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Iran Threat Is a Tactic: Main Goal Is to Checkmate Syria

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Came across an interesting take on Iran as it relates to Syria.
It's a good read, lots of food for thought
The piece I will excerpt from and link to below, seems to tie in to the post I put up earlier today
Another explosion in Iran?

So here we go.......

Iran Threat Is a Tactic: Main Goal Is to Checkmate Syria

The international scene has been recently witness to various threats by Israelis, Americans and certain European countries against the Islamic Republic of Iran. Although such threats, especially from the Israelis, had started before release of the recent Iran report of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on the country's nuclear program, they became more serious after IAEA director general, Yukiya Amano, published his report. The report has been assessed by most experts as being purely motivated on political grounds. In that report, IAEA claimed that it is in possession of information which proves the existence of a military dimension to Iran's nuclear activities. Interestingly, Israeli and American officials knew all about the content of the report before it was officially circulated and orchestrated an intensely negative propaganda campaign against Iran. According to IAEA Statute, the content of the reports, which is considered confidential, cannot be revealed before they are released to all members of the Agency.

Although recent threats against Iran have been very extensive, the West's claims about diversion in Iran's nuclear activities are nothing new. Efforts made by the western countries to intensify sanctions against Iran are not new either. Even Israel's military threat against Iran is not new.( all of this is correct, given the previous posts on the blog on this subject)

Many experts maintain that all these threats and measures are aimed to help the United States to set the stage and encourage the international community to agree to more serious and extensive sanctions against the country. In this way, they want to make Iran totally isolated in economic terms. Even before IAEA released its latest report, they talked about imposing sanctions against the Central Bank of Iran to disturb the country's import and export system. According to this viewpoint, although the White House has followed its usual strategy toward Iran in which no option has been ever taken off the table and military assault is always an option, a threat to military strike against Iran seems to be nothing more than a political tactic.

Under present circumstances, a military strike against Iran is not strategically possible for the United States because of various reasons.

Author of the piece goes into the numerous varying reasons why AT THIS TIME the strike is not strategically possible- read the linked article

Back to the piece:

In more precise words, the region is in the vortex of extensive strategic changes and concurrent pressure on Iran and Syria can be considered along the same line. In view of the aforesaid reasons, military intervention in Iran is currently out of the question. Therefore, the United States and Europe are trying along with their allies to boost political, economic, and psychological pressures against Iran to make economic and political activities more difficult for the country. Intensification of Iran's geopolitical isolation will have profound psychological effects on the spirit and power of Tehran's strategic ally. The United States and its allies have done their best in recent days to occupy Iran with grave psychological and economic problems in order to prevent its political and military support for Syria.

Examples to the point include recent allegations about Iran's complicity in an assassination plot targeting the Saudi ambassador to US and insistence of Washington and Saudi Arabia on taking the case to the United Nations Security Council to adopt an anti-Iranian resolution as well as intensification of tensions between Iran and the Saudi - Turkey axis. They have been also escalating international sanctions against Tehran to include the Central Bank of Iran in a bid to disrupt the country's import and export mechanisms.The undocumented report of IAEA director general (mostly based on US claims) about Iran's nuclear activities and its consideration by IAEA Board of Governors was done with the purpose of using that report to further incite the international community against Iran. They have also launched an unprecedentedly widespread propaganda campaign about possible military attack on Iran. Add to this long list the fact that Iran is already entangled in domestic political, foreign, and economic crises.

Distract Iran to destroy Syria?

On the other hand, Syria, as Iran's closest strategic ally, is experiencing totally critical conditions on the other side of the equation. Now that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is done in Libya, the United States and its allies have completely focused on Syria. Although Damascus has threatened that foreign intervention in Syria will be like playing with fire, the United States and its allies have decided to reduce the power of Damascus before any form of direct intervention. As said before, unlike Iran, foreign military intervention in Syria is by no means impossible. At present, Syria's conditions have become once more critical. Perhaps this is somehow due to the reality that just a day after the Syrian government announced its agreement to the Arab League's plan to stop harsh treatment of protesters, withdraw security forces from the streets and start negotiations with the opposition, clashes heightened between protesters and government forces. Some opposition figures even noted that the Arab League's plan was too reconciliatory and lenient and asked the protesters to continue street demonstrations, avoid of negotiations with the government, and continue their struggle until the Syrian regime is toppled with the help of foreign forces.

The conditions provided the Americans and their allies with a good opportunity to use a multifaceted active diplomacy (one facet of which was worsening geopolitical isolation of Iran) and clear the way for a regime change in Syria. It is quite evident that the Arab League's plan was meant for justification of foreign intervention from the first. After opposition groups treated the plan coldly, the European Union announced that its members have reached an early agreement to impose more sanctions against Syria. Meanwhile, the pressure exerted on Syria by Russia and China to accept the Arab League's initiative should not be ignored. If it was not for such pressures from Russia and China, the Syrian government would not have accepted the plan even orally. (Syria did not accept the last round of Arab league edicts resulting in sanctions)

One day after the Syrian protesters carried placards asking the Arab League to suspend their country's membership in the League and officially recognize the transitional council, the League members took the Syrian government by surprise and in addition to suspending its membership, recalled their ambassadors from Damascus.

Judging from their positions on Syria, it seems that Arab countries have been convinced about regime change in Syria. Diplomatic pressures, in the meantime, are tightening on the Syrian government. It started by suspension of Syria's membership in the Arab League and was followed by the Jordanian king's call on Assad to step down and the three-day deadline given to Damascus by the Arab League to stop suppression of protesters and allow foreign observers to enter the country. In addition, it was recently announced that some Arab leaders have said they were ready to grant asylum to the Syrian president. Turkey has also announced that if military intervention gains relative legitimacy from Arab countries and even the EU, it will directly take part in the conflict. Turkey has already ended cooperation with Syria in exploring oil reserves and has threatened that if the violence continued in the country, it would cut power exports to its southern neighbor.

On the whole, the international community has not reached a final conclusion on the necessity of military intervention in Syria, as it did in the case of Libya. However, overall political situation in the region as well as threats leveled and pressures exerted by the Americans and their allies against Iran and Syria indicate that all the pieces of the regional political and geopolitical chess have been arranged in a cunning way by the United States and its allies against Syria. In fact, the United States and its allies are trying to kill two birds with one stone through this strategy. Firstly, they want to increase Iran's geopolitical isolation by boosting concurrent political and economic pressures on Syria. If successful, this process will provide Turkey and Saudi Arabia, as the sole regional rivals of Iran, with a vital geopolitical opportunity.

Therefore, the main goal of all the ongoing propaganda as well as political, economic and military threats by the United States and its allies is to change the Syrian regime. At any rate, Iran's diplomatic apparatus should take West's threats quite seriously because increased sway of the West in Syria will lead to contraction of Iran's geopolitical borders.

Another explosion in Iran?

Things are getting heated-
Or are they?
Allegedly there was an explosion in Iran this past Monday.
The entire story emanates from the Israel.

Jerusalem Post

Satellite imagery confirms Isfahan facility rocked by blast was a nuclear facility, 'The Times' reports, citing Israeli intel officials.

The Times quoted Israeli intelligence officials as saying there was "no doubt" that the blast struck the nuclear facilities at Isfahan and that it was "no accident."

Yes, the Israeli stories mention that this explosion was reported in the British press, BUT, those stories originate with Israeli intelligence.

The BBC is reporting on an explosion that took place earlier this month timed nicely to coincide/reinforce the Israeli propaganda/news?
From the BBC

The satellite image shows destruction caused by the 12 November explosion
Continue reading the main story

The 12 November blast killed 17 soldiers and has been widely blamed in Iran on foreign intelligence services.

Did Israeli intelligence concoct the story of an explosion Monday November 28/2011?
Reported on by the British press first, thanks to leaks from alleged Israeli intelligence.
Reinforced by the Israeli press secondly?
Then rehashing the previous bombing to confuse and obfuscate the reality of what is really going on? If anything?

Oh what a tangled web we weave......

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Syria: the beat goes on

Another day, another Pro-Assad protest. As always far bigger then the NATO backed protests.
Not just in Damascus. Also in Latakia. Syrian supporters have also protested outside of embassies of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, to name a couple. As I had mentioned in a previous post, Syrians have also protested in the US in support of Assad and against western intervention.

The msm has been spinning allegations of atrocities against children. Unsubstantiated, of course.
Likely in response to this news-

The UN see's Frances "humanitarian corridors" as not justified (at this time?)

French proposals for "humanitarian" corridors in Syria are not justified by humanitarian needs identified so far in the country, the United Nations humanitarian coordinator said.

"At present, the humanitarian needs identified in Syria do not warrant the implementation of either of those mechanisms," she said, adding that the United Nations had been unable to assess comprehensively those needs because of the limited number of international staff operating in Syria.

"Before any further discussion of these options, it is essential to get a clearer sense of what exactly people need, and where," Amos said in a statement released on Friday

Does this mean all the logistics are not in place? That the "free syrian" army is not well armed enough? Or not enough fighters and infiltrators have been brought in?

Thinking of yesterday's post....

Or this news story from today? Libyan fighters join "free Syrian army" forces

Alleged "Libyan rebels"

Libyan sources conveyed in recent days that 600 rebel fighters have already gone from Libya to Syria The sources explained that the announcement of Libyan interim leader Mustafa Abdul Jalil regarding his country's willingness to provide support for the rebels in Syria, has actually opened the door to volunteers. The source pointed out that there is coordination between the Libyan interim government and the Syrian opposition.

The source added that the Libyan rebels entered Syria through Turkey, to join "the free Syrian army"

As I have stated previously and repeatedly the "free Syrian" army is neither free nor Syrian. Someone is paying for those mercenaries? Someone is paying for Muslim Brotherhood fighters? Or the Turkish troops? Who could it be?

Now onto some developments via the Russian angle-

Russia is calling for an end to ultimatums against Syria

"Right now, the most important thing is to stop acting by means of ultimatums and try to move toward political dialogue," Mr Lavrov said.

Lavrov also criticized a proposed arms embargo

"We know how that worked in Libya when the arms embargo only applied to the Libyan army, the opposition received weapons," Mr Lavrov told reporters.

Yeah, we know how that worked.

As you may have read yesterday, Russia is sending a warship into the Tartus (Tartous) port.

It is claimed to be a routine visit, much like the George HW Bush carrier is on routine visit

The paper said the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier would be armed with at least eight Sukhoi-33 fighters, several MiG-29K fighters and two helicopters.

It will also have cruise and surface to air missiles, the paper said.

A navy spokesman was not available to comment to Reuters.

Yegor Engelhart, an analyst with Moscow-based defence think-tank CAST, said Moscow did not want its position to be ignored while the Assad government was under pressure.

"At the very least Moscow wants to show that it is willing to defend its interests in Syria," he said

Russian officials say the naval base at Tartus is used for repairs to ships from its Black Sea fleet and Izvestia said about 600 Russian Defence Ministry employees worked there. There are currently no Russian ships there, the paper said. (I had doubts about the Haaretz report last week)

From another article-

But retired Russian Admiral Viktor Kravchenko said last night that Moscow was sending a message to the US and European leaders.

‘Having any military force apart from NATO is very beneficial for the region as it prevents the outbreak of armed conflict,’ he said.

“Of course, the Russian naval forces in the Mediterranean will be incommensurate with those of the US 6th Fleet, which includes one or two aircraft carriers and several escort ships,” Admiral Kravchenko explained. “But today, no one talks about possible military clashes, since an attack on any Russian ship would be regarded as a declaration of war with all the consequences.”

FYI: Unlike American aircraft carriers, designed largely as floating runways, Admiral Kuznetsov is a heavily-armed aircraft-carrying cruiser. Its primary armaments, among others, are 12 long-range surface-to-surface anti-ship Granit cruise missiles, a six-gun short-range surface-to-air missile system Kinzhal, eight close-in air defense Kashtan gun-missile systems and two UDAV-1 anti-submarine systems.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Libya to Syria : Guns for Human rights?

Libya is "gunning" for Syrian opposition- That is gun running

Syrian rebels held secret talks with Libya's new authorities (NATO backed government) on Friday, aiming to secure weapons and money (funneling guns and money from western intersts via puppet regime in Libya) for their insurgency against President Bashar al-Assad's regime, The Daily Telegraph has learned.

At the meeting, which was held in Istanbul and included Turkish officials, the Syrians requested "assistance" from the Libyan representatives and were offered arms, and potentially volunteers.

"There is something being planned to send weapons and even Libyan fighters to Syria," said a Libyan source, speaking on condition of anonymity. "There is a military intervention on the way. Within a few weeks you will see."

allegedly Syrian and Libyan "rebels"

Libyan "fighters" or "rebels", means mercenaries, means special ops.
It sure as heck does not mean Libyan citizens.

The Telegraph has also learned that preliminary discussions about arms supplies took place when members of the Turkish-based Syrian National Council [SNC] — the country's main opposition movement — visited Libya earlier this month.

"The Libyans are offering money, training and weapons to the Syrian National Council," added Wissam Tariff, a human rights campaigner with links to the SNC.

Wissam Tarif a "human rights" campaigner?

borrowed from wikipedia

Wissam Tarif, who is aiding in trafficking weapons and training foreign fighters to kill innocent civilians in Syria?
Did you catch that? Foreign fighters.Wissam Tarif is not only assisting in bringing guns and money into Syria.
Wisam Tarif is bringing in foreign fighters
Wissam Tarif is making the lie of "civil war" in Syria all the more obvious, then it already was,
Curiously, Wissam Tarif is Lebanese
A Lebanese "human rights" worker who is in Turkey, making deals with NATO backed Libyan officials for guns and money.
Do Wissam Tarif actions seem especially "human rights" oriented to you?
I didn't think so either.

Wissam Tarif is affiliated with this group: Insan

A very wordy website. A website that uses many lofty words, yet somehow appears lacking.
Now, I don't want to tell anyone what to think..... but, Insan is lacking.
Have a look through, see for yourself.
Civil war in Syria?
Fomented destabilization from every angle, backed by NATO/Western/Israeli interests?
One must call a spade, a spade.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Human Rights Council resolution passes on Syria- "Humanitarian Corridors" being sought

You may recall last week I had a post mentioning the fact that Britain, Germany and France had gone back to the UN human rights council? Refresh your memory here
That resolution has passed!
The United Nations human rights committee has passed a resolution condemning Syria's crackdown on opposition protests.

In the previous post, I queried, was this enough to justify an attack on Syria?
However the invasion will be spun, will the UN human rights council vote be enough of an excuse?

It looks as if this will be enough.

France seeks Arab support for a "humanitarian corridor"

France will seek Arab support on Thursday for a humanitarian corridor in Syria, the first time a major power has swung behind international intervention in the eight-month uprising against President Bashar al-Assad.

Love the lying media! "first time a major power has swung behind an international intervention"
Pure lying spin. The bullshit doesn't come any better then that.


Let's look at the "humanitarian corridor"
Which is clearly, CLEARLY, obfuscating military intervention.

Juppe said international monitors should be sent to protect civilians, with or without Assad's permission. He insisted the proposal fell short of a military intervention, but acknowledged that humanitarian convoys would need armed protection.

Asked if humanitarian convoys would need military protection, he said: "Of course... by international observers, but there is no question of military intervention in Syria."

"International monitors sent with or without Syria's consent" Hello, sovereign nation!

Acknowledging that so called humanitarian convoys would need armed protection

Armed protection? That sounds like military intervention.

When asked point blank would humanitarian convoys need military intervention he said "Of course..." spin, spin, spin..

Juppe then goes on-

"There are two possible ways: That the international community, Arab League and the United Nations can get the regime to allow these humanitarian corridors," he told French radio on Thursday. "But if that isn't the case we'd have to look at other solutions ... with international observers,"

The international "community" with according to Jupe consists of Arab League and UN lackies can get the regime to "allow" these humanitarian corridors.

Recall the number of posts I have had up regarding Turkey's attempt to create a "buffer zone" in Syria.
Recall the "Free Syrian Army" that is amassing at the border of Syria in Turkey& Lebanon, quite possibly Jordan.

" said Ali, a defector working for the Free Syrian Army from exile in Jordan."

Jordan's role, while definitely involved in the destabilization, has been garnering a little less coverage then Turkey's role in Syria's ruin.

Of course Jordan has a bigger role to play as we read in yesterday's post.

Once Syria falls, Israel will be free to do it's worst to the Palestinian's in the open air ghetto known as Gaza and Jordan will be there take in all the "refugees" from Israel's final onslaught to control that little piece of the Mediterranean and all the energy that is contained within the waters off the coast of Gaza and eventually Lebanon.

Recall this?

The survival of the Palestinians -
Secondly, an Arab world in turmoil would leave the Palestinians without even the minimal clout and bargaining power they "enjoy" today. Take away the threat of Damascus and Tehran and Israel would be free to do its worst.

Operation Cast Lead

As we read yesterday Jordan is all ready to give Hamas a new home in Jordan- along with however many Palestinians may survive the push Israel will inevitably make into the Palestinian territory if Syria can be destroyed

All the cards are falling into place.
There is however one wild card.
I am wondering about the news yesterday- Russia's missiles to target US Nuclear Shield?

Russia is losing patience with the US. How much of that is connected to the potential loss of their naval bases in Syria?


The aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush arrived this week in the Mediterranean.

"It is probably routine movement but it is going to put psychological pressure on the (Syrian) regime, and the Americans do not mind that."

It is probably routine? Is it routine or not? Someone's being catty.

Are there Russian warships docked at the naval base at Tartus?

The hour is getting late

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jordan offers Hamas a "new home" Palestinians expelled to Jordan?

From Haaretz

This is presented as being beneficial to the Palestinian cause. Is it really?
Isn't it in fact more beneficial that Palestinians get their own nation, and their lands back and their right of return?
In fact the very concept of Palestinians in Jordan is one that is often promoted by Israel and that nations supporters..

This is linked to the destabilization of Syria

The thinking in Jordan is that when Assad's regime falls, (as if it is a foregone conclusion?) Hamas will need a new home - this is likely to be an excellent chance for Jordan to return to the center of Palestinian politics, from which it has been excluded for a decade.

Wild card Qatar

The factor apparently stirring the cauldron between Jordan and Hamas is Qatar, which recently held intensive talks with Abdullah in a bid to advance Hamas' return to Jordan.

A return of the Hamas leadership to Jordan would mark a significant political change in the organization's position. The establishment of a base in a country that has signed a peace agreement with Israel and is committed to Israel's security is not something even Israel can object to.

Why would Israel object to this? Hasn't this always been part of their agenda?
The spin on this piece is just to much. Who is Jordan serving here?
Jordan? Palestinians? Israel?
It looks to be Israel.

Haaretz has previously carried an "advertisement" promoting the push the Palestinians into Jordan agenda

Who else supports this agenda?

Geert Wilders certainly promotes this agenda.
Geert Wilders certainly promotes an Israeli agenda

Palestinians relocated to Jordan, via Hamas in Gaza......
Makes sense when one recalls that Hamas is a Creation of Mossad

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Plan for Syrian Airspace Closure completed- Erdogan uses the "H" word

Plan for Syrian airspace closure completed

Reports claim that the purpose of the closure is to paralyze Syrian military movement and follow the Presidential Palace, military command and intelligence activities. "The Syrian military can be paralyzed in less than 24 hours," sources noted.

European sources in Washington have stated that the plan to close Syrian airspace has been completed. According to reports in Kuwait's Al-Rai newspaper, the plan will be carried out by Arab and maybe even Turkish fighter jets with US supplied logistical assistance.

Considering how the destruction of Syria is so beneficial to the US and Israel.
Particularly in the Middle East- Israel as the regional power. Sweet, for Israel.

Reading what Erdogan is saying today.....

After the attack on the Mavi Marmara, when Erdogan was spewing all the right rhetoric, I was fooled. Admittedly. No one is perfect.
That was then and this is now.
Now the blinders are off and Erdogan's true colours are shining through. Have been for some time now.
So the language that he used in his latest rail against Assad is all that more telling.

“Assad says he will fight until he dies,” Mr Erdogan said. “For God’s sake who are you fighting? Fighting your own people is not bravery but fear. Look at Hitler … look at the leader of Libya, who was killed and who used the same expressions as you.”

Look at Hitler?! Look at Hitler.
Who is this message directed too?
Why didn't he say "Look at Stalin" or "Look at Lenin"
Or how about "Look at George Bush" Or hell "Look at Obama"
All mass killers. Nope, it's always Hitler
This talk is not directed at his domestic audience. Clearly.
Who is pulling Erdogan's strings? NATO? Israel? Both?

From someone who is not a fan of Erdogan but, does not use the "H" word. Instead chosing Fuhrer.
Erdogan is wearing the wrong uniform in the picture.
Perhaps an IDF uniform is more appropriate?

Monday, November 21, 2011

Syria's demise- A gift to Israel. Ruin for Palestinians.

Back to Syria
I made the statement on Friday that this looks to be coming to a head.
I stand by it.

Let's take a look at what is being reported today. Of course, not all of it.
There was news of Russian warships entering Syrian waters.
I have a bit of a problem with the alarmist news of Russian warships because it originated out of the Israeli press. We may recall a news report from earlier this year about Iranian warships passing through the Suez Canal and how this was supposed to be provocative.
According to Israeli spin.
In reality it appears Iran has an agreement to use the Syrian port of Latakia
Where the ship eventually docked.

As for the Russian warships? Given the agreement that Russia has with Syria to use the ports of Tartus warships coming and going from the port are likely not unusual.

So called Syrian Army "defectors" had attacked the Baath party office. But, then they didn't.

The commander of a group of Syrian army defectors retracted earlier claims that his followers launched an unprecedented attack inside the capital, Damascus.

But al-Asaad did not address why his group had claimed responsibility for the attack hours after Damascus residents reported hearing two loud blasts before dawn Sunday. In a Facebook posting — which had been removed by Monday morning — the FSA had said it fired rocket-propelled grenades at the headquarters of Syria's ruling Baath party.

Let me explain why the "Free Syrian Army" retracted even though common sense indicates they did it.
The attack flies in the face of the spin of a peaceful revolution that is not targeting civilian and government infrastructure.

The "Opposition Government" has released their post Assad plans.
This above mentioned body is nothing more then a NATO/Israeli backed conglomerate of goons backed by Western interests.
We saw this with Libya. It's a page from the same playbook.
After reading some varying news sources there is most definitely not complete and total acceptance of this puppet government in waiting.

A statement by a group called the National Initiative to Unify the Syrian Opposition said there was yet no "opposition body that has the confidence of the Syrians and the international community to act as real transitional body that wins the recognition of the international community".

That doesn't matter to British Foreign Minister William Hague, who is off and running to meet the puppets of western foreign policy

The Foreign Secretary will meet Syrian rebel leaders in London today as the UK seeks to increase the pressure on President Bashar Assad.

Representatives of the Syrian National Council and the National Co-ordination Committee for Democratic Change will see William Hague after months of behind-the-scenes diplomatic contact.

Yes, after months of behind the scenes manipulations.. William Hague can openly participate in the fabricated ruse of democracy with some air of legitimacy. Something that could not have been done months back.

Pro Assad Rally as always with clear pictures (unlike the activist photos)

Just today Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov blames west for "provocation" over Syria

He has made some especially valid statements-

“In Syria we are now seeing a situation where the Arab League is calling for a halt to violence and the beginning of dialogue, and western countries and the capitals of some countries in the region are making calls to the contrary, expressly recommending the opposition hold no talks with the Assad regime,” Lavrov announced. “It looks like a political provocation on an international scale. Yes, violence has to be stopped, but this demand has to be addressed to the authorities and armed groups in the Syrian opposition,” he argued.

“A kind of liberation army of Syria has appeared and created a Temporary Military Council, proclaiming as its aim toppling the regime in Syria,” Sergey Lavrov says. “Some European capitals are preparing to discuss the issue at the UN Security Council, equating the military actions of Syrian renegades to the manifestation of democratic aspirations by the people.”

"A kind of liberation army"
I like that. Lavrov is obviously being diplomatic. But, clearly he sees what is going on.

On Friday Putin called for "restraint and caution" over the Syrian situation.

So far Russia has not changed it's stance on Syria.

Finally I would like to end with some excerpts from an interesting commentary.
Ask yourself who benefits from the destabilization and destruction of Syria?
Who has been behinds the scenes, pulling strings?

Syria's isolation is a gift to Israel

The region would be splintered and weakened with the US and Israel reaping the benefits.

Attacking Iran-
When the hard-line Israeli government is currently mulling strikes on Iran's nuclear facilities egged on by senior US Republicans, many Israelis are deterred by the thought of Syrian and/or Hezbollah rockets raining down on their cities in concert with Tehran's. From their perspective, rendering Syria and Hezbollah impotent would be a godsend paving the way for a US-backed Israeli attack on Iran

The survival of the Palestinians -
Secondly, an Arab world in turmoil would leave the Palestinians without even the minimal clout and bargaining power they "enjoy" today. Take away the threat of Damascus and Tehran and Israel would be free to do its worst.

In other words, the current Middle Eastern power paradigm would be altered for decades to come with Israel walking off with the spoils and Washington consolidating its regional sphere of influence.

Surely Israel has been long aware of the benefits in destroying Syria

Friday, November 18, 2011

All the Knives are out for Syria- Pt 2

In yesterday's post I covered a number of different agendas coming into play with the Syrian situation-

Another shot at a UN resolution. A move by the Arab League, curiously timed to coincide with this attempt with the UN human rights committee.
The "Free Syrian" Army amassing at both the border of Turkey and Lebanon.

I guess it's map time!

The "Free Syrian" Army is supposed to be 15,000 strong.

This figure was given by a man located in Lebanon. So I am not sure if this applies to the numbers emanating out of Lebanon and Turkey combined, or just Lebanon.

Briefly the narrative of the "Free Syrian" Army and the looming civil wars is an interesting one.
It creates the perception that the army is composed of disillusioned Syrian soldiers.
Who are fighting for freedom from an oppressive tyrant.
It's the perfect pitch to a western audience, who like to believe their government and militaries are the "do gooders" of the world. This belief is pure delusion.

It goes further to create the perception, the one that is being reinforced via the corporate media, that this is a "civil war". This is Syrians, fighting Syrians. This is the narrative from Libya regurgitated, with some slight differences.

The civil war narrative had to be created and promoted when the UN Security council resolutions, that were tried for twice, failed to be passed.

So a bit of a different tactic then was used with Libya had to be created.

Hence the illusion of a civil war. But, this is no civil war.
It is outside fighters, as it has been from the beginning.
Only now the troop numbers are larger.
If I had to take a stab at guessing. I would say lots of Turkish troops are involved. Lebanese militants. Likely some individuals from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordanians probably some Israeli's.
Muslim Brotherhood fighters. And mercenaries, private guns for hire.
Oh and one more, I mentioned them the other day Al Qaeda.
Al Qaeda had been pouring into the area from Iraq to "fight for freedom".

When one considers all the players there is no realistic way this can be called a "civil war"
It is an outside invasion. Plain and simple.

The narrative of the "Free Syrian" Army is useful for this-
Free Syrian Army Seeks No-Fly Zone, Vows to Reach Palace

Do they get their talking points from the Council on Foreign Relations or what?
It was the Council on Foreign Relations, going on recall here, that first put that proposition forward. Coincidence or not? I would say NOT.

The group wants a buffer zone in the north, on the Turkish- Syrian border, and another in the south near the border with Jordan to help them bring the fight closer to Assad, Riad al As’ad, a former Syrian colonel who leads the Free Syrian Army, said in a phone interview from Turkey today. ( Interesting, Jordan? Clearly they are involved)

Getting back to yesterday's post. We touched on the players, Britain and France.
US war games with Bahrain. Muslim Brotherhood involvement and Canada telling it's citizens to get out of Syria.

Rehash completed, there was some additional stuff I didn't get around to yesterday-
Conveniently the IAEA is saying there is No progress in Syria nuclear talks

Syria failed to provided UN nuclear watchdog with access to Deir al-Zor site - which Israel bombed in 2007 - or other locations which may have been functionally related, Amano says.

This is a complete dead end. I have covered this previously.
The brouhaha in the news at this time is just more pot stirring to demonize Syria.
The alleged "nuclear" facility was/is fabric factory.

That secret nuclear facility in Syria? It’s a textile factory, researchers say in new report

But after further probing by private researchers, Syria’s mystery plant is looking far less mysterious. A new report concludes that the facility and its thousands of fast-spinning machines were intended to make not uranium, but cloth — a very ordinary cotton-polyester.

“It is, and always has been, a textile factory,” said one of the researchers, Jeffrey Lewis, a nuclear policy expert at the Center for Nonproliferation Studies and publisher of the blog Arms Control Wonk.

DEAD END. More spin.

Turkey eyes new trade routes to bypass Syria violence

If Turkey is just now in search of new trade routes, I would think what has been going on there all these past months has not been very disturbing of trade.

It would seem that Turkey is prepared/preparing for a big upsurge in destabilization, hence the search for new routes to by pass Syria.

Well that's all folks. I am out of time.
The Syrian situation sure looks to be coming to a head.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

All the knives are out for Syria. Every angle is being played.

Lots going on regarding Syria- UPDATES AT BOTTOM- check them out! Regarding the attempt at a UN resolution-

It's not a security council resolution, but, if adopted could it be enough of a cover to launch an attack on Syria?

The Europeans had introduced the resolution in the General Assembly's human rights committee but held up pushing for its adoption to see if it would get Arab support.

(Is this why the Arab league voted to suspend Syria?)

Ambassadors from Germany, Britain and France met some of their Arab counterparts late Wednesday afternoon to discuss the way ahead following the Arab League meeting in Cairo and got strong support to pursue the resolution, a German spokesman said, speaking on condition of anonymity because the meeting was private.

Some Arab delegations said they intend to co-sponsor the resolution, which will be sent to the UN Secretariat on Thursday and introduced in the General Assembly's human rights committee by Wittig on Monday, the spokesman said. The General Assembly could vote on the resolution next week, the spokesman said. Unlike Security Council resolutions, General Assembly resolutions are not legally binding but they do reflect the views of the 193 UN member states.

Witting said the Arab world has sent a very clear message to Syria - "the massive human rights violations and the suffering of the Syrian people have to stop."

"the useless nations" gotta love it

You just gotta love when countries such as Saudi Arabia talk about "human rights"
Or for that matter the US and Canada!

UPDATES starting here-

You all know about the "Free Syrian" Army in Turkey.
Which is neither Syrian nor about freedom, but, did you know.....
"Free Syrian" Army takes shape on Lebanon Border

Three attacks on Wednesday morning targeted key sites in Syria. All were launched by men who, like Arabi, were reluctant loyalists (not likely) at the start of the year. And all were soon shown on regional television, which has become a veritable operations room for rebels, who rarely get to communicate directly.

"That was us," said Arabi as al-Jazeera showed footage of a man firing a machine gun, followed by a huge roadside bomb targeting what looked like a convoy. "There will be many more of them," he added."

(Al-Jazeera, always there...)

This tiny, drab border town in Lebanon's impoverished north has become one of two main hubs for an armed resistance campaign that is increasingly taking shape inside Syria; the other is in southern Turkey. With rugged hills and plunging valleys on both sides, the town has always been an ideal smuggling route for Lebanese and Syrians, supplying a vibrant black market. These same well-plied routes are now used to move men and women – many of them former soldiers who have regrouped in Wadi Khaled and travelled back home, in some cases with extra weapons sourced in Lebanon.

I have never "bought" the disenfranchised Syrian soldier narrative. It makes no sense. If so many have left, the Syrian Military who is left "killing all the peaceful protestors"?
Of course, I mean the armed instigators.

According to Arabi " Free Syria Army's strength is about 15,000 nationwide. "
Most definitely NOT all ex Syrian Military

Rather then the French being the obvious or overt leaders, as in Libya (but not the real leaders), this time the role has fallen to Britain to act out. Good theater demands different leading men or women.

Calls for UK to spearhead Syria pressure

That said, according to Ynet, France is not far behind, just out of plain sight

France helping Syrian opposition get organized

French FM Alain Juppe says Paris opposed to military intervention but encouraging opposition groups

Greg Bacon left a comment mentioning the US is conducting war games with Bahrain

"The US Navy is playing war games with Bahrain until November 23."

The maneuvers, dubbed “rapid reaction,” started on November 14 and will continue until November 23, Mehr News Agency reported.

Handling explosions, defusing marine mines, preparation and planning for marine combat and taking defensive positions are among the exercises during the war games.

Of course the always ready, willing and able Muslim Brotherhood is open to a Turkish role in Syria
If you have been following along with the multiple postings I have had here this will come as NO surprise- The Muslim Brotherhood, are the new NATO poster boys.

The leader of Syria's exiled Muslim Brotherhood said Thursday that his compatriots would accept Turkish "intervention" in the country to resolve months of bloody unrest.

Isn't that swell of him? His concern for all the Syrians that will be killed in this non-civil war just warms my heart and soul. And just who the hell is this guy, that he feels ok to speak in the manner?

Earlier today Canadians were told to GET OUT of SYRIA, while they still can

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Kurds- The wild card in Syria

For some time now I have wondered at the Kurdish role in Syria
You may recall that a Kurdish leader was assassinated. This was blamed on Syrian forces/government.
I covered that all in a previous post, pointing out why it was unlikely Syria had anything to do with the killing
Noting that it was entirely possible a different Kurdish faction had carried out the killing.
Kurdish factions located in Northern Iraq. Kurdish factions affiliated with Israel

There is division amongst the divergent Kurdish groups-
According to this article there is a de facto truce between some of the Kurds and the Syrian government

There is a de facto truce between the Kurds and the government.

To enforce this truce, their cells in Afrin and Kobane stopped some Kurdish activists from organizing demonstrations. They claim that all their efforts are about maintaining calm to avoid a bloodbath.

Syrian Kurdish leaders have advised the Kurdish youth to remain peaceful. They argue that an open confrontation with the regime would be disastrous.

“Our people would become military target, not only for the army but also for some militias made of Arab settlers present in our provinces,” said Muslim. “The demonstrations would turn into an ethnic conflict that the government would use to its own advantage.”

Syrian Kurdish leaders are skeptical about the Syrian opposition that met several times since the unrest started in Syria in March. The Kurds say the Arab parties do not recognize the rights of the Kurdish population of Syria.

While their may be a truce between some of the Kurds, clearly the truce does not hold amongst all of the Kurds.

As I mentioned in the previous post, some of the Kurds have substantial military ties to Israel.
I wonder just how much of a role those Kurds tied to Israel have already been engaged in the destruction and destabilization of Syria?

Then I come across this today!
From Michael Weiss of the Henry(Scoop) Jackson Society.
You have been introduced to the Henry (Scoop) Jackson Society in previous posts. Interesting to note, the agenda being pushed:Will Kurds Determine Syria's Fate?

(supposedly a Syrian Kurd in Iraq, protesting?)

The fate of the Syrian revolution may reside in that one sentence. Syrian Kurds who have joined the call to revolution against Assad.

Clearly not all Kurds. As we have read above some Kurdish leaders have discouraged participation in the uprising. The assassination of Meshaal Tamo was clearly a tactic to draw more of the Kurds into participating in the uprising.

The Henry (Scoop) Jackson group, by all appearances, is a cover for the promotion of the Israeli agenda in Syria and the Middle East. If they are promoting the Kurds the determining factor in Syria's fate, it is quite safe to assume Israeli involvement with the Kurds.

What a tangled web!

Additional reading and thanks NYSC aka Ali from thenakedfacts

IISS: Syria's Opposition Is Armed

Readers here have been aware for some time the Syrian opposition is armed, violent and dangerous, still there is some interesting background in that article.

The "Free Syria Army" is literally an army of militant extremists, many drawn not from Syria's military ranks, but from the Muslim Brotherhood, carrying heavy weapons back and forth over the Turkish and Lebanese borders; funded, supported, and armed by the United States, Israel, and Turkey.

That pretty much summarized my take on the "Free Syrian Army".
There has been no real indication that there have been defections from the Syrian Military, other then from the "activists". But there have been all manner of indications of Muslim Brotherhood, Alquaeda (Al Ciaduh) . Alquaeda! yes!
Digressing to quote from my previous post-
The "activists" are not peaceful, never have been. So what else is going on in and around Syria?
How about news that Al quaeda is flooding into Syria to fight the Assad regime?
Yes, that Al quaeda! Complete with arms from Austria
The "terror group" the western media presents to the dumbed down masses as the "enemy"
Yes, Al quaeda, repeatedly without fail, shows up when Western interests need to be served.
It surely is the West that wants Assad out of Syria

Continuing on - Turkish, Lebanese and other militant groups being involved in attacking government/military officials, buildings and Syrian civilians

40 percent (average) of the cost of everything is interest

So yesterday I attempted a post..... Then hit publish and got a 404 error!
Good bye post. Time constraints and a total lack of patience got the better of me.
It just wasn't meant to be.
Today, I will give it another whirl.

Many of the great political and religious leaders like Moses, Mohammed, Luther,Ghandi and most of the churches and spiritual groups throughout history have tried to reduce social injustice by prohibiting interest payments. They understood it as the main cause of social injustice.

As it was then, so it is today....

Heard Ellen Brown interviewed the other day and she mentioned that interest. Usary, accounts on average for 40 percent of the cost of pretty much everything.
I thought, well that's a given! So why does no one ever take about it?
The inflation brought on by the cost of interest?
What is always blamed for inflation is wages.
Oh you can't pay people a decent wage because that will drive inflation.
Well what about the cost of interest that is factored into absolutely everything?
Why don't we ever hear or read about that?
Well here is a pdf that will let you do just that

A further reason why it is difficult for us to understand the full impact of the interest
mechanism on our economic system is, that it works in a concealed way.

Most of us assume that we only pay interest when we borrow money.
Therefore, if wewant to avoid paying interest, we think all we have to do is to avoid borrowing money.
What most people do not understand is, that every price we pay includes a certain
amount of interest. The exact proportion varies according to the labour versus capital costs
of the goods and services we buy. This ranges from a capital share of only 12% in garbage
collection, to 38% in drinking water, and up to 77% in public housing.

On the average we pay about 40% interest in all the prices of our goods and services

40 percent of the cost of everything- Interest payments
That's quite alot.
What difference would a 40 percent price reduction on average make in your life?

It is an interesting little read if you have the time.
If not just ponder everything costing on average 40 percent less without compound interest?
How much easier life would be......

Monday, November 14, 2011

Syrian supporters of Syria- Not the western backed lackies

So how is it that millions and millions of people go out to support their government, their nation and their right to chose.
This isn't the first time either. I have lost count of how many Pro -Assad mass protests there have been. I have covered them previously.
Here are some pictures from the latest-
This outburst of support came after the Arab league moved to push Syria out, at the behest of the western masters of course.

From the BBC

Curious about something?
Did the BBC intentionally muddy the photo?
Also "Jon Leyne, reporting from Cairo, says it is unclear how many of the protesters are there of their own volition.

How brazen! Realistically speaking how could anyone force million of people into the street. It is simply not possible in terms of manpower.
The above sentence was placed at the beginning to create a perception in the mind of the reader. Just another way the media manipulates perception.

Video footage of the pro-assad anti/west manipulation supporters

Good for the people on the street! In the first minute the woman from Syria calls it like it is!

As I have followed along with the Syrian situation for months now I have never seen any "anti-regime" (western puppet backed protests) come as close to this protest, or any of the other real Pro- Syrian gatherings in sheer size and numbers.
What they have been is more appropriately compared to armed insurrections and acts of violence and destruction.

Here is another video that the main stream manipulators haven't shared.
With thanks to Felix!

No nation is without problems. No nations have citizens without grievances.
But intervention (western backed-tyranny-debt enslavement) such as the type that happened in Libya, in Iraq, in Afghanistan is not the answer for the vast majority of citizens of any nations.

There was a recent news story regarding Iraq that should make this very clear-
Since the attack on Iraq and subsequent destruction of that nation- many Iraqi women have been forced into sex slavery- not just women, children as young as 10 or 12 years old

In the chaos of war and the confusion, lawlessness and poverty that followed, an untold number have become victims of sexual traffickers, some within Iraq and others sold over the borders.

All news outlets were very careful in their wording- not to put the blame where it belongs.

The blame belongs squarely on the shoulders of the US, Israel and all the other nations that encouraged,manipulated, participated and lied to justify the attack on Iraq.
Had there been no war there would have been no poverty, no confusion and no lawlessness.
The misery for these women and children directly resulted from the attack on Iraq by western nations. The exploitation of these individuals parallels the exploitation of the nation.

This is Libya's future now. This will be Syria's future.
For the vast majority things will get worse.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Media Censhorhip- Controlling the public dialogue

I want to grind a personal axe today-

While this has to do with the news coverage of the occupy movement in Canada to some degree. What this is largely about the censorship media outlets practice in the forums on their websites. Yes, I understand this is their prerogative, but, that is a rather hollow claim.

When one opts to participate on an alleged news sites forum or talk back one agrees to abide by their censorship rules.

Here are the CBC's rules
Not attempting to single the CBC out. They are certainly not the sole censor in the media.
These rules are pretty much standard across the board for all the media outlets.
No bad language. No threats. No racist/hateful comments. Comment relevant to the topic at hand. That kind of stuff.
Truth be told racist/hateful comments are all the rigueur if you attack "the people you're supposed to hate" Usually the state designated enemies?
Hoping you understand the meaning behind that ?
One can see these types of comments just about anywhere.
So one comes away with the idea that some comments are allowed more then others.
Conversely some comments are more censored then others.
Ever wonder what those comments might be?

I would suggest that those are comments that contain way too much truth or facts.
Ones that are reasonable, thoughtful and insightful.
Let me clarify-
The news sites have been covering the Occupy movement. Sort of.
And they have been asking for people to comment on the movement, it's relevancy in Canada etc., Except most of the comments they let through sound like this

"its a nothing waste of time movement . bunch of broke bored hippies . i say put up a fence dont allow food in exsept for the 5 dollar hot dog vendors . and see how long they hang out. hot dogs 3 times a day yum yum . ahahaha "
Or the ones here
Sure there are some well written ones, but, mostly it is the above mentioned type.
Yours truly tried to comment. Yours truly saved the comments.
None got through. Not one.
So I am going to share-

YES the protests are relevant in Canada.
Of course they are, what kind of foolish question is that??
Canadian taxpayers bailed the banks, (25 billion dollars in 2008)
Canadian taxpayers bailed the auto makers
And for what? Job cuts and lay offs?
Wages go down, jobs are gone, Income disparity grows.
The whole "trickle down" economics is ridiculous, It may sell to some gullible persons, but simply put "trickle down" is really wealth from the masses travelling upwards.
It should correctly be called "vacuuming up". The "powerful" people vacuum up the money of the citizens, via taxes and or fees on everything.
The 99 percent have been vacuumed clean. There is not one speck of dust (cash) to be sucked up to the rich and powerful, to the banks for bailouts and the corporations for bailouts."
"people without jobs protesting" -Quoting another allowed commenter
And why is there such a shortage of jobs? That is the question. Not why people are protesting the huge lack of opportunities. The question is why such a lack of opportunities?
The answers are multiple. Profits before people .Money power usurped by private interests
Free trade that are not free and have little to do with trade and lots to do with exploitation of the people.
Another fabrication I see expressed here
"pigs at the trough didnt translate up here " your mistaken
The banks were indeed bailed out here as were the automakers and others.
Mortgages were moved off the books of the banks and on to Canadian taxpayers.
In October 2008 it was reported the Canadian government moved 25 billion, that is billion dollars in bad mortgages off the
books of banks and onto the backs of the taxpayers.
And while they were at it they changed the accounting rules for the banks
sweet deal for the private banks"

What a surprise, not. That law enforcement would not protect the people, the protestors in our alleged democracy. "alleged" Instead providing strong arms for the official classes.
No surprise in the underhanded way the police removed the people exercising their right to free speech, their right to demonstrate
Odd isn't it, that western powers claim to be attacking other nations to bring freedom and democracy to said nations, always in support of alleged protests.
But on the home turf of western nations no such dissent allowed without heavy handed tactics
I sense a double standard.
Wondering when law enforcement is going to enforce against usury?
Or loan sharking? Against the banks and credit unions. Those are crimes, no?
How about cheque cashing places? Certainly taking advantage of people. Charging exorbitant rates. Loan sharks. How is that lawful or moral?
It is a black is white world isn't it? Where business and credit card companies and banks can prey upon people and the people are forced to bail out banks and business etc,(And yes, the banks were bailed out in Canada)
-October 2008 debt was moved "off the books" of the bank and onto the back of the people As the CBC and other media outlets reported on, at the time.
November 2008 more debt was moved off the books of the .But when the people protest against the abuse of themselves, the debt put on them against their will, the police move in against them.

Not one of those comments were published.
Do you notice a common thread that runs through the comments?
Actually there are a few-
One is the fact that the Canadian government bailed the banks out. It was reported on back in 2008.

Read all about that here
Government of Canada Announces Additional Support for Canadian Credit Markets
The Honourable Jim Flaherty, Minister of Finance, today announced the Government will purchase up to an additional $50 billion of insured mortgage pools by the end of the fiscal year as part of its ongoing efforts to maintain the availability of longer-term credit in Canada.
This action will increase to $75 billion the maximum value of securities purchased through Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) under this program.
That is 75 billion dollars that taxpayers are now responsible for.

However in 2011 this garners no mention in the main stream media and it appears to be a total taboo to comment on. While speaking on banks, did you notice this?

Money power usurped by private interests

Secondly- referencing the allegation of bringing democracy and protecting people who are exercising their rights to protest. Aren't the western governments big on that everywhere else in the world- "Gotta bring freedom" "Protecting people" Oddly enough that doesn't apply to their own nations.

Look at what happened in California at the Occupy protests? Anyone see any resolutions being requested at the UN.

Really? Pointing out the hypocrisy. The black is white or the double standards is a no no.

Thirdly, taking issue with the fact that free trade hasn't created jobs, despite propaganda.
Despite the sloganeering.
Just like this one "tax cuts create jobs" Really?
If that was actually the case everyone should have a job. Since there has been nothing but tax cuts, give aways and subsidies to big, big business for decades now.
And yet- there are no decent jobs. People are debt slaves. Students are debt slaves.
Nations are indebted to private banking institutions.

No foul language, no racism, no hate. No personal attacks. Just the facts ma'am!
Keep this in mind next time your reading the comments at any of the so called mainstream media news sites, anywhere in the so called free and democratic western world.
Ask yourself this-
What comments were not allowed through?
What did those commenters have to say that the media censors from the public discourse.
And why? Why is the media keeping relevant commentary out of the public dialogue?

Never assume that what has been censored was necessarily bad or hateful. It likely wasn't. It may just have been a little closer to the truth then you realize. A little closer to the truth then the powers that be would like the masses to be aware of.

Axe honed- Thanks