Thursday, June 16, 2011

Angelina Jolie goes where no humanitarian group can go.

"Mother Teresa" is going to be allowed to visit the alleged displaced Syrians in Turkey!!!
Oh, sorry that is Mother Angelina. .........
Angelina Jolie. The big breasted actress. The "earth mother" to all.

Lights, makeup, camera-ACTION.
Angelina stars in the globalist feature film "Lara Croft: Slave Provider for the Elites"
The UN's "Goodwill Ambassador". Sheesh!
Goodwill Ambassador is a nice fancy title, but what it really means is Angelina Jolie is the PR person.
She is public relations for the UN.
You see, Goodwill merely means friendly, helpful or cooperative feelings and/or attitude
Angelina Jolie is therefore the smiling happy face of the globalist agenda.

Don't believe me?
Don't want to believe that Angelina Jolie is the smiling happy face of the globalists?
That she is a tool and nothing more, of the powers that be?

Besides her UN "goodwill ambassador" postion, which is a public relations job.
Ms. Jolie is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. From the horse's mouth

"She was honored for her philanthropic work by joining the Council on Foreign Relations. The prestigious think tank officially approved Jolie's membership nomination." In 2007.

Isn't it curious that Turkey won't let any aid/humanitarian groups into the camps.
Covered here
But they will allow Angelina Jolie to visit.
What is wrong with that picture boys and girls???

This is a Public Relations stunt!

How is it that this marginal actress will get access to refugee camps that Turkey has blocked all media and humanitarian groups from visiting??
Cameras will be in tow, as Angelina lovingly visits displaced persons.
From who knows where?

This stunt will be spoon fed to the Western audience via every TV/print media outlet
All the entertainment "news" outfits will cover this.
Guaranteeing the message of "bad Syria" will trickle all the way down to the dumbest of the dumb, the people who's lives revolve around celebrity news.

This news, of Angelina's visit, confirms my previous post and suspicions that the reporting surrounding the camps in Turkey is suspect. If there was a legitimate humanitarian concern then aid groups would be given access to the camps, not a tool of the globalist elite class, pushing a specific political agenda.

The overthrow of Syria's government.


  1. Angelina, the new Sally Struthers?

  2. Anonymous:

    Yes, thanks for reminding me, some christian childrens group as if that is not creepy enough?

    I think Angelina trumps sally as she is the globalist pimp/drug dealer.

    She hooks everyone in.

    According to all reports she makes her debut in Turkey tomorrow, Friday, giving the camp and the Turkish government time to make all the preparations and have everyone practice their lines, practice crying, use all the "right" words, by that I mean buzz words for maximum heart tugging and emotional response.
    Angeline will of course have had all day today to rehearse her role and emote the proper emotional response.

  3. Hey Pen

    Following on from Dave McGowan, if there's such a thing as mind-control, then Angelina Jolie is the perfect candidate. I mean honestly, between: her uber-creepy zionist dad; her nutty marriage to Billy Bob whatsisname (who reeks of controller): her idiotic public-fodder marraige to Brad Pitt; and all rounded up with a truly perverse number of adoptions, it's all a bit of a giveaway.

    Honestly, what's the logic of... how many adopted kids has she got now? ...when she's never bloody there. What sort of upside-down motherly instinct is that? Frankly it makes far more sense if you consider the possibility of paedophile satanists. Then it goes from 'odd' to 'of course'.

    And then there's UN ambassadors. God forbid they should have a mind of their own and ask embarassing questions. Best they just do as they're told. Has anyone ever heard Angelina Jolie ask an embarassing question? No, me neither.

  4. Think for a moment... who would make the best spies? Celebrities. They will get invited almost anywhere by nearly everyone clamouring to see their face and bask in their vapid, imitation humanity. If I was an evil bastard running intelligence ops, I'd use celebrities, as they breeze through security at airports, can get proximity to espionage targets easily and guise themselves as "humaitarians" to get informational access to organic insurgents amongst the people. They often travel with cameras, security contractors and equipment that is never out of place in any environment. They are actors so lying and pretence is not only second nature, it's a career path.

    I just don't get it with this Angelina Jolie character either, mates of mine go over the moon about her and how spectacular she is. I'd much prefer Milla Jovovich, who fires on all cylinders ultra-sexy, intelligent, grounded and has a light in her that's much different from Jolie. Don't take my word for it, scout out and examine their portrait images and judge for yourself. With Jolie, I just see evil in her face and exuding about her, there's something in the back of my mind that registers a slithering darkness in her. Also, the fact that she is a proud member of the Council on Fucking Nations... oops... I meant Council on Foreign Relations, substantiates my instincts.

    From the disgusting and disturbing passion kissing of her brother Jamie on the mouth in public, to the electric chair and purpose-built sex dungeon she was once reported to have in her home. The blood vials, the insatiable sexual affairs, the drugs, the earlier cutting of herself and others, use of knives during sex, the tattoo on her lower belly which reads "Quod Me Nutruit Me Destruit” (That which nourishes me destroys me) all point in the direction of a satanised, dissociative upbringing. She also has a unusual fascination with antique knives (athames perhaps?) and death, once goings so far as to studying the science of preparing bodies for death, stating that she took a home course on it when she was just 15 years old. One telling article in the Telegraph entitled "Angelina Jolie buys knife for seven-year-old son" wrote that Jolie stated "My mom took me to buy my first daggers when I was 11 or 12". What kind of mother buys daggers for their child at that age? A Satanic one, inculcating that type of ritualised behaviour. I've also no doubt that at a very early age this woman was traumatically sexually abused, and judging from the relationship with her father I would speculate that he perhaps was the culprit. Or maybe both parents were in a satanic cult that practised this deviance on their children, and maybe Jolie and her brother were traded about so daddy could get ahead in his career? When she states in an interview with OK! magazine “I was a member of a group called the Kissy Girls. I was very sexual in kindergarten. I created a game where I would kiss the boys and give them cooties. Then we would make out and we would take our clothes off.", that to me is some revealing evidence. Her father Jon Voight, is a rabid Zionism supporter and a right-wing nutter with his head straight to the shoulders up Israel's arse.

  5. And to top off what HHQ and Nobody said (great points all around, thanks Pen), she struts aroun in big Hollywood blockbusters in movies where she is a:

    2) killer
    3) humanitarian / killer / spy
    4) cool sexy spy assassin

    you get the picture. lol

    She has all the hallmarks of being sexually abused as a child, and if I am not mistaken, admitted to as much or at least alluded to it? I don't really know, but my wife informs me of that shite.

    She is a tool. An illuminati version of "Diana", or perhaps "Athena", the warrior goddess. Much like whatserface . . . the one that just died, her predecessor. Liz Taylor, that's it. Just like Lizzy.

    A tool.

  6. Heyy Penny!

    Yeah, angie is keeping up the family tradition, such a daddy's little girl she is! john voight is the WORST (or best) when it comes to licking israhell's ass.

    Pretty buy brad, in that inglorious bastards movie.

    BUT ... She's with CFR, How Lovely!! I donno how can you top that.....

  7. Most of the dudes I know think Angelina Jolie is a 'hottie,' but not me, don't see what they see that makes them drool.

    AJ visiting 'refugees' from Syria and my guess is the Zionist MSM will have plenty of heart tugging pics of the kids to get Americans pissed so when OBOMBA sends in the 82nd Airborne this Fall, we'll be cheering the death and destruction.

    I even bet some of the video isn't from the camps, but was made at MOSSAD Studios.

    Here we go again.

  8. hi penny great work..listen my pc is still on i have to go handle some engagements this morning ,so ill only be back around afternoon..that beings aid..i have gotten word froma reliable source,a family member,that angelina jolies father.some john voight or astaunch supporter of israhell and might even have sat on a lovcal board of jewish terrorist organization JDL in past..if true then angelina by default herself is acting as a tool for israel too,..might wnat to check into that..anyway hug to you and have agreat day my fair sister...ill update blog lil later and also look for those ties as well..meanwhile giant pro assad rally took palce in tartous black out in west though..concerning that..its on my blog..take care sweetie =)

  9. sigh! I had an entire big response written out here and guess what??

    It didn't go through

    (*&#@*) is that symbolic of swearing?
    hope so

  10. "Goodness Angel of the World- Welcome"

    A giant banner was unfurled for Angelina as she visited the phony refugees in the phony camps

    The 15-metre-long banner was hung by Turkish authorities at the entrance of the refugee camp in the small town of Altinozu. The actress, who is an UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador, was greeted with applauses and *slogans against the Syrian regime* on her arrival at the Yayladagi camp, where 1,400 Syrian refugees are living.

    Of course, slogans against the Syrian gov, already made for the cameras. No surprise for a staged photo-op and I love the banner!
    What a nice touch

    Oh and btw Angelina was in Tunisia?

  11. A little more

    "she took notes, showing particular interest in the women and children"

    This is typical fodder for the west where the "save the woman and children " card is played regularly.

    Props were ready for the show

    "Protesters could be seen carrying a white coffin with that read "The Society of Arab states" on one side and "The Conscience of Russia and China" on the other."

    "most cameras were removed from rooftops and high points."

    so no wide angle shots could leak out?

  12. I will try again with my giant response to all.
    and btw thanks for the great comments


    thinking along the lines of mind control she is ideal.
    No kidding.
    I mean seriously.

    HHQ and slozo thanks for the background on her, I had no idea.

    A sexualized 5 year old should be like a flashing neon sign, this child is being abused sexually.

    Isn't that the classic sign in these cases, when small children display inappropriate and sexualized behaviour beyond their years?
    Dam straight it is!

    I have been around few five year olds in my time, and never have I heard such talk from any of them.

    Musique and Greg: Council on Foreign Relations. It doesn't get anymore obvious then that!

    Oh and hhq: I did go to look at some picture of her and yes, she does have a bit of evil that oozes from her, a bit of I am on the edge psychoticness.


    my high speed is low speed today, I will stop in at your blog at some point in time, but right now this is an exercise in frustration and I have had all I can take. GR!

    just google search John Voight and Israel and lots comes up
    He is a complete nut job

  13. Hey Hei,

    As much as I'm a fan of Milla Jovovich (I wrote a haiku in her honour and also cast her in my imagined TV show 'Mind Control - The Series'), I actually suspect that she's an MK zombie too.

    She's been a model since she was 11 (!) and at the age of seventeen appeared in Chaplin as his underage bride (complete with naked bosom). Not forgetting the series of roles she's had as lab-created super agent zombies - Ultraviolet, Zoolander, and of course the Resident Evil series. And other minor roles could also be described as curious too. Not that I've seen it but in Stone she apparently plays a sex-kitten slave/member of a family given to parent murder and house burning. All very Laurel Canyon really.

    Sorry for popping that bubble mate. If it's any consolation I'm bummed too.

  14. Hi penny :)
    Excellent posst about this slick bimbo..husband stealer, adopter of poor traumatised children, and luciferian goddess...
    I can't stand the cow and always thought she looked like someone had suckerpunched her in the face..CFR hag and "goodwill" luciferic ambassador..she's prolly there to partake in some sick ritual..or offering..
    anyway, saturday morning here and have not had enough coffee yet, but i had to say there are some excellent comments here, from HHQ, Nobs,Greg,NYSC,Musique, and all...
    Good to see you firing away!!
    Cheers to you :)

  15. I didn't know she was John Voight's daughter. That's interesting. It probably also is worth noting that she played the leading role in the War on Terror propaganda film, "A Mighty Heart," about the Jewish journalist who was kidnapped and killed in Pakistan.

    "A Mighty Heart" was released in 2007 and played in theaters across the country--just one year after concerns about Jewish "sensitivities" resulted in the cancellation of the play "My Name is Rachel Corrie" at the New York Theater Workshop.

  16. Noooo... not Milla too Nobody!!! Oh well... bubble still intact however, as I never truly invest blind, unthinking admiration into any personalities. What I am struck by is sick is how striking women are processed, broken and prostituted by the modelling and film industries dominated by depraved interests. Marketed to the masses like exotic objects as ever-willing, ever-ready, sex-bots to deliver on unspoken promises if you buy the product or the propaganda they're selling. It's MK sex-slaves played out in HD, 3-D colour-blasted, sonic glory on flat-screens and glossed paper.

    The only way out of this fucking nightmare is to teach our growing generation of ladies that the world waiting to consume them based upon their looks and sex-appeal is nothing but shit. We need heroines of every colour, shape and culture to rise and take their place as leaders and not objects celebrated and exhibited like show dogs. That system needs to be destroyed without hesitation and replaced with one that rewards women warriors who fight to get us out of this shit. We must train our little girls to prize brilliance, and unity amongst their gender, to stand and fight this menace and accept nothing but the best because they are nothing but the best. If we collectively break this mind-fuck they put our women through, then the whole rotten system will collapse. For it is a system based on targeting, and indoctrinating wind-up toy consumers with false values of materialism and cowardice. For us lads it's the constant parade of sexualised imagery engineered to kick Testosterone into hyper-drive and keep a perpetual stimulated distraction maintained. Nearly every cheap, serialised show on the telly nowadays showcases frustrated sexual tension between men and women, they don't see one another in any other way. It's all sex, death, fear promotion, cultural character assassinations and money worship repeated incestually. It's produced ad nauseam because this is what they want us all to emulate and propagate. Life and community supplanted by cheap imitations of "art".

    I revere warrior women when I see them for they are rare as real gold in Fort Knox. True women like Penny, A13, A. Peasant and others who wield swords of truth and justice. For them it's not words, it's backed by fire in their hearts and minds to see this through. They are sincere, dedicated, strong and we need millions more like them. Better role models for this young generation of women I've not encountered, and we are blessed to have them. I only know them virtually but have fought by their side in these literary trenches. They are proven to be true of heart and doggedly resolute in their mission. 1,000 models, celebrities, and actresses can't hold a candle to them in my opinion, and they have accomplished nothing as valuable as what these fighting lasses have done and do. I mean that with all due humility and sincerity. Dustbin Angelina Jolie and the likes of her, and raise a glass to our own inspirational ladies. Crisp salute to the fighting lads as well, always a job well done.

  17. Total media stunt. She was also forefront in the desexualising agenda still ongoing.

    Ever more women joining the army to emulate strong female role models like Lara Croft.

    How these people can then return to their Hollywood lifestyle and sleep at night is beyond me.

  18. HHQ, you are very kind. on behalf of the ladies, we Boadecias, i raise a toast to all of us together, good men and women, and our immanent victory over evil.

    wv: larport

    that is where we are going to go, laughing, to commence the world tour vacation when this is over.

  19. Hey A-13!

    I just missed ya last night.

    So I guess this banner for Angelina didn't appeal to you?

    "Goodness Angel of the World- Welcome"

    Me either

  20. Hello Richard!

    and thanks for stopping by.

    I did stop by and read your piece.

    "It probably also is worth noting that she played the leading role in the War on Terror propaganda film, "A Mighty Heart," about the Jewish journalist who was kidnapped and killed in Pakistan. "

    Yah, it is worth mentioning that because it demonstrates how locked in to the globalist agenda she is.
    Not just in her real life, but in her theatrical life.

    Perhaps with her there is no separation of reality and fantasy

  21. AP: cheers!
    to all those fighting the good fight.

  22. Wow, fascinating comments!

    AP, unfortunately, the larport only services select domestic routes... ;)

    Here's an interesting Syria blog:

    I don't know what to add. I've stumbled across the best group of minds in the blog-o-sphere, and almost all of them are represented in this one comment thread.

  23. Hey Blammo:
    checked out those links!

    The guy with the pool noodle was...was...well I was speechless really!

    "I've stumbled across the best group of minds in the blog-o-sphere, and almost all of them are represented in this one comment thread."

    Thanks for that!

    I concur, there are some great people surrounding this place.

    Great bloggers and commenters.

    I always tell my hubby that,there is a good bunch that come around here and participate.
    I appreciate each and every one of them :)

  24. Hey Penny,...Well, all that I would have said, has been said - Mssrs; Nobby and Hei HQ (grin), Huzzar! I will add: Ladies of the bloggershpere here are my salt of the earth and all are channelling ☩Boudicea. IMHO.

    As for jolie; if it quacks like a duck. What WAS, that vial of blood it wore around its neck about?!

    Jolie's dad is inner circle (sancto sanctum dark mystery school of the b'nai br'it - freemasonic lodge of yids - Br'it means covenant by the way, as in Br'it-ish,or Br'it-ain and whose the queen bee there, announcing its "davidic" ancestry!). These freaks are bound by their blood rites to offer their own children to their yiddish masters for sexual blood-rites - I'm not crackers this whole deal is biblical people, the chosen of lucifer are fighting a war that the goyim are not even remotely aware obtains:

    Remember the moron that sang "Achy Breaky Heart", look at his no-sign-of-mom spog; if that kid's not MK'd I'll eat my hat!

    As for Milla, sadly I too am enamoured of the girl, yet the person is where she is because of that which it takes to BE where she is, WHERE she is...

    Think outside your meme people.


  25. Hi Penny :) Hi evryone, i rocked up a little late for the lovefest ;)
    HHQ...what diamonds those words are..thank you , it makes blogging a pleasure to know that such good people are contributing, and Heads up to all the wonderfull blokes out there!! Thank you blokes you balance out our bodacianess!!
    I still don't get it why you guys like milla...she needs to eat more ;) :0..Cheers and hugs

  26. 28 comments! yippee!!!
    I better pile in with THIS PIC
    Better late then never.

  27. Hey veritas!
    "Ladies of the bloggershpere here are my salt of the earth and all are channelling ☩Boudicea. IMHO."

    cripes, it;s a good thing I am not an ego maniac!

    as for the blood vial?
    I shall check out the link!

  28. A-13, never to late to enjoy all the wonderful compliments.

    They are kind of humbling?

  29. Peter:


  30. haha, Peter, good pic of the tramp!

    blammo! what the hell, i had no idea LARP was an acronym for freaks. sheeeesh. they better not be at the larport or i will not be amused. if that's the way it's gonna be i might as well wear a Boadicia costume...

  31. Hi Penny, Compliments are always humbling :)
    especially from other bloggers :)
    cheers and regards to you

  32. There was only one humanitarian group that could enter the camps, that one was IHH, Mavi Marmara organizer, an event which highly increased Erdogan's popularity. This NGO also organizes demonstrations against Assad in Turkey... Suspicious...

  33. Anonymous 10:35 am


    In all the time I covered the "refugee camp" situation
    I did not come across that information.
    Would you have a link to some news coverage of that?
    Some other coverage?
    any info on them, would be appreciated.

    I would like to look into that.

    The whole Mavi Marmara thing reeks of sacrificial lamb-

    I am aware real people died, but, governments don't really sweat that kind of stuff.

    Curious, curious

  34. IHH is the Turkish NGO that send Mavi Marmara boat, here I send you some interesting links.

    IHH, not Turkish intelligence gathered IDF names

    Washington Post: Investigate Erdogan's ties with IHH,7340,L-3899490,00.html

    The IHH President said the Mavi Marmara boat, which was hard hit in the Israeli raid and is still being fixed, could not take part in the Freedom Flotilla II.

    "The years-long despotic regime and human rights violations in Syria have carried the fight for freedom which began in North Africa to Syria. The public unrest which began in neighboring Syria on March 15 is being violently suppressed by the Syrian army. Nearly 1,500 people have been killed and 30,000 others have been wounded in the ongoing turmoil in the country over the past four months. Some 10,000 Syrians have also been detained in the same period and 3,000 people have gone missing. In addition, nearly 12,000 people had to flee the country due to the ongoing violence."

    Syria demonstration by NGOs

    IHH in rebel controlled area in Libya

    "The charity’s board includes Zeyid Aslan, an AK Party member of Parliament and the acting head of the Turkey-Palestine Interparliamentary Friendship Group; Ahmet Faruk Unsal, an AK Party member of Parliament from 2002 to 2007; and Mehmet Emin Sen, a former AK Party mayor in the central Anatolian township of Mihalgazi."

    “We are reconsidering our plans. We cannot close our eyes to the developments on our doorstep,” Hüseyin Oruç, a board member of the IHH

  35. SAC Humanitarian Visit to the Refugee Camps at the Turkish-Syrian Border

    Last week between July 18 and July 20th, 2011 , a small delegation from SAC traveled to Turkey to visit the refugee camps on the Turkish/Syrian border. The purpose of our visit was to see the conditions there with our own eyes and to learn what needs Syrians and other concerned people in the U.S. can help address.

    We arranged the visit with IHH, a Turkish humanitarian organization working on the ground at the Turkish-Syrian border. We arrived at Hatay Airport last Tuesday, and we were greeted by Omar Yanmaz, a member of the IHH team responsible for the distribution of donated goods to the camps.

  36. "The Turkish Red Crescent provided three hot meals a day, and ran the day-to-day
    management of the camps. The camps were mostly well equipped with drinkable
    water, sports areas, television screens, children’s playgrounds, vocational training
    and teachers for Turkish language classes. A prominent Turkish relief organisation,
    the IHH18, supplemented the Red Crescent provisions with fruit, vegetable, clothing
    and other material requirements. The IHH was the only non-government
    organisation to be allowed entry in the camps, on an informal basis."

  37. Hi Anonymous, thanks for all the links-
    Didn't have the time to read through and respond yesterday

    I want to point out something interesting.

    The "angel" Angelina visited in June around the 17/18 of June.

    The Humanitarian group did not visit until "between July 18 and July 20th, 2011"

    A full month after Angelina's "humanitarian visit"

    Then the second visit from a human rights group takes place in August

    "From August 22-28, 2011, a delegation representing the Euro-Mediterranean Human
    Rights Network (EMHRN)"

    So angelina's visit still appears to precede all so called humanitarian agencies visits.

    Did you read the latest post I had on Syria, from the NYT's?

    "On Wednesday, the group, living in a heavily guarded refugee camp in Turkey, claimed responsibility for killing nine Syrian soldiers, including one uniformed officer, in an attack in restive central Syria.""

    The NYT's conceded what had been obvious all along that the refugee camps are covers to attack Syria.

    The stance of the so called "humanitarian group" in condemning the attacks alleged (Syrian) - seem quite hypocritical from a humanitarian point of view when there is not a condemnation of the terrorist attacks on Syrian civilians by the armed fighters housed in Turkey.

  38. Regarding the IHH in Libya

    Isn't it curious that they opened an office in Benghazi,

    "İHH had already opened a branch in Benghazi " news is from April-

    when exactly did they open the office?
    March? February?
    Which leads to the next question-
    Were they supplying the rebels, because that would seem to be the case.

    IHH seems to be an arm of the Turkish military-
    Along the lines of USAID.

    They also seem to be gatekeeping/misdirecting


    "“Unprotected people are being killed by bombs dropped from the air by international forces that want to conquer [countries] at any opportunity"

    Yes, so why aid the western backed goon squad?
    This reads nice, but is not very credible when one is sending aid to the NATO backed terror squad.

    It would seem they are playing the same game with the so called refugees in the Turkish camps.

  39. Very interesting observionts about IHH. Turkey has been always the best friend of Israel in the Middle East. There's something fishy about Mavi Marmara, don't you think?

  40. IHH appreciated for relief efforts in Libya

    Turkish consul in Benghazi and Libya National Transitional Council gave a certificate of appreciation to the IHH for its humanitarian relief efforts in Libya.

  41. anonymous:

    Oct 31 8:11 am

    "There's something fishy about Mavi Marmara, don't you think?"

    As I said above "lamb to slaughter"

    curious though, what do you think?

  42. anonymous: November 1 7:48 am

    unsure if you are the same anonymous as previous day... anyway.

    thanks for that link, will be checking it out more thoroughly later.

    If you are the same as previous anonymous could you pick a moniker to converse in, it would be easier.

    Also: I am ruminating on a post regarding Libya and some of the info you have presented would be used. I would like to give "someone" credit....

  43. The comments by an "anonymous" made about IHH where my comments. Thanks for your responses, Penny. I'm looking forward your post about Libya. Greetings.

  44. thanks dmodusoperandi!

    I see you have a blog also.
    I look forward to putting it through translate and reading it, as best I can
    (given the limitations of google translate)

  45. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  46. dmodusoperundi

    if you are around
    see my latest post please?

    I have used some of the links you left here