Sunday, December 25, 2011

A wish for Christmas, the same wish all year long

Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All People, Everywhere.

A Baby sleeping, peacefully, perhaps even blissfully and safe.
This is life. Human life.
As humans we need to recognize the sacredness of the gift of life.
We need to honour it and revere it.
For everyone. Everywhere. Everyday.

So, this is my wish. It is the same wish that carries me through everyday of every year.
It is the wish of equality and peace and prosperity, in the truest sense of those words, for all the good people on the planet.

From me to you.
From mine to yours.
Peace, Love and Harmony.


  1. Thanks to all who stop by to read, to comment, to leave links.

    Thanks to all the other great bloggers, who together form a terrific blogging neighbourhood that I am glad to "reside" in.

    Wishing everyone the best, the very best.

    At this time of year and for the next year to come

  2. Thanks Pen. All the best to you and yours as well

  3. Hey Pen, still drinking that christmas wine on boxing Day here!!
    and the leftovers are heaven!!
    Lots of peace and happiness your way! Watching the cricket here, swimming and having a typical aussie boxing day!
    Cheers to you and yours

  4. Life is sacred and also so is death, which shouldn't be desecrated by such vile and dismissive murder on industrial scale, while glib, smiling 'salesmen' try to convince most that without it we'd all be dead or something equally perverse.

    Have a health, wealthy and wise New Year


  5. Thank you Penny, seldom do we find the time to share such warmth. Looking at that blissful picture of the sleeping baby brought the irony of life to me. On the opposite side of divide, in my country Nigeria, Christmas for us came to shattering anti-climax.

    The picture of my child is gruesome and real, and sadly stands in complete contrast to yours. Please follow bottom link. With tears in my eyes and grief in my heart, I wish you all life's goodness and God's grace in 2012 and through life's sojourn.

  6. Ah, James and A-13.

    Was thinking to myself, christmas here, boxing day there??

    Was I to late?
    Or did it really matter?
    Time. Such an odd thing when one thinks of it.

    I will be having some wine soon myself. Just one glass.
    Tomorrow is another dinner to attend.
    I enjoy spending the time with the people I love.
    I don't give my time to soul suckers, not even in my own family, life is to short for that.
    Hope that doesn't seem harsh, it isn't intended to be.
    I am just of the mind that those who judge, criticize and are small minded aren't worth the precious gift of time.

  7. Aferrismoon

    thought provoking comment of the day!!

    I thought about this one after I read it and of course, if live is to be revered then death is sacred.

    Your right. It is not something that should be sold wholesale to the masses as a right of the powerful.

    Pushed upon the powerless.

    I like the smiling glib salesperson analogy when thinking of politicians in that light.

    All of them lying, all of them dishonest, every last one of them.

  8. Which finally brings me to Egoigwe...

    Thanks for your comment, I did follow the link to that which breaks ones heart.

    Your right, the picture is gruesome.
    Someone's precious baby, mutilated and killed.
    What could be more horrible for a parent to bear, then that loss?
    I don't know?
    As I looked at the picture, I noticed the woman holding the dead child, she looked both sad and resigned.

    The letter written indicates that the problems in the West, of corrupted politicians, are the same problems of the African continent.
    That is not really a surprise..

    I am very sorry for the loss of life in Nigeria. I am as saddened to see it there as anywhere.

    It could be a very different world, this I believe.
    WE, the good and decent, the incorruptible have got to make it that way.
    It won't take alot.
    We all just have to take that first step and the momentum will increase exponentially.

    "I wish you all life's goodness and God's grace in 2012 and through life's sojourn."

    Thank You.
    I return those good thoughts to you, in kind.

    And, if you feel so inclined please stop by at any time and provide some insights into the situation in Nigeria. It helps the North American audience to be presented with a perspective not available on our disinfo/lying media.(mainstream media)

  9. Thank you Penny for your kind thoughts and insight.

    As per the Nigerian situation, it's almost a full blown war now in the Northern part of my country between our Armed Forces and the Boko Haram fanatics. Perhaps, it's also worth mentioning that we now have American boots on the ground here in Nigeria. No matter how much the US State Dept. denies this, we know there are American Special Forces operating clandestinely in the North.

    Mossad is also on ground. They have been inserted into our country at the behest of our grinning and naive President. Prior to this, these bunch of fanatics called Boko Haram roved our Northern countryside on bikes, shooting people at random. Today, the story is different.

    I think it is way past coincidence that after the insertion of these Special Forces and the Mossad, Boko Haram morphed into expert bomb builders and IED mechanics.

    Bearing in mind that Boko Haram literally translates into "Western education is forbidden" and understanding too, that their members are in no way enamored to literacy or written comprehension, it becomes clear to see that they are getting an awful lot of help from somewhere.

    It is the kind of help that shows some very sophisticated military input, in terms of resources, organization and planning. If you ask me, I do not consider the timing of the above stated insertions and the upswing in Boko Haram tactics and weaponry to be opportuned but coordinated.

    I believe there are some scare tactics being employed to hold our President hostage to this growing state of affairs thus making him completely reliant on these foreign insertions, their services and dictates.

  10. Egoigwe:

    I wondered if there was some of that destabilization activity ongoing in Nigeria.

    Where there is quite a bit of oil, if I am not mistaken...
    It seems I may have a post on somewhere on the blog along these lines????

    Boko Haram, sounds as if they could be Alquaeda or the TTP in Pakistan....
    The Muslim Brotherhood.. everywhere in the ME, most notably at this time ruining Syria and killing civilians by the droves.

    All Western Intelligence backed "terrorists" who terrorize the nation's people and it's institutions in order to destabilize and destroy any shred of cohesion a nation may have.

    I expect that things shall get very hot in Africa, no pun intended, now that Gaddafi is gone and Libya has been intentionally pushed into civil war.

    And of course the sovereign wealth fund plundered.

    AFRICOM will move from Germany and Africa as a continent will be plundered by the usual suspects

    Bankers and oil companies.

    The other leeches will come along to extract the life blood from the people...

    Construction oh sorry reconstruction, mines, everything else

    As for Mossad, of course they have been active in Africa for some time.
    Thinking of Sudan, now divided with the help of Israel and the US.
    Then of course, diamonds....

    I am going to link your blog in the sidebar.
    Thanks again for stopping by here and sharing those thoughts with myself and those who read here