Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Canada shipping Weapons Grade Uranium to.......

.........the United States- Bomb ready.
Highly enriched Uranium Fuel. Driving it right across the border!

Where is the IAEA?

By the way if you are a bit concerned about this material coming through a town near you....
To bad for you!
The Canadian government feels no need to bother itself over the concerns of the peons
Democracy? No way. Fascist Tyranny? Yup!
Let's read the news together...

Weapons-grade uranium is quietly being transported within Canada, and into the United States, in shipments the country's nuclear watchdog wants to keep cloaked in secrecy.

A confidential federal memo obtained through the Access to Information Act says at least one payload of spent, U.S.-origin highly enriched uranium fuel has already been moved stateside under a new Canada-U.S. deal

(at least one load of highly enriched uranium, could be more.)

The shipments stem from the highly publicized agreement signed last year by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and U.S. President Barack Obama, amid fears that nuclear-bomb-making material could fall into the hands of terrorists.

The above italicized part is nonsense, it is spin to justify what is really going on here. Canada is supplying the means to make more bombs to the US. Plain and Simple. The natural question that follows is where will these bombs be placed? In Canada?

The Canadian stash gradually being shipped from Chalk River, Ont., contains hundreds of kilograms of highly enriched uranium -- large enough to make several Hiroshima-sized nuclear bombs.

But even as the radioactive freight travels toward the U.S. border, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission has no plans to hold public hearings or disclose which communities lie along the delivery route.

Why is that you ask?

When asked why public hearings aren't necessary for the uranium deliveries, a commission spokeswoman replied by email: they (Public Hearings )
"are not carried out given the robustness of the packages used and due to the security issues related to the transfers of highly enriched uranium."
Recall above the spin about this material falling into the hands of "terrorists" Which is bullshit.
We then get a total contradiction on why there is no public hearings or disclosure- everything is so secure.
If everything is so secure, why transport this material to the US?
Clearly there is another agenda at play.
If everything is so secure, why do the lying lips use the "terror" angle?
Because it stops any questioning dead in it's tracks!
Except for my impertinence in questioning all obvious bullshit.

What makes these types of shipments particularly galling is Canada's horn blowing on non-proliferation

" Canada is proactive in its non-proliferation efforts. Through the Proliferation Security Initiative, Canada works cooperatively with other countries to prevent illicit trafficking in nuclear, chemical or biological weapons, their means of delivery, and related materials. The Proliferation Security Initiative supports UN Security Council Resolution 1540, the first ever Security Council Resolution on non-proliferation issues."

These covert shipments sure appear to be "illicit trafficking".
Is that why there is so much secrecy surrounding them?


  1. Thanks for being on top of this, Penny! I've made it the topic of today's blog entry, pointing to yours.

  2. I knew bad things were going to come of Harper's majority government. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Look at our new(behind closed doors) US/Canada boarder security agreement. US law enforcement agencies operating in Canada??? We can't even make the RCMP accountable for there actions!

  3. Canada supplied nuclear reactors as foreign aid to both India and Pakistan, (after they signed an agreement to not produce nuclear weapons). What did Canada do, after both countries broke that agreement: nothing!

  4. Your Welcome YaYa!
    I knew I had to get this one out to a wider audience.
    So glad you did not mind me leaving the link.

  5. Anonymous 7:34pm

    The majority government ensured there would be no problem getting all kinds of crap through the parliament.
    That said as a minority the Harper regime wasn't finding much in the way of resistance from the other parties.

    It was all parties that consented to the bombing campaign of atrocities committed in Libya
    Including the NDP.

    The majority just makes it simpler

  6. Anonymous 5:04 am

    I was aware of the role of Canada regarding India, but, didn't realize that Canada helped Pakistan in these regards..

  7. I want to share something here, which I have left over at YaYa's blog.
    Who it appears it on the same wavelength as I.

    My Response to YaYa

    "Oh and you have read my mind!!
    There are so many angles as to why this story was leaked at this time.

    I was thinking of course of "bad Iran"
    But Canada producing weapons grade uranium was just hunky dory
    Then the usual hypocrisy of the west

    But then the false flag possibility..... at the border, ensnaring the two countries.

    Justifying the "border security" agreement, which is signed, sealed and delivered...

    You know like the Patriot Act was all ready to go, conveniently & immediately after 9/11?!

    Did you notice the whole "terrorist" angle at play in the stories.

    It has to be transported to the US, under a new security agreement, to keep the bad terrorists at bay.....
    However transporting weapons grade uranium via the highways and byways it a perfect set up for booooga boooga.
    Some "bad persons" could hijack the shipment, bringing into play the security agreement on the border.

    "And isn't it a good thing that we just so happen to have such a good agreement in place. What foresight!"

    Can you imagine the msm spin job.

    Of course the "terrorists" will be brought to the world courtesy of the CIA and CSIS.

    Wonder if Mubin Shaik has been making himself useful again?

    Mubin Shaik for those why may not know is the CSIS toady that aided in the concoction of the Toronto 18 as they were originally known.

    Mubin was quite an actor, even appearing on the msm as a muslim.
    Trying to badly act his way into the community, so he could "recruit" some "terrorists" for CSIS.
    He was not the only toady in that scene, there were I believe two others, they were paid lots of Canadian taxpayer dollars.

    This scenario of intelligence lackies being used to create "terrorist groups" to scare the domestic population has played itself out repeatedly.
    More so in the US then Canada, but it has been used over and over and over...

    The Weapons grade uranium shipment leak could provide a possible set up for a false flag terror attack.

    We should be mindful of that

  8. This is a repost of my comment to Penny just now made on my blog:

    "Geez Penny. You just read my mind! I just now posted an amendment to my update to include the border deal, and immediately afterwards your comment dropped into my inbox. We were thinking the exact same thing at the exact same time!"