Friday, August 5, 2011

Rebel assassination of General: Dissension or Divide and Conquer

The backed by NATO Libyan "rebels" are falling apart at the seams, but, that doesn't give NATO even a moments pause for thought in their civilian death campaign.

As has been explained ad nauseum, the Libyan "rebels" are nothing but bought and paid for terrorists and intelligence agents from the NATO allied nations. Same difference.

That said, there is no honour amongst thieves, so why would this news come as a surprise to anyone?

Of course the western media is spinning this in a number of ways. Killed by Islamists.
The General was a traitor to the rebels...
A bit of background-

Gen Abdel Fattah Younes had defected earlier this year to join with the rebels
"He was widely seen as one of the few military figures on the rebel side capable of organising their forces against the better trained Libyan government army"
He appeared by all reports to be someone the rebels sorely needed since he had actual military experiences. Capable of organizing the rebels. Capable of leading the rebels

And that might be the problem, necessitating his assassination?

HE WAS A LEADER. Not a follower.

Can you think of any reason that certain allied organizations would not be interested in having someone with real leadership abilities in charge of their rebels??
Could it be possible that he may lead the rebels, rather then NATO leading the rebels?
Could it be possible that under his leadership, if he proved to be able and capable, the rebels may not be so willing to cave to NATO's edicts?

His alleged assassins are said to be the Abu Obeida al-Jarrah Brigade.
Curiously, this brigade has never been previously heard of !

"So secretive is the Abu Obeida al-Jarrah Brigade - that until yesterday few in the rebel capital had ever heard of it."

Even more curious?
Despite the fact that this group has been virtually unheard of until this assassination, western media outlets are claiming they are very influential.

"Unlike the other militias, the Brigade seems to exercise considerable power within the rebel movement"

Well how is this even possible? How is it possible that a virtually unheard of group can wield influence within the rebel "movement" that has never hear of them until this assassination?
Which this unheard of group can now wear as a badge of honour. Making them a group to rally around???

Interesting to note, this killing comes at a time when there is much unhappiness in Benghazi- And growing distrust with the Libyan Transitional National Council (virtually run by NATO)

"People in Benghazi are very unhappy that things have not returned to normal with Gaddafi gone after five months of hardship in the uprising," said a western consultant (intelligence asset) who has been in Benghazi. "Benghazites are not getting what they need and are pretty weary with the leadership for not engineering Gaddafi's overthrow."

We are very worried about the Libyan Transitional National Council," said Osama Doghaim, a Benghazi resident. "No one knows whether to trust them any more."

Along comes a new unheard of faction.
To challenge the authority of the Libyan Transnational Council at a time they are losing popularity?
Killing someone who may have been the one individual capable of uniting the rebels in their cause and possibly empowering them to independence?
In other words, is this a divide and conquer strategy being employed by NATO?
To further sow the seeds of dissension and justify the need for further engagement by NATO including the use of boots on the ground?
It certainly has to be considered


  1. Many thanks for the info and links.

    - Aangirfan

  2. The fight among rebel groups could be over arriving oil revenues,and who will be getting the lion's share,and who will be getting nothing.

  3. Yay NATO for showing the world just what you really are, at last. AND you will not win this one. Even if you do destroy all their modern water works, you will not win over Libya.

    Let these punks rot as they in-fight as an example to the world of just what NATO represents. What it is. What it does. That it is not invincible.

  4. Hey Aangirfan I am willing to entertain all possibilities.
    Unlike the msm

    Also, you are most welcome for the links

  5. Anonymous 10:52 am

    "The fight among rebel groups could be over arriving oil revenues,and who will be getting the lion's share,and who will be getting nothing"

    It could be.

    Do you think in the end the NATO nations will make the ultimate decision, who wins and who loses amongst the rebels?

  6. Hey Noor!

    It is pretty clear what NATO represents, global fascism and tyranny...

    The rebels will be used as needed and discarded when no longer useful, that is the plain fact of the matter.

    I hope the people of Libya prevail, not this bunch of terrorists, agents and mercs

  7. Hi Penny. I think there is a lot of spin on this article in the telegraph for lots of reason. The lead name on the article said it all for me.

    I’m not sure what anyone else thinks of the writings of Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya but I have certainly found him very informative. He posted this story on the news of the General’s death on 2nd August. I have since been watching to see what shakes out of the spin cycle.

    It seems from what I have read that Libya is a tribal based society and our General comes from the Obeide tribe. Since his murder this well connected tribe have decided to revert back to supporting Gaddafi’s regime. This comes on the back of other stories of ‘rebel’s reverting back to the Army since NATO’s started murdering their people.

    In addition I have also read that the Libyan army now controls 20% more territory than at the start of NATO’s bombing. All is not well with the official story. If true it leaves the vampires with 2 options - exit or escalate with ground troops. The UN mandate for ‘intervention’ ends in the middle of next month.

    The writer also wrote this long and informative article recently on the plans for Libya. I must admit I haven’t gotten through it all yet. This one is not over yet.

  8. PS I forgot to add that Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya states that he is in Tripoli at this time.

  9. "So secretive is the Abu Obeida al-Jarrah Brigade - that until yesterday few in the rebel capital had ever heard of it."

    This is probably the work of Rita Katz of SITE or Ben Venzke of IntelCenter, the ones who always 'found' all those Bin Laden and AQ recordings.

    She lost her #1 customer, BL and is now probably tasked with creating newer and scarier Muslim 'boogiemen.'

  10. hey chuckyman:

    I am familiar with Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, he has been making regular appearances on progressive radio with Steve Lendman...

    I should say as regular as possible given his location, and he gives a brief report on the situation on the ground.

    Additionally he is Canadian, and has said he is embarrassed by his countries actions.

    I understand his disappointment completely!

    As for the article I used, typically sensationalist. That said there are always some nuggets of truth buried within all that detritus.

    I was aware of the tribal nature of Libyan society, which made this generals movement to the rebels that much more of a victory.

    Or should have been?

    If the rebels dissolve it will be a big benefit to the NATO goons.

    Don't forget the political arm of NaTo is dragging around that former king/prince, or whatever he is alleged to be.
    NATO is playing every angle

  11. Hey Greg!

    Though she still does have those other two "terrorists:

    What are their names?

    Joseph Cohen and...... the other one.
    Dam the name escapes me!