Thursday, December 8, 2011

The meme Russian 'spring'

Destabilizing Russia is on!
So is your perception management.
I am going to ramble here, cause I am short of time....
Touted as the Russian "spring".

Reinforcement of the meme

"an idea, behaviour or style that spreads from person to person"
A meme acts as a unit for carrying ideas, symbols or practices, which can be transmitted from one mind to another through writing, speech, gestures, rituals or other imitable phenomena.
Hence the Russian "spring" implant via the msm, which reinforces the previously programmed dialogue/ideology.

In other words what you are supposed to think is being reinforced.

McCain: Next stop for Arab Spring could be Russia

Russian Spring

How about this? A Blogger Could Start Russia's Arab Spring

Reinforcing the social media role in the so called "springs" that we have already witnessed.
There is the BBC with a ready made glowing profile.

Image from BBC article

Except, I checked the site that the BBC claims he started and he doesn't appear to be affiliated with it. These are the only people I could find on the site as being connected to it
So, I don't know.......looks fishy.

I like this one, it makes the meme quite obvious and interesting comparisons too....

Spring comes to Moscow

“Are we seeing the ‘Russian Spring’ arriving, against all odds, in winter?” My answer is: yes – but it might well have a pattern different from the arab revolutions

"Springs" = Revolution

" Both the Bolshevik coup of 1917 and the great anti-Communist revolution of 1989-1991 were decided by active minorities in Moscow and St Petersburg."

Is the author referencing the role of banksters in the destruction/plunder of nations?

Putin says U.S. encouraging Russian opposition

I would think that the US is playing a pivotal role.

Wondering how much American money has been pouring into Russia to "promote democracy"?

Maybe someone was jealous of those pecs?


  1. The US has been nipping away at Russia for some time... including destruction of the young via Afghanistan drugs.

    Whoever thought the "cold war" was over lived in a dream.

    China is on the list too.

  2. yes they don't like that Vladimir Putin. i thought this was a funny headline:

    support for putin party fades as it hovers around XX% mark in state duma vote...

    ok trick question what percentage = FADE??

    answer: 50%

    the poor guy! ONLY HALF of all russians like his party, and they have very high voter participation unlike in the US. *and* it's a parliamentary system, not a 2 party system. in other words, he's doing awesome. any US politician with his numbers would be fanning himself.

  3. But who is "they" that don't like Putin? Or China? Do "they" REALLY hate them, or is it more pitting group A against group B for a myriad of causes, then countering with group C vs group D, etc etc ad finitum.

    The memes are important, yes, because the influence and precondition us to buy into what we will later oppose and support. But that support or oppposition is devoid of reason in relation to what is good, bad, or in between . . . it is merely a construct for "them" to control us to do their bidding, and slowly move things in a direction they want, to get a reaction they want, to propel us into action to make something happen, which further promotes their progrom.

    In my reality, I find the whole who is doing what in whatever country quite beside the point. I'd rather find out about "who is selling us the hardest on believing this or that", if you get my drift.

  4. Hey Noor

    thanks for the comment

    "Whoever thought the "cold war" was over lived in a dream.

    China is on the list too."


  5. I also noted the presentation of the protests as being wide spread and or massive,

    reality: concentrated and small

    I would say the occupy movement has higher participation

    But, it is all in the presentation or the spin?

  6. Hey slozo

    while I get your drift....

    The mechanism for overthrow
    who, what, where, when and why is relevant and worthy of coverage, IMO.


    It leads us to the core rot.

  7. The method is relevant so that we know how others are being manipulated, sure . . . but finding the "core rot" is not there.

    The "core rot" is the creators of money, and the creators of those controlling systems simply hire underlings who lead these dirty ops groups.

    Finding out how the fake overthrows are being done is important, sure, to show people the truth - but it rarely if ever directly leads to show the true and primary controllers.

  8. And further to that Pen (now that I checked back and see you haven't added anything, which is fine of course), I'll add this:

    Core rot, to me, is not the problem. Rot insinuates some kind of slow process whereby something that was healthy, whole and good begins to deteriorate from the inside. Core rot, then, would be what might be the key instigator of that rot.

    And yet we speak of controlling people and system run in a pyramid fashion, from a tiny few at the top controlling an exponentially larger group at the bottom. And that is just about the only problem, really - those people at the very, very top. Since they created the systems of manipulation, control the propaganda streams, and control all their generals below them that take care of all the dirty work that works in direct opposition of the good of humanity.

    That, Pen, is not rot.

    That's just a bad dictatorship. Unfortunately, it's an unseen one (at least by most), hence the power it has is outside of the reach of an overthrow.

    In the end though, I just wanted to point out that to me, it has nothing to do with 'rot'. We, the middle class, right in the middle of it, are not rotting, nor are we the source of the malaise . . . we are, in fact, the greatest force fighting against it.

    And that's all I have to say about that.

  9. Hey slozo:

    Wow, I am glad you came back
    And your explanation is most excellent, truly.
    As I read your explanation I think of that saying one bad apple spoils the bushel
    Still being hung up on core rot and all...

    "We, the middle class, right in the middle of it, are not rotting, nor are we the source of the malaise . . . we are, in fact, the greatest force fighting against it."

    Your right.
    Properly informed the middle class is the best weapon against the malaise that is destroying society as a whole.

    When I have more time, I want to expand on this subject, thinking in terms of quantum physics.

    I have had this idea rolling around in my head for some time,
    but, it would be difficult to put into words, without me doing way more work on it.

    And thanks for coming back slozo.
    I always appreciate your insights.