists [radical Sunni Islamists], who are not necessarily controlled by any state, are coming into Syria from Iraq and from Saudi Arabia to create chaos. Inside Syria, there are snipers shooting at demonstrators who are not controlled by Assad but by the deep state, and other snipers who are shooting at both demonstrators and police," he said.

Not necessarily is nice spin.
What the EU diplomat saying is outside fighters are entering Syria, along the border and creating chaos. And that it is entirely possible they are state controlled, which, it seems they are.
The EU verifies what the Syrian government has been claiming about snipers has been true.
The EU diplomat verifies that Syrian claims of outside meddling are true.
If one has been paying attention, this would be obvious anyway.

Just how involved is Turkey?

According to this article, quite involved!

"The Turkish government is hosting the exiled leadership and dissident activists on the ground protesting in Syria."

Turkey is hosting exiled leadership and dissident activists in Turkey?

"Turkey has opened its southern border to Syrian refugees and is actively treating the wounded"

So, are the so called "refugee camps" filled with dissident activists, outside actors and snipers??

If you look at the pictures of the camps there are supposed to be 2,000 persons on average in each camp (10,000 refugees divided amongst 5 camps)
They are locked down. Not allowed to come and go. So why do all pictures look like this?
I stand corrected allegedly it is 12,000

Surely a couple of thousand persons cramped into a small space would look more crowded?
You can see the fence posts in the background.
And the grass wouldn't looks quite so green?

I was looking at some picture of the Haitian Refugee camps...
The ground is brown and crushed looking from the people walking on it repeatedly. While all around is green. In just 6 days!

The picture taken on Jan. 18, 2010 shows a bird's-eye view of a makeshift refugee camp in Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince. Haiti was rocked by a massive earthquake on Jan. 12, 2010, devastating the city and leaving thousands dead.

You know what else is curious?
There are many bird's eye views of the Haitian camps. Like above.
None of the Turkish camps? Instead nothing but these, through the fence shots....Why?

One wonders who and how many are really in the camps?

Fear mongering headline-Lots of spin. Is Syrian unrest an invitation for Al-Qaeda?

Salameh Nematt, a Jordanian and founder of Pillar Seven, a regional communications consultancy, Nematt spoke on the sidelines of a conference under the auspices of Israeli President Shimon Peres last week.
"Syria has become a source of serious concern to both Israel and the US".

Martin Indyk, vice president and foreign policy director at the Brookings Institute in Washington, said the US would have preferred that the Arab Spring never occurred,(lie) its support for human rights, freedom and democratization notwithstanding.(filthy lie)

“The US prefers stability,” Indyk told the conference in Jerusalem. “But when it comes to Syria, the longer this goes on the more US interests suffer"

The US prefers stability? Who is this fellow kidding?
They prefer chaos. From the chaos the US can shape the order.

Is this the preparation for a Turkish invasion of Syria???

Syria and Turkey could slide into a violent confrontation, a highly-placed Turkish source told Israel’s Ha’aretz daily. Erdogan convened a meeting over the weekend with the heads of the army, intelligence service and Foreign Ministry to consider a response in the event Syrian forces attack refugee camps in Turkey.

Why would Syria attack refugee camps in Turkey that are alleged to be full of Syrians?
They wouldn't.
The Syrian government cannot risk losing the support of it's people.

BUT. .....

What if the refugee camps are full of fighters? Snipers? Soldiers? Mercenaries

Who continue to attack Syria?
In cross border raids?
Then Syria may have to attack the camps, camps that have no refugees, only armed fighters.

The refugee camp story has bothered me from the get go. It seems fraught with fabrications.
It is a carefully constructed and controlled ruse.
That said, it is believed on a mass scale.

Therefore we have to consider that soldiers/mercs and snipers launching attacks from the bogus refugee camps into Syria may get the hoped for result- Syria responding to the attacks.

Then Turkey will launch an all out attack because they are "defending" the "refugees". Who knows, some additional NATO troops may suddenly appear.

OH wait a minute I covered that already!

NATO moving troops, Turkey flying recon flights and Israel delivering "aid".
The actors assembled, the stage is being set.

Poop Burgers and Turd Steaks

It seems it should be a joke and a bad one at that.
Still, I hope it is because this is so disgusting.
If your body is putting it out, why would you put it back in?

Shit is waste.

Mitsuyuki Ikeda Wants You to Eat His Burger Patties Made from Human Waste
One Japanese scientist with probably good intentions took all this to heart and presented his suggestion to a disgusted audience: burger patties made with meat synthesized from human feces. (And yes, we mean human crap, poop, excrement, or deposit, whatever you want to call it.)

Sewage mud

“Sewage mud” is exactly what you think it is – poop. Ikeda’s process begins by extracting protein and lipids from the “mud.” The lipids are then combined with a reaction enhancer, then whipped into “meat” in an exploder. Ikeda then makes the poop more savory, by adding soya and steak sauce.

Currently, the price of the poop burgers are 10-20 times that of regular meat, due to the cost of research, but he feels they will even out in a few years. He admits that “some people” may have a psychological aversion to eating artificial meat made of their own poop at first, but thinks many would be open to personally completing the food chain. He also notes that the burgers are extremely low in fat.

Turd Steaks anyone?

To make swallowing the stool steaks a little bit easier, a nutty flavor was added using soy protein, and red food coloring was mixed in too, apparently to make the concoction look more like a juicy, bloody steak. A few brave researchers even took the plunge and taste-tested the product. Apparently it even tastes like regular beef.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Golan Heights: Just another iron in the fire

You may recall, or not, a post I put up June 10/11?
If you don't, let me refresh your memory.

Back to the other action at the UN. Israel has complained to the UN

"Israel calls on the international community to convey a clear message to Syria that such provocations carry serious potential for escalation and must cease completely. We expect the Government of Syria to take all measures to prevent such dangerous incidents from reoccurring in the future," it said. "

Border protests put Israel on the defensive
Note the language, "provocations" and "defensive"? Spin.

This complaint stems from the gunning down of protestors, by Israeli soldiers, in the occupied Golan Heights.

"At the Syrian border, "Israeli" soldiers fired live-rounds at protesters marking Naksa when they reached the border fence near Majdal Shams."
That's right.
Israel guns down protesters with live ammunition and then complains to the UN about "provocations" and being put on the "defensive"

At the time I mentioned this could be a possible alternative option.
To shall we say-Get the war on !

Well, the US and it's UN Ambassador Susan Rice have made some highly interesting and potentially war invoking moves.

Rice told reporters Thursday it's past time for a credible political reform process to get underway in Syria.

She said the U.S. is drafting a resolution to extend the U.N. peacekeeping force monitoring the disengagement of Israeli and Syrian forces in the Golan Heights which will take account of recent incidents when protesters crossed the border from Syria.

A resolution to extend UN "peacekeeping", which will take into account recent incidents when protesters crossed the border from Syria.
Bullshit Alert!!! -Protestors never crossed the border

A little more information here
Reporter: On that subject, or a similar subject, Ambassador, do you think it is appropriate to have the Security Council make an expression of concern about the political situation in Syria in the resolution and the (INAUDIBLE) mandate?

Ambassador: We think the Security Council should speak clearly and unequivocally about what is transpiring internally in Syria and that’s why we have supported a resolution to that effect. We also think that there needs to be a credible renewal of the mandate on UNDOF and that that mandate renewal needs to account of recent developments on the Golan Heights and on the area between Israel and Syria.

Reporter: (INAUDIBLE)

Ambassador: No, we think that the resolution on the Golan Heights ought to focus principally on what is happening in the Golan Heights, and I think that it will. But at the same time, as I’ve said now three times this morning, or this afternoon, I think it’s vitally important that the Council speak clearly and unequivocally about the atrocities and abuses that are occurring inside of Syria.

Susan Rice thinks the resolution on the Golan Heights ought to focus PRINCIPALLY on what is happening in the Golan Heights (illegal occupation)

BUT. But, she is hinting that the resolution could have an alternative, or additional non -principal focus. The "atrocities and abuses" that are occuring.
Reality being, well.... reality.

The US/NATO world army would have a few irons in the fire, to attain their goal.
Attacking Syria.

Will this resolution give NATO the excuse their looking for.
Will Israel claim they were "provoked" and begin the attack?
Will NATO will have to come to their assistance??

Thursday, June 23, 2011

1 Dead General, A Destabilization and the long, long Energy Wars

Let's take a trip down memory lane?
Move through the present and peer into the future
That means we are covering a lot of ground!

Last year, a body washed up on the shores of the Mediterranean.
But, this wasn't just any "body"...

You can read here if you want, the article is somewhat skewed, that is being kind, and full of buzz words.
I am going to ignore that all and point to this tidbit

Last August (2010) a decomposing body was found floating in the Mediterranean Sea near the Turkish-Syrian border.

Picture and info from here

The body was of General Yuri Ivanov, deputy chief of the Russian military intelligence (Glavnoye Razvedyvateinoye Upravienie).
Ivanov was the second in command at Russia’s foreign military intelligence unit, the GRU.

Prior to showing up dead and decaying in Turkish waters he had been seen in Syria.
In Tartus, where Russia is working on that big port I have previously made mention of.

The general was last seen visiting the building site for a new Russian military base in the Syrian coastal city of Tartus, which is being expanded as a base for Russia’s Black Sea fleet.
Official reports claimed he drowned while swimming, but many don't believe that the head of operations for the Russian military intelligence would go swimming without half a dozen bodyguards around him
I thought about that.
I agree.
A Russian military intelligence officer would NOT go swimming without his bodyguards in tow.
I can think of two places he may go without his bodyguards in his immediate vicinity.
One too the "restroom"
The other to have a tryst.
If anyone else has any other suggestions feel free..
My point being, this man probably did not drown. He was probably murdered.
Was he a portent? a sign of what was to come?

Coincidentally. Or not. The body washed up on the shores of Hatay, Turkey.

Digression Alert!

Hatay, Turkey is where the attacks on Syria are emanating from.
Yes, boys and girls that is what is going on, Turkish troops and likely some others "troops" or mercenaries are attempting to invade/destabilize Syria.
With the hope of drawing the population into a bloody, protracted civil war that will bring the nation to ruin. Let's hope the majority of Syrians understand this?

To recap-
We have a Russian Military Officer, high ranking, who shows up dead in the Mediterranean waters in Turkey. Though he had been last seen in Tartus, Syria. Where the Russian port expansion is taking place.

After finding the body, Turkey’s foreign ministry approached neighbouring countries for further information, with Damascus reporting that Ivanov had gone missing while on assignment in Syria.

I wonder? Who killed the General? And yes, I think it was murder.
I also wonder where did he really die?

Now here is another article, mentioning the strategic relationship between Russia and Syria. Ostensibly an "independent" view. The reality being something else completely.
The author is, oh sorry, was with the Middle East Institute.
Independence of view is not what that place is about. But, one little paragraph caught my eye.

"Russian companies have active contracts to build pipelines connecting Iraq and Syria, contracts that will summarily end if Moscow aligns with powers against Syria in the Security Council."

Pipelines connecting Iraq and Syria? This is what I touched on in yesterdays post.
Could the pipeline be connected to Russia's Southstream, and taking that further could this all work it's way eastward to China.

The Southstream pipeline is the competitor to the most expensive pipeline ever to be built, yet, the Nabucco pipeline.
As we read yesterday, Turkey has just signed on the dotted line for Nabucco.
But, Turkey has been involved with Nabucco for some time.
This article from the Tblisi Times from 2010 includes Ankara involvement.

In August 2010, the Nabucco shareholders agreed on a modification of the feeder line concept at a meeting in Ankara.
The line was modified to avoid Iran, but, this makes the line that much more costly.

“That will add a further 550 kilometres (342 miles), meaning it will measure 3,900 kilometres (2,420 miles) in total,” he said.

While the changes have not been officially confirmed by the consortium, the estimated costs are likely to be revised upwards to reflect the increased length.

I highly doubt that makes anyone happy.

Keep in mind the construction of Nabucco is not set to begin until 2012.
So there is still time to attack Iran, and reduce costs on Nabucco!

That all said, looking at the competing pipelines, Turkey has long had a vested interest in destabilizing Syria and trying to knock out the competition- Russia.
So let's take a look at the great energy game from another angle!

Now that nuclear power has been "fukushima'd" nations such as Germany are looking to alternatives. One alternative is natural gas. Russia is primed to supply Germany.
Let's call it a reshaping of the global energy landscape?

When Chancellor Angela Merkel initially said Germany would eliminate all nuclear power plants, she said most of the resulting energy deficit would be filled through increased efficiency, power from renewable sources, and a revamped electrical grid.
Switzerland decided a week before Germany to phase out its plants over the next three decades

What will fill the nuclear power gap? Natural Gas? Who is well positioned to provide that natural Gas to Germany and Europe? Russia!

This is excellent news for Russia, the second-largest natural gas producer in the world.

Russia is already Europe’s biggest gas supplier, exporting 120 billion cubic meters, or 4.2 trillion cubic feet, there in 2010, around a quarter of demand.

Making Russia even more important to Europe.
What will the NATO world army make of this? Keep reading, keep reading...

The geopolitical implications of the German nuclear phaseout are not clear.
Many analysts and officials on both sides of the Atlantic warn that Germany’s ties to Russia could spell trouble in the long run, if not because Russia is emboldened in Europe then because Germany could, at some point, find its energy interests incompatible with its Western allies’ political interests.
“The United States is attempting to extricate itself from Afghanistan and Iraq, and by the middle of the decade may be ready to assert itself in Central Europe,” wrote Stratfor, a geopolitical intelligence risk consulting firm based in Austin, Texas. “If this occurs, and Berlin’s dependency on Russian natural gas is at that point still increasing, its response to these strategic moves in its neighborhood could put Germany at odds with NATO allies.”

Uh oh!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

From the Black Sea to docking in Georgia....

A brief follow up to a post from last week

From Russia, US Warships in the Black Sea to Syria, China and more!

This same US Warship that was conducting exercises has now docked in Batumi, Georgia.

“Whatever explanations are given for this entry, it is obvious, that it will be perceived by the Georgian leadership as an encouragement for its revanchist aspirations in respect of Russia’s allies – Abkhazia and South Ossetia – and will not promote strengthening of stability in the region,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement issued on June 21.

“We consider that such maneuvers are in contravention of the current nature of Russian-American relations. We expect more constructive approach from Washington, which will meet the goals of ensuring security in the South Caucasus and the Black Sea region, as a whole, and of respecting legal interests and concerns of all states located here,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

Besides the Monterrey it seems another ship had previously arrived in Georgia-

The Russian Foreign Ministry also points out that on the 9th of June the Ticonderoga-class guided missile cruiser USS Anzio (CG-68) also arrived in Georgia. This is reminiscent of the delivery of "humanitarian aid" to the Georgian authorities, which was carried out by the Bush administration after the failure of the Georgian attack on South Ossetia in August 2008.

Has this one left?

Nabucco and Southstream. Competing Pipelines/Strategic Interests and a curiosity

While we are talking pipelines...... Here is an interesting article on the Nabucco pipeline.
Wait, before I link that article, take a look at this.

I wonder if this explains Turkey's sudden change of heart?
Their "turn to the west"?

Nabucco Legal Framework Finalised – Project Support Agreement signed by each transit country

Kayseri, Turkey, 8 June 2011. The legal framework for the Nabucco Pipeline has been finalised today with the signing - in Kayseri, Turkey - of the Project Support Agreements (PSAs) between NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International GmbH and the responsible ministries of the five transit countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Turkey).

Just this past June/2011, Turkey signed paperwork finalizing the legal framework for the Nabucco Pipeline.

Nabucco would be the competitor pipeline to Russia's Southstream.

According to Pamir, the natural-gas pipelines to Europe that are in the planning stages are competing projects, not complementary ones, as some officials have suggested.

The two projects are South Stream, which plans to bring gas from Russia to Europe, and Nabucco, which is expected to initially carry gas from Azerbaijan and may later expand its supply sources to include Iran, Qatar, Iraq, Egypt and even Russia.

South Stream’s advantage is the fact that it has a ready supply of natural gas from Russia, Pamir said, while Nabucco suffers from a lack of suppliers.

Which leaves me wondering?

The pipeline I mentioned in yesterday's post, Kirkuk/Banias could it have been connected into the Southstream Pipeline?

Now onto the link I was going to start out with, but, this seems the better place for it.

As the article above mentions South Stream already has a ready supply of natural gas. Nabucco suffers from a lack of suppliers.
Which leaves me scratching my head. Why waste the money?
Never mind, stupid question! Clearly this is about control, political game playing, more so then logic.

Nabucco will be the most expensive pipeline ever built.

This article is from 2010, but, it does have some relevant stuff in it

State Oil Company of the Azerbaijani Republic (SOCAR) vice president Elshad Nasirov is now threatening to start selling Azerbaijan ’s natural gas, currently Nabucco’s sole projected provider of throughput, to Asian countries if Europe further postpones Nabucco’s construction.

Construction of the 56-inch, 2,050-mile pipeline, first proposed in 2002, is tentatively slated to begin next year and scheduled for completion by 2014. At a cost initially estimated at $11.4 billion and rising, Nabucco will be the most expensive pipeline ever built, more than three times the cost of the 1,092-mile Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) oil pipeline. Raising such a significant sum in a time of global recession would be an article of faith at best.

Even assuming that Nabucco’s boosters manage to assemble a coterie of deep-pocketed suckers – er, investors, the only promised current volume for Nabucco's proposed 31 billion cubic meters (bcm) annual throughput is Azerbaijan's future offshore Caspian Shah Deniz production, estimated at 8 bcm. Even if Shah Deniz does end up supplying Nabucco, its currently promised throughput leaves a deficit of 23 bcm, leading to the question of exactly whose natural gas will Nabucco carry if SOCAR drops out, a worst case scenario requiring the Nabucco consortium to scrounge not 23 bcm, but all 31 bcm per annum, especially as Washington’s geopolitics invalidate the participation of either Russia or Iran?

But Washington's geopolitics won't invalidate the participation of Iran if the NATO "world army" takes down Syria and then moves on to Iran?

And papers were finalized to begin construction just this past June in Turkey. Interesting?

Now onto a curiosity-

Nabucco- A synopsis ,from the Metropolitan Opera.

"In the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, the Israelites bewail their fate: Nabucco (Nebuchadnezzar), king of Assyria, has attacked them with his hordes and is desecrating the city. As they offer prayers, Zaccaria (Zacharius), their high priest, enters with his sister, Anna, and Nabucco's daughter, Fenena, whom the Jews hold hostage."

"Nabucco the king of Assyria has attacked the city in which is daughter is held hostage"


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Assad's "Four Seas Strategy" Damascus converges with China

Image borrowed from here

Above is a pic of one section of what seems to be quite a grand plan-Four Seas Strategy

This is quite interesting..............

While China is moving west towards the Caspian Sea, Damascus is concurrently moving eastward. Since 2009, Bashar al-Assad has been promoting a "Four Seas Strategy" to turn Damascus into a trade hub among the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Persian Gulf/Arabian Sea and the Caspian Sea.

Aligning Syria with countries that lie on these shores—Turkey, Iran, and Azerbaijan (The Weekly Middle East Reporter, August 1, 2009)—Assad peddled this idea in May 2009 with Turkey, stating that “Once the economic space between Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Iran become integrated, we would link the Mediterranean, Caspian, Black Sea, and the [Persian] Gulf … we aren’t just important in the Middle East…Once we link these four seas, we become the compulsory intersection of the whole world in investment, transport and more.”

He described Syria’s nexus of “a single, larger perimeter [with Turkey, Iran and Russia]…we’re talking about the center of the world” [17]. Syria can thus act as a means of access for EU countries to markets in the Arab world and western Asian countries [18]. Assad discussed this vision with Medvedev in May this year, and in August 2009 he received Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei’s blessing when he presented this strategy [19].

To this end, Assad is taking steps to expand the Arab Gas Pipeline (AGP) to pipe gas from Egypt and Iraq via Syria, and connecting with Nabucco pipelines to Turkey onto Europe.

Was Syria setting itself up to be the centre of the universe. The compulsory intersection of the whole world in investment transport and more?

A little more

"Assad's enlarged vision of Syria's role as a strategic energy transiting role is to link the nation's oil and gas pipeline network to the Nabucco pipeline that will carry oil from the Caspian Sea to Turkey and on to Europe," Brooks observed.

Is this why Assad has to go? To get a more western compliant government in place?
One that may not be quite so accommodating to China.
It has to be asked.

Rallies were held in support of the Syrian government in a number of Syrian cities

Syrians Rally, This Time in Support of Leader

10's of 1,000's of people in Homs

On Tuesday, tens of thousands of Syrians took part in boisterous pro-regime demonstrations, shouting, “The people want Bashar Assad!” and releasing black, white and red balloons - colours of the Syrian flag.

The largest gathering appeared to be in Damascus, but Syrian state TV showed similar demonstrations in the northern cities of Aleppo and Latakia, Hasaka in the northeast, and the southern city of Daraa.

More news on the pro-government protests, which seem far larger then any of the anti-government protests I have seen.

There are reports of large crowds in Aleppo, Damascus and the southern city of Deraa, where anti-government protests first broke out in March.

The Syrian government has taken journalists and diplomats to the fought-over town of Jisr-al-Shughour. Footage shot under supervision appeared to show shelled buildings, burnt-out cars and a mass grave where bodies were being retrieved.

Interesting, no? The Syrian government is taking journalists to see what there is to see.

And Turkey is hiding the refugees?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Israel wants to deliver "aid" to syrian refugees- NATO troops in Turkey/Recon flights over Syria

This post has gotten bigger, literally by the moment as I come across more and more news.
First the so called "refugee camps"
While no media is allowed into the so called "refugee camps", and no humanitarian groups are allowed into so called "refugee camps".
Israel is looking to visit. And, I am quite confident they will.
Israel will make arrangements in preparation for and in tandem with NATO and what is looking like an assault on Syria.
Confirms my suspicions of Israeli involvement in destabilizing Syria.
100 percent! As I have made mention of a number of times

Onto the first part of this post

An Israeli lawmaker is seeking permission from the Turkish government to visit Syrian refugees in Turkey and deliver humanitarian aid to them, an Israeli news report said on Thursday.

I am not buying the "humanitarian aid" ploy.
Israel is not big on humanitarianism when it comes to Arabs. Nope, not big on it at all.
In fact they have been known to murder more then a few humanitarian workers in their day!

Ayoob Kara, a member of the Israeli parliament, Knesset, from Likud and deputy minister for development of the Negev and Galilee, asked for permission to help Syrian refugees in a letter he wrote to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Kara, also a member of Israel's Druze community, submitted his letter to Erdoğan via the Turkish Embassy in Israel, Israeli news site said.
Now the second Part...

NATO forces will be on the ground in Turkey

Turkey has agreed that NATO can turn its airbase in Turkey into a base for ground operations into Syria.

NATO’s Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen has said the alliance will transfer the bulk of its ground forces from a military base in the city of Heidelberg in southwestern Germany.

Other troops will arrive from Spain to be placed at the Izmir Air Station in western Turkey, which will now become the centre for ground troops.

Ankara has already created its own military bases close to the common border with Syria.

Turkish reconnaissance flight over Syrian airspace

Following reports about Turkey's intention to consider occupying a swath of Syrian territory under the formula of creating a buffer zone for the purpose of providing protection to Syrian refugees, Turkish media reported that a military helicopter had been sent into Syrian airspace to conduct a reconnaissance operation.
The reports add to earlier ones about NATO's intention to redeploy troops currently based in Spain and in Germany to the Izmir Air base, in western Turkey, upgrading the latter from currently 400 forces. Turkey's willingness to boost NATO air bases for the implementation of the military alliance's enhanced focus on the Middle East is marked by Ankara's sudden resumption of a confrontational language towards Damascus.
This comes amid Syrian accusations that the weapons with which insurgents killed 120 Syrian police and security forces in Jisr al-Shughour, earlier this month, had been smuggled across the border with Turkey.

If you have not followed along with the bouncing ball, now is the time to go back to the beginning to read and realize that all the signs were there.
Available if one paid attention to see that destabilizing, with a mind to regime change for Syria, has been coming!

Western backed Social Media "revolution" coming to Syria-March 24/11
Two Americans arrested in Syria-March 27/11

What role is this man, Fardi Ghadry, ready to play in Syria??-March 30/2011

Farid Ghadry spins a tale, for a receptive audience

Syria's Infiltration: Can it get more obvious?

There is just too much for me to put it all here. Click the Syria label at the bottom. That will bring them all up!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Turkish "refugee" camps: fenced and tarp covered. No reporters allowed

Normally I don't blog on the weekend, but, this is such an exceptional news story I have to address it.

I have made mention of the fact that Turkey will NOT allow media into the so called refugee camps in Turkey.
Oh, well my bad, let me correct that. They let a limited number enter with the "Angel"....Angel of destruction that is. Angelina, CFR, Jolie.

It is quite clear Turkey is involved in destabilizing Syria. If you have not been following along with the bouncing ball, you got a lot of catching up to do. Start here, here (especially), then onto this one and then finally. That is the bare minimum you need for background. If you want more click on the Syria label at the bottom. There is lots to read.

It is quite clear that Turkey is covering up for the fact that the alleged refugee camps are nothing but staged movie sets.

With a few 100 persons milling about. Turks, possibly Jordanians, perhaps even Israelis, a few bought and paid for Syrians. The destabilizers. And possibly some people who do not wish to be there.

Now that you are up to speed. I am going to link to this article from the CBC.

The reporters premise and logic as to why Turkey is blocking reporters is completely flawed.
In fact it is down right nonsensical!!!
But, I'll give it to you anyway.
In a nutshell: The reporter postulates that Turkey is covering up for Syria- that is the ludicrous.
There is no reason or rhyme for Turkey to be engaging in that type of behaviour!

After all, Erdogan is "sad" and they paraded Ms Jolie around for the cameras in a carefully staged event. Therefore covering for Syria is preposterous. They have been more then happy to exploit the situation for political gain.

Of course that line of "reasoning" is meant to deliver the message to the Western media audience that Syria is bad. Spin, spin, spin.....

But here is the meat and potatoes of the matter. Quoting-

"I asked a Turkish reporter today why her government isn't allowing media access to the four, soon to be five or more, refugee camps"

"She seemed just as puzzled as the rest of us. "We do not understand" either, she said. "Why would you hide the good things that you are doing?"

Why would Turkey hide the good things they are doing?
The most obvious answer to that is...... the million dollar response..
They really and truly aren't doing any good things!!!

Let's read how heavily the camps are guarded and hidden

The Syrians are being housed in Turkish Red Crescent camps. Technically, they entered Turkey illegally, so the camps are fenced and they are not free to come and go.

But, it's the next part that's more bothersome. The entire fenced perimeter of each camp is covered with tarps.

We can't see in, they can't see out.

That is exactly the way the Turkish government wants it and that is what is ramping up all the suspicion.

Therefore, it is not possible to know who is really in the camps? Or if anyone is in the camps.

Hold on, it gets even better boys and girls!

At three different camps we visited we were stopped from talking to (alleged) Syrian refugees.

The military also ordered us away from the border when we tried to wait for refugees who may have been crossing there.

To wait for refugees who may have been crossing? What if the reality is, no one is crossing?

And then curiously the spin doctor mentions a protest going on in the camps?

"After many hours of trying, we managed to speak through a fence to refugees on two occasions. Once when there was a protest going on and police were otherwise engaged and the second time when the police had walked away from a stretch of the fence for a spell."

A protest in the camps? Why?
Why would the people who were alleged to be there for their own safety and security be protesting?
One possibility is that some persons may have been brought there against their will?
Or mislead. Deceived. And they want to leave. This has to be considered.

Also interesting?
The reporter did get to talk to some persons and doesn't even mention what was discussed? Curious.
The reporter in fact blathers on about having to sneak around to do her job...
But fails to mention what the alleged refugees, if she really did speak to any, actually told here.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Angelina Jolie as the Gorgan

Having a bit of fun with this one!

Turkey unveiled the banner "Goodness Angel of the World- Welcome" in "honour" of Angelina Jolie's visit to the "refugee" camps.

If they remake this episode, Angelina can appear as what she truly is.
On the surface a happy shiny angel, but in reality, evil, destruction and death.
All done through management perception or mind control?

You may recall this episode of Star Trek where the "good" angel, mislead the children, after having killed their parents....
Through the management of their perceptions.

At the end there is an awakening.
This is what the bloggers try do. Awaken the people :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Angelina Jolie goes where no humanitarian group can go.

"Mother Teresa" is going to be allowed to visit the alleged displaced Syrians in Turkey!!!
Oh, sorry that is Mother Angelina. .........
Angelina Jolie. The big breasted actress. The "earth mother" to all.

Lights, makeup, camera-ACTION.
Angelina stars in the globalist feature film "Lara Croft: Slave Provider for the Elites"
The UN's "Goodwill Ambassador". Sheesh!
Goodwill Ambassador is a nice fancy title, but what it really means is Angelina Jolie is the PR person.
She is public relations for the UN.
You see, Goodwill merely means friendly, helpful or cooperative feelings and/or attitude
Angelina Jolie is therefore the smiling happy face of the globalist agenda.

Don't believe me?
Don't want to believe that Angelina Jolie is the smiling happy face of the globalists?
That she is a tool and nothing more, of the powers that be?

Besides her UN "goodwill ambassador" postion, which is a public relations job.
Ms. Jolie is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. From the horse's mouth

"She was honored for her philanthropic work by joining the Council on Foreign Relations. The prestigious think tank officially approved Jolie's membership nomination." In 2007.

Isn't it curious that Turkey won't let any aid/humanitarian groups into the camps.
Covered here
But they will allow Angelina Jolie to visit.
What is wrong with that picture boys and girls???

This is a Public Relations stunt!

How is it that this marginal actress will get access to refugee camps that Turkey has blocked all media and humanitarian groups from visiting??
Cameras will be in tow, as Angelina lovingly visits displaced persons.
From who knows where?

This stunt will be spoon fed to the Western audience via every TV/print media outlet
All the entertainment "news" outfits will cover this.
Guaranteeing the message of "bad Syria" will trickle all the way down to the dumbest of the dumb, the people who's lives revolve around celebrity news.

This news, of Angelina's visit, confirms my previous post and suspicions that the reporting surrounding the camps in Turkey is suspect. If there was a legitimate humanitarian concern then aid groups would be given access to the camps, not a tool of the globalist elite class, pushing a specific political agenda.

The overthrow of Syria's government.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Syria: Peering through the West's smokescreen

A smokescreen is an artificial construct designed to obscure, confuse or mislead. One hell of a smokescreen has enveloped Syria!

The Syrian government has called for citizens of Jisr al-Shughour to return.
The area is safe." Electricity, water and communications have now been restored"

What had made the area unsafe had been the influx of outside fighters.

Remember this was the town where as many as 120 security personnel had been killed?
You don't seriously think the towns people killed them?
There is nothing to indicate that.
I have covered that sordid news previously, so back it up if this is unfamiliar territory to you.
Click the Syria label in the bottom and start at the beginning to get up to speed.

Most of the msm news count on so called "activists" for their information with no independent verification of whether or not the stories told by these "activists" are correct or completely false.

The "activists" have had their ability to communicate provided for them by the US. (I have covered that previously) Therefore the accuracy of their "reporting" must be questioned.
Because it reeks of disinfo. Information with an agenda.

I am of the opinion the Syrian troops went in to rid the town of outside influence.

“Now we feel safe,” said Walida Sheikho, a 50-year-old woman in the village of Foro, near Jisr al-Shughour.
She and other residents offered food, water and juice to the Syrian troops and said they had appealed for help from the army."

Now that the outside fighters are cleared from the towns.
They can go back home
And people are returning home!

A reporter saw vans packed with families and their belongings, apparently returning to their homes in Jisr al-Shughour

This is all good news for the citizens of Jisr al- Shugor. Going home.
Where have they been? Have they been in Turkey as the "activists" have reported?
There is a problem with that allegation.

"The Turkish government has largely prevented access to the camps, saying it wants to protect the refugees' privacy."

I am going to repeat that-

The Turkish government has largely prevented access to the camps, saying it wants to protect the refugees' privacy.


Turkish authorities are physically preventing outsiders from speaking with Syrians who are crossing the border at a rate of more than 1,000 each day.


Because if Turkey is denying access to outsiders there is no verification of anything.
This action on the part of the Turkish government leaves one wondering....

Why would the Turkish government block outsiders from access to the alleged refugee camps?
To protect the privacy of the refugees? Not believable!
This is a propaganda campaign. Perception Management!
A refugee camp in Turkey filled to capacity with Syrian refugees could be a real propaganda/perception management coup!
So why is the Turkish government denying access?

The most sensible answer would seem there are not thousands upon thousand of refugees.
The most sensible answer would be that the so called "refugee" encampments are home to the troublesome outside influences.

So where are the Syrians?
They are inside Syria.

Just inside Syria, refugees from embattled town huddle in makeshift camp

Or this one?
- Syrians vent rage in tent camps on border with Turkey

"Hundreds have set up a temporary camp in a muddy field on their country's border with Turkey."
In their countries border. Their country being Syria.
So the vast majority of refugees are in Syria. This must be why Turkey is denying access to refugee camps alleged to be in Turkey.

A little side note here:
In this article their appears a woman pseudo-name Nour, she claims to be a resident of Latakia. How did she get to the Turkish border? That must be a long, long distance on foot?
For someone who is 5 months pregnant?? Allegedly? Why did she leave Latakia at all? To go to an alleged war torn village? Then cross over into another country??
The whole story, as heart tugging as it is makes no sense.

That done and out of the way, let's move on-

We have a town cleared of troublemakers, who have been no doubt the ones fleeing across the border into Turkey.
We have Turkey denying outside access to so called "refugees".
We have residents who were in Syria the entire time.
In camps that were inside the Syrian border.
We have Syrian residents returning home, to electricity and communications all ready to go.

From Medvedev and Russia's Foreign Minister-

Medvedev earlier said that Russia would not even discuss the draft resolution on Syria.

"The situation in Syria is not as simple as some are trying to portray," he said.

"A large group of armed militants is active in Syria and they have seized several populated areas. Syrian forces have been tasked to liberate these populated areas," the Russian foreign minister said.

"We deplore all instances of violence. Those who commit violence must be aware of their liability for that, of course," Lavrov said.
Swinging over to the machinations of the UN:

The "allies" have hit the BRIC wall. Will the BRIC wall hold?
India may fold. We will see about the others.

Assad Supporters come out. Unfurling a large flag of Syria

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

From Russia, US Warships in the Black Sea to Syria, China and more!

Pretend that Russia is in the middle.
Radiating out from the centre are Georgia, China, Syria, Ukraine, EU, the Black Sea and NATO.
In no particular order, there just all connected to Russia and were going to touch on them all!

This past Sunday June 12, Russia voiced concern about a US Warship just off it's shores in the Black Sea.

That would make it time for a map!

The US is claiming this is part of an exercise being conducted with the Ukraine.

Here is what is being said via RIA Novosti:

"While leaving aside the unsettled issue of a possible European missile shield architecture, Russia would like to know, in compliance with the Russia-NATO Lisbon summit decisions, what 'aggravation' the U.S. command meant by moving the basic strike unit of the regional missile defense grouping being formed by NATO in the region, from the Mediterranean to the east,"
The Foreign ministry said in a statement.

Monterrey was sent to European waters as part of the U.S. administration's phased adaptive approach to building the European segment of the global missile shield.

The program's first stage envisages the deployment of a group of U.S. warships in the Adriatic, Aegean and Mediterranean Seas to protect South Europe from possible missile strikes.

The U.S. says the warships can move to the Black Sea only in case of aggravation of the situation in the region.
"If this is an ordinary visit, then it is unclear why a warship with this type of armament was chosen to move to this quite sensitive region"
The role of the U.S. warship's missiles in the Sea Breeze 2011 anti-piracy exercises is also unclear

All statements quoted are from Russia's Foreign Ministry.


The USS Monterrey is supposed to be in the Mediterranean. Not in the Black Sea.
The warships can move to the Black Sea only in the case of aggravation of "the situation" in the region.
Is "the region" a reference to the Black Sea or the Mediterranean?
Some media outlets are connecting this to the western backed uprisings in Syria.

The piece linked above mentions the importance of an unnamed port in Syria for strategic access to the Mediterranean. I note they mention outside intervention, but bolster the official tale of the west "Syrian regime oppressive".
While not connecting the dots, the outside intervention, resulting in the killing of 120 security services persons may directly result in "oppressive" measures being taken.

So this move could be interpreted as a threat regarding the Russian stance on Syria.

Indulging in a brief digression here.

The port in Syria at Tartus, is one that could conceivably be vital to China , particularly if China joins with Pakistan at the Port at Gwadar.

China and Russia could work together to ensure transport gets through the Mediterranean and out to the Arabian sea. If I have my geography correct here?

Ok, digression over!

Moving the warship to the Black Sea could also be undertaken for or a combination of many reasons. I will cover a few below:

It was reported in May of this year that NATO's Secretary General was going to be in the US to discuss the frozen conflicts in the South Caucasus region

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen and U.S. administration will discuss “frozen conflicts” in South Caucasus and organisation policy in the region. On May 12, NATO Secretary General will deliver a statement titled “New Security Challenges, New NATO” in Washington. NATO priorities in Caucasus region as well as integration issues are on visit agenda"

At that time my mind jumped to Georgia. Abkhazia and South Ossetia. That would definitely fall into the "frozen conflict" file, for NATO and the US. Therefore the warship movement could be a prelude to something pertaining to that situation.

Getting back to the Ukraine.

As reported here: There is a bit of a kerfuffle going on between Ukraine and Russia over gas prices and pipelines. That in the end may result in Russia controlling Ukraine gas transport

"Now, at the height of the European summer, there are signs the gas wars may flare again - this time in a battle for control over Ukraine's gas pipelines. The country's pipeline network - along with the rest of its infrastructure - is in poor shape. Built in Soviet times, they require massive investment if they are to provide reliable transit of gas in the years to come.

What Kyiv can't afford, Moscow can. Russia's state-owned energy giant Gazprom is now seeking a partnership with Naftogaz – Ukraine's gas and oil monopoly."

I can't imagine this is an outcome the US would like to see? Europe dependent on Russia gas transported through Russian owned pipelines.

Well that covers the Black Sea, Ukraine, Syria of course NATO and the missile shield. So where does China come into play?

Right here!- China & Russia have a gas deal

China may have to pay $700 billion over 30 years for Russian gas under a long-term contract being negotiated by the countries, if the world's biggest energy user agrees to pay European prices, Sanford C. Bernstein said.

"Assuming European prices at the China border of $350 per thousand cubic meters, then this deal alone could be worth $700 billion over 30 years, contributing 2 percent to Russian GDP each year," . An accord is likely to be signed ahead of President Hu Jintao's visit to Russia this week, they said.

That deal will make it quite a bit tougher for the NATO western world army to control China via energy strangulation?

Big sigh out... I am thinking all the radiating points have been covered?
So much going on, as the pieces move on the global chessboard

Monday, June 13, 2011

Syria-First or Hit Syria First ? Gay blogger in Damascus - Psyops gone amok!!

Another day, another Syria post. You might say why?
Because we are watching a country be destroyed, before the bombs have even begun dropping.
Through state sponsored terrorism and main stream media manipulation.
It is quite incredible.
If you have been following along, you would notice something really interesting about the so called "protests" in Syria. Ya know the peaceful protests? They are almost entirely in border towns. One was in a port town. Do you think that a coincidence?
Or the roll of external influences with easy access to Syrian locales?
I am going with the second option.

The first "peaceful protests" were reported in the city Daara (in the province of the same name)
The protests then moved to Latakia and from there continued on to the latest in Jisr al-Shoghour.
I have covered the proximity of Daara city to both Jordan & Israel.

The access to the port city of Latakia, again by Israel is undeniable.

As for Jisr al-Shoghour, the proximity to Turkey is apparent. (though not shown on this map, it is a stones throw from Turkey.
There have been many, many reports of outside influence in Syria. Read through my previous posting. I can't rehash it all.
As for the rest of Syria, there isn't much of anything going on.
No outside influences to stir things up.
Jordan, Israel & Turkey their are your outside influences. Along with US supplied satellite phones, and access to satellite internet/phone services.

“The only way we get information is through the citizen journalists,” said Ammar Abudlhamid, a Syrian activist based in Maryland who was one of several Syrian exiles to help organize delivery of satellite phones, cameras and laptops into the country earlier this year.
Thanks to thenakedfacts for that tidbit!
So outside influences have targeted accessible border towns.

I was looking around and came across a video of gathering in the US sponsored by this website
(first clip after the commercial) Brought to you by the good folks at Syria- First coalition.
Whoever they may be?
And whoever they may be, they are not likely Syrians!!
At least not Syrians living in Syria.
Hosted in Scottsdale Arizona??? Let's take a look...

This is a website report about The site is currently hosted in Scottsdale, United States on a server with the IP which is hosted by ISP The organization linked to this IP address is currently has a pagerank 0 and we estimate it receives about 95 unique visitors per day

It gets 95 visitors a day. Which is not much, not much at all!
Estimate Visits Per Day 95
Google Pagerank: Google Pagerank 0

So we have a Syria-First "coalition" and a

While I continued on my merry way looking further into this Syria-First group I came across a really interestingly titled paper. From the CFR. That is the Council on Foreign Relations, entitled Israel should hit Syria First
The premise of the paper being Israel should have hit Syria first, rather then Lebanon.
Hmm, curious? Syria-First and Israel should hit Syria First?
The similar wording caught me off guard.
You wanna talk about a psy-op!!!
Is Syria-First the expression of Israel's desire to "hit Syria first"
It can't be discounted.

And while I speak of psyops..... Or perception management as I generally prefer.

Have we all heard the one about the Syrian lesbian blogger who was treated very, very badly in Syria?? Well if you did and were outraged. You have been suckered! It was a hoax. A psyop. A perception management operation pulled on you!!
Created by an American Student at a British University
His wife may have been in on the act
He is saying, he meant well and you should not dismiss his work, blah, blah, blah.
Bullshit. He was paid to do this work. Either by US or British intelligence.
He is a fraud and his blog is a complete fraud!

There is the Syrian "Lesbian" blogger! From Facebook.

The male blogger Tom MacMaster even made this claim " says that the experience has confirmed his feelings regarding the often superficial coverage of the Middle East"

As he contributes to the superficial coverage of the Middle East!!!

Over the top psychological operations folks! Over the top perception management!!
Calling it what it is!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Radiation & Strontium detected far from Fukushima- Will Canada take fuel rods? Fukushima Melt-throughs reported to IAEA

Worse then ever

Japan adds 4 new areas to radiation threats

Four new areas in northern Japan have been added to the list of places affected by radiation originating from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, authorities said Friday.

Three of the four are in the Ryozenmachi area, including about 180 households, 50 kilometers (31 miles) from the Fukushima plant,

Government data of the three hot spots showed an estimated radiation level between 20.1 to 20.8 millisieverts per year.

By comparison, the average resident of an industrialized country receives a dose of about 3 millisieverts per year.

The fourth spot is in the Haramachi neighborhood of Minamisoma, 33 kilometers away from the plant but outside of the area

Residents are getting almost 7 times the amount of yearly radiation

Strontium detected 62 km's from Fukushima # 1 plant

Radioactive strontium have been detected in soil at 11 locations in Fukushima Prefecture, including the city of Fukushima 62 km from the crippled nuclear power plant
-54 becquerels of strontium-89 per kg were detected in soil collected in the city of Fukushima on April 27.
-1,500 becquerels of strontium per kg, was detected in soil collected May 6 in the town of Namie, 24 km northwest of the nuclear plant.
-1,000 becquerels of strontium per kg in the village of Iitate, 220 becquerels in the town of Kawamata and 30 becquerels in the town of Hirono.

Strontium tends to accumulate in bones and is believed to cause bone cancer and leukemia.

For the Canadians!
Will Canada take Fukushima's radioactive rods?

Shimatsu also indicates that past backroom uranium deals may have left Canadian politicians susceptible both to bribes and leverage Japan could exert by threatening to name who took graft. He writes:

...Canadian politicians are bound to opportunistically oppose the return of depleted uranium since any shipments from Fukushima would be met by a massive turnout of "not-in-my-backyard" protesters. The only way for Tokyo to convince the local politicos to go along quietly is by threatening to publish an online list of the bribe-takers in parliament who had earlier backed uranium mining on behalf of the Japanese interests.

More reading here

If not Canada, the Global Research article mentions Australia!

UPDATE! with thanks to Blammo.
Thanks Blammo!!!!

Arnie Gundersen Interview (Part II): Protecting Yourself If The Situation Worsens

Friday, June 3, 2011
Interview and Transcript, worth a listen, especially for those on the west coast

- This just keeps getting worse and worse
Japan is admitting 3 nuclear melt-throughs!! That is three of them!

"An official report, which Japan will submit to the UN's nuclear watchdog, says nuclear fuel in three reactors at Fukushima has possibly melted through the pressure vessels and accumulated in outer containment vessels.

Japan's Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper says this "melt-through" is far worse than a core meltdown, and is the worst possibility in a nuclear accident."

There is more-Guardian
Fuel rods have probably breached containment vessels – a more serious scenario than core meltdown x 3.

Molten nuclear fuel in three reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant is likely to have burned through pressure vessels, not just the cores.

It is the first time Japanese authorities have admitted the possibility that the fuel suffered "melt-through" – a more serious scenario than a core meltdown.

The report, which is to be submitted to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), said fuel rods in reactors No 1, 2 and 3 had probably not only melted, but also breached their inner containment vessels and accumulated in the outer steel containment vessels.

The report includes an apology to the international community for the nuclear crisis – the world's worst since Chernobyl in 1986 – and expresses "remorse that this accident has raised concerns around the world about the safety of nuclear generation".

An apology isn't going to cut it.

There is no such thing as safe nuclear generation. Nor clean , green or carbon free nuclear generation. So just cut the bullshit!

All of a sudden China Syndrome doesn't sound so "hypothetical"

"In 1971, nuclear physicist Ralph Lapp used the term China syndrome to describe a possible burn-through, following a loss of coolant accident of the reactor containment structures and the subsequent escape of radioactive material into the environment. His statements were based on the report of a task force of nuclear physicists headed by W. K. Ergen, published in 1967"