Monday, June 13, 2011

Syria-First or Hit Syria First ? Gay blogger in Damascus - Psyops gone amok!!

Another day, another Syria post. You might say why?
Because we are watching a country be destroyed, before the bombs have even begun dropping.
Through state sponsored terrorism and main stream media manipulation.
It is quite incredible.
If you have been following along, you would notice something really interesting about the so called "protests" in Syria. Ya know the peaceful protests? They are almost entirely in border towns. One was in a port town. Do you think that a coincidence?
Or the roll of external influences with easy access to Syrian locales?
I am going with the second option.

The first "peaceful protests" were reported in the city Daara (in the province of the same name)
The protests then moved to Latakia and from there continued on to the latest in Jisr al-Shoghour.
I have covered the proximity of Daara city to both Jordan & Israel.

The access to the port city of Latakia, again by Israel is undeniable.

As for Jisr al-Shoghour, the proximity to Turkey is apparent. (though not shown on this map, it is a stones throw from Turkey.
There have been many, many reports of outside influence in Syria. Read through my previous posting. I can't rehash it all.
As for the rest of Syria, there isn't much of anything going on.
No outside influences to stir things up.
Jordan, Israel & Turkey their are your outside influences. Along with US supplied satellite phones, and access to satellite internet/phone services.

“The only way we get information is through the citizen journalists,” said Ammar Abudlhamid, a Syrian activist based in Maryland who was one of several Syrian exiles to help organize delivery of satellite phones, cameras and laptops into the country earlier this year.
Thanks to thenakedfacts for that tidbit!
So outside influences have targeted accessible border towns.

I was looking around and came across a video of gathering in the US sponsored by this website
(first clip after the commercial) Brought to you by the good folks at Syria- First coalition.
Whoever they may be?
And whoever they may be, they are not likely Syrians!!
At least not Syrians living in Syria.
Hosted in Scottsdale Arizona??? Let's take a look...

This is a website report about The site is currently hosted in Scottsdale, United States on a server with the IP which is hosted by ISP The organization linked to this IP address is currently has a pagerank 0 and we estimate it receives about 95 unique visitors per day

It gets 95 visitors a day. Which is not much, not much at all!
Estimate Visits Per Day 95
Google Pagerank: Google Pagerank 0

So we have a Syria-First "coalition" and a

While I continued on my merry way looking further into this Syria-First group I came across a really interestingly titled paper. From the CFR. That is the Council on Foreign Relations, entitled Israel should hit Syria First
The premise of the paper being Israel should have hit Syria first, rather then Lebanon.
Hmm, curious? Syria-First and Israel should hit Syria First?
The similar wording caught me off guard.
You wanna talk about a psy-op!!!
Is Syria-First the expression of Israel's desire to "hit Syria first"
It can't be discounted.

And while I speak of psyops..... Or perception management as I generally prefer.

Have we all heard the one about the Syrian lesbian blogger who was treated very, very badly in Syria?? Well if you did and were outraged. You have been suckered! It was a hoax. A psyop. A perception management operation pulled on you!!
Created by an American Student at a British University
His wife may have been in on the act
He is saying, he meant well and you should not dismiss his work, blah, blah, blah.
Bullshit. He was paid to do this work. Either by US or British intelligence.
He is a fraud and his blog is a complete fraud!

There is the Syrian "Lesbian" blogger! From Facebook.

The male blogger Tom MacMaster even made this claim " says that the experience has confirmed his feelings regarding the often superficial coverage of the Middle East"

As he contributes to the superficial coverage of the Middle East!!!

Over the top psychological operations folks! Over the top perception management!!
Calling it what it is!


  1. And they create global [armed] policy on this kind of source!?!

    No worries , he's the only example of that kind of disinformation , a LONE blogger.

    Psyops , it must be remembered, are continual events. A process which morphs acc. to the reactions to them.

    An Anticipatory Science


  2. Hey Aferrismoon!

    Except he is not a "lone blogger"
    He is a hired gun.
    Hired to spread bullets of disinfo.
    Psyops are continual events, for sure.
    They occur everday, on the medium of television in every single commercial..
    each one a teeny psyop, to persuade the viewer of their inadequacies will can only be rectified by purchasing said product... car, beer, hair care product?? What/Which ever?

    Did you catch the CFR link?

    My eyes were burning from the stink in that paper!

  3. Hey Pen, I read about that Syrian Lesbian blogger (who was in a relationship with an Israeli no less) and had a big laugh. The woman who was wondering at her was so absurdly circumspect: hedging her bets in case - fingers crossed! - our Israeli-loving Syrian dyke is for real. Ha ha ha ha.

    She should grow up! There's tons of that about. Honestly, all people need to do is read the talmud. Hate your masters and never tell the truth. I'm thinking if we were to reduce Jewish people to a single line, that would be as good as any.

  4. This whole 'Arab Spring' thing is starting to smell like bagels.

    Israel has been too quiet for too long, they should be on one of their homicidal visits to either Gaza or Lebanon, butchering civilians while the USA says not to worry, it's only 'birthing pains.'

    Israel is getting desperate for water and they sure as hell aren't going to return what they stole, Syria's Golan Heights, whose spring has a nice supply of potable water.

    So does Lebanon's River Litani.

    The psyops keeps ramping up and the Zionist MSM is filling American minds with sordid sex tales and the latest on some poor little girl's murder.

    That murder should be local, not national news, but the Zionists seems to use these props whenever the Neocons and Zionist war lovers have something up their sleeve.

    Jared the Jew has been declared too crazy to stand trial, so forget about any more info coming out as to what actually happened.

    And what about those shootings at Ft. Hood 20 months ago?

    Will they ever put on a show trail or is Hasan resisting the brainwashing and refusing to play the dupe?

    Or maybe the need to 'find' some more emails between Hasan and the 'boogieman' du jour, Yemen-based cleric Anwar al-Awlaki.

    That's another Zionist psyops that has Israeli fingerprints all over it, like the BS about Hasan shouting "Allahu Akbar!" before shooting.

    Back when we had a Constitution, if a person wasn't brought to trial within a certain period of time, he or she would be released and charges dropped, due to 'lack of speedy trial' motion.

    Keep your eyes open and cell phone cameras charged and ready to go.


    hi penny stopping by sya hello and drop that..oh and guess what?i might have amde a serious mistake..i did soemthing crazy lol i lefta comment on abduhammid the kHADAM PUPPET IN DC WHO RUNS NATIONAL LIBERATION FRONT SAME GUY WHO WORKS FOR BROOKINGS/SABAN AND SNUCK THAT TECHNOLOGY INTO SYRIA..MY PC IS REALLY EMSSED UIP..LOL NOT EVEN 5 MINUTES AFTER MY OUTTING HIM ON HIS BLOG DID MY PC GO BEZERK ..ANYWAY LETS KEEP UP GOOD WORK..=)

  6. hey nobody;

    why do people want to be fooled?
    Why? I can't understand it?
    Is it easier? Are they lazy?
    Does belief or just wanting to believe trump any kind of common sense?

    What is it!!

  7. "This whole 'Arab Spring' thing is starting to smell like bagels."

    or something else?
    Actually it has stunk all along.
    From Tunisia, on through Egypt, Libya and now Syria.

    Dissent was coopted and directed.

  8. NYSC:

    hoping that is just a fluke. Hoping?

    As for keeping up the good work?
    I intend to.
    To the best of my abilities.

    hoping the computer issues work out?

  9. It is all lies and gross distortions of the 'truth'.

    Though in this case I think it had less to do with Syria and more to do with discrediting the blogs on a whole. Now the mainstream has a perfect excuse to point and say: See you can't trust blogs!

    (Never mind that it was the sort of self policing blogoshpere which knew a long time ago that this 'chick' was not what heshe says it was).

    Oh well, c'est la vie!


  10. Maggie!

    was wondering where the heck you have been??!!

    Good point about the blogs, and creating distrust.
    Very good point.
    The msm is working hard at that, at all times, since they are totally non credible!

  11. HI SISTER..SEE THIS...Syria - Pro-government demonstration in Damascus Jun 15, 2011 7_02am

    Giant pro-Assad rally in Damascus, bishop says 80 per cent of the people behind him,-bishop-says-80-per-cent-of-the-people-behind-him-21840.html

    A big rally in favour of the government of Bashar al-Assad was held today in Damascus. Titled "Hold with Us the Biggest Syrian Flag", the demonstration began in the afternoon at al-Mezzeh Highway in Damascus where hundreds of thousands of people carried a 2,300-metre long, 18-metre wide Syrian flag.