Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Video Equipment at Dungeon House- US/Israel Spring Drills called off

I just want to follow up on a couple of news stories-

First the Pickering dungeon house (both parts accessible at link)

There is a video here

Was there electricity in the building?
There is an electrical outlet shown in the video, not sure how or if it is relevant to the alleged dungeon room? Given the home had been lived in for many, many years prior to it's abandonment.
Also, noting there was video equipment and furniture found in the dungeon room itself.
It is unknown whether these items had been removed prior to the fire?

Video equipment?

Second, a follow up to this post- US Troops & Radar deployed to Israel- Drills to follow

It was recently being reported that the US and Israel have decided to postpone these exercises.
It seems "budgetary constraints" is the reason given....
Myself, I am not buying that excuse. So why, really?
Or is this a ruse entirely?

Israel and the United States have agreed to postpone a major joint military drill scheduled for spring, Israeli public radio reported on Sunday, saying budgetary constraints were behind the delay.

The radio, citing military sources, reported that the exercises, codenamed "Austere Challenge 12," would be pushed back to the end of 2012.

Despite the postponement, there were no changes to a visit to Israel by top US military chief General Martin Dempsey, scheduled to arrive later this week for meetings with Defence Minister Ehud Barak and Chief of Staff Benny Gantz.

The postponed military exercises were to include thousands of American and Israeli soldiers in the largest missile defence manoeuvres ever held by the allies.

The postponement, attributed to budgetary constraints, also comes as media reports suggest disagreement between Israel and Washington over a possible military strike on Iran.

Israel and the United States have a longstanding strategic alliance and are jointly developing the Arrow anti-ballistic missile system.
Shown below-

In November, the Israeli state staged a major civil defence drill in the Tel Aviv region aimed at simulating a response to conventional and non-conventional missile attacks.


  1. hey pen..

    i've been wonderin about this one too, the drill nix.. i know we have some number/troops there, and this OP was to include another 9K in israhell and another 15K in (i think) saudi, don't know if they'd of been geographically redeployed.

    two differing scenarios..
    1. someone knows a preemptive strike by israhell is in the works, and they didn't want any extra US troops sitting under the inevitable blowblack by.. chin/ru. this would also sort of lend some plausible deniability, errr gee,they did it, and told us about it later....ooopzie! guess we should've babysat them better.. gosh darn...

    or.. the dual op was a ruse for us to get a larger thumb on israhell preventing a mad dog preemptive strike and they 86'd our extra boots on their ground.


  2. I see the US is playing a game in the media with Israel

    They don't want to attack Iran
    Heading to Israel
    To cool things down
    Israel ready to go it alone
    something is up
    but I am not sure what?