Monday, August 15, 2011

Syria not using gunboats on Latakia - US confirms

Chuckyman and I were discussing the allegations made by the peaceful activists regarding the Port city of Latakia/Syria. As mentioned in the comments section here, there are mixed messages with regard to this news.Were gun boats being used? Were they not?
Chuckyman left this link. Syria has denied the usage of gunboats.

At this time, I am in the camp that gunboats are not being used.

Before I get to the reason why, I want everyone to think for a moment about the fact that nothing, absolutely nothing posted or stated by the "activists" can be confirmed or backed up with substance in any way shape or form.
There is no way of knowing when or where their so called footage has been taken or created?
It is all unverifiable. If one reads through the numerous reports made by the "activists" you will not that the msm always mentions this. Of course, this is a means of covering their own backsides when this ruse comes apart. And it will.

We do know that the US patrols the Mediterranean.
As do the Navies of the numerous Mediterranean nations.
Knowing that, we would expect that reports of gunboats being used would be easily verifiable by the US or other nations. So why is the US State Department reporting this??

US unable to confirm reported Syrian naval shelling

The U.S. State Department said on Monday that it was unable to confirm published reports that the Syrian navy has shelled the port city of Latakia.

"We have been unable to confirm, actually, the use of naval assets," U.S. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland told reporters at her daily briefing, saying she was referring to reports of shelling of the port city of Latakia.

"We have seen reporting of this. We have not seen this firing ourselves," Nuland added, saying the jury was still out on the issue. "However, we are able to confirm that there is armor in the city and that there is firing on innocents again in the pattern of carnage that you have seen in other places."

Therefore the US confirms there are no gunboats firing on the city of Latakia

Interestingly in the third paragraph the State department "able to confirm there is armor in the city" of Latakia?

How are they able to do so?
Are they sitting in a ship somewhere in the Mediterranean?
Are they flying over? How are they confirming armor in the city?
If they can confirm armor in the city but cannot confirm gunboats it means there are no gunboats!

This line is pure spin "there is firing on innocents"
How does the US judge "innocents" from guilty from where ever it is they have themselves positioned to spy
There hasn't been anything innocent about the terror their armed "activists" have wrought on Syria and it's people.

Spin and perception management. Theatre, all theatre.


  1. Hey Chuckyman:
    You were mentioning the silence of
    Jordan, today their jaws were a flapping from Petra

    1. Latakia is a HEAVILY pro-Assad, Alawite town. Makes NO sense regime would bomb there. FAIL.

  2. You might find the following reading interesting as well:

    How CNN helped spread a hoax about Syrian babies dying in incubators

    Rights group: 8 babies die after power cut to Syrian hospital

    The babies died at Hurani Hospital in the northwest Syrian city on Wednesday, Rami Abdul-Rahman, president of the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said Sunday. Abdul-Rahman cited information provided by a hospital employee who fled the city on Saturday.

    How CNN helped spread a hoax about Syrian babies dying in incubators

    Where does the incubator picture come from?

    The picture circulating with many of the alarmist report of dozens of dead babies in Syria, you will be glad to know, shows a bunch of babies who are alive, hopefully well, and living in Egypt.

    Incubator lie from CNN and Rami Abdul-Rahman (Syrian Observatory for Human Rights) that exposes

  3. Hi Penny and thanks for the mention. I have learned my lesson as the ‘Arab Spring’ has progressed to automatically consider everything on the MSM coverage as lies and spin – everything. Show me a shaky mobile-like camera shot and I’m looking for the director and at the street markings.

    Sorry for the delay but life is just replete with synchronicities recently. I got dragged away from the computer to watch a movie my wife selected – Prince of Persia LOL. I little spooky also the finding of that announcement from Jordan just after I dissed them for their silence.

    So the Hashemites are throwing in their lot openly with the rest of the petty dictators. The House of Saud, the Donmeh and all the rest of the jewish hand (open or hidden) are lined up like ducks in a row. I don’t know Jordan well enough to include them in the last remark.

    The blaring cacophony of war hype tends to swamp retractions like the one you found from the US State Dept. 200 channels telling the lie and one telling the retraction and it is still not working. The spectre of the Libyan campaign failure lies open like the many corpses NATO always leaves behind in its path.

    The lines in the sand are drawn. Interestingly the Israhellis may have some issues calling up their reserves if they decide to join in as they are all camped out in Hell Aviv protesting dairy product and housing costs. Who knew hell would cost so much (grin).

    To Anon @ 3:34 I must admit that every time I heard a ‘babies in incubator’ story now my first reaction is to shout Bullshit (pardon my language at you place Penny). What’s that expression in the US – jumping the shark? That is great ‘tell’ that an idiot is in charge of the psyops team and he’s running out of fresh cans of BS.

  4. anonymous 3:34

    thanks for that interesting read.
    Amazingly I hadn't heard or read that one anywhere.

    I am not all that surprised that the same hoax would be used again and again and again...
    People's memories are so short, if they are paying attention at all..
    to something besides idiotic celebrity news that most wouldn't even realize we have heard this one before.

    Of course we can't forget the Syrian lesbian blogger hoax

  5. hey chuckyman

    whenever you can get here to leave a fab comment is good by me.

    Time with wives should come first.
    That's what I tell my husband.

    Anyway, yeah Jordan came out and definitely threw their lot in with the destabilizers, publicly.
    Though, they have been involved all along.

    One worry about the false gunboat story.
    Could it be used as a pretense for a false flag in the Mediterranean??

    Where is the USS Enterprise at this time? Last I had seen reported it was near Libya. That was March 2011.

    In April/11 amidst reports of dead soldiers onboard the USS enterprise was reported operating in 5th fleet territory

    It is set to be decommissioned.

    The bogus gunboat claims may be useful for a false flag narrative?
    And yes it is speculative, but, the ptb's could never let a good opportunity pass

  6. How CNN helped spread a hoax about Syrian babies dying in incubators

    Damn MSM is getting lazy. That's a recycled lie from "Operation Desert Slaughter, Part I," when the USA bombed the hell and invaded part of Iraq back in 1991.

    As for the gunboat shelling, maybe they were, and they had fresh coats of paint that had been applied over the 'Star of David' emblems on the ships.

    I like to occasionally watch FOX and CNN to keep up with the lies and propaganda, but I have to keep the remote in my hand, in case that witch Hillary starts blabbing so I can switch to another station.

    Damn, I hope she keeps her promise and retires from politics after 2012, but I doubt it.

  7. Hey Greg:

    I thought the msm was always lazy!
    What with all their spoon fed news...


  9. Hey NYS!

    Wow facebook actually suspends accounts.

    I heard, was it goldman sachs or jp morgan might have bought a big chunk of that place.

    Perhaps that is a blessing in disguise?