Monday, August 29, 2011

More Space Aliens- the next false flag?

I have to wonder about the increasing "news" of space aliens and visitations?
Hell, Paul Krugman even suggested that an alien invasion, even a fake one, could help the ailing economy.

What nonsense!
I have some other suggestions to improve the economy, but, that is not what this post is about.

This is about the ongoing suggestion of alien invasions.

I have covered this before. There have been books, reported ship sightings and on and on.
I come away with the impression that we are being prepped for a possible psy-op.
A psychological operation.
The past year or so, perhaps a year and a half have seen an increase in mentions of all things "space" and "aliens"

So what to make of this "news"

Study suggests aliens could attack Earth to save the galaxy
Very official sounding, this "study"

According to the 36-page study, titled “Would Contact with Extraterrestrials Benefit or Harm Humanity? A Scenario Analysis,” visitors from out of this world could see our polluting and destructive ways as a threat to the galaxy, and mount a pre-emptive strike against us.

According to the rather stretched logic of the study, published in the journal Acta Astronautica, extraterrestrial intelligence, or ETI, could observe the changing chemical composition of our atmosphere to deduce our rapid expansion and identify us as a threat to the Milky Way Galaxy.

“If ETI doubt that our course can be changed, then they may seek to preemptively destroy our civilization in order to protect other civilizations from us,” the study states.

Co-authored by Shawn Domagal-Goldman of NASA’s Planetary Science Division and Penn State researchers Seth Baum and Jacob Haqq-Misra, the study addresses several scenarios that could result from a meeting with ETI.

On the optimistic end of the scale, contact with aliens could result in “friendly and informative communication” that furthers our understanding of mathematics, physics and chemistry, and provides ways for us to eliminate disease and world hunger.

Other potential scenarios, however, have somewhat less promising outcomes. In a passage that should elucidate just how seriously we should be taking this paper, the authors write that “a core concern is that ETI will learn of our presence and quickly travel to Earth to eat or enslave us.”

That’s right, eat or enslave us. Other words that pop up in the study include “conquer”, “infect”, “dissect” and “pickle our skulls.” No joke.

Wait a minute! Did you notice in the first four paragraphs the use of the words "study" & "researchers" Also, both NASA and Penn State University were mentioned?

Making this sound like a very authoritative study...

After quoting all this fear mongering from the "study", at the bottom of the article the author of the piece makes note of how silly this all sounds, that it is not science. That it is simply a bit of "fun" research, not actually funded by NASA. It's not science!

Yes, it sounds silly, but it’s hardly intended as hard-hitting science. If anything, it’s simply a fun bit of research compiled by a group of science nerds in their spare time. Lead author Domagal-Goldman stressed that the study was not funded by NASA, and even acknowledged that his proposed outcomes were highly improbable. In a recent blog post, Domagal-Goldman wrote “Is such a scenario likely? I don’t think so. But it’s one of a myriad of possible (albeit unlikely) scenarios, and the point of the paper was to review them.”

Ask yourself this question
Why write the article in the manner it was written if this is just a bunch of silliness? In fact why mention it at all.... in numerous main stream media outlets

According to the author " while pickled human head is unlikely to be appear"....
A good scare will get you onside for that carbon tax, one world government and general global tyranny!
Perhaps that was the point of this nonsensical news coverage?


  1. Oh never mind the aliens Penny, aparantly bird flu is back!!

    Timed nicely of course to coincide with the release of a big name Hollywood movie: Contagen


  2. Hollywood is sure on board with the BAD space aliens coming to Earth to destroy us.

    When's the last time the made a movie showing friendly space aliens?

    I have no doubt there are other races in the galaxy and universe, some so advanced that they can travel the vast distances of space in a short period of time.

    Maybe they're observing us, maybe not.

    To me, it's like walking in the woods and seeing a large ant hill.

    You'll stop for awhile, observe their actions, and move on, without thinking again about what you just saw.

    And that's what I think advanced space aliens think of humans; like ants on a hill.

  3. I saw the news stories and the preview for that movie.

    Interesting you connect the two because as soon as I saw the preview for that movie, i went uh-oh..

  4. Greg: have you seen super8?

    I enjoyed the movie, but, it is another alien flick.
    Except humans won't free that alien.
    Along the lines of ET.

  5. Two genres of movie have absolutely exploded in popularity for big hollywood productions in the last ten years:

    1)Alien flicks
    2) Horror flicks

    The alien movies generally involve smart, nasty aliens bent on exterminating or enslaving us, and us defending the earth.

    The horror movies often involve sick and depraved scenes of realistic torture, dismemberment, and gore. Always full of helpless victims getting tortured and killed.

    Even the superhero genre, big in the last decade, has had many bits of both aliens and horror mixed in their movies. Actually, thinking about this further . . . EVERY SINGLE ONE of the superhero/comic book movies has both torture and aliens in it.

    Funny that, eh?

    I think I told you a while ago, or perhaps I forgot - the "Spaceman" from AM640 (who doesn't believe in the moon landings, by the bye) Toronto radio station thinks that the space station might well be a vehicle for sending out holographic imagery in the future, and that whole week when flight was cancelled over europe due to a bit of smoke from Iceland? That was due to them testing out the technology, he hypothesised. Interesting hypothesis indeed, I thought it was.

    Holographic technology is amazing these days, and as always, I am quite certain the elites hold back the leading edge of the technology from the eaters.

    Myself, I would guess that aliens coming to earth would be the FINAL false flag - the keystone in their plan, last to be implemented.

    I would guess many more false flags before then of the regular variety.

    But that's just a guess, knowing what a "game-changer" aliens would make it, and how the elites would want to really set up people to believe in it properly, and that would take some shock and awe.

  6. hey slozo:

    "Myself, I would guess that aliens coming to earth would be the FINAL false flag - the keystone in their plan, last to be implemented."

    this is why I wonder if the increased reporting is preparatory?
    You know, warming us up?

    Regarding the space station:
    Heard reported there are some issues with it's continuing in space...
    Possibly it may come back to earth?
    What will come of that?

  7. And to top it off Pen,
    combined with all this hoo-hah about aliens, they have attempted to take over and direct the moon-landings questioners, with this theory:

    That there WAS a conspiracy about the moon landings, but it was a conspiracy to hide information about Aliens.

    And that's why with 1969 technology, we sent men to the moon 7 times in three years with ease, and why we have been making excuses for the 40 and likely 50 years as to why we haven't gone again and why it seems like such a big deal to even contemplate sending a man to the moon now with our advanced technology.

    So yeah, that explains certainly why man has only gone into low-earth orbit for the past 45 years . . . aliens.

    As always, there's a movie coming out about it.
    And there has already been at least one more that I can think of on that exact thing, and of course quite a few on manned mars missons with the same idea.

    Heck, if it wasn't for movies and tv, we'd all forget how damn easy it is to get to the moon.

    And we'd certainly not entertain thoughts about being attacked by aliens.

  8. "That there WAS a conspiracy about the moon landings, but it was a conspiracy to hide information about Aliens."

    wow, if you can't spin one way, you just spin the other?!

    I have never seen that angle, I don't doubt it, but I have never seen it.

    And there is a movie coming out about it?

    Of course, because so many people confuse what they see on the big screen with real life.
    They will "believe" it is historical fact.
    And stop wondering just why it is man never made it back to the moon