Monday, November 28, 2011

Libya to Syria : Guns for Human rights?

Libya is "gunning" for Syrian opposition- That is gun running

Syrian rebels held secret talks with Libya's new authorities (NATO backed government) on Friday, aiming to secure weapons and money (funneling guns and money from western intersts via puppet regime in Libya) for their insurgency against President Bashar al-Assad's regime, The Daily Telegraph has learned.

At the meeting, which was held in Istanbul and included Turkish officials, the Syrians requested "assistance" from the Libyan representatives and were offered arms, and potentially volunteers.

"There is something being planned to send weapons and even Libyan fighters to Syria," said a Libyan source, speaking on condition of anonymity. "There is a military intervention on the way. Within a few weeks you will see."

allegedly Syrian and Libyan "rebels"

Libyan "fighters" or "rebels", means mercenaries, means special ops.
It sure as heck does not mean Libyan citizens.

The Telegraph has also learned that preliminary discussions about arms supplies took place when members of the Turkish-based Syrian National Council [SNC] — the country's main opposition movement — visited Libya earlier this month.

"The Libyans are offering money, training and weapons to the Syrian National Council," added Wissam Tariff, a human rights campaigner with links to the SNC.

Wissam Tarif a "human rights" campaigner?

borrowed from wikipedia

Wissam Tarif, who is aiding in trafficking weapons and training foreign fighters to kill innocent civilians in Syria?
Did you catch that? Foreign fighters.Wissam Tarif is not only assisting in bringing guns and money into Syria.
Wisam Tarif is bringing in foreign fighters
Wissam Tarif is making the lie of "civil war" in Syria all the more obvious, then it already was,
Curiously, Wissam Tarif is Lebanese
A Lebanese "human rights" worker who is in Turkey, making deals with NATO backed Libyan officials for guns and money.
Do Wissam Tarif actions seem especially "human rights" oriented to you?
I didn't think so either.

Wissam Tarif is affiliated with this group: Insan

A very wordy website. A website that uses many lofty words, yet somehow appears lacking.
Now, I don't want to tell anyone what to think..... but, Insan is lacking.
Have a look through, see for yourself.
Civil war in Syria?
Fomented destabilization from every angle, backed by NATO/Western/Israeli interests?
One must call a spade, a spade.


  1. Its very enlightening (grin) to read Wissam's blog. He's clearly no evil genius - in fact he's a quite clueless and rather shallow young man, full of resentment at his rude and uncivilized government back home in Lebanon. He's too young to remember when Beirut was bombed into the stone-age and by whom; in fact he never mentions Israel in all his blog. He's a happy shiny liberal.

    Here are some extracts from the start of his blog ( in 2009 when he's undergoing indoctrination in Sweden:

    I unwrapped the Swedish Institute gift, a book about “Consensus”, a photo book about Sweden in the eyes of young photographers and a wooden Trojan horse.
    Hmm, a Trojan Horse.

    He shows some signs of sentience here:
    So why should Sweden spend money on thirty three young “leaders” from the underdeveloped undemocratic Middle East and North Africa? What interest does it have? And why?
    In reality it’s not only Sweden, but most developed democratic countries are running programs related to social change. What do they want?

    Do they want to destroy/change and/or conspire against Islam? Do they want to change us? Do they want to democratize us? If so why? They are still doing business as usual, trade is going on, Oil is flowing, what the hell do they want?

    I have asked, I truly did, the people I met gave simple answers and they have the best intentions. Public diplomacy, intercultural exchange, building bridges etc… that is not clear enough. No?
    Focusing on this program in particular “Young Leaders Visitors Program hosted and organized by the Swedish Institute” I think I have a good valid answer.
    {sorry you don't}

    Since the Euro-Mediterranean partnership initiative started, EU as an entity and individual states started to be more active in MENA focusing on civil society, development, media, legislations, human rights and of course trade.

    Europe has realized that their neighbors “US” could be part of the solution for so many problems. Partnership with the Middle East cannot be built only with the regimes it has also to reach the civil society and the society in large. Whether it works or not that is another matter.

    No conspiracy involved. No destruction, no hidden intentions, they are starving to build real bridges with the real people. They want mutual understanding and comprehension. They want to do some good. Whether they achieve it or not that is also another matter.

    Another puppet is born.

  2. You-know-who are big in Sweden -

    Notice how the camera lingers on the Masonic Hall's symbolism at the start. What a creepy woman! She should try some of her multiculturalism back home in Israel - the settlers would give her a big hug I'm sure.

    AL JAFRAUD-ERA EXPOSED AGAIN- The testimony of Sari Saoud 's mother exposed Aljazeera !! busted
    WADI ALARAB.L KIND MARTYR Sari Saud. 26 \ 11 \ 2011 Kid Sari saud Mothe Syrian revolution real story Homs Syrian TV Bashar ASSAD ALJAZEERA SCANDAL Mother: There was no army units, nor security forces.If the army was at the scene, my son would have survived,may God protect the Army, may God protect the Army and
    VIDEO - Khalid Al-Rajeh: A Saudi Terrorist who was killed in the city of Homs

    The mutiny in Syria has become armed lSyria (Islam Times) – The British Broadcasting Corporation BBC announced that its correspondent Paul Wood has traveled “without permission” with the photographer Scott Fred to the city of Homs where they saw small but stable factions of “Mutinous Syrians” and obtained “the first direct evidence that the movement in Syria has become an armed mutiny.”

    [ALSO SEE...VIDEO-FLASHBACK-SYRIAWATCH-EXPOSED!HOLLYWOOD PRODUCTION-Who makes the fire sound in Syria! STAGED GUNBATTLE!!! Honesty of the Syrian Revolution? Syrian Revolution terrorists pretend to be dead to fluff up the death toll as they are photographed. They come back to life on video.

  4. Keep up the great work on this Penny!!!
    Cheers A13

  5. I wonder if Iran realised that the rats who they rushed to support will so quickly turn against them History shows what goes round comes around.

  6. hey freethinker

    quoting from the blog of Wissam

    No conspiracy involved. No destruction, no hidden intentions, they are starving to build real bridges with the real people.

    If two or more people work together to bring about change, or to alter something, whatever, that is conspiring.

    Therefore while being brought into the conspiracy in Sweden "spending money on 33 young "leaders" he denies conspiracy.


    anyone home?

    Indeed another puppet is born and it is amazing how he rationalizes this. Does he still do this as he undertakes destroying a nation and participating in the deaths of innocent persons?

  7. freethinker:

    I have seen that video previously either at veritas's or on red ice radio?

    One or the other?

    Yeah she should go back to Israel and sell her multiculturalism on the settlers.......
    Risk life and limb for her beliefs.

  8. Hello NYS and thanks for the link

  9. Thanks A13 and cheers back to you :)

  10. Anonymous 5;24 am

    Could you clarify whom you are referencing in that comment?

    It is kind of unclear.


  11. Penny
    November 29, 2011 7:16 AM

    This bigot Abdelhakim Belhadj for a start who is rumored to be in Syria. There is more then meets the eye regarding Iran's foolishly rushing to support the TNC rats. Moussa Sadr is given as an excuse but where is the request for investigation and why is not full pushed. I think there are many in Iran and Lebanon who do not want to see an form of investigation.

    1. iran not to be trusted in ANY case. they are working hand in glove with israel and have been since the 1980 iran contra weapons exchange. their un ambassador was partying with the new LIBYA AMBASSADOR to UN at the 1st anniversary of "Libya Uprising"- despite the role played by Libya in attack on syria.

      iran and turkey- same aspirations, same game same smut.

    2. btw- most of the employees of the new Libya Embassy at UN are LEBANESE, not Libyan. No Libyans over there as far as could be seen-except the top dog puppet.

  12. The death of Oula Jablawi according to Wissam Tarif and CNN -

    The Truth about the child Oula Jablawi -


  13. Hello anonymous:
    yesterday 7:43 am
    FYI: I identify with the time incase there are other anonymous commenters that appear, which has happened and is confusing to read and respond to

    in response to the comment and the mention of this person

    Abdelhakim Belhadj

    I seem to recall this fellow from way back

    He also has covert operative written all over him-

    -left Libya in 1988 for Saudi Arabia and then for Afghanistan to participate in the Afghani war against the perceived threat of the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics (USSR) that began in 1978.

    In 1994, Belhadj returned to Libya and settled in its eastern area. He took advantage of the area's inhabitants' hostility toward Qaddafi and began planning a coup against the regime.

    During his exile in the UK, Belhadj benefited from the strained diplomatic relations between Libya and the UK. Soon Belhadj left once again for Afghanistan, where he could reorganize the Libyan Fighting Group. By then he was known by his nom de guerre Abu Abdullah Sadek.

    In 1995, the Qaddafi authorities discovered the group's plan and launched an air strike against the rebels. The fighting ended after a couple of years and Belhadj escaped to the UK.....

    quite a conveniently linked/ in the "right" place at the "right" time kind of guy

    If he is in Syria it would not be surprising given the past activities mentioned above.

    As for the Iran connection?
    You would have to expand on this.

  14. Freethinker:
    I watched both videos
    Wissam is shameless.
    And exploitative.

    But remember there is no conspiracy..... just bridge building
    (which is a quaint way of saying conspiring)

  15. A little more about our hero Wissam-

    He was raised in the Lebanon town of al-Karaoun by parents who were independent of the local sectarian interests. At 12 he saw his friend Jude crushed by a Syrian tank and his home destroyed. So he has experienced the horrors of war and is not well disposed to Syria. At 13 he was sent to join his brothers in Paraguay. You-know-you are strong in Paraguay. Later he worked for Greenpeace then set up a one-man humanitarian organization FDPOC. After his 2009 programming at the Swedish Institute - Young Leaders Visitor Program he was installed (by whom?) with staff in Spain under the name INSAN, and now he's connected with Avaaz. His friend and mentor (ie handler) Samir Kassir, a left-wing intellectual, UNESCO human-rights trainer and journalist, was killed by a car-bomb in Beruit (shortly after Hariri's killing). Hezbollah and Syria were blamed.

    The Plot Against Syria, interesting links -

  16. freethinker:

    all this talk on the dupe wissam.....has brought back something I had bookmarked, thought it was odd, like hmmm....
    but first this

    "He was raised in the Lebanon town of al-Karaoun by parents who were independent of the local sectarian interests."

    Independent of local sectarian interests....
    So, is he a follower of Judaism?
    It would fit wouldn't it?
    It would make sense.

    Now back to my recall
    Around the time of the killing of Gadaffi a woman was run down in the US by an alleged Libyan, with possible diplomatic immunity from Sweden-

    The tragic death of 64-year-old Trudi Rishikof after being hit by a car on Connecticut Avenue last week only seems to get more complex by the day. Well, the details of what happened are pretty clear -- she was crossing in crosswalk and was hit by a driver that is thought to have been using a cellphone at the time.

    It's everything else that's complicated.

    Earlier this week WTOP's Mark Segraves reported that the car was registered to the Swiss Embassy, raising the prospect that the driver may well be able to invoke diplomatic immunity and escape responsibility.

    But the AP's Ben Nuckols writes today that the driver, 39-year-old Kamal Mortada, probably isn't a diplomat. Moreover, he's a former domestic servant to Hannibal Gadhafi, one of Moammar Gadhafi's sons, while he was living in Switzerland. Mortada was one of two servants (allegedly) beat by the younger Gadhafi in a 2008 incidents that led to diplomatic tensions between Libya and Switzerland.

    It's still unclear how Mortada came to be employed by the Swiss embassy or what will happen to him."

    How did Mortada come to be employed by the Swiss Embassy?
    Was it an accident?
    Was it a hit?
    Who was this woman?

    This fellow just happens to be pretty close in age to our human rights crusader Wissam

    I wonder.........
    One of these days I am going to have to dig into that one

  17. That is very strange. I've had a poke around but not come up with much.

    The police report is extremely sketchy, there was an 'electronic device' in the vehicle but nothing to indicate it was causing a distraction. The vehicle was doing a left turn onto the main carriageway so the driver should have had good visibility of the pedestrian crossing. The victim (a slim/fit lady) must have been unaware of the SUV approaching from behind her right side.

    Victim: Trudi Rishikof
    Quite a live-wire, well connected in the DC liberal elite, worked for a string of NGOs particularily wrt cultural outreach: laterly Africare (retired end 2009) and Alliance Francaise. Nothing remotely sinister.

    Her husband Harvey is a big-wig law professor specializing in war, security, torture and all that good stuff. Also a member of CFR (2010). Very orthodox liberal, safe pair of hands etc.

    Now that you're earning the big-bucks Pen, you might be interested in his 3 bedroom condo - a snip at $1.7m ;)

  18. "Now that you're earning the big-bucks Pen, you might be interested in his 3 bedroom condo - a snip at $1.7m ;)"

    Nah, condos don't interest me
    I am more the land and nature type...

    my millions! rofl.....