Friday, August 19, 2011

Russia say's NO, Israel has friends, Breivik is lonely & Whitehouse "forgets" Muslimbrotherhood dinner guest

On occasion I sit here, unfocused.
There is just so much ongoing, it seems a bit overwhelming.
I think yesterday's post on the Pentagon's attack plans for China have caused me some consternation. Or Concern. Or has me perplexed?
Collective Insanity of supposed Leaders?

I have gathered a bunch of interesting stories together for today, but, I did save the best of the bunch for last. Or at least I think it is. Read on through.

-Russia has said they will not support the ousting of Assad.
I have been watching the news out of that country for the past two weeks, noting, the silence.
Until today.

Euronews claims this is the first time call from the West for Assad to step down, which is baloney.

All this talk of "crimes of humanity"

But what about Israel? The nation that regularly commits atrocities. The nation that has been carrying out collective punishment against Gaza for years and years now?
Where is the international condemnation?
Only regrets are ever expressed. The US "regrets" Israel's move to build more houses.
How is it that attacks from Egypt provide any rationale to attack Gaza?
Unless the attacks are just a pretext to launch another planned attack on Gaza?
Can this also provide a pretext for Israel to launch an invasion/attack on the Sinai region of Egypt?

As usual, the western media plays the Israel/victim angle and pays no mind to the brutalities visited on Palestinians in their own land or Israel's many, numerous and historical acts of aggression.
I guess Israel has alot of friends-

Which some Aussie citizens have a problem with, understandably.

The Manchurian Candidate
Anders Behring Brievik is lonely.

And one more thing, related to all the upheaval in the Middle East.
Partially brought to the world by the Western Intelligence backed Muslim Brotherhood.
Isn't it interesting that January 2010 saw the US lift the travel ban on Tariq Ramadan?

The Barack Obama administration has decided to lift a ban preventing Muslim Scholar Professor Tariq Ramadan from entering the United States. He is " a leading member of Europe’s Muslim Brotherhood branch"

Wow, wasn't that timely!
I wonder just what meetings that allowed him to attend prior to the "Arab Spring"
You know to get "things" organized?

The use of the Muslim Brotherhood by MI6 and the CIA in Egypt, Syria and Iran

Curiously, or maybe not so much. It was reported that Tariq Ramadan attended the Whitehouse Iftar dinner, though his name was left off the list of attendees? Why?
Would it make the connection between the Muslim Brotherhood, the destabilization of Tunisia, Syria and Egypt and the US all the more obvious?


  1. Russia has said they will not support the ousting of Assad

    Russia also, at first, said it wouldn't sign on to that UN resolution establising a 'No Fly Zone' over Libya, then said 'Aye.'

  2. The mainstream media have of course been in the business of spreading lies for years, but it seems to me that in the case of this Syrian conflict the lies have gone a step beyond. Propaganda usually contains a few nuggets of truth in order to make it more believable, but in their reporting on Syria, the media seem to be standing truth on its head and completely reversing the reality. A sort of white-is-black/war-is-peace type thing. I'm not sure we've seen this before.

  3. Hey Greg: I know they switched in the end.

    Don't know whether they will or not with Syria, there is way more at stake for Russia with Syria.

    The thing with Syria it is so much more strategic to both nations really.
    Location, location, location

    The West needs Syria to take down Iran and Lebanon
    To deny Russia access to the Mediterranean and to join the African wars to Eurasia

    Russia of course positiviely wants the water access,the land access is vital, Assad also had something on the go called the 4 seas strategy.

    Syria is like the piece of the puzzle that finishes the whole scene

    Or to quote from the big Lebowski, it is "the rug that pulls the room together"

    Recall this post

    Syria was setting itself up as direct competition to Israeli preeminence in the region.

    China should have taken a stand for Libya, they had more to lose there, in the way of construction business etc.,

    But in the end, Syria may even be more vital to them.

    If Syria doesn't fall to the West, what could happen in Libya?

  4. Hey Richard:

    thanks for stopping by!

    I will admit the msm has been really carrying the bullshit banner on Syria, without question.

    With the lead up lies to Iraq there were the occasional blips on the radar.

    Such as David Kelly, who died in such a timely manner for the elites, but, his report at least caused a split seconds pause.

    But, with Syria and Libya the msm has been relentless in their lying.

    "Propaganda usually contains a few nuggets of truth in order to make it more believable"

    True and there have been little indications the official story of the Syrian uprising is not as presented, but, it requires a hell of alot of reading and the foreign press is usually better at letting bits and pieces out.

    Was anyone surprised that the Muslim brotherhood leadership had their travel ban to the US lifted in January 2010??
    That is a conveniently timed change in policy.
    Then the visit to the whitehouse?
    Muslim Brotherhood has been all over the egypt situation and they have been supplying fighters in Syria and boy oh boy, the change in policy long prior to the arab spring could not have been anything else but planned

  5. Looks like you were right about the DSK 'rape' case being a setup, here's the latest headlines:

    Prosecutors will ask a judge to dismiss all charges in the sexual assault case against former IMF director Dominique Strauss-Kahn at a court hearing on Tuesday, the New York Post reported on Sunday, citing unnamed sources.