Thursday, September 29, 2011

Syrians egg Ambassador and flunkie. Turkey's "offer " to Syria

The msm is calling the protestors "Pro-Assad".
It is more likely they are awake and aware to the manipulations emanating from the West and are trying to control their own destiny. Who can blame them?

Like this gal!

Let's look at the news-

Syrian protesters pelted Robert Ford with eggs and tomatoes on Thursday when he arrived at the US mission's building in the capital, Damascus.
He was meeting one of the Western backed provocateurs
Hassan Abdul-Azim.

Hassan has been around since the 1960's. "The old time Nasserite", or so we are told, born in 1932, linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.
Why do I suspect that?
"Three factors made Abdul Azim uniquely qualified to play a leading in any transitional period
-The first is simply that he lives in Syria
-The second espouses a moderate vision of reform
-The third factor has to do with the regime's reluctance to open any lines of communication with organized Islamist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood."

Are you noticing the contradiction?

The supposed "moderate" is going to bridge the gap with the Islamist fundamentalist group the Muslim Brotherhood.
A group that is infiltrated every which way possible by Western intelligence groups.
It's leadership is completely compromised. And it is not secular, at all.
Where as the Assad government is.

Now for a brief digression
Turkey, was going to call off the destabilization campaign if Bashir Assad agree to place Muslim Brotherhood adherents in the government.

Read on...

"Ankara asked Damascus to offer the Muslim Brotherhood government posts in exchange for Turkey's support in ending rallies in Syria, an offer rejected by Bashar al-Assad, officials and diplomats said.

"Ending the rallies in Syria?"
How could Turkey "end the rallies" unless they were fomenting and supporting them?

Now, how far back was it that I had mentioned Turkish involvement in destabilizing Syria?
Oh yeah, it was back in June. June 8th to be exact!
Flashback! Turkey's role in Syria's destabilisation

"In June, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan offered, if Syrian President Bashar al-Assad ensured between a quarter and a third of ministers in his government were members of the Muslim Brotherhood, to make a commitment to use all his influence to end the rebellion," a Western diplomat told AFP.

"The head of the Syrian state refused such a proposal," said the diplomat, who did not want to be named.

A European diplomat, who also spoke on condition of anonymity, confirmed that such a request had been sent to the Syrian leadership.

"The Turks proposed at first that the Muslim Brotherhood occupy four major ministries and explained that they are part of the political components of this country," the diplomat said"
So much for "democracy" and the people electing their own government?

Let's get back to the Muslim Brotherhood, the alleged moderate and the meeting with Ambassador Ford.

I have covered the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood repeatedly in numerous previous posts, so I will not bore the reader with an rehashing. The fact that this man is sitting down to a meeting with Ambassador Robert Ford speaks volumes about who this Hassan Abdul Azim is and what exactly he is up to.

As for Ambassador Ford himself, he has acted very provocatively in Syria. In all likelihood he provided weapons and logistics for the "peaceful" activists.

See the eggs outside of the Damascus office?

Earlier, Syria accused the US of inciting violence against its military.

"Recent statements from American administration officials... clearly indicate that the United States is involved in encouraging armed groups to practice violence against the Syrian Arab Army," a foreign ministry statement said

Yeah, that has been obvious for a good long while now

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Police Brutality -Wall Street

Why is the main stream media covering this topic now, when it has been ongoing for years?
In the US, Canada, Britain and all the other alleged free-dumb loving countries.
The countries where the dumb believe they are "free" and the dumb believe these same nations are making others free?
So why now?
Two thoughts off the top of my head-
1-The police brutality has become so commonplace and so widespread it can't credibly be ignored any longer

More worrisome is, this coverage will cause some people to engage in acts of violence.
Thereby justifying an even more brutal crackdown by the paid for goons of the elite, the powerful, the ultra rich, the multinationals, the bankster class.

This thought comes to us all via an excellent comment from Texanna83.
Quoting Texanna-
" By channeling the anger toward policemen, people will start calling the police the problem, the police will hate the protesters for hating them, and eyes turn away from the financial terrorism that is causing all this."
Well put!

Don't do it
The power is in the numbers.
The power is in the numbers.

The entrenched leeches know this, hence the goon squads.
The people should know this by now as well.
To paraphrase a Door's song

You don't need the guns, when you got the numbers

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Israel flouts Peace & Palestinians to steal and settle more land

While the farce is ongoing at the UN...

Israeli Panel approves new illegal settlement building in illegally occupied territory

An Israeli Interior Ministry committee has approved the construction of 1,100 new homes in east Jerusalem, which Palestinians want as the future capital of a state.

Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erakat condemned the move. “This is what we call a unilateral action,” he said in a phone interview. "Israel doesn’t want to stop settlement activities.”

"Unilateral action".
There are some people that would consider this, what is colourfully called, and obviously applicable .. an "F U" action. I think everyone who reads here know what is meant by that.
"Israel doesn't want to stop settlement activities" -Stating the obvious.

Netanyahu defended the step in remarks published today in The Jerusalem Post. “This is nothing new,” he said. “We plan in Jerusalem. We build in Jerusalem. Period.”

Netanyahu, stating the obvious, again. Israel just does whatever the hell it wants.

As if Netanyahu didn't win the obnoxiously confrontational prize for the day. The religious fantatics of Israel "encourage" Netanyahu to take it further-

Israel must annex West Bank, in retaliation for Palestine's statehood bid.

In letter to premier, leaders of several Knesset factions say Israel must retaliate against the Palestinians' 'unilateral' statehood bid at the UN, or risk losing it's deterrence.

Israel, "the peacemaker", retaliate?
How very war like!

As an aside...earlier in the Obama Presidency we had the theatre of Obama being "tough" on Israel?

The reality? Obama administration 'supplied bunker-busting bombs to Israel'

"Israel has received 55 US-made GBU-28 bunker-busting bombs, citing it as evidence that the US-Israeli military relationship is deeper than ever, despite the (illusion of) bad chemistry between Barack Obama and Binyamin Netanyahu.
It is certainly interesting that US-Israeli military ties were strengthened just as the two governments were falling out over settlements.

Image borrowed from Guardian article

The two government were never "falling out over settlements"

By the way the "falling out with Israel" show has now opened for a second successful run in Turkey, with Erdogan taking over the starring role that Obama played oh so convincingly.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Palestinian Bid for full UN membership likely to fail

Picture borrowed from Black Agenda Report
"How can one make peace with a state that claims the right to adjust its borders according to its own whims?"

Reporting from Australia

The US will veto the Palestinian bid for full UN membership. A Middle East peace plan supported by key international players will be offered instead.

BEN KNIGHT, REPORTER: On the same day the UN assembly was opening in New York, the bulldozers were rolling in the West Bank. This security wall, when it's finished, will almost completely enclose the Palestinian village of al-Walaja, near Bethlehem. Some of the land here was declared by Israel to be part of the city of Jerusalem. Then, Jewish homes began appearing on and they've been going up ever since.

Atta Al Araj lives here with his family. He shows me where a new section of the wall is being built on what was Arab farmland.

ATTA AL ARAJ, AL-WALAJA RESIDENT: But I can't go to the other side of this foundation.

BEN KNIGHT: This is the foundation of the wall ...


BEN KNIGHT: ... and you are not allowed to cross it?

ATTA AL ARAJ: I'm not allowed. I need a special permit to be in the other side.

BEN KNIGHT: Settlements are illegal under international law. Even the United States disapproves. And the Palestinians say there will be no peace talks until the building stops.

The Palestinians point is a basically this: that for years they've been sitting on hills like this in the West Bank, looking over at the city of Jerusalem and watching it expand while their own homes have been under demolition order. And then over the years, the Jewish homes have got closer and closer, until now, after 20 years of negotiations, here is the wall being built right on their doorstep. What they say is the point of negotiations if this is what they get?

What is the point of negotiating for the Palestinians? Negotiating equals loss.

"If Palestine is recognised as a state, or even if it's just made an observer member, it would then have the power to refer Israel to the International Criminal Court for war crimes, including the charge of building settlements on occupied land. "

Other war crimes would include the blockade of Gaza?

"The other immediate impact of the change in Palestine's status at the UN would be on Israel's national morale."

"The country is feeling ever more isolated and vilified in world opinion."

Because Israel is all alone in the world? Feeling isolated? Etc., etc.,

Of course that isn't anywhere near the truth.
Not even close. Israel is not alone because they have their best friend and partner in crime always beside them. The US.
Not to mention Canada. France. Britain. Turkey. Germany. Saudi Arabia. Jordan.
Shall I go on? Australia.....
Israel is not isolated despite the spin presented in this narrative from an Australian "journalist"
As for the "vilified" comment. Used to evoke sympathy. Where no sympathy is necessary.

What about the impact on the Palestinian's national morale?

What about the fact, not the spin, that the Palestinians are isolated. Having their land stolen. Being starved. Being denied basic human rights and needs?
Not surprising those facts don't even get mentioned in the spin version of what passes as news.
I won't quote anymore from the article, because it is the usual western drivel.
Hamas bad. Israel has tried to make peace for years. blah blah blah...

Ok wait, there is one more bit I want to quote-

"The risks for the Palestinians are significant. Israel has threatened consequences, which could include cutting off all ties or withholding the tax money that it regularly transfers to the Palestinian Government. The United States or Europe could cut back or cut off their funding. But perhaps the most dangerous of all: Mahmoud Abbas has created very high hopes."

Will there be retaliation on the part of the Western powers and Israel?
What more can they do? They are already contributing in every way shape and form to the erasing of a country and it's people.
That last sentence is just mind boggling. Dangerous to have high hopes?
What kind of sick writing is that?
How come it wasn't "dangerous" for the followers of Judaism to hope for a state of their own?
No, it was courageous and justified after WW2.
But, for the Palestinians after 60 years of oppression, starvation and killing. It is dangerous to have hope?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Turkey's War Provocation- Seizes Syrian Ship

Hot on the heels of yesterday's post Talkin' Turkey- Pipelines, Warships and Drones that is

Breaking news today!
Turkey Seizes Syrian Ship

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan says his country has seized a Syrian-flagged ship possibly carrying weapons to Syria.

Turkish media reported Mr. Erdogan told journalists in New York Friday that Turkey will intercept and seize any type of arms shipment bound for Syria. He said that applies to shipments by land, sea and air.

He did not give specific information about the Syrian ship that was seized, its cargo or when or where it was stopped.

Turkey will intercept any type of shipments of "arms" whether by land, sea or air.
Possibly carrying weapons?
In other words, Turkey is attempting to put a stranglehold on anything and everything coming into Syria.
This could be food or medicine. Whatever. Claiming it is "arms".

Friday, September 23, 2011

Talkin' Turkey- Pipelines, Warships and Drones that is

Earlier this month there were reports, out of the Israeli press, that Turkey was sending warships into the area of the eastern Mediterranean.

JP -'Turkey sending 3 warships to eastern Mediterranean'
As the headline read. Wow-wee for the headline skimmers! Must have been a heart stopper?
Except it never really happened.
Turkey is planning to send three warships to the Eastern Mediterranean to defend against Israeli vessels if necessary and ensure freedom of navigation for Turkish ships, Today's Zaman reported on Monday.

The Turkish ships will provide protection for ships bringing humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip and confront Israeli warships outside of Israel's territorial waters if necessary, according to the report.

This "news" got me thinking about what scenario would bring this on. If any?
The last Gaza flotilla was pretty much stopped dead in the water right in Greece.
Turkey didn't say boo about that. So why would any claim of protection for humanitarian aid even be credible?

Theatre is all that comes to mind. Theatre.
We are supposed to think there is something really serious going on between Turkey and Israel. But is there? It really doesn't appear so!
News today has Turkey sending a survey ship out to the waters off Cyprus.

"There was no sign of a Turkish naval escort for the Piri Reis and its 10 crew as the vessel set out"

A survey ship, with NO military escort! Really?
After the brouhaha about Turkish military sending warships to the Mediterranean region? "To ensure freedom of navigation for Turkish ships"?
But, then why would they send warships along with the survey ship? When there is no need to?
"Turkey’s regional importance as an energy corridor is highly significant, not only because of the Nabucco pipeline, which will stretch all through Turkish territory, but also because ofTurkey’s proximity to swiftly developing energy-producing countries"
And regions. Energy producing regions
Brief aside: read the article linked above, entirely.

Here is a map of an interesting region
It is entirely possible that the survey ship Turkey has just deployed is taking part in the building of the energy corridors including numerous intertwining pipelines.
Keep in mind that Turkey had recently signed final papers for Nabucco

I would also like to touch on the news of an Egyptian/Turkish alliance-
There have been lots of headlines about this and how it supposedly unnerves Israel.
Such as this one- Turkey's Erdogan heads to Egypt, unnerving an embattled Israel

Here is the real news behind that headline!
Turkey wants Egypt in Nabucco project

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, visiting the Egyptian capital Cairp on Wednesday, said he wants to see Egypt brought into the European Union's Nabucco pipeline project.

"We would like to see Egypt in the Nabucco project," Erdogan told a business forum during a two-day visit to Egypt.
And more to the theatre of Turkey and Israel's fall-out.....

Let us recall that Turkey has previously purchased drones from Israel. Five of them are presently in Israel being repaired

"The Turkish military relies on 10 Israeli-made Heron drones, purchased from Israel in 2004 for $183 million, as its eyes in the sky. But at least five of them are currently undergoing maintenance in Israel"

I am quite certain Turkey wants those back.
You may recall a couple of posts back I mentioned Turkey additionally wants drones from the US. It looks as if they are going to get them too.
Here is what Erdogan said-

The United States administration is likely to agree to a Turkish request to base its Predator drones in Turkey after the US withdrawal from Iraq, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said after talks with President Barack Obama in Washington.
"I think there will be no problem regarding the Predators issue,” Erdoğan told reporters at a New York hotel following the meeting with Obama on Tuesday.

Turkey has requested the US to base a fleet of Predator drones on its soil for cross-border operations against the terrorist Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), which uses its bases in northern Iraq for attacks on Turkish targets. The Obama administration has yet to decide on the request.

Erdoğan said Turkey could buy or rent Predators and that Turkey has conveyed its request to that effect to the US. “Their approach is positive”

Turkey will get those Predators.
The Obama administration is playing fast and loose with the "ok" at this time while the Israeli/Turkey ruse goes on.
Eventually. Probably sooner as opposed to later the Predator drone will come to Turkey from the US.
Where they will be in the company of the Israeli built Heron drone.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Following up

Follow ups or "Fowl" ups?

Ah, cute. Mother duck and ducklings. Fowls, following.

Well it is follow ups today.
Two that really should be checked out.

I did a post a couple of days ago on Syria's 2nd transitional government, formed in Turkey, of course...

I ended that part of the post with this comment

"As for the half of this new council that are not the supposed "activists". I do wonder how many are actually residing in Syria at this time?
As an example Bassma Kodmani is based in France (writing books in French and oh look connected to the Ford Foundation)
Where are the other so called transitional leaders from?
Lebanon? US? Britain? What foundations might they be affiliated with?
If I had more time, I would spend it looking. Sadly, I don't."

NYSC from thenakedfacts stepped up to the plate filling in a few more of the blanks.

Who's who of the 'transitional' council? Formed in Turkey. Worth repeating, that is why I am.
Thanks NYSC and take it away....

I see think tanks/foundations, imagine that?

Second follow up comes to us courtesy of James.
James has a blog at the Winterpatriot Community

His follow up is called the 95percent solution Pt2 - Thomas Sheridan
The link contains the second part to the interview I had originally posted.
If you missed that give it a listen.

"Recently Penny put up a link in her article “Psychopaths Are Everywhere” to a Thomas Sheridan radio interview. It is well worth listening to. You'll find the interview embedded at Penny's at the above link and scroll down a little. There's a second part to the interview where Thomas talks about the psychopathic nature of the God of parts of the Old Testament and touches on the money system. Broadly, I agree with him though I have some differences. But that is to be expected , I suppose. I wouldn't want anyone out there thinking exactly like me. Even I am not that cruel"
James! Cruel? Nah.

Get over to the 95 percent solution link and listen to 2nd part. I did. It was excellent.
I listened to it as soon as I could, in fact, I will listen for a second time when time allows.
Oddly enough Jung was discussed, the same Jung I mentioned in my original post.
Serendipity or something else?
I will leave that to you to decide.

James has also left a 3rd interview (Thomas Sheridan/Fintan Dunne) for us all to enjoy.
I have not as of yet had the time to listen, so am refraining from comment on that one.

Thanks NYSC and James!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Push to Veto Palestinian State

"When we come back here next year, we can have an agreement that will lead to a new member of the United Nations — an independent sovereign state of Palestine, living in peace with Israel," President Barack Obama told world leaders on the floor of the 2010 United Nations General Assembly. But two years later, on the same floor, among the same nations, there is a different US position in regards to Palestinian statehood."

Barf bags ready?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Explosion rocks Turkey's capital, Ankara Pt 2

Update to this mornings breaking news covered in the previous post- Explosion rocks Turkey's capital, Ankara.

Recall -Eye witness reports had a burning gas cylinder thrown onto the street from a window above.

"a witness had reported that the blast was caused by a burning gas cylinder thrown into the street, which caused a fire that blew up a car"
Even Ankara's governor had suggested this was a possibility due to eye witness reports.

The story has been morphing through the day. From explosion to bomb, onto car bomb and now it is supposed to be a "cluster bomb"

"The explosion, sparked by a bomb planted inside a car parked on the street, was described as an act of terrorism by the Ankara Chief Prosecutor’s Office and strongly condemned by President Abdullah Gül, after conflicting statements throughout the day from senior officials.

Setting off a cluster bomb in an area of heavy motor and pedestrian traffic in order to cause loss of life and property damage is considered an act of terror,” the public prosecutor’s office said

There was no immediate official word on who might be behind the blast

No official word on who might be behind the blast?
Or has that not been decided on as of yet?

As for the eyewitness account? Discounted completely. Or should I say "debunked"

"Earlier in the day, an eyewitness claimed that a burning gas canister was thrown out of a building, possibly to prevent a fire indoors. The claim was described as a weak possibility by Şahin, and later debunked by the prosecutor’s statement."
Curiously enough....

Turkish and U.S. intelligence chiefs met Monday (yesterday) in Ankara for an unannounced meeting

James R. Clapper, director of the U.S.’s Office of the Director of National Intelligence, or DNI, held talks with Hakan Fidan, chief of Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization, or MİT, at the MİT headquarters. He arrived in Ankara on Sunday and is expected to leave Tuesday following meetings with ministers.

Turkey wants Predator drones from the US

“We have been demanding Predators for the last two years,” Erdogan told reporters

And the plot thickens....

Explosion rocks Turkey's capital, Ankara.

Admittedly I was more then a little surprised to see the news of an alleged bomb blast/explosion in Ankara, Turkey at this time.
Ankara has been a real happening place as of late. As has been the Turkish PM Erdogan.
All very high profile stuff. Syrian Transitional Government selections, again.
Erdogan as the saviour/rock star of the Arab world

Now a bomb? Or not? An explosion anyway. News was reported in Turkey, then picked up elsewhere.
Italy, US
An extremely violent blast echoed through the center of Ankara this morning, giving rise to an intense pall of smoke. The news was reported by Turkish media, according to which the explosion caused an unspecified number of victims and damages to vehicles parked nearby. The explosion reportedly concerned a parked vehicle, although the causes have not been ascertained yet. . .

A suspected car bomb exploded across a secondary school in the Turkish capital on Tuesday, wounding 15 people, authorities said.

Local media reports said at least two people were killed in the blast, but the death toll could not be independently confirmed.

From the Turks themselves-

An explosion, apparently in a parked vehicle in front of a district governorate building in Cankaya, rocked the centre of the Turkish capital Ankara around 11 AM Turkish local time, causing some casualties and wounded, also damaging surrounding vehicles, Turkish broadcasters reported.

The cause of the blast was not immediately clear. A bombing attack is heavily suspected. No further details were immediately available. Thick smoke rose from the area in central Ankara, which can be seen from all over the city. The fire initiated after the blast is reported to be in control.

The cause of the blast as the numbers of casualties and injured are not officially confirmed.

There is no solid reporting on casualties vs injured. Perhaps none have died, possibly two or three have died. Conflicting reports on whether it was a car bomb or mini-bus bomb. Or gas cylinder thrown near a car causing the car to burst into flames

The "bomb" went off very near government buildings in Ankara

Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc suggested the blast was caused by a bomb, although Ankara's governor said it may have been caused by a burning gas cylinder.

"I've been informed that there was an explosion in a car on Kumrular Street, close to the PM's office, and there are heavy casualties," Arinc said. It was "either known or understood" the blast was caused by a bomb, he added.

15 people were wounded, five of them seriously. He said there were no fatalities. Earlier reports had said that two people had died.

Ankara governor Alaaddin Yuksel said a witness had reported that the blast was caused by a burning gas cylinder thrown into the street, which caused a fire that blew up a car. The incident was under investigation, he added.

So far the fingers seem to be pointed at the Kurds. So far......but that could change.

"Kurdish rebels have been fighting for autonomy in Turkey's mainly Kurdish southeast since 1984."

If it changes to Syria- the pretext to create a buffer zone may have just been presented to the world.

There was some news last week that Syrian troops "stormed a town near the Turkey border"
I had bookmarked the story, but, found it odd. It felt as if it was bogus. A plant.
Reasons as follows-
1-The town remained completely unnamed. Why?
2-The story emanated from "The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Right"
This group, from Britain, is likely tied to British Intelligence or the NATO apparatus or even worse, both.
3-And the picture that accompanied the article?! Very blurry!

Why do I get the feeling that these people are not protesting, but entering a gated area?
You know like those pens set up outside of big events that direct people towards a specified entrance?
Could this have been a crowd entering a sporting event? And not been protesting at all ?

I could be wrong. Turkey may connect this to the Kurds. But if a finger gets pointed at Syria at this point in time I won't be the least bit surprised.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Syria's 2'nd Transitional Council and Mahdi Nazemroaya (Libya)

In one of my previous posts I mentioned a meeting of Syrian opposition members in Ankara, Turkey. At that time they were trying to put together a "transitional" government. Sound familiar?
The first try didn't work out so well.
But never say die....a second attempt has "succeeded".

Quick rehash on the first attempt

On the six-month anniversary of the first anti-regime protests in Syria last week, opposition groups in Istanbul announced the formation of a Syrian National Council to steer the transition to democracy. But it was the second such announcement - the first one a month ago in Ankara turned into a fiasco.

Even people who were named as opposition leaders distanced themselves from the first council, saying it failed to represent protesters who were risking their lives on the ground in Syria.

Onto round 2

With a twist!
Back to Damascus- indicating again the deep involvement of Turkey in destabilizing their neighbour. The US is very happy. They are applauding the "founding".

The United States has welcomed the formation on Thursday of an umbrella group of Syrian opposition figures, the self-proclaimed Syrian National Council.

The Obama administration, which a month ago called for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to “step aside,” is welcoming the formation of the opposition coalition whose professed aim is to oust Syria's government.

Ahmed Ramadan, Bassma Kodmani, Abdulbaset Seida and Imad Aldeen Rashid speak as a group of Syrian opposition members announce a Syrian National Council in Istanbul, Turkey, September 15, 2011.

Of course the Obama administration is welcoming this! This destruction of a nation has been the aim all along

Here is the twist-

Capping a four-day meeting in Istanbul, a diverse array of Assad government opponents said it has chosen a 140-member Syrian National Council of whom about half are activists inside Syria and were not publicly identified.

The first council allegedly failed because it did not include "activists on the ground" in Syria.
As the story goes....
Allegedly now the second council has included activists, but they are not named.
Not publicly identified.
Not likely this has anything to do with fear of retaliation.
Bluntly put, this is showboating.
Like the first council there are no activists included from Syria.
For the most obvious reason- there are very few if any true Syrian "activists" on the ground.
Most of the "activists" have been brought in from outside of Syria.
Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan even Israel.

As for the half of this new council that are not the supposed "activists". I do wonder how many are actually residing in Syria at this time?
As an example Bassma Kodmani is based in France (writing books in French and oh look connected to the Ford Foundation)
Where are the other so called transitional leaders from?
Lebanon? US? Britain? What foundations might they be affiliated with?
If I had more time, I would spend it looking. Sadly, I don't.

I want to finish this post with a 30 minute interview with Mahdi Nazemroaya
What Really Happened in Libya?


Friday, September 16, 2011

Libya: Recognizing the "government" or not? Excellent interview.

Gonna hit on some information on Libya, that is not being broadcasted on the idiot box-

The "rebels" so called have had trouble with infighting for a while. That situation looks to be getting worse- '12 die' in fight between rival anti-Kadhafi groups

"At least 12 people were killed and 16 wounded when two groups of fighters opposed to Moamer Kadhafi turned on each other in Libya's west, two officials said on Sunday."

This has got to see the NATO nations happier then the proverbial "pigs in shit"

This is an older news story, but, curious that this stance by China is in the same vein as the "recognition" Russia has given - China to recognize Libya rebels when "conditions are ripe"

"- China will recognize Libya's National Transitional Council as the legitimate government "when conditions are ripe," the Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday, without spelling out what those conditions would be."

Along the lines of "acknowledging" or not, the Transitional government in Libya.
The one the NATO nations are falling all over themselves to legitimize.
It is extremely telling to note the African Union is NOT RECOGNIZING the rebel "government" at this time.
They will however "recognize" the rebels as the official government "as soon as it forms an inclusive transitional government".

When and how is that going to happen?
It seems the Russians, Chinese and African Union are taking entirely different attitudes to the so called transitional government then the West is....

Question: If the new Libyan government is the "transitional" government, what will it be transitioning to? When will it be "transitioning"
Transitional indicates just what it says, transitional.
In transit. Moving, changing, morphing. Wondering if there is a "king" in waiting?

Good interview from Red Ice Radio-
There is some really good stuff there, unknown to myself until recently

Diana Johnstone - War on Libya: Perpretators & Manipulators

" Diana has written two very revealing articles for called "Libya another Kosovo - NATO and Coalition Bombs for Peace" and "Why are They Making War on Libya?" We try to answer the questions of who is behind the "coalition "forces and why have they decided to attack Libya now? We also detail some of the Sayanim and Zionist agents that have been involved in this process. We specifically talk about Bernard-Henri Lévy as being the leading voice influencing Sarkozy in France to take action against Gaddafi and Libya. Stay with us for a very revealing hour. Topics Discussed: NATO, the war in Libya, US forces, Britain, France dropping the first bombs, Sarkozy, the debacle in Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan, regime change, oil, opium in Afghanistan, oil in Iraq, images of the atrocities, pre-emptive strike, United Nations, ground operations in Libya, the French connection, the Israel connection, Zionism, Sayanim, Richard Pearle and more."

About an hour long-
Interesting for the discussion on where the wealth from the oil goes...
NATO occupied government ( to the US and the stock market/banks) vs where it went under Gaddafi (to the people)
The involvement of Israel and the persuasion of the tool Bernard Henri Levy

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Climate "engineering" = Weather Warfare???

Has the climate change hysteria been fabricated for two reasons.
To justify the carbon market and the subsequent monetary extraction?
Additionally, to justify using climate "engineering" as a cover for weather warfare experimentation?

These questions have to be asked!
Some recent news on climate engineering.....
A huge helium-filled balloon attached to a 1km length of hosepipe is to be launched next month to help investigate the feasibility of climate engineering.

Scientists from universities across the country, and Marshall Aerospace are working together on the SPICE project (Stratospheric Particle Injection for Climate Engineering), which will research this particular type of geo-engineering.

They are investigating the best kind of particle that can be put in the atmosphere, the best way to deliver it, and the potential effects this will have on the Earth's climate.

RELATED: Artificial Volcano to be built?

The aim of the project, based on a disused airfield in a remote corner fo England, is to test whether the geoengineering technique could be used to fight manmade climate change.

It's part of the SPICE project (Stratospheric Particle Injection for Climate Engineering), a collaboration between researchers at the Universities of Bristol, Cambridge, Edinburgh and Oxford, together with Marshall Aerospace.

The idea is that releasing small particles into the stratosphere, which then reflect a small percentage of incoming solar radiation, could cool the Earth relatively quickly.


Podcast logo

The Planet Earth podcast - 'Engineering the climate, to tackle climate change'.

Download (mp3, 14.6 MB)

Click the play button above to listen now.
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Some background on weather warfare

Weather modification will become a part of domestic and international security and could be done unilaterally... It could have offensive and defensive applications and even be used for deterrence purposes. The ability to generate precipitation, fog, and storms on earth or to modify space weather, ... and the production of artificial weather all are a part of an integrated set of technologies which can provide substantial increase in US, or degraded capability in an adversary, to achieve global awareness, reach, and power.(US Air Force, emphasis added. Air University of the US Air Force, AF 2025 Final Report,

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Syria: Alqueda & "Free Syrian army" Libya redux

You may recall in the last post on Syria I linked to an article that stated Western diplomats were readying to up the ante in Syria and arm the opposition.
Since the opposition has been armed from the onset of the uprising, this statement is nonsensical.
It is spin, that is all, with the intention of finally openly admitting to what has long been going on.
The "activists" are not peaceful, never have been. So what else is going on in and around Syria?
How about news that Al quaeda is flooding into Syria to fight the Assad regime?
Yes, that Al quaeda! Complete with arms from Austria
The "terror group" the western media presents to the dumbed down masses as the "enemy"
Yes, Al quaeda, repeatedly without fail, shows up when Western interests need to be served.
It surely is the West that wants Assad out of Syria

Al Qaida has been returning from Iraq to Syria to fight the regime of President Bashar Assad.Officials said the Al Qaida network has sent hundreds of fighters from (US occupied) Iraq to Syria in 2011. They said the Islamic insurgency network has sent fighters as well as weapons from northern Iraq — often through Jordan (US/Israeli ally) — and to northeastern Syria.
"In the past two months we have arrested dozens of Al Qaida members as they attempted to cross into Syria," a senior Iraqi official said."
As always Al quaeda /quaida is serving Western interests.

A brief digression, but, still related.
Last week Freethinker left a link and comment regarding surface to air missiles being looted in Libya, wondering what narrative was being seeded?
How about this narrative? Al quaeda has been getting arms via Libya and expanding through North Africa

"Small arms, machine guns and surface to air missiles, which pose a risk to flights over the territory."
"Al-Qaeda's North African branch, AQIM, has expanded from northern Niger, Mali and Mauritania into northern Nigeria and southern Senegal.

How swimmingly does that work out for the Western/NATO world army?

The seed planted with news of looting in Libya. The surface to air missiles have, of course, made their way into Al-ciaduh's hands and now the NATO world army led by the US has all the pretext needed to go on invading nation after nation on the continent of Africa. And finally getting AFRICOM into Africa.
Al quaeda/quaida. Always there when western powers need them.
Reveiwing: We have armed activists and Al quaeda flooding into Syria. What we need is a people's army.. Yes, a people's army for all the fighters and arms to flow to
Cue: Free Syrian Army.
Is this for real?
Are these Al Quaeda members imported in from elsewhere?
This narrative may have originated in either Israel or Turkey, so I have some real doubts about it's validity.
Nor, do I believe that there is any cooperation between Syria and Turkey at this time.
Any story such as that is a smokescreen.
Let's take a look at what Josh Landis has to say on this

It is now being claimed that the video which surfaced yesterday of the seven officers who claim to be the commanders of the Free Syrian Army is not what it seems to be. The video I have posted above claims to demonstrate that different officers are wearing the identical uniform. Presumably, the makers of the videos are dressing up different men in the same Colonel’s uniform so they can pose as high ranking officers.
A second video uploaded to youtube on 5 July 2011 shows the same officer who spoke in yesterday’s video (see the top of my last post). Some have suggested he is speaking from a foreign country. This makes sense because young babies are clearly audible in the background. It would be too dangerous to do this from one’s home. In another video of Shaykh `Ar`our on Wisal TV, Colonel Ahmad Hijazi calls in. He is one of the seven soldiers. He has babies crying in the background, as well. One could not phone in from Syria without the Mukhabarat potentially listing to the phone call. Certainly, one would not risk this with his baby children in the back room. This would suggest that the leaders of the Free Syrian Army are in Turkey, Jordan or Saudi Arabia and not in Syria.

Sure is!
You may recall we saw a scenario such as this in Libya;
The importation of Al Quaeda fighters.
A "free" Libyan army or National Liberation Army (later incarnation) Totally infiltrated, or mostly containing spooks, mercenaries, foreign fighters etc., getting logistical help and arms from NATO.

Begs the question- Is the "Free Syrian Army" really Syrian?
I guess it is as Syrian as the Libyan army was Libyan.
The narrative emanating from western media reports on Syria are equally as false as were the Libyan narratives.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Breaking: Nuclear Explosion France -1 Dead

Leak fears after France nuclear site blast

A blast at a French nuclear site has killed at least one person and injured four more, the state nuclear regulator says, as emergency services warned of a radiation leak threat.

National electricity provider EDF on Monday confirmed the initial death toll following the explosion at the Marcoule nuclear site in the Rhone Valley near the southern city of Nimes.

The accident occurred at 11:45am (1945 AEST) on Monday in a plant that treats nuclear waste operated by a subsidiary of France's EDF electricity company, the regulator said.

The cause of the blast was unknown.

BFM private television quoted the local prefecture as saying there was a risk of radioactive material leaking.

Early reports warn of radioactive material leaking...

IAEA says seeks info from France about blast

The U.N. atomic agency is seeking information from France about Monday's explosion at a nuclear waste treatment site in the country's south, its head said.

Yukiya Amano, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, said the IAEA's incident centre had been "immediately activated" and it had sent requests for information.

"We are now interested in information," Amano told a news conference.

A furnace exploded at the Marcoule nuclear waste treatment site in southern France, killing one person, but there was no leak of radioactive material outside the furnace

Of course, the IAEA, say no leak...don't you believe it.
The IAEA has a nuclear agenda.

Khrushchev to Kennedy - Pushing the world to the brink

We're going to go back in time, briefly.
Thinking of Syria in particular.
Where the US and company have again thrown down the gauntlet.
Drawn the proverbial line in the sand.
Syria; on the agenda is the US intent to deny Russia access to the Mediterranean.
Also keeping in mind AP's post on the Magnitsky/Browder fiasco.
The more things change the more they stay the same?
Or the more we think they have changed, the more mistaken we are?
Reading this from 1962, one realizes that nothing has really changed.

A letter written by Khrushchev to JFK during the Cuban Missile Crisis

"Imagine, Mr. President, what if we were to present to you such an ultimatum as you have presented to us by your actions. How would you react to it? I think you would be outraged at such a move on our part. And this we would understand.

Having presented these conditions to us, Mr. President, you have thrown down the gauntlet. Who asked you to do this? By what right have you done this? Our ties with the Republic of Cuba, as well as our relations with other nations, regardless of their political system, concern only the two countries between which these relations exist. And, if it were a matter of quarantine as mentioned in your letter, then, as is customary in international practice, it can be established only by states agreeing between themselves, and not by some third party. Quarantines exist, for example, on agricultural goods and products. However, in this case we are not talking about quarantines, but rather about much more serious matters, and you yourself understand this.

You, Mr. President, are not declaring a quarantine, but rather issuing an ultimatum, and you are threatening that if we do not obey your orders, you will then use force. Think about what you are saying! And you want to persuade me to agree to this! What does it mean to agree to these demands? It would mean for us to conduct our relations with other countries not by reason, but by yielding to tyranny. You are not appealing to reason; you want to intimidate us.

No, Mr. President, I cannot agree to this, and I think that deep inside, you will admit that I am right. I am convinced that if you were in my place you would do the same.

.... This Organization [of American States] has no authority or grounds whatsoever to pass resolutions like those of which you speak in your letter. Therefore, we do not accept these resolutions. International law exists, generally accepted standards of conduct exist. We firmly adhere to the principles of international law and strictly observe the standards regulating navigation on the open sea, in international waters. We observe these standards and enjoy the rights recognized by all nations.

You want to force us to renounce the rights enjoyed by every sovereign state; you are attempting to legislate questions of international law; you are violating the generally accepted standards of this law. All this is due not only to hatred for the Cuban people and their government, but also for reasons having to do with the election campaign in the USA. What morals, what laws can justify such an approach by the American government to international affairs? Such morals and laws are not to be found, because the actions of the USA in relation to Cuba are outright piracy. This, if you will, is the madness of a degenerating imperialism. Unfortunately, people of all nations, and not least the American people themselves, could suffer heavily from madness such as this, since with the appearance of modern types of weapons, the USA has completely lost its former inaccessibility.

Therefore, Mr. President, if you weigh the present situation with a cool head without giving way to passion, you will understand that the Soviet Union cannot afford not to decline the despotic demands of the USA. When you lay conditions such as these before us, try to put yourself in our situation and consider how the USA would react to such conditions. I have no doubt that if anyone attempted to dictate similar conditions to you -- the USA, you would reject such an attempt. And we likewise say -- no.

The Soviet government considers the violation of the freedom of navigation in international waters and air space to constitute an act of aggression propelling humankind into the abyss of a world nuclear-missile war. Therefore, the Soviet government cannot instruct captains of Soviet ships bound for Cuba to observe orders of American naval forces blockading this island. Our instructions to Soviet sailors are to observe strictly the generally accepted standards of navigation in international waters and not retreat one step from them. And, if the American side violates these rights, it must be aware of the responsibility it will bear for this act. To be sure, we will not remain mere observers of pirate actions by American ships in the open sea. We will then be forced on our part to take those measures we deem necessary and sufficient to defend our rights. To this end we have all that is necessary."

Respectfully yours,

N. Khrushchev

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Psychopaths are everywhere!

One just has to take a good hard look at the cruel, twisted world leaders to realize that!
Not coincidentally, there seems to be a group consciousness revolving around this topic.
Since I'm not a coincidence theorist, as I've stated on an number of occasions, I think this boils down to something Jung called the collective unconscious.

I like this definition

The collective unconscious is an universal datum, that is, every human being is endowed with this psychic archetype-layer since his/her birth. One can not acquire this strata by education or other conscious effort because it is innate.

We may also describe it as a universal library of human knowledge, or the sage in man, the very transcendental wisdom that guides mankind.

The transcendental wisdom that guides mankind

This all started out when I picked up the book- The sociopath next door.

Here is a little article to whet the whistle.

Yes, I would recommend the book! Highly.

At the same time AP posted a video at her blog : do you know one when you see one?
Shortly thereafter James put this up at his blog at Winter Patriot - The 95 % solution
Lo and behold A-13 puts up a most interesting post: Psychopaths Amongst Us

Holy smokes!
There is definitely something going on here!
Just as I start reading a book on psychopath/sociopaths, AP puts up a video then all this other information starts to appear via James and A-13.

Serendipity ? (btw, I love that word).. or collective unconscious.
I lean towards collective unconscious.

So, I am going to contribute to the collective unconscious.
The wisdom that guides humanity.
I came across an interesting interview.
This is the first time I have heard of this fellow.
Thomas Sheridan

Share your thoughts?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Syrian Civil War then perhaps...WW3 ???

Getting back to Syria....
The Atlantic asks- Is Civil war in Syria Inevitable?
The correct title should be: Syrian Civil War: The Western Goal
That title would at least be factually correct!
Instead the Atlantic gives us nonsense. Claims such as:
" some of the opposition has been slowly suggesting a greater willingness to accept the use of arms"

Utter garbage!

The "opposition" has been fully armed and willing to use arms for quite a while now.
For months ambushes and killings by activists have been reported by Syrian, Chinese, Russian
& Lebanese media. There have been trains derailed and bombings of pipelines.
These activities have only been alluded to in the Western media (see below)
"There are hints that arms and financing for weapons are being delivered by outside forces."
Who is the Atlantic kidding?

It has been obvious that support, arms and financing have been being delivered all along by outside forces, to anyone that has been paying attention.

It has been getting harder and harder for the main stream media to call the activists peaceful as attacks on civilians, government buildings and soldiers increase daily.
Which is why the BBC had previously gave us the ridiculous "ghost fighters" story.

Today, It looks as if the arming of so called "activists" in Syria is finally going to go public.

According to Western diplomats and political observers watching the developments in Syria, the next stage of the international community’s response to events in Damascus will move from supporting the people’s uprising and condemning the oppression of the regime by waving the stick of economic and financial sanctions – including the travel ban on political officials who have been blacklisted – to arming the Syrian opposition, similar to what was done in Libya.
"The U.S., France and Britain will participate in strengthening the military side of the opposition in Syria to create a balance with the security apparatus controlled by President Bashar Assad and his regime. It’s likely that Turkey will spearhead the operation to arm the opposition"

However, diplomatic sources expect that this course would face the objection of Russia.
Russia can and will object, but to what effect? France, Britain and the US will continue on doing what they have been doing

This is clearly an upping of the ante in Syria, to drive the Syrians deeper and deeper in civil war. The civil war the west has worked for years to get going.

Don't believe me this has been years in the making? Don't take my word for it.

The US has admitted to funding Syrian Opposition
Where did the activists get their satellite phones? Pricey stuff. How are the getting connected to the internet? Who is providing the satellite service?
"The files show that up to $6.3 million US was funnelled to the Movement for Justice and Development, a London-based dissident organization that operates the Barada TV satellite channel, which broadcasts anti-government news into Syria. Another $6 million went to support a variety of initiatives, including training for journalists and activists, between 2006 and 2010."

Does anyone seriously think the US spent more then 12 million dollars to fund and train anti-government "journalist and activists" since 2006, for no reason at all?
The overthrow of the Assad government has been in the cards for a while.

Today the BBC is reporting that armed groups have ambushed and killed Syrian soldiers and civilians.
Six Syrian soldiers and three civilians have been killed in an ambush by an armed group in central Syria, state media says.

A further 17 people were wounded as gunmen ambushed the bus near Hama, Sana reported, adding that three gunmen were killed in an ensuing gunfight.

Syria, as Libya was, is being targeted ostensibly under the claim of protection of civilians
"Responsibility to Protect" I wonder which PR firm was employed to dream that slogan up?
This is what "Responsibility to Protect" looks like in practice.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Japan's ex PM feared uninhabitable Tokyo -Fukushima update

What does Kan know that would cause him to have these thoughts?

Japan's former premier Naoto Kan feared Tokyo would be rendered uninhabitable by the Fukushima nuclear crisis, he said in an interview published on Tuesday in which he recalled the 'spine-chilling' thought.
He added it would have been 'impossible' to evacuate all of the 30 million people in the event of a mass exclusion zone encompassing Tokyo

Are these the thoughts of an irrational man?
Or are these thoughts borne out of an access to information and knowledge that the general public is not allowed to know?
One has to wonder?

And the multiple problems with Fukushima rage on.
Of course you would never know it, judging by the mainstream media.
Just like nothing is going on...
So here are a couple of the latest news stories
Tepco to build wall off Fukushima Daiichi Plant

The operator of the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant plans to build an iron wall on the ocean side of the plant to prevent radioactive water from leaking into the sea. Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) said more than 110,000 tons of highly radioactive water remains in the basements of reactor buildings at the plant.
The utility will use thousands of iron pipes to create an 800-meter-long wall surrounding the water intakes of 4 reactor facilities, NHK Japan's website reported.

Don't know if or how well this will work out?

Additionally there is a problem with tons of radioactive waste just piling up!

Growing piles of contaminated sewage, located hundreds of kilometers from Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear meltdown, are loaded with high levels of radiactive cesium, and the government has yet to come up with a policy for the country's latest crisis. Tons of alarmingly high levels of radioactive cesium are being reported at a sewage treatment facility in Saitama, located more than 150 miles southwest of Fukushima, site of the triple nuclear meltdown last March after a devastating earthquake and tsunami.

Japan currently has more than a dozen sewage treatment plants currently faced with the same predicament and the government has yet to institute a policy in dealing with the quickly growing problem.

A Japanese delegation has headed to Chernobyl

A Japanese delegation will visit the ill-fated Chernobyl nuclear plant to study its experience in clean-up operations, speaker of Japan's House of Representatives Takahiro Yokomichi said here.

The Japanese delegation wants to have first-hand information about the situation at the Chernobyl plant and to learn whatever lessons possible to prevent any such accidents, and to make use of Ukraine's experience in the clean-up operations after the accident at the Fukushima nuclear plant, Yokomichi said yesterday.

Interesting article from a few days ago... Why Fukushima is worse then Chernobyl

"Japan has been slow to admit the scale of the meltdown. But now the truth is coming out."

While it is true that Japan has been very, very slow to admit the scale of meltdown, it is highly unlikely the "truth" is now forthcoming.

The fact of the matter is the radiation from Fukushima, that virtually covers the planet, is to dam hard to hide!

Jet stream air currents flowing across the Pacific Ocean from Japan resulted in the U.S. receiving a steady flow of radiation.

U.S. labs detected radiation from Fukushima in our air, precipitation, milk, drinking water, fruits, and vegetables. Airborne radioactive particles were detected in U.S. soil. Broad-leaf vegetables including spinach and kale are accumulating radiation from rain and dust. In California, spinach, arugula, wild-harvested mushrooms, and strawberries tested positive for cesium 134 and 137. Comprehensive testing of imports is imperative. Even tea and cows in Japan are highly radioactive.

When radiation is in milk, the entire food supply is at risk. One month after Japan's nuclear disaster started, radiation showed up in California milk. Milk sold in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Massachusetts, Arizona, Arkansas, Vermont and Washington also tested positive for radiation. In Hawaii, it was detected 2,033 percent above drinking water safety limits.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

George Galloway interviews NATO indoctrinated Libyan

Say what you want about George Galloway. Love him, hate him, whatever?
He kicks this idiots arse!
This "Libyan" is a prime example of NATO brainwashing. His perception has been well-managed.
He doesn't want Russia or China to buy oil. Only Britian, France and Italy.
Seriously, you have got to listen to this.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Libya, Syria, Russia & Italy- The tangled web

Not to forget France and Britain!!

Interwoven news- you may not think it is connected, but, it seems it is all interconnected
We shall start with Russia and end with Italy
The western mainstream media is reporting that Russia is going to recognize the "new" Libyan government- You know the NATO created rebels?

Anyway, this is an interesting development, BUT, the "recognition" is not exactly as clear cut as the western media is making it out to be.

There is a caveat-

"President Dmitry Medvedev said on Wednesday Russia will recognize Libya's National Transnational Council (NTC) as the North African state's legitimate government if it brings the war-torn country together.

"If the rebels have the power and spirit and opportunity to unite the country on a new democratic basis, then of course we will consider establishing relations with them"

This in no way can be perceived as a ringing endorsement of the NATO government. Russia is hedging and I find it curious.
Does Russia think there is a possibility that Gaddafi could make a come back of sorts?

A couple of days ago, a Russian envoy was reported to be visiting Syria

The latest bloodshed came as a senior Russian envoy said after talks in Damascus on Monday that there was no change in Moscow's policy on Syria which has been opposed to Western calls for sanctions, Syrian state media said.

"Russia's position on Syria is unchanged," the official SANA news agency quoted deputy foreign minister Mikhail Bogdanov as saying.

"The envoy affirmed his country's support for the reforms launched by Syria in the political and economic fields and expressed hope that its security and stability would be maintained," the agency added.

The Russian envoy, who held talks with both President Bashar al-Assad and Foreign Minister Walid Muallem, underlined the "importance of continued coordination between the two countries in all fields."

For his part, Assad expressed his appreciation for Russia's "balanced approach to developments in Syria," SANA added.

Moscow staunchly opposes attempts by Western governments to push through a UN Security Council resolution targeting Assad, and has circulated an alternative draft urging Syria to expedite reforms.

Russia has so far been maintaining it's position with regards to Syria.
Is Russia hedging on Libya because of this position with Syria?
I don't know, but, their stance on the Libyan rebels is interesting, carefully worded and open to multiple interpretations. Surely, that is intentional.

Just a reminder:
U.S. admits funding Syrian opposition
When Syria and Russia and China for that matter, mention outside intervention.... there has been lots of it. Coming in many ways.

This article is interesting in it's entirety, so do read it.
What I found good about it, was the Sarkozy/France/ BANKER angle.
As I have mentioned on a number of occasions Libya is being plundered.
The bankers stand to reap massive windfalls.
Not to mention oil company profits.
Consider this a snapshot in the whole scenario of plunder.

"This war started in October 2010 when Gaddafi's chief of protocol, Nuri Mesmari, defected to Paris, was approached by French intelligence and for all practical purposes a military coup d'etat was concocted, involving defectors in Cyrenaica.

Sarkozy had a bag full of motives to exact revenge.....

French banks had told him that Gaddafi was about to transfer his billions of euros to Chinese banks. Thus Gaddafi could not by any means become an example to other Arab nations or sovereign funds.

(Sovereign funds-go back and read on this if you missed it- The wealth of sovereign funds tie Libya and Norway together)

French corporations told Sarko that Gaddafi had decided not to buy Rafale fighters anymore, and not to hire the French to build a nuclear plant; he was more concerned in investing in social services.

Energy giant Total wanted a much bigger piece of the Libyan energy cake - which was being largely eaten, on the European side, by Italy's ENI, especially because Premier Silvio "bunga bunga" Berlusconi, a certified Big G fan, had clinched a complex deal with Gaddafi.
There is more after this including the mention of Bernard Henri Levy- tool of the ptb's
You can read that for yourself

France was out of the picture and lowly Italy was making deals with Gaddafi.
Surely this was enough to drive Sarkozy over the cliff !
And so a "coup" was hatched.

You may recall that Berlusconi balked at the attack on Libya.
It is quite interesting to note that at the beginning of the week Berlusconi was lobbying for a delay on Syrian oil sanctions until December/11

The Italian government has said that pushing back the implementation of an embargo from mid-October to the end of November would have no real impact on the Syrian government, because contracts for the delivery of oil have been paid in advance through to the latter date. But other member states want the sanctions in place as soon as possible.

Around 90 per cent of Syria's crude oil is bought by EU countries, with half of that arriving at Italian ports. Germany and Italy import 32 and 31 per cent of all Syria's oil respectively. And although Italy's request for a delay was not well received by other member states, one diplomat, quoted by the Financial Times, said that the timing of the sanctions was the only stumbling block and could still be resolved by Friday, when EU foreign ministers meet in Poland.
Then suddenly, today in fact!

Berlusconi under fire for controversial remarks

Citing phone calls that authorities said they secretly recorded, investigators quoted Berlusconi as saying he's frustrated with investigations of him and eager to leave Italy.

Secretly recorded phone calls, leaked. Curious timing?

"I'm getting out to mind my own f---ing business, from somewhere else, and so I'm leaving this sh--ty country, of which I'm sickened."
It is almost as if the pressure is on...