Monday, August 15, 2011

US bases in Japan trained personnel to wage nuclear war

You may recall this post : Like Israel, Japan is a "secret" nuclear power.

Where I posed this question : "So how is it practical or logical that Japan, a nation chock full of nuclear power plants in a seismically active area (defying all common sense) does not have nuclear weapons?"

From there I went into a number of news articles that most definitely implied Japan has nuclear weapons. Has had them for quite some time now.
All made possible via secret agreement/s between US and Japanese leaders that have allowed the introduction of nuclear weapons while circumventing the rest of the government.

I'll rehash a couple of interesting bits and then will head straight onto a recent news story

It is particularly ironic that Amano's election immediately followed revelations by former administrative vice minister for foreign affairs Murata Ryohei about the existence of a "secret" pact between the US and Japan permitting the introduction of US nuclear weapons into Japan without prior consultation.
"Some have said the Japanese reactor-grade plutonium would not be fully usable, but the US detonated a reactor-grade plutonium device in 1962"

"In 1970 US President Richard Nixon agreed to return Okinawa to Japan by 1972. At that time, Nixon pledged to recognize the "particular sentiment of the Japanese people against nuclear weapons" but reserved the right to consult with Tokyo over their reintroduction in an emergency."

You will have to go back and read the older post for all relevant links etc.,
Imagine how interesting I found this news article?

The operations of United States military bases in Japan that trained personnel in waging nuclear war will be revealed by a television documentary.

According to Sekiguchi, Japan used to host a U.S. Army school specializing in nuclear, biological and chemical weapons that had been set up at Camp Gifu in 1951 -- a year after the outbreak of the Korean War -- to teach basic knowledge about nuclear weapons and how to deal with them.

The TV program uncovers the realities of U.S. nuclear training in Gifu and across Japan through testimonies from former U.S. servicemen, as well as documents discovered by a researcher at Nagasaki University.

Among the witnesses who appear in the program is a former U.S. soldier who was exposed to radiation during a secret nuclear weapons drill at a base in Okinawa Prefecture during the Vietnam War. The man, who was exposed to 79 millisieverts of radiation, suffers from respiratory and cardiac disorders and must have an oxygen tank with him at all times.

The U.S. conducted training in Japan in how to drop nuclear bombs, maintain weapons and load munitions to prepare for nuclear attacks in accordance with ever-changing global affairs.

Such training continued even into the 1990s, according to the TV program, taking place at U.S. bases in Okinawa, Misawa in Aomori Prefecture, Itazuke in Fukuoka Prefecture, Yokota in Tokyo and Iwakuni in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

About 10 years ago, a researcher at Nagasaki University discovered documents that revealed training involving nuclear weapons had been conducted at the U.S. base in Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture, during the Korean War. It was also revealed that the Camp Gifu school instructed soldiers who conducted the training at the Sasebo base.

"Without relevant testimonies and documents, the discovery would end up being straight news," Sekiguchi thought. He subsequently decided to make a program on the issue before his retirement.

Covering the story, however, was not easy. It took him two years to find the former U.S. soldier exposed to radiation during training in Japan, as Sekiguchi did not even know how to spell his name.

After the revision to the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty in 1960, the U.S. was required to consult Japan before introducing nuclear weapons into the country. However, Japan secretly allowed port calls by U.S. vessels carrying nuclear weapons, a custom passed down to successive prime ministers and foreign ministers until Prime Minister Toshiki Kaifu's Cabinet in 1989.

The US was training the Japanese to wage nuclear war. So why would they, unless there were nuclear weapons ensconced in Japan?
Japan allowed nuclear weapons carried by US vessels to make port calls?
For what purpose? Where did the weapons go? American bases? Elsewhere?
I stand by the contention I raised in the previous post like Israel, Japan is indeed a "secret" nuclear power


  1. Japan - another colony of the USA.

    - Aangirfan

  2. For sure Aangirfan, for sure!!
    As it was Britian's colony previously