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Assassination in Syria? Who REALLY benefits?

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I have had Syria on my mind. So let's take a look at the assassination of Kurdish opposition figure Meshaal Tamo.

I spent some time on a background search on Meshaal Tamo and come up pretty much empty handed.
Supposedly, he was a member of the "Transitional" group formed in Turkey.
Most news articles refer to him as an "oppositional" Leader? Whatever that is exactly?
Which is curious, since it is also reported he had just recently been released from prison after 3 1/2 years of incarceration.
I should say had been reported, then scrubbed, from many western media outlet stories?
But not from here. Dawn, which originates in Pakistan

"Tamo founded the liberal Kurdish Future Party, which considers Kurds an integral part of Syria, and had been recently released after three and a half years in prison."

Recently released from prison should indicate this man has no real stake in the destabilization of Syria.
It may even be an indication his release was done as a good will gesture towards the Syrian Kurdish population.
Why does the thought of "good will " cross my mind?- Syria released Tribesman Activists

"Syrian authorities have released Sheikh Nawaf al-Bashir, the head of the large Baqara tribe in the eastern province of Deir al-Zour and a prominent opponent of President Bashar al-Assad.

Khalil Matouq told Xinhua by phone that Nawaf was released after about 69 days without charges. Some media reports had claimed that Nawaf was killed in custody after being tortured, which turned out to be false."

That is why I wonder about attempts at good will and a need to combat the many, many lies that have emanated from the activist/opposition in Syria
His timely assassination and the fact that he was politically active on behalf of the Kurds prior to his incarceration means his death could serve as rallying point for the Kurds.
Who as a community, have been largely staying out of destabilization of Syria.

So who would this assassination benefit? Who would this be detrimental to? Therefore indicating the likely culprit behind the killing?

The assassination of Kurdish opposition figure Meshaal Tamo is likely to push Kurds in Syria to take a more active role in the seven-month-old anti-regime uprising, analysts and activists believe.

Most definitely the assassination did not benefit Syria. Or the Assad government.

As I said above it is entirely possible his release from prison was a good will gesture towards the Kurdish community. If so, this would not benefit the western forces striving for overthrow.
Therefore Tamo was completely expendable.

More involvement by the Kurds in the pro-democracy revolt against President Bashar al-Assad's regime that erupted in March "will have a huge impact on the situation in Syria", said Rami Abdel Rahman, head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
Works out so well for the destabilizers. Interesting to note the crowing from the western puppets, so publicly done. Shameless!

I am going to digress ever so briefly to cover the crocodile tears of Turkey

Turkey is deeply sorry for the “loathsome assassination” of Mr Tamo, as well as the wounding of prominent dissident Riad Seif who was injured after being beaten on Friday in Damascus, the statement said.

“Turkey expects the Syrian government to realise as soon as possible that practices of violence aiming to suppress the Syrian opposition will not reverse the course of history,” it said.

You may recall that Turkey spent August and September 2011 flying bombing raids over the Kurds inside Northern Iraq... Pick a story, any story.
Are they "deeply sorry", really? How many "loathsome assassinations" has Turkey undertaken?
What of the Northern Iraqi Kurds?

Two prominent Iraqi Kurdish officials blamed Syria on Monday for the death.
This article did not scrub the mention of the recent prison release of Meshaal Tamo.

Iraqi Kurds? This man was a Syrian.
What's up with the Iraqi Kurds that makes me go hmmm.....Kurds Are True Friends of Israel

I will let you read that one, yourself. Typical grovelling stuff. Israel the only democracy in the ME...blah, blah, blah.
That will get you warmed up. Maybe, help you to understand what lies behind the cheering.
This may even indicate to the reader, that is you, who was behind the assassination?

Israel Reportedly Training Kurdish Forces

Recent reports indicate that Israeli agents are working in Iraqi Kurdistan to train Kurdish commandos in guerrilla war and counter-terrorism.
Israeli military and intelligence agents are currently operating in Iraqi Kurdistan. Their primary role, according to reports, is to train elite Kurdish commandos in guerrilla warfare and anti-terror tactics. The Kurds - whose country is currently occupied by Iraq, Turkey, Iran and Syria - are reportedly again, after many years, accepting Israeli assistance in their struggle for independence.
Fearing an al-Qaeda backlash, Kurdish leaders have denied cooperating with the Jewish state and have refused to even issue comments on the matter.

When the New Yorker asked Mark Regev, then spokesman for Israel's Embassy in Washington, to comment on allegations of Israeli-Kurdish cooperation in 2004, Regev denied the claims, telling the magazine that “the story is simply untrue and the relevant governments know it’s untrue.”

But American intelligence officials at the time sought to expose Israel’s assistance to the Kurds. “They [the Israelis] think they have to be there,” a senior CIA official told the New Yorker, adding that Israel’s presence in northern Iraq is widely acknowledged in the United States intelligence community.

Perhaps Kurds, trained by Israel, killed one of their own?


  1. Excellent analysis.It is a false flag op. obviously. I found your blog by accident, while looking up the assassination of Tammo. A Syrian friend posted a similar analysis on my blog. I am an Iraqi investigative journalist. My blog is here:
    It is all about exposing lies and misinformation. My motto is: Occupation of land starts with the occupation of mind, and occupation of mind starts with the occupation of language. I do not know who said this, but I believe it.

    Keep up the good work, Penny.


  2. After your permission, I am going to make an Arabic summary of your analysis to post on my blog.

  3. Hello Ishtarenana:

    Thanks for stopping by.
    If you found my blog, it was not an accident. You must have been searching for something that was here.

    That is how connectivity works.

    At least that is my thinking.

    "Occupation of land starts with the occupation of mind, and occupation of mind starts with the occupation of language."

    This is a wonderful saying. I don't know who said it either, other then you, but it is simply brilliant!

    Yes, you have my permission to make an Arabic summary of my analysis, as it was written by me.

    I am honoured that you ask to use it and humbled.

    Does that seem strange?
    It isn't intended to be.
    I always get this feeling of WOW, someone likes what I have written. They wish to use it...

    I intend to keep up the good work as long as I can.

    The status quo is in serious need of a challenge


    I will have to take a look at your blog, and put it through the translate.

    (I quickly checked and definitely will need the translate)

    Translate(google) has it's shortcomings but, it will have to do

    THanks again!

  4. Translated and posted here.


    Thank you.