Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Libya: Embassy games in Britian and Canada- Rebel government dissolves and more...

Following on the heels of Britian's recognition of the Libyan "rebels" as the official government of that country, "diplomat"s named by Libya's rebel administration, the National Transitional Council (NTC), took over the London embassy.
Including the flying of the "rebel flag". (This news is just being reported as of today)

I am unsure of just how this change was done?
Perhaps the actions of the Canadian government undertaken this morning can shed some light on how the previous occupants came to be ousted? Ottawa orders remaining Libyan diplomats to leave

"Ottawa has declared all remaining Libyan diplomats persona non grata and ordered them out of the country "immediately."

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird announced the decision in a statement late Monday.

"These people now have five business days to vacate the embassy and leave the country," said Baird, calling it the latest step in Canada's efforts to isolate and delegitimize the regime of Moammar Gadhafi.

The government is also cutting off the diplomats' access to the embassy's bank accounts, Baird said"

Should we assume the rebel terrorists will be moving into the embassy in Canada?

Interesting to note, while the charade continues on in the West. The rebels are still coming apart at the seams- Libyan Rebels dissolve Cabinet Amid Discord

"The cabinet was dissolved, the spokesman said, “for improper administrative procedures” that led to the arrest and subsequent killing of the military leader, Gen. Abdul Fattah Younes, a former top Libyan commander who defected to the rebel side. The move left the rebels without several of its leaders — including the ministers of defense, finance, interior and justice"

Prior to dissolving their Cabinet, they did manage to deliver a large cash payment, bribe, of $10,000,000.00 to 50,000 families in the western mountains of Nafusa

Of course, all they are really doing is guaranteeing debt enslavement of the Libyan people, all of them. This makes bankers very happy, always.

The rebels’ finances are precarious and overstretched. The TFM has taken out $155m in loans, overseen by an international board to ensure transparency. About $120m is earmarked for diesel to keep power cuts in the rebel-held areas to a minimum.

Qatar, the rebels’ main military supplier, Turkey and France have also made hundreds of millions of dollars of bilateral loans and development funds available to the rebel council.
(Turkey has been very busy as of late, haven't they?)
Meanwhile Libyans marched on a Hotel in Libya that houses Journalists-

Many of these journalists are nothing more then agents for NATO, according to reports I had heard from Tripoli made by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya.
You can read more about this phenomena here- Journalism as a weapon of war in Libya

The Rixos Hotel in the Libyan capital of Tripoli, where the majority of the international press is located, is a nest of lies and warped narratives where foreign reporters are twisting realities, spinning events, and misreporting to justify the NATO war against Libya"

People carry the body of a young man from the rubble of houses destroyed by airstrikes in Tripoli.

Let's get back to the average Libyans Marching on the Hotel filled with journalists.
It is not a coincidence that the hotel mentioned above is the same hotel the people of Libya have marched on today

Residents of Tripoli have marched on the 5 star Rixos hotel, where the western journalists are staying, demanding that they see the journalists. Security has kept them away, according to reports received by Mathaba.

The people are angry that the foreign journalists stay in comfort and fail to report on the atrocities committed by NATO, and wonder for what purpose they are in Libya if not to report the truth.

What purposes could those journalists be serving, if not reporting on the truth? Maybe the same purpose the citizen journalists serve in Syria?
Just a thought.

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  1. This is an age old tradition of ‘bringing out the dead’ – shaming those responsible. Where is Al-jazz? Now that the ‘riots’ in England as sucking up the air time all of these real issues are dropping down the vacuumous memory hole.

    Coincidence? I think not.

    Real riots would lead to the stinging up of real war criminals. If the Italians could do it with Mussolini why not?

    Any idea of credibility of the ‘rebels’ disappeared a long time ago. The ‘desired’ (by the usual manipulators) output of this is a quagmire. No one wins and everyone keeps paying for the ammunition.

    We livestock would seem to have no say on the outcome. The current BS rioting/looting is meant to implement the security state. Wait until the really pissed (and motivated) get going.