Saturday, December 3, 2011

Shocked at Christmas- Israeli anti-assimilation commercials pulled

We're all told to believe, via the msm, that this offended Jewish Americans.
I am sure it did offend them to some extent. Not because they love Christmas.
Most likely because the adds portrayed them as dolts. Unloyal traitors.

However, this is the Christmas season.... and we are repeatedly told to believe it is those gosh darn nasty followers of Islam that are robbing the west of their crassly commercial but beloved holiday, Christmas.

Except it was Israeli government touting the abhorrence of Christmas.
Deeming it (Christmas) both offensive and shocking, so much so they actually made commercials.

Yup, yah gotta love it!

Israeli's offended by CHRISTMAS. Yesirree bob!

The Israeli government withdrew an ad campaign Friday after a rare backlash from major U.S. Jewish groups for appearing to urge expatriates not to marry American Jews or raise children in the United States.

A second ad showed shock flashing across the faces of a pair of Israeli grandparents when their granddaughter shouted "Christmas" in English when asked what holiday she was celebrating during a video chat.

You can read more on this latest anti-assimilation commercial or promotion here

You can also refresh your memory with this blast from the past
Jewish group fights "beach harassement"


  1. Hey Penny,...Near an Office I worked at some years ago there was a synagogue of satan, at Christmas I would hang around at lunch time near the Bus Stop out front with a mate of mine. We would make a point of saying loudly "MERRY CHRISTMAS", every time a yid or group thereof walked past (those folks are rude by the way) and show an A4 picture of Jesus, which was captioned "Reason for the Season!"

    Mmmm, I think I will organise a group of mates and go caroling in our yiddish neighborhood, might even hang around outside the synagogue for a few hours, have eggnog will warble!

    "Hark the herald angels sing gloreee tooooo thaaa nuu borrrrnnnnnn KINNNG!"


    "Let's here it for jesus people, come on people give it up for jesus!" Whoot whooot!

    Probably get arrested for being anti-holohoax or in shemitic-denial!


  2. Hey veritas
    If it pleases you wish Merry Christmas till your hearts content.

    Have eggnog will warble LOL

    Dunno why I just have a pic of a bird in my head, singing away, with a wee cup of eggnog round it's neck.