Friday, August 26, 2011

Norway & Libya: Correlations and Commonalities

The concept I am putting forward is a bit complex so bear with me.
What do Norway and Libya have in common?
You may think nothing, but then you would be wrong.
Both nations are (were, at this time with Libya) holders of huge sovereign wealth funds.
Both funds are built on a foundation of the nation's Oil sales.
It would seem that both nations have been targeted for take down.
By different means, of course. But take down none the less.

First Libya-

Libya had a huge economic fund that it was using to build and develop Africa.
You can read about that in this interview
This fund was created based on the Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund
Excerpting relevant sections below-

Voltaire Network: Your country is gas and oil rich. The Libyan Investment Authority manages an accumulated capital estimated at 70 billion dollars. What use are you making of this bonanza?

Mohamed Siala: "We have therefore set up the Libyan Investment Authority to protect the wealth of future generations, following Norway’s example. A portion of these funds are dedicated to the development of Africa. This means that 6 billion dollars have been invested in African development shares, i.e. agriculture, tourism, commerce, mines, etc…

The remaining funds have been invested in various sectors, countries, currencies all over the world, including the USA and Germany. This, unfortunately, is what enabled them to freeze our assets."


Voltaire Network: Your country has been heavily engaged in infrastructure building, namely the colossal Man-Made River irrigation and water works. Which projects do you currently have in the pipeline?

Mohammad Siala: There is a railway running across the whole of North Africa with the exception of Libya. We would like to complete it so as to achieve a greater integration in the regional economy and energise it. The Chinese are building the Tunisia-Syrte section. The Russians are in charge of the Syrte-Benghazi stretch. Negotiations with Italy were underway for the Benghazi-Egypt connection as well as for the locomotives. Also, we are constructing a North-South transcontinental railroad, starting with the Libya-Chad (N’Djamena) line. These are major investments with an international scope. We thought the G8 would help. It had promised to do so, but nothing came.

We are fierce when it comes to business, and we have used the bidding process to oblige providers to bring down their prices. When Putin came here, he agreed to align the rates of Russian enterprises on those of their Chinese competitors, thus enabling us to diversify the our choice of partners.


Voltaire Network: What are the consequences of your assets freeze for Africa?

Mohammad Siala: By freezing our assets, NATO also halted our development activities in Africa. The continent can only export raw products. We are investing in Africa so that these products can be processed in Africa and commercialized by Africans. We want to create jobs and keep the surplus in Africa. On one hand, Europeans applaud us as this policy dries out migration fluxes. On the other hand, they are against it since it means having to give up colonial exploitation.

The Westerners want to maintain Africa in a situation where it will only export raw products and commodities.

Ok, so in a nutshell Libya is using the sovereign wealth fund of Libya to develop Africa, for the benefit of Africans. The West is not at all interested in an Africa for Africans!

What interests them is an Africa for colonialist/western plunder. Exploitation. Some of that plunder I addressed in the previous post.

How does this relate to Norway?

I first heard this thought put forth by John McMurtry, he is a professor in Canada. I am going to expand on this thought.

John McMurtry seems to believe that Norway's government was targeted by interested parties for being a bit to cooperative, or perhaps to communal. Just too much sharing the wealth was going on. Not dog eat dog.

He specifically mentioned the Sovereign Wealth Fund of Norway.

As I wrote above, this fund was the financial model Libya was using to develop not just a nation, but an entire continent.

Take some time to read about the Libyan fund and what it was being used for..

As for the Norwegian fund-

"The Government Pension Fund is a sovereign wealth fund where the surplus wealth produced by Norwegian petroleum income is held. The fund changed name in January 2006 from its previous name The Petroleum Fund of Norway. The fund is commonly referred to as The Petroleum Fund (Norwegian: Oljefondet). As of the valuation in October 2008, it is the largest pension fund in Europe and the second largest in the world with a value of NOK 2.09 billion, although it is not actually a pension fund as it derives its financial backing from oil profits and not pensioners. It is among the most transparent of the SWFs in its holdings & investments.

This fund is an ethical fund and does not invest in unethical corporations-

Investments have to be in line with the ethical guidelines based on sector and company behavior. The companies that the Fund invests in are closely monitored by a Council of Ethics. If companies are operating in conflict with the guidelines the Fund will consider withdrawal.
Several companies have been excluded...

Are you curious what a few of those companies may be?

  • Lockheed, US
  • Raytheon, US
  • GenCorp Inc, US
  • Boeing, US
  • Honeywell, US
  • Northrop Grumman, US
  • Textron, US
  • United Technologies, US
  • Safran, France
  • Thales, France
  • Wal-Mart Stores Inc, US
  • Barrick Gold, Canada
  • Rio Tinto plc, UK / Rio Tinto Ltd, Australia

Hmmmmm........ an interesting exclusion list, wouldn't you say?

What is the purpose of this fund?


The petroleum fund is investing parts of the large surplus generated by the Norwegian petroleum sector, generated mainly from taxes of companies, but also payment for license to explore as well as the State's Direct Financial Interest and dividends from the partial ownership of StatoilHydro.

The Petroleum Fund was established in 1990 after a decision by the legislature assembly Stortinget to counter the effects of the forthcoming decline in income and to smooth out the disrupting effects of highly fluctuating oil prices.

Strategies and Objectives

The purpose of the Government Pension Fund-Global is to facilitate government savings necessary to meet the rapid rise in public pension expenditures in the coming years, and to support a long-term management of petroleum revenues.

Is anyone else besides me seeing the possibilities of "issues" being taken with this fund?

A fund run by a government that is really profitable, does not invest in warfare and exploitation and will guard pension plans and shield consumers from the disrupting effects of high fuel prices..

What the hell?!

How long can the banking war mongering crowd tolerate this in Norway? Really! I mean their agenda is to pick the pockets of the people or kill them.

Norway is not Libya. It is not run by a "despot". Or filled with "brown people" It is not impoverished and easily exploited.

It is not possible to sell to the Western masses the need to bring about or encourage change via the typical colonialist mind control method. You know the one? We have to help/humanitarianism for the "barbaric", "backwards", "violent" "third world"- insert country. That won't work when dealing with Norway.

What to do? What to do?

Perhaps and this is speculation. Target a government via terrorism.

Scare the population into voting for a different kind of government. One that will be tough!

On "terrorists" IE: the people.

One that will open Norway to private investment/exploitation. One that will plunder the sovereign fund of the nation. One that will be friendly to the military industrial complex.

One more thing!

If you are looking for another Israel angle to the Breivik massacre and his love of the zionist state and their racist ways..

Norway oil fund's Israel holdings under scrutiny
"Norway's finance minister has ordered a review of investments by the country's $300 billion wealth fund in companies active in the Palestinian territories after Israel's crackdown in the Gaza Strip, officials said.

The Government Pension Fund -- Global, known familiarly as the "oil fund," invests Norway's oil wealth in foreign stocks and bonds to save for the future when the black gold runs out.

It invests under ethical guidelines from the ministry of finance and so far has excluded a few dozen companies that produce nuclear arms or cluster munitions, degrade the environment or violate human rights or worker rights."
read more: Reuters


In closing ask yourself if Libya could not enjoy their sovereign wealth fund and the endless possibilities for good in Libya and in Africa. Is it reasonable to think that Norway will be allowed to go on enjoying it's fund?


  1. Excellent points.

    If your theory is correct, then there would be more moves to follow on Norway.

    Next would be financial, perhaps. Hitting them somewhere where it affects a large swath of economic prosperity.

    I got it!

    Big oil disaster for their rigs. Something that perhaps pushes them to join OPEC as well (would have more pressures involved).

    Norway is WAY too well prepared for the coming financial shitstorm . . . something has got to happen to make them less ready, I feel.

  2. As usual Penny, fantastic post!

    Why Canada doesn't have a sovereign wealth fund is something that each and every one of us should be asking, or rather, demanding our 'politicians' answer!!

    I have a fantasy of us and Russia joining forces, annexing Alaska and taking our country back from the globalist banksters! We would then have control over the majority of the northern hemisphere, as well as having a massive chunk of a diversified resource portfolio!

    I CAN dream!


  3. Excellent research and excellent thinking.

    - Aangirfan

  4. hey slozo!
    If my theory is correct, there will be more moves on Norway, perhaps not as obvious as Breivik? Or even more so.
    I would think it is all dependent on how compliant the lackies are in government.

    It is worth keeping an eye on government in Norway, particularly on how they play out the "race" and terrorism card.
    Race being pitting the muslims against everyone else or vice versa, terrorism being someone is out to get you-the fear card.
    If enough people can be pushed/manipulated into fear they are more likely to "want" a repressive government.
    A father figure to "keep them safe"
    You know like in Canada where for some inexplicable reason the Harper government got in (not that it really matters, but, perception, perception, perception)
    Norway is very well prepared, lucky for them. Or not so lucky?

  5. Hey Buffy
    Good question why doesn't Canada have a sovereign wealth fund.

    SAdly the clue is in the name "sovereign" Canada is nothing more then a host for the parasitical US.

    No offense to American persons, but that is the truth of it.
    Plundered and exploited.
    Look at the oilsands project in Alberta, the new pipeline...
    need I say more?

  6. thanks aangirfan!
    People have to think outside of the box, including me, all the time.
    This is outside of the box thinking to get people to see the bigger picture.

    The humanitarianism angle in libya is pure bullshit!

  7. Bank Of America's Legal Woes Go Global After Norway's Sovereign Wealth Fund Sues For Mortgage Fraud

    * We have confirmed that the killings in Norway were a Mossad operation entirely, managed by a controlled cell of Freemasons in Northern Europe and Britain with strong contacts to Poland and Belarus. This group has extensive access to weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear material.

  8. If that sounds impossible, consider Norway. When the bomb exploded, it did so on a national holiday in Norway, when there were few people in the office that was bombed. Yet, we’re being told it’s “terrorism”. Or was it simply yet another message to a Norway that (1) announced its intentions to pull out of the “NATO” adventure in Libya, (2) voted to freeze a $42,000,000 payment to Greece (mere pocket change in a world awash in $1.5 quadrillion in derivatives), (3) supports statehood for Palestine, and, (4) let’s not forget, is not a member of the European Union.