Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rotavirus vaccines: Problems with Pig virus contamination & conflicts of interest

Here is some food for thought. Following along on the theme of the previous post.
Massive vaccination programs and the consequences of such programs?
SV40/Polio vaccine = increased cancer.

A pill for every ill, or a pill to make you ill?

Recently in Ontario, Canada the Premier did a photo-op at a Children's Hospital.
A photo-op of the standard fatherly, book reading kind..
Where he announced that Ontario, Canada was launching a new vaccine program

"Effective Monday, Ontario children will have free access to four new vaccines to protect themselves against infectious diseases.

The government is expanding the provincial immunization program to include: a new oral vaccine to protect babies against rotavirus, the most common source of stomach infections; a second childhood dose of varicella vaccine to protect against chickenpox; a new combined measles-mumps-rubella-varicella vaccine; and a lifetime dose of pertussis vaccine to protect children and adults alike against whooping cough.

The province estimates the new subsidized vaccines would save Ontario families more than $1,400 per child."

How do they come to the above figure? How will this save $1400.00 per child?

How much will this vaccine program cost? Notice there is no mention of that figure?

Recap: 4 new vaccines, one, the rotavirus is an oral vaccine. Which means it has live virus contained in it. At least that is my understanding when it comes to Oral vaccines.

Rotavirus- Canadian Institute of Child Health. Keep that name in mind, you will be hearing it again.

“The virus is typically transmitted from person to person, through fecal-oral contact with contaminated hands and objects, so it is important for parents to monitor symptoms related to rotavirus.”

Canadian parents become better informed about rotavirus and its prevention, including recognizing its symptoms and the signs of dehydration, as well as the importance of hand washing.

Much like any other virus, the spread of which, is easily prevented by washing your hands

Let's take a look at a pdf, you can read here, from the Ontario government

"The live vaccine form of the rotavirus can be in the stool
or feces of infants for up to 10 days after vaccination.
To prevent the spread of the live vaccine virus, anyone
caring for the immunized baby should wash their hands
frequently especially after changing diapers"

Which means your child and you can become carriers and spreaders of rotavirus. Because if your child didn't have rotavirus before, they will certainly have it after the vaccination. Rotavirus causes diarrhea. The rotavirus vaccine causes diarrhea.

"Your child may become irritable or have mild,
temporary diarrhea after getting a dose."

A severe reaction can occur, but, of course it is stated that this is "rare". How rare? No figures given.Here is the reaction that can occur, but, it is "rare"-

Severe reactions are very rare and
may include a slight increased risk of bowel obstruction

I will let you read exactly what intussuception is at the PDF linked above

Two things bother me about the "introduction" of 4 new vaccines-

Why do these introductions come shortly after the VP of Pfizer Canada appointed to Canadian Institutes of Health Research ? Did you recall that name from above?

December 2009 the VP of Pfizer Canada is appointed to the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and about one and a half years later........4 new vaccines. This appointment was opposed at that time for one big giant obvious reason- CONFLICT OF INTEREST!

"Last week, bioethicists including Downie signed a petition opposing the appointment. As of Thursday, the petition had nearly 3,200 signatures."

However apologist for government/corporate revolving door policies said-
"Prigent's appointment will bring a private-sector voice to the council and help ensure wise spending"

To which I say hardeeharhar!

Problem number one out of the way- Now onto problem number two and it is a problem!
A really big one!
The rotavirus vaccine was contaminated with porcine DNA- March 30/2010- that is PIG virus, ok, virus from a PIG

GlaxoSmithKline notified the FDA on March 15 that an independent U.S. academic research team found, through novel methods, that the vaccine contains DNA from porcine circovirus 1 (PCV1), that is, components of a virus common among pigs. The FDA said there is no evidence at this time that this finding poses a safety risk, adding that "PCV1 is not known to cause illness in humans or other animals."
Some additional reading on the "harmless"(?) porcine circovirus-

Additional testing has confirmed presence of the matter in the cell bank and seed from which the vaccine is derived, in addition to the vaccine itself. So the vaccine has been contaminated since its early stages of development.

GSK says it is now reviewing how best to replace the cell bank and virus seeds used in making the vaccine, but it will continue Rotarix production using current methods.

If the seed is contaminated, logically speaking all vaccine produced from the seed could be contaminated.

This is identical to the problem of simian virus contaminating the polio vaccine.
And the FDA has continued to this very day to cover up the contamination of the polio vaccine and the fact that it is carcinogenic, virulently carcinogenic to humans.
The FDA cannot claim it is "harmless". They have no idea what the pig virus can do in the human body. Short term or long term. That claim from the FDA is pure spin.

Why is the rotavirus vaccine going to be doled out like candy, when it could very well be contaminated, with unknown consequences?


  1. Nice digging and WOW, just WOW

    Honestly, what can one really say? The corruption is complete.


  2. Hey Buffy!
    Just got in and yes WOW and wow.
    How safe are these rotavirus oral vaccines?
    Will they further spread rotavirus?
    Are they still contaminated with pig virus.
    because it sure looks that way

  3. Also checked out an interesting visitor

    a PR firm by the name of morgan & myers
    Out of wisconsin!

    What they used to get here was something called radian6
    Check out this radian 6!

    It is basically a platform used to monitor social media, such as blogs, I am sure face book and twitter etc.,

    "Radian6 gives you a complete platform to listen, measure and engage with your customers across the entire social web."


  4. Penny - PR firm means PROPAGANDA issuance and control.

    PR - Propaganda Release

    That 'Radian 6' is a spying network/device, plain and simple.

    I am strongly against vaccinations, for the simple fact that I have not seen a single shred of proof that they work. Seriously.

    The only things I have seen as "proof" are non-scientific assertions putting together decreases of disease with the inception of vaccines . . . ignoring the inception of widespread use of soap, cleanliness standards, and of course the big one, access to clean water. And at the same time a huge increase in cleanliness in cities - modern sewer systems, etc.

    I do indeed find it ironic that the people that label themselves the most 'scientific' ignore the scientific method when formulating arguments.

    Plus, there is the seal of approval: the controllers of the world, many of them belonging to organisations promoting population control, are deep into promoting it. Certainly can't be for our good.

    Isn't it funny that in north america and europe, nothing which is promoted by a government is for our good, and yet, it is always marketed as that?

  5. The virus is typically transmitted from person to person, through fecal-oral contact with contaminated hands and objects

    Sounds like there's many an ass-kissing DC politician that probably already has this virus:)

    Watch how this develops, if enough parents don't volunteer to have their kids used as guinea pigs, and if the government then mandates that YOU will vaccinate your children, then something is afoot.

    P.S. I love your John Lennon quote, since he was my favorite Beatle. Not because he was a great song writer and musician, but because of his droll humor and razor sharp wit that he would use on anyone, from royalty to some reporter asking some dumbass question.

  6. Thanks for being on top of this Penny. Good point asking what the cost of these vaccines must be if it's saving us each $1400.

    I think we can all help reduce the Ontario debt by using fewer vaccines. I've also helped by staying away from the medical profession. They should call it a "donation in kind" and give us a receipt for tax purposes.

  7. hey slozo

    definitely pr is propaganda.
    I actually believe that when propaganda got such a bad rap, the name was changed to PR.
    (public relations)

    "sn't it funny that in north america and europe, nothing which is promoted by a government is for our good, and yet, it is always marketed as that?"

    what's worse is that so few catch on!

  8. LOL Greg:
    yeah some ass-kissers probably do have this virus.
    Just look at the endless stream of diarrhea that comes from their mouths.
    re: john lennon quote
    it is succinct and to the point.
    Lennon was witty and massively appealing, which is why the "lone gunman" came to take him out

  9. I too stay away from the medical profession as much as possible, or as they should be called the pill pushers, oh and the vaccine posters.
    Thanks for helping me get the work out Yaya!

  10. Thanks Penny for articles.

    Heres an article by Jonathan Leake an environmental editor in Britians "Sunday Times" way back in August 2003 about population reduction.

    The Sunday Times August 3, 2003
    Attenborough: cut population by half

    "He said: “The human population can no longer be allowed to grow in the same old uncontrolled way. If we do not take charge of our population size, then nature will do it for us and it is the poor people of the world who will suffer most.”

    He was speaking in support of a conference on population to be held in Oxford next month. The event is organised by the Optimum Population Trust (OPT), an academic group which wants to put population reduction at the heart of government policy.

    It believes that Britain should seek to reduce its population from its present 59m to about 30m by 2130 — about the same as the population in 1870."

    And ofcourse we all know here that Austerity, viruses and nucklear contamination is all about population reduction.

    The threat of the republican party in the US to cutting pensions to millions is idealogical rather than financial with the aim of starvation of many elderly who don't have family to care for them. It is designed to put even more pressure on already hard pressed families.

    Check out Webster Tarply's talk about the book "Ecoscience" written by John Holdren.

    Webster Tarpley - Global Extermination Exposed (Ecoscience Parts 01-06)

    Watch here

    click "see all" to see all six parts.

  11. Sorry the URL to Tarply's talk appears to have not wrapped.


  12. Penny My original comment seens to have disapeared. Was there a problem with the comment?

  13. hey anonymous!

    thanks for the comments and all the information.
    Your missing comment went into the spam file, that is something blogger does all on it's own, as I set the blog up to allow all comments, including anonymous ones...

    So, the human population can NO LONGER BE ALLOWED to grow as it has..
    the key words being, NO longer allowed, and who or whom is going to not allow this?

    Ya know I used to have some troubles with the vaccine, population control agenda.
    However, that has changed.
    So many viruses injected into our bodies, especially ones contaminated with DNA from other animals, such as the polio vaccine, have lead to an increase in cancer that can be linked directly to the mass immunization scheme.
    Now this latest one with pig dna and of course the pharma companies have no liability, just like the nuclear companies.
    It seems more plausible now that it is not only population reduction, but suffering for profits while the people die