Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Plunder of Libya

Just a quick news story for today-
Oil Rich Libya won't need Financial Aid in Post Gaddafi era
This is the exact song and dance number we witnessed with Iraq and in 2011 we can see how that worked out.
One thing made very clear in this article, it was the oil and the access to wealth and not humanitarianism that was the reason for the invasion of Libya.
And it was an invasion, no matter the spin. Libya was invaded by NATO.

The rebels were a front for British, US and French covert operatives or special forces.
One of the latest acknowledgments of foreign involvement -

"The Guardian has learned that a number of serving British special forces soldiers, as well as ex-SAS troopers, are advising rebel forces, although their presence is officially denied." The Guardian has previously reported the presence of former British special forces troops, now employed by private security companies and funded by a number of sources, including Qatar. They have been joined by a number of serving SAS soldiers.

Acknowledged here
" Libyan rebels needed NATO'S military might to bring Muammar Qaddafi's rule to the brink of collapse"

Yes, it was the criminal NATO bombings that slaughtered Libyans that enabled the puppet rebels to "take down" the real leadership of Libya.

"Airstrikes and logistical support from North Atlantic Treaty Organization forces helped reverse the tide in Libya"

NATO conducts mass bombing raids, the "rebels" come in for the photo-ops. Dancing, hoisting flags, whatever!

"We don't need loans," former Libyan Central Bank Governor Farhat Bengdara, who broke with Qaddafi's regime in February, said in an interview in Dubai. "Libya has huge financial resources and oil reserves.

OH, but Libya will get loans...because it is never going to get it assets freed up.

The Libyan economy suffered as much as $15 billion in damage during the conflict, according to Bengdara's estimates. An economic recovery and the release of frozen assets will depend on how fast (or if) the rebels can stabilize the country and establish a government

As I blogged on earlier the "rebels" had dissolved their "government" due to infighting and the assassination of the General. Will they be able to stabilize the country and establish a government? Will that even be allowed? Or does NATO have something else in mind?
Something along the line of what I had mentioned in the previous post

To further sow the seeds of dissension and justify the need for further engagement by NATO including the use of boots on the ground?
It certainly has to be considered

Dance Puppet Dance!

Uncertainty about the nature of the post-Qaddafi government may also delay the release of frozen funds, Stuart Levey, a former U.S. Treasury undersecretary, told Bloomberg Television's "In Business with Margaret Brennan."

Having the assets still frozen can be used "as a point of leverage for the United States and its allies to ensure that they have a legitimate government they can trust in Libya they can give this money to

image borrowed from here

Just how wealthy is Libya? Oh, sorry, make that was Libya?

"The central bank and the Libyan Investment Authority, the country's sovereign-wealth fund, have about $168 billion in assets abroad. About $50 billion of that is in bank deposits in European countries including Germany, the U.K., France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands, Bengdara said. The two institutions also hold about $40 billion in U.S. and European government bonds,

Libya doesn't have outstanding debt."

Oil Output

Libya's oil output, at about 1.58 million barrels a day before the revolt according to Bloomberg data, slumped to a trickle after fighting broke out, according to the International Energy Agency. Output may reach as much as 350,000 barrels a day within three months "

Oil production will recover more quickly than forecast after the "sudden takeover" of fields and export facilities by rebels, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. said in a report this week. Libya will probably boost supply to 585,000 barrels a day in the next 12 to 18 months, Goldman said.

Further opportunities for plunder

Oil aside, the economy offers investment opportunities in industries including tourism, mining, agriculture financial services

Here come the banking scum!

International and Arab banks including HSBC Holdings Plc, Standard Chartered Unicredit SpA and Mashreqbank PSC had applied to set up units in the North African country. Unicredit, Italy's biggest lender

When the banker show up, debt slavery follows!


  1. It is a revelation just how evil our leaders are.

    - Aangirfan

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  3. Check this here Penny: SAS troops dressed in Arab clothes join hunt for Gaddafi as £1m reward is offered for dictator's head

    It appears that the SAS has teams dressed and masquerading as Libyan rebels. The article alleges that they're in guise to hunt down Gaddafi and have been there for several weeks. However their true mission was more along the lines destabilisation, false flag terror and coordination of CIA/MI6 funded "rebel" operations.

    Remember the SAS pulled another Arab masquerade in Basra, Iraq on 19, September 2005. Two of that lot were caught with explosives, an FN Minimi capable of holding 200 rounds, assault rifles and small arms, communications equipment, a rocket launcher, wigs,fake beards and even fake tan. The car they were driving about in was rigged with explosives as a car bomb, and when they had been caught they were in the midst of setting up a synthetic terrorist bombing.

  4. Libya doesn't have outstanding debt

    There you go, the bankster gangsters have struck again.

    They won't be happy until the entire world is saddled with debt like the USA.

    Stealing the largest supply of African sweet crude; stealing Libya's money deposited in overseas bank accounts and some say, stealing any gold Libya had at home.

    Does this nightmare never end?

  5. hey aangirfan:

    well we could call it a revelation..
    but sometimes I wonder, how horrible these people really can be.

  6. Hey HHQ!

    I went and read that article and why am I not surprised? Why?
    Probably because I expected this given the involvement of special ops officers from the get go.

    "Remember the SAS pulled another Arab masquerade in Basra, Iraq on 19, September 2005."

    I do recall that one.

    It is all so despicable, isn't it HHQ?

  7. Yup Greg, that is why I called this the plunder of Libya