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The Virus & the Vaccine- Cancer causing monkey virus & contaminated polio vaccine

Time for a bit of a change from news coverage
I am almost done reading this book.!!eCc3ZgEGM~$(KGrHqIOKigE0k3DETlUBNRVjNHiug~~_35.JPG

It is excellent! Well researched and I mean meticulously so. Informative and more.
An eye-opener? Most definitely!
I picked up a hardcover version for under $9.00.
It was $ well spent.

Will you rethink vaccines and vaccine research? Yes, you will.

Will you rethink the misguided belief that government has your best interests at heart and would never conspire to cover up? Yes, you will.

Once you read this book, you will understand why the government works so hard to shut down debate on the safety and efficacy of vaccines.

The book grew and grew and grew out of an article originally published in 2000 by Atlantic Monthly. You can find that article here. I strongly suggest you read the article to get some background, then get yourself this book!
The Virus and the Vaccine

HARVEY Pass, the chief of thoracic surgery at the National Cancer Institute, in Bethesda, Maryland, was sitting in his laboratory one spring afternoon in 1993 when Michele Carbone, a wiry young Italian pathologist who was working as a researcher at the NCI, strode in with an unusual request. Pass had never before met Carbone, and had talked to him for the first time, on the telephone, only a few hours before. Now Carbone was asking Pass for his help in proving a controversial theory he had developed about the origins of mesothelioma, a deadly cancer that afflicts the mesothelial cells in the lining of the chest and the lung. Mesothelioma was virtually unheard of prior to 1950, but the incidence of the disease has risen steadily since then. Though it is considered rare -- accounting for the deaths of about 3,000 Americans a year, or about one half of one percent of all domestic cancer deaths -- the disease is particularly pernicious. Most patients die within eighteen months of diagnosis.

Pass, one of the world's leading mesothelioma surgeons, knew, like other scientists, that the disease was caused by asbestos exposure. But Carbone had a hunch he wanted to explore. He told Pass that he wondered if the cancer might also be caused by a virus -- a monkey virus, known as simian virus 40, or SV40, that had widely contaminated early doses of the polio vaccine, but that had long been presumed to be harmless to people.

One of SV40's constituent
proteins, large T-antigen: "the most
oncogenic protein ever discovered"
Pass listened as Carbone described for him the history of the early polio vaccine. A breakthrough in the war against polio had come in the early 1950s, when Jonas Salk took advantage of a new discovery: monkey kidneys could be used to culture the abundant quantities of polio virus necessary to mass-produce a vaccine. But there were problems with the monkey kidneys. In 1960 Bernice Eddy, a government researcher, discovered that when she injected hamsters with the kidney mixture on which the vaccine was cultured, they developed tumors. Eddy's superiors tried to keep the discovery quiet, but Eddy presented her data at a cancer conference in New York. She was eventually demoted, and lost her laboratory. The cancer-causing virus was soon isolated by other scientists and dubbed SV40, because it was the fortieth simian virus discovered. Alarm spread through the scientific community as researchers realized that nearly every dose of the vaccine had been contaminated. In 1961 federal health officials ordered vaccine manufacturers to screen for the virus and eliminate it from the vaccine. Worried about creating a panic, they kept the discovery of SV40 under wraps and never recalled existing stocks. For two more years millions of additional people were needlessly exposed -- bringing the total to 98 million Americans from 1955 to 1963. But after a flurry of quick studies, health officials decided that the virus, thankfully, did not cause cancer in human beings.

After that the story of SV40 ceased to be anything more than a medical curiosity. Even though the virus became a widely used cancer-research tool, because it caused a variety of tumors so easily in laboratory animals, for the better part of four decades there was virtually no research on what SV40 might do to people.

How does that make any sense at all?

They are using simian virus 40 as a tool to induce cancer for cancer research because it causes tumors so easily in lab animals, BUT, have never looked at the cancer causing potential inflicted on humans via the polio vaccine.

Carbone had reviewed some old research papers on the contamination and some of the early tests on SV40. He had even reviewed the notes from a crucial 1963 epidemiological study, by Joseph Fraumeni, an NCI researcher, which had concluded that children inoculated with contaminated vaccine did not show increased mortality rates. The studies did not impress Carbone: no one had systematically searched for evidence of the virus in tumors, and, as Fraumeni himself noted, the epidemiological study was too short to have detected certain slow-developing cancers. (Mesothelioma can take twenty to forty years to develop.)

Carbone had just finished a series of experiments in which he had injected the virus into dozens of hamsters. Every one of them developed mesothelioma and died within three to seven months. The results made Carbone wonder if SV40 might also play a role in human mesothelioma. He had come to see Pass because he had heard that the senior surgeon had meticulously saved tumor tissue from every one of the dozens of mesothelioma surgeries he had performed, and now had one of the largest collections of mesothelioma biopsies in the world. Carbone asked Pass if he could look for SV40 DNA in Pass's tumor-tissue samples, using a sophisticated molecular technique, known as polymerase chain reaction, or PCR, to extract tiny fragments of DNA from the frozen tissue and then amplify and characterize them.

As they talked, Pass became more and more impressed with Carbone. The young scientist was energetic and extremely self-confident -- something Pass attributed to Carbone's surgical patrimony. (Carbone's father is a well-known orthopedic surgeon in Italy.) When Carbone had finished describing his proposed experiment, Pass realized that the implications were potentially significant. Only a handful of viruses have been directly associated with human cancers, and none of them are simian in origin. If SV40 was linked to mesothelioma in people, might it also cause bone and brain cancers in human beings, as it had done in hamsters? What if the monkey virus could spread from person to person? And if the virus was cancer-causing, or oncogenic, what was one to make of the fact that millions of Americans had been exposed to it as part of a government-sponsored vaccination program?

I had covered this topic previously on the blog, WAY BACK.
There must be more posts but right now I can't find them. So, when I saw this book I just had to grab it, and like I said boy am I glad I did. Read the article, above is just a small snippet.
Read the reviews posted here. I would give the book 5 *****big shiny gold stars

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While Fukushima continues to radiate the planet.......

Something no one should forget about. Fukushima.
I haven't noticed a mention of Fukushima on the tv news or seen a word in print in the national press.
As I mentioned with Syria yesterday, not being in the "news" or what passes for news, does not mean the story has gone away or that anything has changed.
Yes, Fukushima is still spewing radiation.
Poisoning air, water, food and people.......the earth in general.
I guess the mainstream media is snoozing, or just getting their instructions from their corporate paymasters, as usual.
So here is a little roundup of stories on Fukushima-
The Head of the IAEA finally made it to Japan. Yes, finally, after more then 4 months!
And this bit of news will warm your heart!

"Tokyo Electric Power has made notable headway in dealing with the crisis, and achieving the site's "cold shutdown" by early 2012 "could be possible," Reuters quoted Amano as saying on Friday."

Cold shutdown would prevent the evaporation of fluid employed to cool reactor materials and prevent the escape of radiation
Cold shutdown, that would prevent the escape of radiation, by early 2012 COULD be possible? Isn't that a comfort? One year later, perhaps cold shutdown could be possible? Meanwhile radiation will continue to contaminate everything.

"Significant hurdles remain in the effort to reduce heat in the lower portions of all reactor pressure vessels to below boiling temperature", the Japan Times last week quoted specialists as saying. A new time line unveiled last week for reaching the goal does not address the key step of patching reactor container ruptures that have permitted radiation-tainted coolant to flow from the systems into other portions of the plant, according to analysts.

"In terms of managing the leakage of radioactive materials, I think plugging the holes will be the most important point"

Plugging holes might be most important, but, it still hasn't been done!

As the radiation leaks, the effects are felt at a wider range then previously thought-

Radioactive beef scare widens
Cattle fed on locally grown straw in Iwate, Miyagi and Tochigi prefectures were contaminated with radioactive cesium exceeding government safety standards.
The latest announcement indicates that districts relatively distant from the stricken Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant may have been directly affected by nuclear fallout.

Japanese Government tells people you have no right to live a radiation free life

"Nuclear children" is not my choice of wording
The 'nuclear' children of Fukushima will be tested their entire lives for cancer

Fukushima, it was known, was ranked one of the world's most hazardous nuclear power plants

"Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant ranked as one of the most dangerous in the world for radiation exposure years before it was destroyed by the meltdowns and explosions that followed the March 11 earthquake. For five years to 2008, the Fukushima plant was rated the most hazardous nuclear facility in Japan for worker exposure to radiation and one of the five worst nuclear plants in the world on that basis."

And Finally!

While the Japanese may be skittish on nuclear power, the US is moving full steam ahead with taxpayer funded new nuclear power stations to be built.

Because the nuclear industry won't pay to build these white elephants: - An idiom: A burdensome possession of which its owner will not dispose and whose cost (particularly cost of upkeep) is out of proportion to its usefulness or worth.

No disrespect to lovely white elephants intended

The Japanese government is having second thoughts about adding to its nuclear fleet. But the United States is moving in the opposite direction and trying to ramp up here.

Any delays in nuclear construction will be a function of the economic downturn and its effect on energy demand -- not the events tied to Japan. Industry says that the way to move ahead is to get government assistance to build the first few modern nuclear facilities by 2020. That would demonstrate that those plants are safe. Beyond that, such strategy would also help to create a steady supply stream for parts and fuel.

The federal loan guarantees are the essential ingredient, industry maintains. That’s because Wall Street is hesitant to invest in projects that may get mired in a regulatory or legal mess. (Or truth be told, are not massively profitable without taxpayer funding) President Obama had proposed increasing such loans from about $18 billion to $54 billion, or enough to get three or four underway.

“Hoover Dam was not built by Wall Street,” says Jacques Besnainou, chief executive of Areva North America, in an earlier interview with this writer. “
This is why we have a government. It does not mean because it is harder, we should not do it. Once a nuclear plant is built, I can guarantee the cost of power, unlike a natural gas plant.”

No, Hoover dam was not built by wall street or the "captains of industry" it was built with taxpayer dollars.
Just like the money losing, radiating, filthy uranium industry promoting power plants are.
Without taxpayer dollars the so called movers and shakers, couldn't move and shake any profit out of a nuclear power plant!
People, don't you think your taxdollars should be better spent?

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Syria: Pressure from Israel, Qatar (Al Jazeera) & "peaceful activists"

Have you noticed the main stream media has gone quiet on Syria?
Oh sure there is still coverage but not the blaring non stop coverage that was going on before Hillary Clinton flew into Turkey, broomstick firmly planted.
You may recall just prior to that Hillary was making it quite clear that Assad had to go and that the US had no interest in seeing him in power.

Then almost virtual silence.
Let's not mistake that silence for inactivity.
According to this article

"For now, a State department official said, it's unclear whether the administration will ramp up the rhetoric and officially call for Assad's departure.

"Whether we take it farther will depend on events on the ground," said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of diplomatic sensitivities. "We need to think through carefully what we say."

The temporary silence out of the State department leads one to think that plans are being laid, for something to take place that Hillary Clinton and Obama can come out swinging on.

Recently there was a train derailment near Homs that was obviously the work of the "peaceful activists" Not a first for them either. Perhaps the response from the Syrian government was more muted then the antagonists had hoped for and this incident couldn't be used to "ramp up rhetoric" and demand Assad stepdown.

Israel isn't waiting for some convenient and timely happening...
Looks like Israel is finally making their interest in regime change known, publically.
Not that they haven't been interested and participatory in the destabilization of Syria, just that it has all been under the radar. That changes with this news today

Israel’s President Shimon Peres called on his Syrian counterpart, Bashar Al-Assad, to step down.

Peres said that a change in the Syrian regime can pave the way for a Syrian-Israeli peace treaty, adding that those who want peace in Syria must raise their voice.

Peace is doublespeak for Israel, who is looking to keep the Golan Heights, rather then just illegally occupy it. Those who want peace in Syria, real peace, would not support this move at all.

This is the first time for Peres to proclaim his position concerning the situation in Syria, as the president only holds a symbolic position in Israel and is traditionally reluctant to express his political views, according to Fox News.

Peres’s statement came a few days after the Al-Arabiya TV Network exclusive interview with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, wherein he appeared to be more diplomatic with regards to the situation in Syria.

This is pure political game playing on the part of Israeli leadership. Israel wants Assad out, Peres is floating the idea, getting it into the consciousness of the masses.

Another interesting move took place last week. A definite turning up of the heat. This one coming from Qatar- A 'shrewdly calculated divorce'. Indeed!

On Monday July 18, Qatar, one of Syria’s solid allies and economic partners, closed its embassy in Damascus “until further notice”. The Qatari ambassador in Syria, Zaed al-Khayarine, returned to Doha, with no further explanation provided.

“Qatar’s move looks more like a shrewdly calculated divorce from the Syrian regime than a fleeting spat,” explained Karim Sader, an independent political scientist who specialises in the Gulf nations. According to Sader, Qatar “cynically concluded that it is no longer necessary to support the Syria of Bashar al-Assad, because this Syria no longer has the same strategic influence "

This get's interesting.....the role of Qatar's al Jazeera in the "arab springs"

"The shift in Qatari-Syrian relations has roots in the Arab revolts in which Qatar played a role through the decisive influence of the Qatari-owned news channel Al-Jazeera. “The channel displayed a clear support for the revolutionary movements from the very start of the protests in Tunisia”

If you suspected Al Jazeera was completely compromised, as I have, then you were correct.

“The channel broadcast images of the revolutions, accompanied by music, and it looked almost like an advertising campaign.”

An advertising campaign? Or as I like to call them management perception campaigns.

Al Jazeera is getting the Presstitue award of the day.

Image of

Last week, supporters of Bashar al-Assad stormed the Qatari embassy in Damascus to protest against Al-Jazeera’s “exaggerated and dishonest” coverage of the events in Syria.

Al Jazeera's exaggerated and dishonest coverage of the events in Syria! Who would have thought!

According to Karim Sader, Qatar seems to be playing “the Sunni card” by cozying up to Saudi Arabia

Cozying up to Saudi Arabia! Aargh!
Does this have to get any more obvious?
Al Jazeera is doing the same thing all the other western mainstream media outlets do, manipulating the news, playing the NATO game. Helping to increase the pressure on the Syrian government. Just because you are not hearing or reading much about Syria, doesn't mean there isn't a whole lot going on.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Quetta Pakistan. Pro-Palestinian rally ends with explosions and gunfire

The massacre in Norway brought to mind a past incident in Pakistan.
Some interesting parallels.................

The background-

Quetta, in Baluchistan province, a peaceful pro-Palestinian rally is taking place. A large peaceful pro-Palestinian rally. As in Norway a pro-Palestinian show of solidarity and support for statehood!
An alleged suicide bomber shows up to bomb the area. And gunmen too. Reported gunfire both before and after.
Norway, not just an explosion, gunmen! Gunmen targeting children.
Yes, it does seem there was at least two gunmen in Norway. Minimally.There were numerous reports of there being more then one shooter. One in police uniform and one in a sweater. These reports will go away, so you can be spoon fed the lone nut scenario.
So in Quetta, as in Norway, we are looking at pro-Palestinian support resulting in a bombing, multiple shootings and much death.


Several hundred Pakistanis, mostly minority Shi'ite Muslims, were attending the rally in the southwestern city of Quetta to support the Palestinian people.
Witnesses say a suicide bomber detonated explosives shortly after the rally arrived at a busy crossing in the center of the city.
This reporter said he heard intense gunfire just before the powerful bomb went off, and there were dust clouds and fire around him.
Police are investigating the incident, and they are also examining television footage to identify armed men who were firing at people in the surrounding area after the bomb blast.

Just before this attack on August 26/2010-

- Speakers at an International Palestine Conference in Pakistan pledged their support with the people of Palestine . The conference of organised by Palestine Foundation Pakistan (PLP), a newly established platform in Quetta this week...

The conference was addressed by the leaders of Palestine and Pakistan and they stressed upon the Muslim world, specially the Pakistanis that it was high time they step up their efforts for mobilizing global support for Palestine ’s liberation from Israeli occupation in order to avert Zionists’ plans of razing Al Aqsa mosque.

Representative of the Hamas movement in Lebanon and member of its political bureau, Osama Hamdan, who made a recorded address to the conference, emphasized that defense of Palestine was in fact defense of Pakistan because Zionists believed they could never successfully occupy Palestine without first destroying the ideological Muslim nations like Pakistan.

He stressed that Muslims must work to remove American pressure against Palestinian cause which had been the main stumbling block in resolution of Palestinian problem by ending Israeli occupation.

He underlined the need to observe Youm-al-Quds on the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan following the appeal of Imam Khomeini.
And on the day of Youm al Quds.... while Pakistanis are showing solidarity with their Palestinians counterparts a big explosion and gunmen.

Eventually a group called Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (L-e-J), claimed responsibility.
This alleged Sunni group of terrorists is banned in Pakistan, for obvious reasons.
This group is linked to Saudi Arabia and truly appears to be Wahabi extremists, masquerading as Sunni's to foment religious division

Sipah e Sahaba (Army of the Companions), best described as Sipah e Yazid (Laeen ibn e Laeen) is a Wahabi/Deobandi terrorist organisation which is being funded by Saudi Arabia and supported by the Wahabi ranks in Pakistan Army's ISI. Lashkar e Jhangavi is the death squad of Sipah e Sahaba.

"The Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LJ), an extremist sectarian Wahabi organization""The Wahabi elements have created so much terror."
Why would the Wahhabi sect sow division amongst Shiite and Suuni?
What or whose agenda does that serve? Why do the Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia take that position, divide to conquer?
Sheik Safar al-Hawali has denounced Hezbollah even as Hezbollah battles the Jews of Israel
Why do Saudi Wahhabis, arrest supporters of Hezbollah in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is a well know western puppet nation, a despotic regime propped up by the US and willing to always support Israel.
It is known Saudi Arabia funnels lots of western money to all kinds of suspect activity. Quite likely to the terrorist group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi.
None more infamous then the Afghan "freedom fighters"& Osama Bin Laden funded via Operation Cyclone

The agenda behind the Norway attack seems to be in line with the western colonialist agenda of keeping the Muslim population oppressed.
The same can be said of what appears to be the driving force behind the incident in Quetta in 2010.

Funny how one recalls past history when an event comes along to spark the memory?

Who benefits by keeping the Muslim populations divided?
Certainly Israel, the US and the rest of the NATO world army nations.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Norway Massacre: Media lies and Trust erosion

Everyone, including myself, while on self imposed heat hiatus heard or read about the horrible attack in Norway.At the bottom of this post there will be multiple links for you to read, if you haven't already, of individuals covering the attacks in a much more thoughtful manner then the main stream Presstitutes could ever dream possible.
Image of

But there is one article, just one, in which the mainstream liars question their coverage of this event. Call it their moment of reflection. Or an attempt by the media to portray themselves as a credible, soul searching institute.
Don't believe their contrite musings, they serve another agenda entirely, one that has nothing to do with truth, only with perception management.
That is managing your perception!

Here is a split second of reflection
"In the aftermath of the twin attacks in Norway, there has been some strident criticism of the speed at which sections of the media linked the attacks to Islamic terrorism.
For example Britain's best-selling The Sun newspaper published a banner headline on Saturday describing the attack as an "Al Qaeda massacre: Norway's 9/11"

White, Christian, rabidly anti-muslim- Anders Behring Breivik

image borrowed from Pakconnects

"Critics say it is just one example of an entrenched anti-Muslim bias"

Yes, it is that. Indeed. But why such a bias?
Could it be because the West is targeting Muslim nations in order to steal and ultimately control their resources for the benefit of western multinationals?

It is not a coincidence that Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan, Libya, Paksitan etc., are all predominantly Muslim nations, under attack by the West.
Endlessly demonized by the very nation's media outlets that are attacking daily and murdering countless of their civilians.
Sadly this article doesn't mention that agenda. Or should I say, unsurprisingly?

Here is the excuse given as to why these media lies are engaged in. Ready for it?

"Mr McClellan says the pressure to provide viewers, listeners and readers with a quick, simplistic interpretation has been intensified by the arrival of much more immediate online news and social media."

You see, blogs, twitter, online news etc., have forced them to provide simplistic interpretations of the news.
To quote Michael Rivero "BULLBISCUITS"

This is an excuse to cover up for the agenda, the militarized, fascistic agenda the main stream media has always been part and parcel too.
The mainstream media provides all manner of online news. With each print edition having an online news site also, so this excuse rings hollow.

Then there is this curious sentence?

"It is a conscious effort at that end of the market to feed in what they think their readers want to believe and their prejudices," Mr McClellan said.

Back up that train! What" their readers want to believe and their prejudices"?
It is your fault!
Your all just a bunch of bigots filled with false beliefs and prejudices!
The media is just giving you what you want!

Phooey and more bullbiscuits, your irrational fears, if you are foolish enough to succumb to this type of manipulation, have all been created and fired further by the corporate whores serving the elitist fascist agenda of war, resource grabbing and oppression.
If you are filled with false beliefs and prejudices it is ONLY because the presstitutes have been delighting you with falsities for your entire life.

"Despite there being far fewer Islamic terrorist attacks each year than there are non-Islamic attacks."

Since the mainstream media always gives over the top coverage, like we have just witnessed with the Norway news to "Islamic" attacks, it is unsurprising that the vast majority of people are unaware of that tidbit.

"A new poll by Essential Media has found there has been a big slump in the public's trust of commercial media in recent months.

Mr McClellan says unless editorial standards rise substantially that trust will only erode further."

Trust will erode further because the main stream media, the corporate media, doesn't serve truth or facts. Fabrication, thy name is truly corporate media.

Here is some coverage of the Norway attack, written by individuals, who have taken their own time to give us all indepth and in context coverage. In no particular order..

HHQ-Man on a Mission: Anders Behring Breivik & the Norway Terror Op

A13- NORWAY + ISRAEL = Unfavourable Relations

Mr. Friend-Norway targeted by Zionist New World Order forces

Asif Shah-
TERRORISM IS NOT MONOPOLY OF ISLAM AND PAKISTAN, Today Christian fundamentalist Proved again

Aangirfan- Norway attacked by usual suspects

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Debtocracy- Greece's "Debt Crisis"

I was reading a mainstream business author who was writing about the Greek debt crisis.
He mentioned that Greece "cooked" their books for admission to the EU.
He forgot to mention who the chefs were, of course!
But, I will mention them by name- GOLDMAN-SACHS.
He wrote of this documentary that has had views in the multi-millions, but called it a "conspiracy" documentary......
That is code for not the officially condoned, squeaky clean, dumbed down version of events.
You know the one spoon fed to the sheep headed willingly to slaughter?
I have been watching it. It is 75 minutes long, subtitled and so far worth the time.

"For the first time in Greece a documentary produced by the audience. “Debtocracy” seeks the causes of the debt crisis and proposes solutions, hidden by the government and the corporate media."

Debtocracy International Version by BitsnBytes

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pipeline Politics etc., India and Pakistan join the Shanghai Cooperative

Yup, India and Pakistan have joined the Shanghai Cooperation Organization!
I have lots of ground to cover here, so sit a spell.
First, Pakistan and geez I haven't covered that country for a bit....
It is a happening place! Not Pakistan alone, of course. India also.
Soooo let's use IPI as the starting point and then go on from there.
IPI is the Iran-Pakistan- India pipeline.
You may have heard tell of this one previously and you may not have.
But, your going to read about it here and now!

Why, you ask did I choose a map with two pipelines? IPI and TAPI.
These are basically two competing pipelines. TAPI backed by NATO (world army wannabe)
IPI originating in Iran. IRAN! Gasp. IPI has been in the news very recently.
Let's see why?

ISLAMABAD, July 20 Federal Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources Dr. Asim Hussain said the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project will be completed by 2012. Talking to a private news channel on Wednesday, he said that Iran has completed its work on laying pipeline while Pakistan would resume its work within six months.

Iran has completed or very nearly completed it's work on the pipeline. (depending on where you read) Pakistan is now looking for a financial adviser and has invited "expressions of interest" (EOI) It's clear this is moving ahead-

The Inter State Gas System (ISGS), a company set up by the government to act as project manager, has set a deadline of August 20 for the submission of expression of interest (EOI) from the banks for financial advisory services, according to a document published on Tuesday.

The document did not identify the project but ISGS officials confirmed the EOI had been sought for the multi-billion Pakistan-Iran gas pipeline project.

The US is dead set against this pipeline and they have been putting the thumbscrews to India for some time regarding the construction of this pipeline.

Recently India and Pakistan have been engaging in peace talks. Despite the recent bombings.
India brushed off speculation tying the Mumbai bombings to Pakistan and said Friday that it remained committed to recently renewed peace talks with its rival neighbor.

The moves showed how little appetite New Delhi has for escalating tensions in the region while it focuses on maintaining economic growth in the South Asian nation of 1.2 billion people.

While future revelations about the culprits in the blasts that killed 17 people Wednesday could still sabotage relations between the countries, the Indian government so far has rejected opposition demands for a heavy response against Pakistan.

Let's briefly address the recent bombings in Mumbai, again.

Hillary Clinton (foul taste in mouth) has been breathing all hot and heavy on Pakistan over this recent bombing. She keeps talking about the instability of Pakistan... never mentioning the US role in that, of course.
She is to appear in India to "cement ties" with that nation. "Cement ties" is that like cement shoes?
She will remind India that the US is the bestest friend in the world to India.
She will continue to point fingers at Pakistan and say look over there, "instability" in that nation contributed to the terrorist attack in Mumbai.
Me, I am not so sure of that?

Peace talks on the go. A potential for a nice new pipeline that would greatly benefit India and Pakistan and IRAN. Lots of energy for India via Pakistan from Iran. Why would Pakistan risk all that peace, stability and revenue and energy?

As this writer from India points out- Sure TAPI is good for India, but so is IPI!

"Notwithstanding this, India should keep its efforts on to make the IPI pipeline a reality as the TAPI alone is not sufficient for the appetite of energy-thirsty Indian economy. India needs diversified energy sources so as to ensure uninterrupted supply. Moreover, the IPI can bring much bigger geopolitical gains for India apart from causing a sea change in its ties with Pakistan. At the same time, India needs to make sure that it is not being used by the US as its proxy in the Central Asian region to execute its imperial designs."

All that out of the way, it looks as if India wants to participate in IPI, they need to participate in IPI. As stated the US opposes IPI.
Considering competing pipelines, the control of a large potent nuclear armed proxy, that is looking to make peace and participate in constructing a pipeline for their own energy needs.

Who would really benefit if India turned against Pakistan?
Who would benefit if India did not get involved in the IPI pipeline?
Who would be interested in creating terror in Mumbai to manipulate the Indian government?
Who has no interest in peace between the two nations?
It can't really be said that Pakistan is the answer to any of those questions! The US certainly fits the bill.
Perhaps not the US alone?
Because "they get by with a little help from their friends"?
Their very good friend, confidante and paramour is Israel.
Where is Israel in this mix?
Because you can bet your bottom dollar Israel is involved in this somehow, somewhere....
Israel has long been involved in the destabilization of Pakistan. I have covered that angle numerous times, so I won't rehash here, except to briefly say, Pakistan is a nuclear armed Muslim nation! No more need be said on the motivation for Israel's contribution.

Seems quite recently a bunch of Israeli weapons have played a starring role in Pakistan!

Interior Minister Rehman Malik, on Sunday, hinting at the involvement of foreign hands in fomenting unrest in Karachi, said Israeli-made weapons were being used by miscreants in the mega city.

Talking to media men at Benazir Bhutto Shaheed International Airport, he said, “Over 200 persons have been arrested and Israeli-made weapons, including AK-45 rifles, have been recovered from them.”

He added, “It proves that foreign hands are behind unrest in Karachi.” The minister said that investigation was being conducted to ascertain who were supporting these people and supplying them weapons.
As of late he is clarifying what he said, but, someone supplied Israeli made weapons?

One more interesting development, that hasn't been getting alot of western media coverage.... In fact this is the first I have read of this- Checkmate In The Great Game
The June 15-16 summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in Astana, Kazakhstan completed the negotiations for a historic expansion. India and Pakistan are preparing to join China, Russia, and the Central Asian republics as full SCO members, while Afghanistan will join Iran and Mongolia as SCO “observers.”

SCO held its first meeting of military chiefs in Shanghai in April. The addition of India and Pakistan raised the hopeful prospect of their military leaders sitting together at the next such meeting. The emergence and growth of the SCO, both as a “security” grouping and as an economic community, has been driven by the common need of all these countries to respond to U.S. aggression and military expansion, as well as by their own region’s economic rise

No wonder Hillary hightailed it to India! Doesn't that make the Mumbai bombings that much more suspicious!

The Afghans have decided to join the SCO, despite long-standing opposition from Washington.

The above article is lengthy, but, I believe interesting enough to spend the time reading fully.
Additional reading on India & China-Shanghai Cooperation
Also:Asian Security Bloc Set for Massive Expansion

Monday, July 18, 2011

Russia will not recognize the Libyan "rebels" as a government

One can hardly call them all Libyans or all rebels.
Sure there are some Libyans. But, there are also special forces troops, CIA operatives and quite likely some mercenaries supplied by NATO thrown into the mix.
Hardly all Libyans and hardly all rebels.
If you have any doubt about the special forces, recall-

Rebels in Libya hold British special forces: source - World news
Leading to British special forces team released after botched mission ..
As for the CIA- C.I.A. Agents in Libya Aid Airstrikes and Meet Rebels

I have covered this previously and have digressed for long enough
Russia is not recognizing the so called Libyan, so called rebels as the legitimate government.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Monday that his country refused to recognize the rebel National Transitional Council (NTC) as Libya's legitimate government

The Russian foreign minister stressed that the Contact Group's Istanbul declaration has taken one party's side in the Libyan civil war. He accused the 30-member Contact Group of attempting to isolate official Tripoli.

"Russia traditionally rejects isolation as a way to resolve any problem in any conflict," Lavrov noted.

He reminded that Moscow has been in contact with both Tripoli and Benghazi, urging them to take constructive position and responsibility for their nation.

Do expect the war to heat up as the oil is not flowing. The sweet light crude that NATO needs to rule the world-

Oil production restarting in Libya? Not yet.

The author is a complete tool for NATO. One sided demonization of Ghadaffi, aside, it is clear from this piece, as clear as it has been from the get go- the agenda is oil control.

"The significance of the Libyan absence from markets is in the unique light, sweet quality of the crude, which cannot be easily replaced."

Following speculation on Friday that the Contact Group’s recognition, American in particular, would allow exports to restart, Agoco representative Abdeljalil Mayouf reminded the world,

“We are not producing. Everything is under repair. I can’t tell you a date to restart.” Agoco is Arabian Gulf Oil Company, currently under TNC-control, headquartered in Benghazi.
The Contact Group’s formal recognition also sparked speculation that frozen assets would be released to the TNC, giving the opposition a much-needed fiscal boost.

It would make sense that the news last week of the sudden recognition of the 'rebels' as the legitimate government of Libya, by the NATO war machine, along side the promise to provide billions in funding is for the reconstruction of oil infrastructure.

NATO has killed thousands of Libyan civilians to control oil that was already flowing. SICK.

Including a hit near a university while students were in

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Jewish Group fights "beach harassement" ??

While reading the news this morning I came across this gem!
"Beach harassment"? What is this?

The Organization for Prevention of Assimilation in the Holy Land (Lehava) has decided to start "defending the daughters of Israel" on the country's beaches.
According to the organization, many Arab men are posing as Jews, courting and harassing the beautiful women. In response, a "coast guard" aimed at fighting the alleged phenomenon has been set up.

In recent weeks, Lehava members have been handing out dozens of leaflets to Jewish women on the beaches of Bat Yam, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Caesarea and Eilat, asking them to maintain their Jewishness and not to give in to the non-Jewish men's appeals.
"Last year we discovered that there are many gentiles arriving at the beaches, but not in search of the sun or water," said Benzi Gopstein, one of Lehava's leaders.

Is this group actually saying that gentiles arrived to pick up sexually available women? That's what it sounds like to me. If "gentiles" were searching for something other then sun or water at the beaches, were they doing so because something other then sun or water is available?

"Due to the multiple complaints," he explained, "we decided to promote a campaign at the start of the bathing season this year in order to prevent situations in which girls discover that the 'Yossi' they are dating is actually 'Yusuf', prevent sexual harassment and assimilation.

This paragraph is a real kicker!!

"The volunteers handing out the leaflets are all seculars, as the religious public only visits segregated beaches, which don't have the Arab problem. We've also started distributing a clip on Facebook and YouTube and we hope the girls will open their eyes."

"The Arab problem"? "Segregated Beaches"?
How is it that Israel is not an apartheid state?

'There are enough Jewish men around'

Gopstein noted that the "coast guard" is also called "The committee for defending girls on beaches across Israel", and that its members are volunteers living in the beach area.

He said that the patrol members use convincing methods only. "We turn to the girls with a plea: 'There are enough good Jewish men you can go out with.'" He stressed that "the letter of the rabbis' wives (calling on Jewish girls not to date Arabs) was intended for the religious public. Now we are turning to the secular public and saying that you don't have to be a religious girl in order to marry a Jew, you don't have to be religious in order to want your son to remain Jewish, and its part of the people of Israel's duty to remain Jewish.

"At the moment we are operating in several cities, but I believe that following the clips we'll reach other places too."


Friday, July 15, 2011

Clinton in Turkey for "talks" Despotic Monarchy for Libya, Invasion for Syria?


To open this post let's use the staring point of Hillary Clinton's visit to Turkey.
She rode, via broomstick, in to that nation today...
On the agenda is Libya, Syria, the Cyprus "problem". Which is one of reunification between Greece and Cyprus

" Peace talks are currently underway to find a negotiated settlement that will reunite the country, under a federal roof."

Of course that would be necessary for that pipeline via Israel I had previously posted on.
You can refresh your memory if this is unfamiliar territory.

With Libya, Hilary will focus on the illegal war on Libya, the terror campaign being waged by NATO in that nation, and the move towards recognizing the terrorist group that NATO has allied themselves with.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in Turkey on Friday for a Libya conference marked by growing hopes the international campaign to topple Muammar Gaddafi is nearing its goal and rebel forces can mature into a legitimate government.

Clinton will confer with leaders of the Nato-led coalition to assess the political road map for Libya's future and discuss further steps to support the Benghazi-based National Transitional Council (TNC), officials said.

Another "road map"! The US has always got some handy dandy "road map" on hand.
Must be covered with many routes to hell...

And boy that Benghazi bunch. Beside training kids as young as seven to take up arms, thereby breeding future psycho killers.
I understand they are quite the bunch of racist, religious extremist terrorists. A perfect match for Hillary and the NATO crowd!
Did I mention they would like to re- institute a monarchy!
A move that has Saudi Arabia very pleased.

NATO "winning" means in practice Cyrenaica as an independent republic - although the "rebels" would rather restore the monarchy (the candidate can barely conceal his impatience in London). That also happens to be what Saudi Arabia and Qatar - major backers of regime change - want.

This "independent" eastern Libya would-be emirate is already recognized by a few countries, Sarkozy's France included. No wonder; it is already configured as a NATO protectorate. The ultra-dodgy Transitional Council cannot even let its members - opportunist defectors, US Central Intelligence Agency assets, jihadi-linked clerics - be known.

Seriously there is a monarchist in waiting for Libya!
And, he has already hired a PR firm to work their magic..

Today, home is a north London mansion with his mum. But who knows what tomorrow might bring for Prince Mohammed El Senussi, pretender to the throne of Libya?

As world leaders ponder what Libya might look like after Gaddafi, the 48-year-old may be hoping it will feature him. The prince has hired the PR firm Bell Pottinger to represent him, and this week sets off on a tour of the Middle East to meet Libyan groups. Bell Pottinger says this is to arrange humanitarian aid for his country. But who could blame him if he were to hanker after a return to Tripoli to pick up where his great-uncle King Idris left off in 1969?

He is out and about. Making the rounds. All ready to be a despotic monarch just like in Saudi Arabia.

He is very concerned about the people of course. Wink.
He is expressing his views to the European Conservatives and Reformists Group
They seem to be a political arm of the NATO agenda from my perusal.

From Libya, let's move to Syria. Hillary is going to discuss Syria with Turkey.
In a previous post I mentioned that the US is looking to Turkey for "leadership" in the area.
Which really means, that Turkey will just take it's orders from NATO.
There has also been talk of Turkey invading Syria for a buffer zone.
For "humanitarian" reasons, of course!
Maybe this is more then just talk? What if Turkey invaded Syria?


This view would change with a Turkish intrusion into Syria, as would Turkey’s relationship with Israel, harkening back to the 1990s, when the two countries united against Damascus for its harboring of terrorist groups. (very good for pipelines, which I have yet to get to in an indepth way, but, I will)

The AKP’s decision to pressure Turkey’s NGOs to disengage from this year’s Gaza flotilla signifies the renewal of a Turkish realization that Israel could be an ally in an unstable region.

In addition to reconfiguring Turkish-Israeli-Syrian ties, a Turkish incursion would drive a wedge between Ankara and Tehran, thus, ending the honeymoon Ankara has pursued with Tehran since the Iraq War.
Today, Ankara and Tehran are at odds; their policies on Syria are diametrically opposed. In the event of a Turkish intervention in Syria, the competition between Ankara and Tehran for influence in Iraq would further compound the situation.

Such an intervention would deteriorate Turkey and Iran’s increasingly problematic relationship. A Turkish invasion would rejuvenate Turkish-U.S. ties, which have yet to recover fully from the Iraq War. (remember the signing of Nabucco)
The crisis in Syria is leading the U.S. and Turkey to coordinate their Middle East policies to an extent not seen for nearly a decade. A Turkish intervention in Syria and backed by the U.S. to uphold the nascent doctrine of “responsibility to protect,” would indeed warm up U.S.-Turkish ties beyond imagination.
This piece comes from the Washington Institute. It is quite likely the American view on things, so this may in fact be the next step taken regarding Syria.

Getting back to Hillary. She is in Turkey. She has spoke loudly and clearly about Assad.

"President Assad is not indispensable, and we have absolutely nothing invested in him remaining in power.”
The question is after she leaves Turkey, will there be an invasion of Syria?

Washington and it's allies have officially recognized the "rebels" as the "legitimate" government (for now)
Because Washington dictates who leads other countries right?
They are going to hand over 30 BILLION confiscated dollars to the "rebels"
This is an incredibly bad move for so many reasons. One thing this indicates to me is there will most probably be an increase in boots on the ground.

For the Canadians: A 2.3 billion dollar credit line is to be extended by Canada to the rebels
What a scam this is!

Officials are looking at the feasibility of funnelling upwards of 20% of the value of Libyan assets frozen here and abroad in Canadian financial institutions to the council.
A United Nations resolution prohibits Canada from unfreezing the assets -- believed to be about $2.3 billion.
The government ( that is Canadian taxpayers) would recoup the cash from the assets after the UN gives the green light to unlock the accounts.

You know that ain't gonna happen!
Canadian politicians dig a debt grave for the people

Thursday, July 14, 2011

British government's plan to play down Fukushima:Revealed

Here is one you might have missed.

If this type of collusion went on in Britain, then it went on in the US and Canada.

To be honest, it was pretty obvious right after Fukushima that Western governments and the nuclear/uranium industry were in bed with one another.

British government officials approached nuclear companies to draw up a co-ordinated public relations strategy to play down the Fukushima nuclear accident just two days after the earthquake and tsunami in Japn and before the extent of the radiation leak was known.

Internal emails seen by the Guardian show how the business and energy departments worked closely behind the scenes with the multinational companies EDF Energy, Areva and Westinghouse to try to ensure the accident did not derail their plans for a new generation of nuclear stations in the UK.

"We need to ensure the anti-nuclear chaps and chapesses do not gain ground on this. We need to occupy the territory and hold it. We really need to show the safety of nuclear."

Louise Hutchins, a spokeswoman for Greenpeace, said the emails looked like "scandalous collusion".
"This highlights the government's blind obsession with nuclear power and shows neither they, nor the industry, can be trusted when it comes to nuclear,"

Because your government has your best interests at heart???

Nuclear FOI documents

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Syrian pipeline exploding, 7 yr old fighters in Benghazi and Hillary to visit Turkey

You may have heard, or read, that a pipeline has exploded in eastern Syria.
Reported by an "activist" from London, England.
I suppose he got his news through the "peaceful" activist pipeline?
Because the "peaceful" activists have been anything but peaceful.
They have in fact been attacking citizens in towns, government buildings, Syrian troops and now bombing pipelines.
Since "Syria's oil exports are among the main earners of foreign currency to the government" whoever bombed the pipelines is obviously trying to hit Syria and Syrians where it hurts.
Gosh who would do that?

The ante has been upped in Syria.

If the bombing of the pipeline doesn't make that clear.. note the language of the President of the "free world" and the Head of State

“He has missed opportunity after opportunity to present a genuine reform agenda. And that’s why we’ve been working at an international level to make sure we keep the pressure up.”

"Working to keep the pressure up"? Yes, you have Obama. Yes you have.

Hillary Clinton (I feel the urge to spit when I have to type, print or speak that name)-

President Assad is not indispensable, and we have absolutely nothing invested in him remaining in power.”

Assad is not indispensable? And we (US) have nothing invested in him remaining in power?
How blatant are those two statements? Really?
We gave you the chance, and wasn't that gracious of us?
We don't need you, you mean nothing to us.
All that concern for the Syrians?

Oh and by the way, according to the NYT's, your supposed to believe this is a shifting of gears.

"Turning decisively against the Syrian leader".

This is not a shifting of gears, or a turning against, this is a progression of tactics that started some months ago.
The US has been turning the heat up, higher and higher, on Syria, it's people, it's government by fomenting terrorism and sectarian strife.
Interesting to note there are all manner of comparisons to the "decisive" action taken on Libya vs the "gingerly" response to Syria.

Coincidentally the US, after the bombing of the pipeline, is considering "sanctions on Syria’s oil and gas industry".
I guess the bombing of the pipeline was the beginning of sanctions?

Let's talk about Libya where reality, as presented by the main stream media, is about a "realistic" or related to reality as a reality TV?

Always presented as a civil war, which does not seem to be the case at all.
As this news story will make abundantly clear!
Benghazi, Libya: Children as young as 7 be trained to fight
Boys as young as seven have been pictured carrying automatic weapons and cleaning rifles in Misrata

I am going to ask a couple questions here?

Question #1: If this really was a civil war, as is always presented, why would their be any necessity to train young boys to fight wars?
Should there not be an abundance of adult males to take up arms? I would think so.
The population of Libya is well over 1 million people.
Why would their be a shortage of adult males to fight?
Unless this is not civil war and just a handful of NATO backed rebels who have no choice but to use children as soldiers?

Question # 2- Why is this news not being soundly condemned?
Doesn't the West, when it is pontificating from on high, condemn the use of child soldiers?
Why in this case, does this article read as some twisted promotion of the practice?
Is it because this suits NATO/Western interests?

Of course NATO has been killing civilians in Libya! Shhhh.... don't talk about that.

Let's get back to Hillary Clinton, there is that urge to spit again, is heading to Turkey in the next couple of days (July 15 and 16)
From what I read the US is looking to Turkey for "leadership" on Syria.
Should we assume that she is visiting Turkey to give them the orders they need to take that "leadership" role?
After the visit to Turkey will we witness Turkey making some moves on Syria, possibly creating a buffer zone? Yes, a buffer zone!
Wondering if they got that idea from their good buddies in Israel ?
Turkey to create military 'buffer zone' within Syria for refugees

Hmmmm, if they need a "buffer zone" for "refugees" why don't they make it within the Turkish borders?
Especially in light of the fact that the "refugees" are already in Turkey?

Why invade Syria to set up a so called "buffer zone" for "humanitarian" purposes.

Yes, Turkey would be invading Syria, to set up a militarized buffer zone, obviously not for humanitarian purposes.

Because humanitarianism doesn't fit anywhere into the reality of war.
Assuming you already watched the video? Assuming you are tuned in to the real world?

Clearly the purpose of a militarized buffer zone would be to launch attacks? Foment a civil war?
Train rebels ala Libya? Take your pick?

Time will tell...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

US nationals arrested in restricted area of Suez Canal

This is a curious bit of news-

Egypt's military on Monday detained four U.S. nationals in the northern city of Suez after they took photographs in a restricted zone by the Suez Canal, a military official said.

"Three US nationals and their translator, a U.S.-Egyptian dual citizen, were detained in the Port Tawfiq harbor," the official said, without identifying them.

"Residents of Suez had seen the four taking pictures and informed the military authorities. They are not reporters for any media and did not have permission to take photographs," the official said.

Ok so they are not reporters- Then who are they? Why the pictures?
Oh and how did they get access to restricted areas?

Wondering, had the locals not seen them taking pictures in the restricted area, would the army have "detained" them? You notice the article does not say arrested?
The Egyptian army is controlled by the US so I have my doubts anything will come of this.
As this next story confirms......

American news is covering this as journalists being arrested covering protests in the area.

Video producer Jason Mojica -- a former Al Jazeera journalist and his two man crew, unnamed. Along with Sherif Helwa -- an Egyptian-American energy consultant reporting for Platts, an information provider in the energy and metals industries.
When arrested the men claimed they were filming for Al Jazeera.
Though Jason Mojica is no longer employed by Al Jazeera.

CNN claims they were working for VICE magazine's online website.
So why did they not have the proper VICE ID?
The claim made by CNN is non-credible. Quite frankly CNN can make any bogus unsubstantiated claim they want.

Spook Alert!

Hmmm, pseudo journalists and energy consultants, where have I seen that before?

SYRIA!- Two American nationals, one having citizenship in Egypt a "journalist/energy consultant. Except in Syria the man's name was Radwan.

"Radwan, who also holds American nationality, had for the past nine months been working in Damascus as director of Petrographics,a petroleum services company that has branches in several Arab countries. (Under cover of a petroleum services company, interesting?)

This article identifies Mohamed Radwan as a blogger from Egypt "Syria accuses Egyptian blogger of spying for Israel"

So is Radwan a blogger, a journalist or does he work for Petrographics??"
Radwan = Helwa. If Helwa was employed by VICE why did he speak to CNN to reassure them it was all a misunderstanding?

This is where the story gets even "spookier"-

"CNN was able to speak to Helwa (the Egyptian-American journalist/ energy consultant) by phone while in custody, before his phone was confiscated.

"We were arrested around 3 p.m., but they are treating us well and it's all just a misunderstanding," said Helwa.

It's all just a misunderstanding? Filming in a restricted area of the Suez Canal?

A misunderstanding?

As I asked earlier had the sharp eyed citizens of Egypt not caught these obvious spooks, would the army have bothered to "detain" them, in this "misunderstanding"?

Monday, July 11, 2011

US creates "Shadow Internet" A tool for spooks & the new battleground

The US wants to create a 'shadow internet' and mobile phone service?
Despite the fact, it is quite obvious the US has this "service" in place.
In nations such as Syria, Egypt, Tunisia just to name a few.

Clearly the US is presently knee deep in government destabilization in the already mentioned nations and others.
That said let's read the information as put out by the "free western" media
The 'free media' actually being the completely subservient and compliant media!
Compliance and subservience being the "realities" of western democratic media

US seeks shadow internet and mobile networks in "repressive countries"

Oh and here is a familiar name!

"Freedom House, an organization in Washington, released a “Freedom on the Net” report in April. The group studied thirty-seven countries. It found that twenty-three of them had arrested Internet users for content posted online. Nineteen of the countries at least partially controlled international connections to the Internet. And at least twelve had interfered with networks, listened in on people’s communications or taken down websites."

Freedom House. A name Orwell would have loved. Freedom House means Oppression House.
Oppression brought to your country by the US military and it's corporate bosses..

Check this map out
Quite obviously this is a map with an agenda. Australia doesn't filter the net?
Of course it does! It filters on par with China. So why the rating of "no evidence" of filtering?
How about Obama's kill switch? Along with all the filtering Google does? Isn't that censorship?
That however doesn't matter in this map of "Freedom on the Internet"

Let's read some more about the Shadow Internet- U.S. Underwrites Internet Detour Around Censors (this is a very long article, worth reading entirely, so click on the link)

The Obama administration is leading a global effort to deploy “shadow” Internet and mobile phone systems that dissidents (bought and paid for) can use to undermine repressive (unacceptable to the west)governments that seek to silence them by censoring or shutting down telecommunications networks.

Given the fact that western governments are quite repressive. They just use different tools...

The effort includes secretive projects to create independent cellphone networks inside foreign countries. as well as one operation out of a spy novel in a fifth-floor shop on L Street in Washington, where a group of young entrepreneurs who look as if they could be in a garage band are fitting deceptively innocent-looking hardware into a prototype “Internet in a suitcase.”

Financed with a $2 million State Department grant, the suitcase could be secreted across a border and quickly set up to allow wireless communication over a wide area with a link to the global Internet.

The American effort, revealed in dozens of interviews, planning documents and classified diplomatic cables obtained by The New York Times, ranges in scale, cost and sophistication.

This part below is really interesting and curious and made me go AHA!

Some projects involve technology that the United States is developing; others pull together tools that have already been created by hackers in a so-called liberation-technology movement sweeping the globe.

This technology was created by hackers in the so called "liberation technology movement"?
Wikileaks and all the other so called "hackers" and all their so called hacks?
Have the hacks been intentional?
Allowing the so called hackers a means to work out new technologies?
I am going to answer that question with a big, bold YES.
A yes indeed, most definitely!
Amazing how all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place?

The State Department, for example, is financing the creation of stealth wireless networks that would enable activists to communicate outside the reach of governments in countries like Iran, Syria and Libya, according to participants in the projects.

The effort has picked up momentum since the government of President Hosni Mubarak shut down the Egyptian Internet

If we are reading about this technology, it is a done deal. Just looking at the list of countries named, is like reading a shopping list of countries on the destabalization/overthrow must buy list.

The Voice of Russia asks - Is US “shadow” Internet a tool for spooks?
Do we breath air?

The Russian Foreign Ministry is deeply concerned, its commissioner for human rights, democracy and the rule of law Konstantin Dolgov said. If there is substance behind this information, he pointed out, a situation may be created that will run counter to the basic internationally accepted principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity, the supremacy of law, and the observance of human rights and democratic standards worldwide.

Among other things, the creation of a shadow Internet system appears as an attempt to initiate and control color revolutions in other countries, business intelligence and economic security expert Alexander Mitrofanov said in an interview with the Voice of Russia. According to him, this is an instrument to be widely used by the American secret services. Especially given that a precedent already exists: the Syrian hysteria is suggested to have been fueled by an American IT specialist, who allegedly saw democracy being suppressed in Damascus, Alexander Mitrofanov said.

This is obviously a tool for spooks, destabilizers and those with agendas.
What it is not, is a tool for freedom, human rights or a free press.

As the author of this piece put's it-
This creation of a “shadow” internet only fuels the notion that the US is turning the Internet into a new battleground.

Friday, July 8, 2011

US Provokes Syria and Promotes a Road Map for "reform"

Syria reacted with fury on Friday to a visit by U.S. ambassador Robert Ford to the violence-stricken central city of Hama on Thursday.
Remember my video yesterday of the "peaceful activists"........

''The presence of the U.S. ambassador in Hama city without obtaining a prior permission from the Foreign Ministry as stipulated by instructions distributed repeatedly to all the embassies is clear evidence of the U.S. involvement in the ongoing events in Syria and its bids to aggravate the situations which destabilize Syria''

Ford is planning to stay in Hama to attend anti-Assad protests, (led by protestors armed with guns, satellite phones etc., funded by the US) which normally erupt after Friday prayers.

Meanwhile Hilary Clinton makes threats...

Clinton warned the Syrian government Friday that it was running out of time to implement reforms and that without action, it would only face further resistance.
Which really means "my way or the highway"

And...if you had any doubt at all that the US and it's NATO allies have been meddling all along in Syria.
This bit of news should end all doubts.

The US is pushing a roadmap, all prepared for Bashar Assad's "acceptance."

If he complies with the roadmap, or the reforms he will get to stay in power as a puppet leader for the West.

Details emerge of a controversial 'roadmap' for reforms that would leave him in power despite demands for his overthrow

• Read the document: A roadmap for Syria (in English)
• Read the document: A roadmap for Syria (in Arabic)

"The carefully phrased 3,000-word document demands a "clear and frank apology"

The proverbial pound of flesh.

It calls for the ruling Ba'ath party to be subject to a new law on political parties

Several of the proposed measures have already been mentioned in public by Assad, fuelling speculation that he is at least partially following through on some of the document's recommendations.
The roadmap is signed by Louay Hussein and Maan Abdelsalam, leading secular intellectuals in a group called the National Action Committee.
Is it signed by anyone else?

Quiet US interest in the roadmap dovetails with public demands from Washington that Assad reform or step down

Quiet US interest? That is a hilarious statement.
There has been nothing quiet about US interest in Syria. Their interest has violently played out, moving from city to city. With the help of other compliant nations.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Energy wars and the destabilization of Syria- Geopolitics at it's worst

Yesterday I posted on an Israeli pipeline to Greece.
Noting how the pipeline politics likely played a role in Greece's bizarre behaviour regarding the Flotilla. Also mentioning the possible negative effects on Lebanon and the Palestinian people of Gaza.

Today, we are going to talk about Syria and how the politics of pipelines or energy wars are playing in that country, at this time.

Recently we have been following the destabilization of Syria. The Syrian government has two options in this case, go along to get along, or get out!
By get out, I mean, the Syrian government will be removed.
I am going to quote from this article, in which this scenario is all spelled out quite nicely.

"Damascus has been under pressure to capitulate to the edicts of Washington and the European Union. This has been part of a longstanding project. Regime change or voluntary subordination by the Syrian regime are the goals. This includes subordinating Syrian foreign policy and de-linking Syrian from its strategic alliance with Iran and its membership within the Resistance Bloc.

The riots in Syria are, however, multi-factored and simply not just about a quest for liberty. In this regard there is an attempt to use the riots in Syria as a tool by the U.S. and the E.U. to pressure and intimidate the leadership of Syria. Saudi Arabia, Israel, Jordan, and the March 14 Alliance have all had roles in the Syrian riots.

The Al-Sauds have also helped drown out any authentic calls for democratic reform and marginalized the democratic elements in the Syrian opposition during the protests and riots. In this regard the Al-Sauds have supported both sectarian and violent elements that are intolerant of religious and ideological diversity. These elements are mostly Salafist extremists, like Fatah Al-Islam and the new extremist political movements being organized in Egypt. They have also been rallying against the Alawites, the Druze, and Syrian Christians.

The violence in Syria has been supported from the outside with a view of taking advantage of the internal tensions and the anger in Syria. Aside from the violent reaction of the Syrian Army, media lies have been used and bogus footage has been aired. Weapons, funds, and various forms of support have all been funnelled to elements of the Syrian opposition by the U.S., the E.U., the March 14 Alliance, Jordan, and the Khalijis. Funding has been provided to ominous and unpopular foreign-based opposition figures, while weapons caches were smuggled from Jordan and Lebanon into Syria."

This seems to me a very good description of what has been happening in Syria and who has been involved in the destabilization of Syria. Except I believe firmly Israel has been involved in the Syrian upheaval.

NYSC from the thenakedfacts brought to my attention some interesting video of activities in Syria. The one below caught my eye. The peaceful "activist" in Syria, in action

So your going to ask, what the heck is so important about Syria?

Well in amongst the many reasons I have given you, click the Syria label below, I will cite just one reason- Assad's "Four Seas Strategy" Damascus converges with China.
This strategy would see Syrian interests aligned with those of China, Russia and Iran.

But there is more. And this will connect the dots back to the two "Israeli" oilfields I mentioned yesterday.

Syria is the central piece of two important energy corridors.
The first links Turkey and the Caspian to Israel and the Red Sea and the second links Iraq to the Mediterranean.
The surrender of Syria would mean that Washington and its allies would control these energy routes.
It would also mean that the large natural gas fields off the Lebanese and Syrian coastline in the Eastern Mediterranean would be out of reach for China and instead go to the E.U., Israel, and Washington.

There is the connection. This is a shift of oil power to Israel instead of Syria.
A denial of resources to China.
An ability to provide Europe and shout out the Russian pipeline, which is already well ahead of the Washington backed one in natural gas and construction. The Washington approved pipeline, and it's competitor are covered in this post Nabucco and Southstream. Competing Pipelines/Strategic Interests and a curiosity

Yesterday I began to really understand the importance of Syria in the whole geopolitical 'game'.
For Russia, this is more then just the port at Tartus, though that is undeniably important.
This is about them retaining an important piece of "the pie" so to speak.
For China, this is access or denial of much needed resources.
Both nations could find themselves hostage to the whims of the NATO allies.
I note the other day Russia was saying they still intend to continue on with arms sales to Syria.
Russian arms shipments to Syria are legal, beneficial to regional stability, and will continue as planned, a senior Kremlin official said in a Tuesday interview.

If one considers the importance of pipeline politics in the great game, then Russia continuing to arm Syria combined with the refusal to take part in the charade at the UN, and the importance of the Tartus port one realizes just what is at stake here....

As aside. Just my own thoughts....

This puts to lie the whole charade of the free markets and capitalism. Because if there was any reality to that scam at all, the free market would reign and people/countries would just build pipelines out of necessity to provide a service at a fair price to whomever was the customer.

What we are really looking at is fascism! If ever there was a better example of out and out fascistic maneuvers and fascism in general, I have not seen it.

By fascism I am talking about the collusion of government and business, not having the best interests of the people in mind.
To pick the pockets of humanity via taxes to pay for these sick twisted war games.
Worse then that, using and abusing the people of the planet as soldiers to fight and defend corporate and geopolitical interests.
Far worse still, is the brainwashing employed to get humans to join in these wars of conquest.
To willingly participate. Do you want to talk about crimes against humanity? That is the real crime against humanity! Through manipulative psychological techniques, the elite classes actually get people to willingly enlist in their despicable wars. Taking full advantage of the good and positive nature of human beings to help one another. To take that good and and turn it against the individual and other humans on the planet.
So they will do the dirty work for them, the killing, the destruction.
While the elites sit in their lavish surroundings, never even breaking a sweat.
Time to wake up to the reality.

Israel is quite willing to use taxpayer funded soldiers to guard their pipelines. As are all nations. In this article the security of pipelines is discussed and the last sentence says it all.

He said, "Israel and its armed forces will play the major security role, through the use of naval and air resources, as well as commando units and divers.

I don't want to get too long here, so I will stop and work on the roll of Turkey in this whole mess tomorrow