Friday, December 16, 2011

A Russian Resolution at the UN; Condemnation from the West.

The way the western main stream media represents the news.
I shake my head. Your perception carefully managed, everyday, your entire life.
Think about it!

The western media is reporting that Russia is abandoning Syria with a tough new UN proposal.
Is mother Russia leaving Syria to fend for herself?

When one reads through the news. Actually reads through it....

I can't see how this bit of news is being promoted as abandonment, when it supports the Syrian position that they have a problem of armed destabilization. By condemning the armed destabilizers.

Clearly Hilary Clinton understand that- As earlier news reports, or at least the one from Bloomberg quotes the evil one:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in Washington that the U.S. doesn’t support the resolution because it presents “a seeming parity” between the Syrian government, which has used deadly force against opponents, and “the peaceful protesters and other Syrians who are trying to defend themselves.”

The text, which doesn’t call for sanctions in step with the Arab League, isn’t balanced and the language reflects equivalence of violence by the government and by protesters, French Ambassador Gerard Araud told reporters at the UN.

The draft “demands that all parties in Syria immediately stop any violence irrespective of where it comes from.”

The language reflects and equivalence of violence because that is what has always been going on in Syria, armed destabilization: government response

This report out of Kuwait mentions that the Russia draft puts forth the idea that no one should be exempt from punishment for crimes committed in Syria-

LinkNo one should be pardoned for "criminal" acts in Syria -- Russia

Russia confirmed on Friday a Russian-Chinese draft resolution had been put on the table for debate among member states of the United Nations Security Council, stressing "criminal" acts in this country must be punishable.

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Alexander Lukashevich described the draft resolution, in a statement, as objective and balanced, urging both the Syrian authorities and the opposition to stop the violence and hold dialogue on the basis of the Arab League initiative.
" The draft resolution condemns practices of the extremists who have been roaming the Syrian regions, he said, stressing no one in Syria should be exempted from punishment for "criminal and provocative practices."

The spokesman called for speedy dispatch of Arab observers to Syria to assess the conditions and tackle unresolved issues concerning the Arab League and Damascus.
He added that the draft resolution must not be understood as implying a call for outside intervention in the country, warning that such a development would deepen instability across the whole Middle East.

Moreover, he renewed support for the Arab League initiative on Syria, but stopped short of addressing direct warnings to the Syrian leadership. He also indicated that the current visit by the Syrian Vice President, Farouk Al-Sharaa, was part of consultations, conducted by Moscow with both the Damascus government and the opposition.

It is also highly unlikely that this is a surprise. As the media portrayal would have you believe.
Nothing done at the UN is ever a surprise.
Quoting from a couple of different sources

The resolution "strongly condemns" violence "coming from all parties.

The draft does not include any sanctions or an arms embargo.

Germany's U.N. ambassador, Peter Wittig, said the Russian draft resolution is "insufficient" but could be improved.

Despite the media spin, the west is not appeased. The move is "insufficient"

From the BBC article:

The draft condemns the violence by both Syria's government and the opposition, but does not mention sanctions.

Western nations said the proposal was not tough enough but that they were prepared to work on the document.

Whatever "prepared to work on it" is supposed to mean?

The fact is Russia put forth condemnation of all parties, with no mention of sanctions or an arms embargo.

Pure politics.

It is being reported that Syrian and Russian officials are holding talks today.

The Syrian vice president arrived in Moscow Friday to talk with Russia's foreign minister about the unrest that has roiled Syria for months, a Russian state news agency reported.

Vice President Farouk al-Sharaa plans to meet with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov "to discuss ways for a peaceful settlement of the conflict in his country," the Itar-Tass news agency reported.

Obviously there is ongoing cooperation between the two nations. Will we be seeing Russian peacekeepers in Syria? Or something along that line?

The loud mouth John Baird again told Canadians to get out of Syria.

But, not immediately.

"Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said Ottawa has “directed officials to undertake a voluntary evacuation over the next month”

Should this be taken to mean that in a months time things will really heat up?


  1. Damn you Penny.... damn you to hell and back.

    There I was zipping along through my blog list reading here and there, formulating thoughts...

    And you RUINED it. Your photo of that filthy thug Baird just blew my heretofore semi smiling mood out the window!

    He is such a thug! Our Canadian government is a disgrace but he is particularly odious looking with his overhanging brows and I have yet to see a photo of him where he does not look bellicose arrogant and his ugly puss is wide open.

    He just looks like the thug he is. He is so owned by the NWO programme....

    As for Syria.... did you see how Barbara Walters shamelessly propagandized in the interview that ASSAD asked for to explain things to the West?

    I have never seen anything ... or imagined America... would become what it is today. Never.

    And thugs like our northern government are just going along with the end game.... it shames so many of us... not that, in the long run, our shame matters a whit!

  2. Russia has now joined the WTO after 18 years of stalling. Hmmm. It doesn't seem like a smart move on the face of it.

    Back to plagues and pestilence:

  3. Hey Penny,...It's just a creeping ulceration of the earth's skin, spreading across the globe and poisoning every inch of her surface.

    Answer: Disinfectant.

    The disinfectant: Execute every filthy child-molesting yid on the planet. Their children are innocent and need reprogramming, however, every adult is a blight. Do you have a problem disinfecting your toilet bowls? NO! You are killing millions of toxic oraganisms every time you do this. What difference does it make that a disease is microscopic or five foot 6, with a fedora, a beard and a sneer?

    We sleep, they live!