Thursday, December 15, 2011

Another Mosque set ablaze by the Jewish "Extremists"

A follow up to yesterday's post!
You may wonder why I quote-end quote the word "extremist" regarding the followers of Judaism that perpetuate these kinds of attacks?
So I will explain, the attacks are not rare, they are the norm.
Therefore it is hard to think of this as the work of a few bad apples, when by all appearances these type of activities go on day in, day out. For sixty years now.

Mosques burned, homes demolished, olive groves burnt, children killed.
Old ladies shot. Schools damaged. Excrement smeared walls. Cheese factories bombed.
Jews only roads. Collective punishment.
Rather then the work of a few "extremists" what many, but not all Israelis do presently and have done to the Palestinians previously seems the norm, rather then the exception.
Therefore I find this news presented as the work of a few "bad apples" Not realistic.

Another Palestinian mosque torched in West Bank

Vandals set fire to another mosque in the West Bank on Thursday and defaced it with Hebrew graffiti. The Hebrew words for "war" and "Mitzpe Yitzhar" were painted in red on a wall

This one was being used by worshippers! -
As reported by Ynet

"At 4 am, worshipers discovered part of the mosque was on fire and were luckily able to extinguish it quickly. The building sustained light damage, mostly to its carpets and chairs. No injuries were reported."

This picture is from the mosque torching posted on yesterday

Some of the slogans read: "Price tag," "Kahane was right," "Muhammad is dead," and "marked for razing."

"Kahane was right"- Wow, talk about your fanatical extremist type


  1. Hello Lady Penny,

    Don't expect me to worship those royal cruddy crass at the puffingham palace, I have Lady Penny to show my respect to! ☺

    Oh ..where was I? Mosque burned to the ground eh? I'm guessing lowes will Not be showing up there anytime soon by booking flight through kayak?

  2. I dread to think would happen if some Jewish synagogue in Israel had been vandalised, defaced and set on fire, with the blame being put on Palestinians?

    It would be the lead story on all of the Zionist owned MSM, with interviews of American, EU, NATO men and women politicians calling for restraint on Israel's part, but that Israel has the right to defend itself and then American made Apache helicopter gunships and American made F-16's, weapons of death and destruction given to Israel, would go on a murderous mission into Gaza, with many 'Christian' clapping and cheering that their beloved state of hate, Israel, had shown those damned 'Muzzies' who's the boss.

  3. Hello Musique!

    "Lady Penny"

    Why I thank you :)
    Very nice.

    I do not expect you to worship the royal cruddy crass at the puffingham palace.....

    The reference to Lowes?!

    I did catch that news.
    there are times I just don't know what to say, seriously.

  4. anonymous @ 2:02 am
    "I dread to think would happen if some Jewish synagogue in Israel had been vandalised, defaced and set on fire, with the blame being put on Palestinians?"

    Headlines would blare world wide about how it was "Terrorism"

    But when the followers of Judaism do this and more so much more....

    We get the few bad apples angle