Monday, January 9, 2012

The Dungeon house, cleansed by fire, stands no more.

The dungeon and the house that conceals it's existence are gone

Edited to add a video clip- see below
Thanks to John for the "heads up"

Yes, a house with a dungeon, was discovered. It was found and lost in a fire in a two week time span.
This news story has been nagging away at me since it was first reported just before Christmas.
Who was aware that this house had been abandoned and would be for a long enough time to construct a dungeon? And use a dungeon?

Who was locked in this room? How many individuals were locked up here? Why?
How did they get there? Where did they go? Did they leave alive?
And finally, when the dungeon was discovered who burnt the house down?

Those aren't even all the questions I can think of. There are some really horrifying ones to put forth. Were the people tortured? Was it filmed? You know snuff films.

And on and on and on.

If you have been reading along with the David McGowan/Laurel Canyon series, you may recall dungeon rooms, sordid activities of all sorts and finally murders.
If you have read his book "Programmed to Kill"?
Or even took in the six chapters I have posted at the side. You may think of "The Finders"?
Of course there was "sleazefest in seattle" .
If you aren't familiar with these happenings and Dave's work got a lot of catching up to do!
So let me begin at the end. This past week it was reported the abandoned farm house burned down.

Investigators are trying to determine the cause of a fire that reduced a southern Ontario farmhouse containing what appeared to be a dungeon to rubble and ash.

The abandoned farmhouse on Concession Road in northwest Pickering burned to the ground after catching fire around 1 a.m. on Friday.

Upon reading this news, I thought "how convenient-cleansing with fire"
Of course the fire is suspicious. That is a given.
What the fire will conveniently do is make the whole sordid tale go away. The police and fire marshal will investigate what the cause of the fire was. It will be arson. And with that, the story will go no further.

This is how the house appeared before the fire

Here is a video taken just after the dungeon room was discovered

Below is the dungeon room, within the house.

CBC News obtained images of the confinement room. Complete with chains hanging from the ceiling. I kid you not!

Sources say the door had been reinforced. (CBC)

Chains hang from the ceiling. (CBC)

Several jugs of water were also found in the room. (CBC)

One of the earliest news stories- A nightmare before Christmas

– Nestled in a woodlot between a cornfield and gurgling creek, the 136-year-old farmhouse would be picturesque – if its contents weren’t quite so terrifying.
There’s a dungeon in its basement.

Secured by a heavy door with several locks, it’s designed to trap someone inside

It’s not within screaming distance of anyone, said Glen Cedars Golf Club manager Dan Mayes.
There’s a lot of stuff that goes on in the abandoned homes around the area,” he added.

Like what? This is an area so remote, it is not likely that kids will party there or homeless persons will take shelter in it. So what kind of "stuff" goes on in the area?

When the house dungeon house was first discovered this is what the local police had to say about the discovery

"I can't get into what was in the room, but the way it was constructed - the time and effort put into it and the materials used - clearly indicated it was a room designed to hold somebody in," Durham Region-al Police Det. Darren Short said last month. "There was a locking mechanism nobody would be able to penetrate or breach."

One last thing- How was the dungeon room found? By contractors surveying the house for demolition

The building was part of a police investigation after a newly-constructed dungeon was discovered in December by contractors surveying the structure for demolition.

Now the house is gone. All that is left is the foundation.
The tale of terror comes to it's end. Cleansed by a fire.
Someone or several someones wanted this one to go away.
And, it seems they have succeeded in making at least one aspect of the horror go away.
While the building is gone. The mystery still surrounds it! Who, what, where, when and why, will leave some people wondering.... what the hell was actually going on there?


  1. Its near a Golf Club which may have as members some influential people.

    Anyhow a disturbing find which may wake people up to some of the things D.McGowan has written about.

    Dutroux's dungeon comes to mind and the way the police missed it.

    On the map it seems that Pickering is across the lake from Rochester, NY, home to a few serial killers.


  2. Hey Aferrismoon!

    I am going to have a look at the rochester/pickering angle

    Also interesting to note, the location is very near a major highway and an airport

    Wanna email this one to Dave McGowan, I wonder if he will be interested.

    What boggles the mind is this room was being used.

    A fact made obvious by the water jugs filled with water found there.

    What was the water for?
    To keep someone alive?
    And/or alternatively for cleaning up a mess?

    These homes are rurally located so if water was being delivered someone would notice that, hence the water jugs.

    This is really creepy

  3. By someone noticing water deliver, I mean, or should have said
    That is traceable.
    To someone

  4. Powerful people at work - the usual suspects - could be linked to other cases.

    - Aangirfan

  5. hey aangirfan

    I do wonder, yes, I do wonder.....

  6. There's fair bit of water there so it seems that it was in use, not abandoned.

    Worth a shot sending it to Dave McGowan.


  7. Interesting... definitely a coverup.

    Does McGowan do radio podcasts?

  8. Hi penny, while browsing for info came across this one -

    The post is by 'Autistic Driver' and he has written a post expressing his disappointment that another 'angel' has gone. I think by 'angel' he means the old houses that reminds people where they are from.

    There's a photo at the bottom of a house named 'Angie' . He has named the Pickering house 'Thomas'. It appears there have been a few arson incidents in the area in the past few years - so there's that to tie in, or be used as a bluff.

    Most of the newspapepers seem to parrot nearly the same article.


  9. Further digging - It turns out that a great deal of houses there are protected under the auspices of Heritage Pickering Advisory Committee.

    One of the committee made this remark -

    "[Councillor] Rodrigues downplayed the home’s recent renovation.
    “It’s all speculative. The police haven’t told us much — maybe it was used for an amateur film, maybe it was teenagers playing some kind of game,” Rodrigues said. “Or maybe it was used by a maniac.”

    Anyhow the area , and many of the houses, were expropriated by Transport Canada for a mooted airport.

    Obviously there seems to be some competition twixt the Airport-supporters and the Pickering Heritage people.

    There is a good deal of money to be made from keeping heritage sites in good order [ in my opinion].

    On their 'Municipal Heritage Register' about 120+ properties are listed.

    One at 350 CONCESSION 7 ROAD burnt down in March 2011

    The 2nd link leads to a thread and about half-way down 'Tarabull' lists 4 other houses burnt down in the same area.

    350 Concessions is a kilometre away from the Dungeon house


  10. Hey Aferrismoon

    I see your curiosity has been piqued as well.

    I saw the news about other house fires happening with these abandoned homes.

    Which opens up a whole new line of thinking.

    had there been other rooms, gotten rid of through fire?

    The assumption of this being used as a movie set is nonsensical

    The councillor likely got that idea from the media reports, who got that spin from the police

    If this was being used as a movie set then consent would have had to been given for it's usage.

    So that should be easy enough to follow up on.

    Has it been?

    Of course the police aren't saying.

    Humbly the convenient fire negates the "movie set" theory anyway.

    If it was a movie set, there would in theory be nothing nefarious going on and the "set" would simply be left to it's own.

    Same as if it was being used by this councillor says and I gotta admit, I find the "used by kids" pretty f'n sick.
    Used for what?
    Dead end.

    If the house would not have burned would have all been less suspicious

  11. they found the guy who built the dungeon: