Monday, December 19, 2011

Wheat Belly- Wheat is murder

Wheat is Murder
You think it might be over the top?
You may have to re-think that as you give this interview a listen.
Ties in nicely with previous interviews I have had here with Sally Fallon and the Oiling of America agenda.

William Davis, MD, is a preventive cardiologist whose unique approach to diet allows him to advocate reversal, not just prevention, of heart disease. He is the founder of the Track Your Plaque program. He lives in Wisconsin. Nothing here should be construed as medical advice, but only topics for further discussion with your doctor. He practices cardiology in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. For more information, go to:

Jan Irving from Gnostic Media interviews Dr William Davis author of Wheat Belly.

Thanks Jan!

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:28:09 — 50.5MB)

Related: You may not be aware that the man who gave us this wheat was awarded a Nobel Prize

That alone should give one pause for thought, as to what was the agenda behind the creation of this high yield wheat?
And who really benefited?

Norman Borlaug- High-yielding wheat varieties and improved farming practices, first developed by Borlaug and his team in Mexico during the 1950s, were introduced into South Asia in the 1960s and may, well be responsible for saving hundreds of millions of people from starvation. Borlaug received the 1970 Nobel Prize for those achievements.

What did he achieve exactly?Maybe he has saved millions from starvation? Or maybe not?

If that was ever the intent?

This high yielding wheat has been linked to multiple diseases. As you will hear.
It almost seems to be the "perfect weapon" to create human sickness and generate profits for the pharmaceutical industry and big food.

Many of you realize that most often this type of research is tied to profiteering, often at the expense of human health.
The "saving from starvation" and "feeding the starving" is a perception management/ propaganda tactic employed by Monsanto, presently

Monsanto is "very concerned" about sustainable agriculture. They even say so on their website.
But then their was the problem with the mass suicides of Indian farmers after being roped in to Monsanto's version of "sustainability". One of so many problems with the hollow claims of saving the starving and sustainability
Their GMO monstrosities have nothing to do with feeding the hungry.
Their GMO monstrosities have everything to do with profits and controlling the food supply.

So, what to make of this creation known as high yield wheat?
Give the interview a listen, in fact there is so much info to digest, you may have to make it two listens.
Enjoy it and share your thoughts!


  1. HI Pen, thanks for this..
    I ditched the wheat a few months bread or pasta or wheat products..
    I've lost 15kg..and feel lighter and clearer..
    the only thing i eat now as a bread substitue is black rye/pumpernikel bread...
    thanks for letting us know about this :)
    Cheers A13

  2. thanks from me too Pen. I've noticed my weight and blood pressure going up and down with my varying consumption of bread and biscuits. There's a direct connection as far as i'm concerned.

    I listened to the interview and it was great except i found myself a few times saying, "Jan, stfu will you!" He keeps interrupting Davis - poor interviewing technique.

  3. I lost 70 lbs. when I gave up wheat.

    I have never felt better. Read the book, it will change your life.


  4. It's true, carbs to excess are very bad for you. I am very careful with carbohydrates and by cutting back to less than 100g a day I lost 2 stone. I don't eat bread or potatoes or any other type of wheat product if I can help it. I also make sure I have plenty of fat in my diet. Fat doesn't make you fat btw, carbs do. Carbs also drive insulin levels up through the roof; hence all the diabetics and obese people with type 2 diabetes.

  5. Super, I have a lot to say about that subject. I will post more (with lot of links) this afternoon.

  6. Hey A-13

    isn't that great!
    the feeling clearer part is interesting...indicating the wheat was affecting you neurologically.
    I do hope you had time to catch the interview.
    I actually listened three times there was so much information to digest!

  7. Hey James!

    "I've noticed my weight and blood pressure going up and down with my varying consumption of bread and biscuits. There's a direct connection as far as i'm concerned."

    According to this doctor you would be 100 percent correct!

    About Jan's interrupting:
    Usually he is a very good interviewer
    What I found with this interview is that he was just flabbergasted by some of the information.
    Like the links to autism
    The people who had chronic constipation
    Then of course his own personal tribulations...

    I will be buying the book in short order. I want to read it.

    There was a man where my husband works, he was talking with him yesterday, he told my husband-again. You have to read the book. Him and his wife are going to go all wheat free.
    As much as possible anyway.
    This fellow was noting that wheat is present in almost everything, including things you wouldn't even think it in.
    I am at this point already starting to reduce wheat consumption in my own diet.
    Starting out with some not to bad tasting spelt bread.

  8. Thanks for that comment Karen!
    and yes, I will definitely be reading the book!

  9. "Carbs also drive insulin levels up through the roof; hence all the diabetics and obese people with type 2 diabetes."

    The doctor was talking about the fact that the diabetes society encourages diabetics to eat "healthy grains" even though they have a high glycemic index.

    I was talking to one of my siblings about this, her hubby is diabetic, they were aware of this.

    So why encourage diabetics to eat food that boosts the sugar in the body.
    I think Dr Davis said wheat is worse for diabetics then sugar...

    When I get the book, I will be passing it on to my sister to read.
    For one. I can think of others who will really benefit from that info.

  10. Gallier2!

    I wondered where had you been?
    Glad your about and I do hope all is good?

    When I saw your comment I thought-
    Ok, we are going down the wheat "rabbit hole" today.
    I am game. Leave your links. I for one look forward to them.
    I am pretty sure there are some other interested takers here too!

  11. Penny - I took bloody notes!!

    This was great and something I have also observed in my own eating habits. Oddly I had been thinking about it for the past week - then saw this post and well... serendipity!

    I think he's right about the addiction element too - just the thought of not having pasta gives me the sweats! Seriously though, the best I ever felt was with a high fat, meat and vegetable diet, with pretty much no bread and pasta sparingly. Was my thinnest then as well.

    I'd love to see Dr. Davis with Sally Fallon, they'd make a good pair.

    Cheers for this and Merry Christmas and Happy Solstice! :)


  12. If you want to order "Wheat is murder" T-Shirts you can go to Tom Naughton's blog
    He made a movie 3 years ago (self made) that is an excellent entry in the world of the alternative nutrition (low-carb, anti-vegan, contra-conventional wisdom). He makes also an excellent case against the douchebaggerie of Morgan Spurlocks "super size me" pseudo-documentary. While wheat was not really in the lign of sight of the fathead film, Tom's perspective have been completed since then and his blog is a must read.

  13. Hey Buffy

    another silent person appears
    Hope all is well with you and yours?

  14. Gallier, thanks for the link
    I went over and left it at Gnostic Media in the comments section
    There may be some interested individuals there

  15. I will post more tomorrow, I've got only one hand to type. The other is occupied with a new baby, not easy to type that way.

  16. and gnostic posted recently on one of the nutrition blogs I follow, was interesting. Unfortunately I hadn't really time to back him up.

  17. Very interesting. I would have liked to have heard how it differs from the Paleo and Atkins diets. I'll get the book anyway; unfortunately I'm in need of this diet.

    Congratulations Gallier - quite a Christmas present :)

  18. Gallier2
    A NEW BABY!!!!!
    Now I understand why you have been absent....
    Boy or Girl?

    Oh, congratulations, congratulations to you and the Mrs.


    That all said, leave the links when you can

  19. Hey Freethinker!
    I think we are all in need of a better type of diet.

    And not just for weight reasons, for general all purpose reasons

    Like quality of life.

    I will be getting the book also, but, in the New Year.

    For now I will check in one his website and blog

  20. A girl, but it's already a half year old.

  21. @freethinker, Atkins didn't specifically prohibit wheat. He prohibited carbs in general, but carbs is a bit too generic. The two main components of carbs glucose and fructose are metabolized in completely different ways, making their grouping together in the same category problematic. The problems with wheat on the other hand seem to be more a result from its proteins (gluten, WGA, other compounds) than its carb content per se.
    Blogger extraordinaire, Denise Minger when debunking vegans bible (The China Study) discovered a very interesting association in the data between wheat and disease

    Here is the first entry on the debunking of the China Study book

    To make it short, no Atkins and Davis are not the same page, but low-carbers often did the right thing concerning wheat but not for the same reasons.

  22. As for Davis' book, the ultimate review is that of Chris Masterjohn

    It tells exactly where Davis is right and also where he goes beyond the evidence. Dr.Davis is imho sometime still too much rooted in the conventional wisdom (he had a ridiculous blog entry last year about butter).
    Chris Masterjohn is imo the best nutrition/health blogger around. He is smart, humble, sharp and has also a meta-vision that finds things that go up to the "conspiracy" level (unlike other nutrition bloggers).

    Here an old entry where he looks at Rockefellers influence on science.

  23. Another Blogger that I like a lot in the paleo/nutrition camp is Keoni Galt

    He has a libertarian anti-feministic theme in his blogging and he's aware of the NWO themes which makes him really interesting.

  24. And the 2 last nutrition bloggers I would like to present are J. Stanton, who has also a good integrated vision of the power-plays in the nutrition world. He is also very rigorous in his science
    Peter from hyperlipid which is a British veterinarian with an incredible good understanding of physiology and a dry sense of humour, which make a tough combination but also highly enjoyable (for geeks like me).

  25. Hey Gallier2

    thanks for all the links you left.
    It has just been such a hectic day...
    I spent two hours on the newest post and it was all I had for the day.
    I shall check them all out.
    Actually, going to bookmark them because when, if I get some free time I want to update the side bar of the blog and include some links to different info, such as what will be included at these links you left.

    Sigh...... I know you understand.

    Bye the way, is that your first or second child?
    I could be confusing you with slozo, who I believe has two children?
    (slozo, if your here correct me if I am mistaken)
    Or is it you?
    Me I only ever had one.
    All grown up now, but much to her chagrin, still my baby.

  26. As you please penny, I only gave the links to my favorite blogs on the subject. You and your readers can then link or read as they like.
    As for the children, it's a bit complicated but it's the third I care for. As biological father I have only 1 the second which is a boy. I don't want to go in more details for several reasons.