Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jewish 'extremists' attack mosque

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That said, this latest news story, only a few hours old and not getting widespread coverage, just begs to be posted.


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Jews attack Mosque

Jewish extremists on Wednesday tried to torch an old mosque in Jerusalem, as Israel reopened a ramp leading to the Al-Aqsa mosque compound, whose closure sparked Muslim anger.

The overnight attack on the disused mosque (incorrect) in downtown west Jerusalem saw unknown attackers try and set the building alight and daub its exterior walls with racist anti-Arab slogans written in Hebrew.

It was the latest in a slew of so-called "price tag" incidents - revenge attacks by Jewish extremists which generally target Palestinians and Arabs.

The attack targeted the Nebi Akasha mosque, which dates back to the 13th century and had not been used as a place of worship since Israel’s creation in 1948. The city council currently uses the building as a storage facility.

In other words the ancient mosque, which belongs to the Palestinian people, is not used because Israel has disallowed or barred it's use by the Palestinians and commandeered it for their own purpose.

In what can can only be seen as an attempt to wipe the history of Palestinian people off the map. Looks that way.

Reading further through this article it is obvious I am not the only one that get's what is going on.

"The destruction of the antiquities, in this case probably by Israelis, is part of the process of erasure of ‘the other’ - of everything that doesn’t suit the extremist and one-dimensional ideology of certain Israeli groups,"

Of course, it isn't just this mosque. There is an ongoing problem with attacks by Israeli Jews on Palestinians

Overnight, there were three more price tag attacks in the northern West Bank where Palestinian cars were torched in three separate villages and Hebrew graffiti found nearby, the Israeli military and Palestinian witnesses said.


  1. there were three more price tag attacks. Reading this sentence makes you think the attacks are retaliatory, did not the Nazis also give similar reasons when they attacked whole villages in so called reprisals raid?

  2. Anon@9:26

    So, you're saying that because there were three other price tag attacks, that the Jewish land thieves were retaliating over something the native Palestinians did to offend them?

    So, basically we must remember that there are always two sides to every story (because this conflict is symmetrical and not totally lopsided), and the Jewish side seldom gets adequate coverage in the media.

    Oh, and the NAZI's. We must 'never forget' how they victimized everyone in their path, not the least of which were Jews.

    If you ever happen to pop in here again, perhaps you could elaborate.

  3. I found a site I wasn't familiar with covering Palestine and racist Israel. Haven't had time to get into it in real depth but they seem to be one state, right of return oriented. Possibly of use, let me know what you think.

  4. @Blammo
    I made the comparisons between the Jewish propaganda and the propaganda used by the Nazis to justify retaliatory attacks. Do not jump to conclusions before reading and digesting thoroughly people comments. thank you>

  5. Hey Kenny!

    Thanks for the link I will check it out better in short order,
    but on a quick look, it does look interesting and promising

    the more resources bloggers have to use,the better and richer information flow.

  6. Hey anonymous

    I would think that the sentence was written to create a perception like the one you are picking up on.

    such as the comment about the unused mosque

    The attack was on an unused or disused mosque

    The mosque was used. By the land stealers. Who have denied the Palestinians the right to use and access their religious, cultural and heritage sites..

    But then we are talking about the msm.

  7. Hello Blammo!

    I haven't seen you in these parts for a bit, but, glad to know you are still reading, if not always commenting.

  8. Hey Penny, I am always lurking ;) I do appreciate your Syria roundups. Did you watch the Barbara Walters interview with Al Assad? Knowing the facts about Syria it is clear to see Assad was being %100 truthful, and in fact he was entirely too restrained and generous in his assessment, and Babwa Wawa was being a disgusting degenerate.

    Anon@5:03, sorry if I misunderstood, and I do get testy sometimes, but I suggest you explore historical 'revisionism' on the subject of WWII. I can offer you some links if you're interested. No, I am not cooking meth in a basement festooned with swastika's and Aryan brotherhood paraphernalia, just exasperated with old clich├ęs.

  9. Gosh, why wasn't this reported on American news outlets?

    Gee, I wonder why?


    But FAUX News did show a video of what they said were HAMAS terrorists setting up rockets that they were going to fire into Israel.

    WTF? Does HAMAS film these events, then ship the video off to the local FAUX News Tel Aviv bureau?

    I bet the HAMAS 'terrorists' had names like Ariel, Shlomo and Netanyahoo.

    Goes to show you how gullible Americans have become.

    Zionist propaganda is a terrible disease and there doesn't seem to be a cure for it, except to think for yourself and don't believe what TalmudVision, or what we call TV, spews out.

  10. Greg:

    Surely your being rhetorical
    Since you answered your own question?

  11. Hey Blammo

    Yikes, I missed responding to you!

    How could I? For shame, to me that is.
    And I meant to because you had asked if I had watched the Barbara Walters interview with Assad.

    I didn't.
    I knew that no matter what the man said, it would be twisted and creatively edited to portray the man and his words in a negative light.
    Reading what went on afterwards, I was correct.

    I find Barbara Walters to be a complete tool.
    In every interview,depending on person and circumstances, she is either "soft ball" or "hard ball"

    She should have been an actress!
    Oh wait a minute......

  12. haha, no, you're right Penny. Watching these things is usually a waste o' time unless you enjoy having your blood simmer. It was the first time I'd really heard Assad speak so I watched out of curiosity.