Friday, June 3, 2011

Mass Marketing- The "face of " a product or brand. Or a western backed revolution?

There is an interesting article- Every revolution has it's face.
Why is that?

I have been thinking about this phenomena, "the face of " the revolution.
As the western audience is presented with carefully crafted images and narratives about these revolutions and the people that allegedly inspire them.
Why is a face is presented? A face of the revolution. A face that rallies the revolutionaries for change! Or so we are told.

If one stops to really appreciate this "face of" concept, you realize what is happening is mass marketing.

Think of the face of, from a marketing perspective. It is a form of branding by association.

It is a concept used, to get the consumer-someone who can be influenced by marketing and advertising, to associate a face with certain product or service.
It can be a mascot-
What brand do you associate this mascot with? What company is this the "face of"?

It can take the form of celebrity-
How often does one see a celebrity named as the "face of" a certain product or service.
Let me give you a few examples? "The Face of" Gucci, "The Face of " Estee Lauder
Lots of celebrity names associated with those brands.

So recognizing the "face of " pattern in marketing, we should all understand that it is a tool used so often, we are not even consciously aware of it usage.

Let's get back to our western backed revolutions and the "face of" those revolutions.

In Iran, it was Neda Agha-Soltan, who was shot during a demonstration.
If you recall this was quite a controversial happening.
It was never clear if she had actually been shot, who had shot her, or where exactly she had been shot.
Interesting article here, covering the numerous inconsistencies with that story.

In Tunisia, it was a fruit seller called Mohammed Bouazizi who set himself on fire.
Allegedly for having been so insulted by a police officer? Or so the story goes. But really, we don't know what the true story is. He could have set himself on fire because he was emotionally or mentally unstable? He was an unmarried man, at the age of 26, who is still living with his mother. Which has got to be pretty rough!

Is martyr just stuff of Tunisian legend?

Bouazizi’s compelling tale was told and retold across every medium, and will soon even be the subject of a major motion picture. That a single strike from a police officer could give rise to revolt across an entire region was the type of narrative legend that Hollywood producers only dream of.

The town recently became divided after Bouazizi’s mother, who is regarded by some with suspicion, dropped the charges against the police officer who reportedly hit her son. Others doubt that Bouazizi was ever slapped in the first place.

"Mohamed Bouazizi is not our hero. He's your hero," said Nader Ncibi, 35, referring to the droves of foreign media who flooded his native Sidi Bouzid after Ben Ali's departure and helped disseminate Bouazizi's story.

Interesting that the mother would drop the charges against the police officer who caused her son to take his own life??? Not the Tunisian people's hero, but the hero of foreign media?
My that is curious? You know what, it get's more curious still-
This mother has been profiting from her sons death, and she admits it!

Manoubia freely admits she, also, has made money from the global interest surrounding her son's death.

Moving from a small home, where family members slept on the floor on just a mattress, to a large apartment in a seaside suburb. Complete with caged canaries.

I find that so odd. She drops the charges against the police officer and profits from her son's death?

In Egypt, the "face of" the revolution was Khaled Said.

The narrative presented is that he put a video of the Egyptian police, sharing the spoils of a drug deal, on line and this resulted in his death.

The reality is, Khaled Said may or may not have put the video on line?
How would that be verifiable?
If he did indeed put the video on line, how did Khaled Said come to get the video?
The most obvious and glaring answer to that question would be that Khaled Said was involved in drug dealing?
I would think if he did indeed post the video as claimed, that he would had to have been involved in the drug deal that went down. Is this why he turned up dead?
Another question?
How did this whole incident become tied to a revolution?
It doesn't seem to have much of anything to do with a revolution?
Corrupt police aren't exactly a unique to Egypt problem. The G-20 in Toronto, Canada saw alot of police corruption and no revolution! As for drug dealing cops in Canada.. just one example
No revolution.
In Syria it has now become Hamza al-Khatib.

As is freely admitted in the opening linked article article -

"We do not know the circumstances of his horrific death".

But that isn't stopping the western media from spinning his death as "the face of"

Faced with all these questionable faces of the so called revolutions, I am left wondering if this is all some sort of mass marketing campaign. Targeting gullible western audiences, that are so used to management perception and hollywood movies, they can't tell fact from fiction or reality from fantasy.



    A report by the Syrian Television broadcast on Tuesday unveiled the truth about the story of martyr Hamza al-Khateeb, closing the door in the face of the lies and false accounts of the satellite channels and websites which badly used al-Khateeb’s pictures over days to serve their purposes.

    MK Kara: Syrian opposition asked for Israel's help

    Pro-Assad group protest the Change in Syria Conference in Antalya,TURKEY

    Fake News from Al-Arabia on Syria

    LEBANON-Berri: Portraying Iran as enemy of Arabs, a plot serving Zionists

    Syrian Kurdish Parties Boycott Syrian Opposition Conference in Antalya, Turkey


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  2. Hey NYsoulcontrolla!

    I know you are one busy blogger,when i stop over there. I can;t keep up.

    "“At a late hour on Friday 29/4/2011, we were informed by the Coronary Department that body for unidentified boy was in the hospital,” said Samer Abbas, the judge in charge of the case."

    If this boy was injured, killed on April 29 why is this just making the rounds now?

    The western media is saying we can't know what really happened.
    So, how can they (western media)link it to anything at all?

    IMO all these "face of" revolutionaries are suspect.

  3. I guess we would just be gullible and naive to believe the Syrian medical examiners? Better stick to what Wolf AIPAC Blitzer tells us.

    “SANA said a medical report signed by several doctors said three bullets had killed Hamzah and the wounds across his body were the result of decomposition, not torture”

    And obviously, don't actually listen to the PEOPLE of Syria, they're just brainwashed and fearful...

    “When few people tried to demonstrate in Bab al-Hadid in Aleppo on Thursday, they were surrounded by ordinary residents of the neighborhood and they were not allowed to move. The demonstration was so small (definitely less than a hundred). Yesterday, the ‘Great Friday’ demonstration was surrounded by a larger crowed of ordinary citizens who were chanting for Bashar… The same happened in Damascus.”

    “Many people would like the government to act even more harshly against the demonstrators. There is little sympathy with the killed. People are very worried about their future living. It was surprising to me that the poorest people were the most hostile to the demonstrators”

    Stalled "revolution"? Just add more bullets. Blow more brains out. Spin. Repeat. I remember when Gaddafi took a drive through Tripoli, the NBC correspondent referred to the crowds as "bewildered onlookers". He also used "air quotes" and rolled his eyes a number of times. No, there is not even pretense of presenting both "sides" of an issue these days, and not many people seem to notice. No, there's a "face" to everything. We get crap like "Meet Asmaa Mahfouz and the vlog that Helped Spark the Revolution", where intuition tells people they are being sold something, but then they get reeled in emotionally.

    Thx Pen.

    nysoulcontrolla - I've noticed uruknet's coverage of Syria as well. They're posting stories from Al Jaz and the AP. Bizarre.

  4. Hey Blammo!

    It was the sudden appearance of the "face of" the Syrian revolution that caught my attention.

    It is like the same play, from the same play book for goodness sakes.

    The narrative is presented to the western audience via the msm, but the reality is, from what I have read none of the claims made are verifiable.

    The woman in Iran looks completely staged.

    It is as if the two men are helping her down onto the ground. Perhaps they tasered her for full effect. Once she lay on the ground a blood bag/prop could have easily opened up.(from the pressure)

    The Tunisian man? Why did he set himself on fire? Could have been any of a million reasons?

    The Egyptian, the Syrian??

    This is what bothers me, it feels so contrived, so positively made up for maximum emotional heart tugging?

    I am wondering what PR firms have been cooking this crap up?

  5. off topic sweetie, but here is 'a' face of OUR revolution!!!

    Senate page fired for anti-Harper protest

    Kudos to this young lady - she mentions WE need an 'Arab Spring' here in Kanuckistan!!

    Good going Girl!!

    Buffy the bewildered

  6. The PTB have been practicing the art of deception for centuries and are light years ahead of decent human beings when it comes to herding us sheep.

    Sometimes I wonder if all the hell being raised in the ME and N. Africa isn't just another CFR/Bilderberger front, just like their worn out phrase of 'bringing freedom and democracy' to people, when that's the LAST thing they want to happen.

    And I wonder how many Saudis have been dumped into the Arabian desert for getting 'uppity' and demanding an end to the tyranny?

    I'm sure there's some protesting in Saudi Arabia, but you won't see that on the Empire's news outlets.

    But never stop trying to throw off the yoke of tyranny until they give you 'freedom' with a machine-gun blast.

  7. Penny, here's some info on the Pentagon's HAARP toy that might be interesting:

    HAARP Magnetometer

    1.7 Hz = violent weather ... 2.5 Hz = earthquake ....

    The image below is a time-frequency spectrogram, which shows the frequency content of signals recorded by the HAARP Induction Magnetometer. This instrument, provided by the University of Tokyo, measures temporal variations in the geomagnetic field in the ULF (ultra-low frequency) range of 0-5 Hz. The spectrogram images are produced by computing the PSD (power spectral density) of successive 102.4-second segments of timeseries data, and plotting these spectra as color/intensity slices along a 24-hour scale. If the images below is not too interesting, you might want to look at 02 Sep 2004 for an example of narrowband PC1 pulsations, or 27 Jul 2004 for an example of wideband ULF noise during a magnetic substorm. Expanded plots of the last 12 hours, last 6 hours, last 3 hours, and last 1 hour are also available. More

  8. HAHAHAHA I out facetious-ed you on the American Idol thing! Now that was funny... made me laugh! You silly girl.... winks.

    Now to read whatever this article is about!

    And yes of course, this is another planned revolution just like the rest of them. They want to bring Syria down real bad ... it is that surround Iran thing they are going for. Once they have that, it will be no holds barred.

  9. i think now its open secret that CIA is behind in the middle east turmoil.penny you must give picture in every post cos picture alone tell the whole story and little bit more attractive your article to Read.

  10. "Faced with all these questionable faces of the so called revolutions, I am left wondering if this is all some sort of mass marketing campaign. Targeting gullible western audiences, that are so used to management perception and hollywood movies, they can't tell fact from fiction or reality from fantasy."

    That is precisely what is occurring. There are very real forces battling for control in the various ME countries going through all this "turmoil" and "upheaval," and many of them are directly funded, organized and promoted by Western/Zionist interests. The media has arguably played the largest role in this deception, which you highlighted quite nicely by mentioning the fact that the entire narrative of the Tunisian "revolution" is based on a major fraud.

  11. Hey Buffy

    saw that over the week-end.

    I understand she lost her job.

    I wonder what the reaction would have been had her sign said
    "save Israel"
    Would there have been a round of applause?

    Saw it being reported that the "esteemed" members of Parliament condemned the action as disrespectful.

    Yes, that is right. Disrespectful.
    Because Canadian members of Parliament are just filled with respect. NOT!
    They act like buffoons.
    Now they are just showing themselves to be hypocritical buffoons!

  12. "Sometimes I wonder if all the hell being raised in the ME and N. Africa isn't just another CFR/Bilderberger front"

    I am of the opinion that is all they are.

    and thanks for the link Greg, I will read it :)

  13. Hey NOor!

    you got me good! :)

  14. Hey Asif! thanks for the advice.

    As I explained to Asif, I did get a post pulled and a notification from blogger of copyright infringement.

    I received it on May 24/2011 and last I checked on Friday just past at the site my notice was supposed to posted at. It hadn't been posted.
    I will check today.

    So...... I have no idea what I exactly infringed on?

    I am avoiding using pictures at this time.

    I saw USA Today hanging around the blog, also Google doing the check ins, also two visits from Homeland Security.

    What does this all mean?
    I don't know?
    Keep you all posted.

  15. Thanks John Friend!

    You really understood where I was coming from with this post.

    I try not to hammer people over the head.

    But by pointing out the fact that having a "face of" is standard advertising or promotion. Or more accurately propaganda & management perception.

    By pointing out the patterns, people can read and connect the dots for themselves.

  16. I heard you loud and clear Penny!! The "revolutions" in the ME are clearly being managed and distorted by the Western media, and your post nailed it!