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Car bombs in Syria- Intelligence targets linked to Russia?

I come here, as I have since March 24/ 2011, the time I first noticed the seeds of destabilization being planted in Syria. Brought to my attention through nothing more sinister then carefully reading world wide media reporting.
Really, paying attention to the hidden truth glossed over by the overt message, the perception management, if I may?

What made it possible for me to pick up on the beginning of a Western Backed "revolution" in Syria, was simply that I had long ago removed my rose coloured glasses. (idiom)

If you have been reading along then you too have removed your filters. This is good. This is necessary. Vital, really.
But, still not enough people are choosing the reality. The unvarnished truths.
As ugly as they may be, it is necessary to face them.
Keeping all that in mind, let's look at the news today on Syria.
I read with a heavy heart, this news of a "Double suicide car bombing in Damascus"
The main stream media is using the word "twin" I refuse to use that loaded word and all it's connotations and propaganda reinforcements. These are not twin anything.
This is just a western backed/ state sponsored attack of terror conducted with two vehicles.
It is highly doubtful these are "suicide attacks" either. I can't prove this, but, always find this claim totally unsubstantiated. These statements can't be qualified or proven. It is a statement made only to reinforce a specific propaganda message.

Let's get back to the city of Damascus, where we have seen millions come out and support Assad An area that has been largely free of western intervention and terrorism. Largely, but not completely. There was one previous attack, covered here.
The Free Syrian Army took responsibility for an attack and then denied it.

So called Syrian Army "defectors" had attacked the Baath party office. But, then they didn't.
"the FSA had said it fired rocket-propelled grenades at the headquarters of Syria's ruling Baath party."
This attack was way worse, many civilians dead. It would seem looking back at the previous attack, it may have been a practice run for something bigger?

So what was the target?

" coordinated bombings struck a security and intelligence complex"

2 rigged vehicles cause explosion in capital killing several civilians, soldiers, most casualties are civilians.

"Two booby-trapped cars blew up at security sites in Damascus on Friday, killing a number of civilians and soldiers" Lebanon warned al-Qaida had infiltrated from its territory
Security and Intelligence complexes. What does this mean exactly?
Assuming these are complexes vital to the defence of Syria, this may leave Syria more vulnerable to attack.

Who wants to attack Syria?

The US, Israel, France, Britain, Turkey. Collectively known as NATO. All have had a hand in this campaign of destruction since March of this year.

What does the timing of this attack say to us?

“President Sleiman conveyed to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad his condemnation of the terrorist attacks today,” read a statement released by Sleiman’s office.

“The timing of the attacks, which coincides with the arrival of the first monitors to Syria, aims to disrupt the Arab solution agreed upon by Syria and the Arab League.”

The timing of the attacks, to coincide with the arrival of Arab monitors, to disrupt the Arab solution.

Who did not want the Arab monitors? I covered that here.

The foreign opposition (western backed stooges, speaking out of both sides of their mouth) did not want the Arab monitors. They want boots on the ground. They want a military NATO bloodbath.

This includes but is not limited to the concocted Syrian National Council.Also, that British intelligence mouth piece group, you know the one based in London- Syrian Observatory of Human Rights and others.

Yet, another angle to the Syrian Bombings!

Damascus bombings target Russian Intelligence

The two powerful bomb blasts that rocked the Syrian capital Damascus on Friday morning were directed against Russian intelligence, the Guardian reported on its website, citing Syrian television.

Russia is at this time denying this report.

To understand the destabilization ongoing in Syria let's go back to an older post-

Low Intensity Operations: Subversion, Insurgency, PeaceKeeping

In that post you can download a book by the same name.

This is the design, the outline, the blueprint for what is being conducted in Syria.
Previously in Libya. Ongoing in Pakistan. Hoping you get the idea?
This is the "how to" of country destruction.
This is why death squads are now roaming the country of Syria
This is why snipers are gunning down civilians as they go about their daily lives.

Frank Kitson- the British counterinsurgency practitioner and theorist, defined
subversion with characteristic directness as “all illegal measures short of the use of armed force taken by one section of the people of a country to overthrow those governing the country at the time, or to force them to do things they do not want to do.”

What is not mentioned in this quote from Kitson, taken from the book, is exactly who or what methods can be employed to encourage these illegal measures, short of using armed forces, to overthrow those governing the country.
Kitson would have been well aware that the countries armed forces would not be accessible to outside illegal measures, thereby requiring armed forces of another kind to be created.
Hence the "Free Syrian Army" or the "Free Libyan Army" spin.

Continuing along on the destabilization of Syria... Isn't it interesting to read Israel's mouthpiece MEMRI putting out this kind of stuff? (Sorry, if I have offended anyone for linking to this site)
None of it is new.
It is just so interesting to see how Israel supports the rise of the Islamists in former secular nations. A ploy that plays so well into Israel's continued game of victimhood.

And one last thing. I promise!

An interview with Webster Tarpley on Guns and Butter- Take an hour and listen.
For all his shortcomings, this is a very good overview on the situation in Syria.

NATO's Assault On Syria" with Webster Griffin Tarpley. Foreign journalists trip to Syria; religions and ethnicities; Syrian cities of Damascus, Qara, Homs and its Zahra neighborhood and hospital, Baniyas, Tartus, and Beirut, Lebanon; Russian Naval Base; death squads/snipers/ambushes and kidnapping; Syrian Army; foreign intervention.

Guns and Butter - December 21, 2011 at 1:00pm

Click to listen (or download)


  1. Well said Penny. You’re determination to highlight every road sign on this road to hell is commendable and a credit to your judgement.

    I caught this on the Truthseeker site today – I actually got some reading time today.

    We’ve long considered that "Al Qaeda" was a CIA front but it makes more sense that Mossad is behind it also. Factor in the control of the Muslim Brotherhood for the last 40 years and the Salafi/Saudi hidden network and we see the levers of control.

    The Salafi’s are not a true representation of Islam just as the nutter Christian Zionist are not a true link to Christianity. Both are still guided by the same hands. That’s how the PTB work – through cut-outs and sell-outs.

    How typical! What better way to run the show? Appear as devout followers of Islam while pushing the agenda of your own true kind – just like the Donmeh in Turkey. The ‘rise’ in fundamentalism gets all the coverage - and the blame - while a khazar hand is on the joystick.

    I would be amused if the targets are Russian. That may sound wrong but I know the Russians take the attempted murder of their own as serious as a heart attack. They aren’t flashy but they are direct in such matters. Expect some tangential blowback.

    This thing can flash over very quickly. The timing of the Arab monitors arriving, the bombings and the newly announced 10 day exercise by the Iranians are not coincidental.

    Happy Christmas Penny and thank you for all your writings this year. May the New Year bring happiness and health.


  2. Yes it'll be interesting to see how Russia reacts to this.

    Chucky, you raise a point about Salafism and the Judaic subversion of Islam that is crucial. Recently I've been watching Imran Hosein's videos on youtube ( ) and I'm struck by the way he refers to Wahhabiism and Salafism as 'Protestant' Islam.

    Protestant Christianity and the Reformation nearly 500 years ago was a device used by the Jews and their agents (eg. Jesuits, Morrano crypto-jews like Calvin) to cripple the power of the Roman Catholic Church and so render Christendom more comfortable and malleable for them.

    So it seems that Islam is now being treated to its own 'Reformation' to create a version of Islam that the Jews can subvert and control.

    The Reformation was a bounce-back from the (propagandised?) horrors of the Roman Catholic Inquisition of the late middle-ages - and similarly the current enlightened age of multiculturalism, Jewish inspired liberal thinking and the cult of anti-anti-semitism is a bounce-back from the (definitely propagandised) Holocaust.

    A 500 year old recipe is being reused. Maybe that's obvious to others, but it was a wee epiphany for me.

    David Livingston's book 'Terrorism and the Illuminati' goes into the history of this subversion quite thoroughly -

    Merry Christmas Penny.

  3. Chuckyman:
    I wrote you a big response and lost it.


    I will be back as it is a busy time.

    Happy Christmas to you and yours and thanks so much for reading here.
    And commenting!

  4. Freethinker

    It will be interesting to see Russia's response.

    I hope I can catch it between all the eating and drinking


    I will check out all links..
    Merry Christmas Free thinker, right back atcha and thanks!

  5. Hi Pen, Merry Christmas to you and yours :)
    Cheers A13

  6. Hey A-13, thanks so much.

    And right back at you!

    So far I have both ate and drank too much