Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Marie Colvin: We never really knew you.

Or if you actually existed as is being portrayed via the corporate/war selling media.

Yes, we are going briefly back to Marie Colvin.
When I put together the initial post on her, in amongst all that was strange about her, I made mention of the odd pictures of her. Odd in that they seemed off, or out of place, just not right.
This is the first picture I had up

Below is the address for the jpg

It is supposed to be Marie Colvin in Tahrir Square during the recent overthrow of Mubarak?

Curiously.... I stumble across another picture of Marie Colvin in an article here

Below is the address for the jpg

This is Marie Colvin and her second to last husband Juan Carlos Gumucio photographed together and it looks the same as the photo above that is supposed to be from Tahrir Square.

I know your thinking so what? So her husband was in Egypt with her, what’s your issue?

My issue is that according to the linked article her husband died in 2002. Long before any photos could be taken in Tahrir Square.

“Marie Colvin was Gumucio’s fourth wife. He shot himself in the heart at a farmhouse in Conchabamba on February 25, 2002. He was 52.”

Juan Carlos allegedly took his own life, with a shot to the heart. That is one odd way to commit suicide? I don’t mean the shooting part. I mean the shot to the heart part.
Let’s read his obituary together-

Notice it does not mention his wife, Marie Colvin?
What the obituary does mention is this...

“No one witnessed his death in the farmhouse he had rented outside Cochabamba. But those who knew him best, and knew his demons, are sure it was not premeditated. He would never deliberately have taken himself away from his daughter. “

Did he really take his own life? Or did someone take it for him?
And what about the photos. One with the deceased husband and one without.
Clearly they are the same photos.
Same quilted jacket showing to the right of the Colvin figure.
Same red flag behind the husband figure.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Syrian delegates quit UN council /NATO's terrorists will not release journalists

I want to get this news story up and out there before it is disappeared!

Why did this Syrian delegation quit the UN rights council? I am going to highlight the very big, glaring issue.

It has to do with agenda and perception.

GENEVA — The Syrian delegation attending a United Nations debate on the human rights situation there walked out of the meeting on Thursday.

"We declare our withdrawal from this sterile discussion," the Syrian representative, Faysal Khabbaz, said before leaving the room where government ministers and senior officials had gathered for the specially-convened meeting of the UN Human Rights Council.

Khabbaz said the debate "totally contravened procedures" and pointed out that the human rights in Syria was already on the agenda for discussion later in the council's session, which runs to March 23.

The representative accused some members of wanting to use the opening "high-level" segment and "convert it into slander and libel".

"We are convinced that the real aim is to cover up for the violence and murder perpetrated by armed groups against innocent civilians," said Khabbaz.

Since February 9, 18 hospitals, 48 health centres and 129 ambulances have been attacked by armed groups, he told the meeting before leaving.

The UN has demonstrated their one-sided war and death agenda for quite some time now.

Here is more of your perception management via the media
Red Cross quit Homs as evacuation talks fail
It is NOT because of the Syrian government or Syrian soldiers either, it is because of the armed terrorists...

Red Cross and Red Crescent rescuers left the Syrian rebel city of Homs on Tuesday after talks to evacuate trapped Western journalists foundered, spokesman for the two aid groups said.

"Our team returned to Damascus at around 2:30 pm (1230 GMT) after negotiations yesterday and (returned?) today with a sheikh (religious official) who was serving as an intermediary," to evacuate the journalists, Abdel Rahman Attar told AFP.

"He asked for food and medical supplies for the residents of Baba Amr and our team accepted.

We asked in return to meet the journalists, but he refused," Attar added.

Who is He? Obviously 'he' is someone allied with the rebels!

Who are the journalist with? The rebels. Recall their videos, they are the guests of the "Free Syrian Army." Therefore it was the rebels/Free Syrian army that would not allow the evacuation of journalists. Why would they not release the journalist these "rebels" are such good guys.... I suspect they did not release the journalist/spooks because the journalist/spooks don't want to be freed. This has all been a psy-op. Perception Management!

Of course the way this article is written without clarity and intentionally so, to let the uninformed readers assume it is the Syrian government or soldiers. It is not.

The International Committee of the Red Cross in Damascus said its delegates had left Homs for the same reasons.

"The ICRC team has returned. The negotiations have been halted and the situation is very tense in Baba Amr," the rebel stronghold of Homs where journalists are believed trapped, said ICRC spokesman Saleh Dabbakeh

Monday, February 27, 2012

Syria: Reporter "spooks" , splintering opposition, crazy Saudi clerics and more

You ever have one of those days, where there is so much to do you simply don’t know where to begin with it all? This post is like that. It has to be since the situation in Syria is so complex.
This post covers a lot of ground as painlessly as possible, hopefully?

The easiest route to take may be just to pick up where we left off, after backtracking ever so briefly. Let's hit the trail!

Last Wednesday journalist extraordinare and super heroine Marie Colvin was “killed” in Syria.
The msm was spinning fast and furious on the heroics of this swashbuckling gal.

This timely incident coincided very nicely with the “Friends” of Syria meeting held just two days after, on Friday, in Tunisia.

Notice I used coincided?
Which is related to coincidence?
If you have read here for any length of time you know I do not ascribe to coincidence theories.
Au contraire it makes sense that the “killing” of Marie Colvin was purposely undertaken to provide a sense of urgency to the “Friends” meeting.
Marie Colvin’s last report was one of “babies being killed”. Marie herself falls on the sword just as another coincidentally timed report hits the media on the Syrian regime “targeting” journalists.The western audience is fully primed, psyched or pumped with ample tales of bad Syria. Along come the “Friends”. As you know, friends just want to help? Unless their two faced back stabbers?
That is something else entirely, but backstabbers,best describe the “Friends” of Syria.
The say all the right things....
Let me quote Hillary Clinton.

With Hillary there will always be blood

“The longer you support the regime’s campaign of violence against your brothers and sisters, the more it will stain your honor. If you refuse, however, to prop up the regime or take part in attacks on your fellow citizens, your countrymen and women will hail you as heroes”

She says all the right words. But, she is not talking to Syrians. Her words are for western consumption. Her words are for the ignorant masses of North America and Europe. The blithering idiots who eat this shit up as if it is nutritious and delicious. The Syrians, the vast majority of them know this woman does not have their best interests at heart. Their not fooled by the words that cross her lying lips.

If you are of a sensible nature you would be aware that Assad still has the support of the vast majority of persons in Syria. Sure, they know he is not perfect, but, thanks to the West he is looking better then the alternative. All the Syrians need to do is look at what western intervention has accomplished for Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Egypt, to know, that is not the future they want.

Can you blame them?

Now let’s continue on our journey...Edith Bouvier- Recall her from this post?
She of the broken femur, wanting to be evacuated from a war torn zone because she desperately needed an operation??? That Edith Bouvier?
She had the opportunity to be evacuated from her “nightmare” and she said NO!
That’s right. Edith Bouvier, the largest bone in her body - broken. In need of surgery.
chose to stay in Homs.
The sister organizations of the Syrian Red Crescent in conjunction with the International Red Cross ,went to Homs and delivered aid.

While present an offer to evacuate Ms Bouvier and company was made and they REFUSED TO BE EVACUATED. (Thanks freethinker!)

Wounded journalists stranded in Homs refused to be evacuated by a Red Crescent team on Friday, the International Committee of the Red Cross has confirmed.

The team rescued 27 injured people from the city last Friday after negotiations with the governor of Homs. But wounded journalists including Le Figaro reporter Edith Bouvier and Sunday Times photographer Paul Conroy declined to enter the Red Crescent vehicles.

"The journalist refused to be evacuated by the Syrian Arab Red Crescent last Friday," a ICRC spokesman told the Guardian.
He suggested renewed attempts to reach journalists and other wounded people would be made today.

Bouvier's story was non-believable from the get go and is totally discredited after this. Her injury was a ruse. Her agenda is nefarious.

Syria’s “opposition” splinters, yet again.

As has been mentioned before there has long been opposition in Syria, resident Syrians, who do not want NATO intervention and want to work to improve Syria without blowing it all to hell first. Then there is the other opposition. Formed under the umbrella of NATO, largely resident in the US and Europe. This is the opposition that has split, yet again. And, just after being recognized by the “Friends” in Tunisia

The fragile unity of Syria's opposition umbrella group, the Syrian National Council, has been put to the test by some of its most senior members, who have announced the formation a new opposition body.

The Syrian Patriotic Group, which will be led by at least 20 members of the 270-person SNC, promised to "back the national effort to bring down the regime with all available resistance means including supporting the Free Syrian Army", in a statement sent to Reuters on Sunday.

In announcing the split, the new group dealt a blow to the SNC, which just days earlier was recognised as a "legitimate representative" of the opposition at the Friends of Syria meeting in Tunisia.

How about that referendum in Syria? A turn out that no western nation could even dream of especially under trying circumstances!
How does the West greet this Syrian referendum. In the country of Syria. Voted on by Syrians.
With complete disdain, the UN Says it is “meaningless”

As opposed to all those “meaningful” western backed elections? Such as the bogus one in Haiti, where the political party of the people was not allowed to run a candidate. Or the latest scam in Yemen? How about Iraq? Where voter turn out is non-existent. Or there is only on person on the ballot?

Let’s check out the Syrian referendum together. Almost 90 percent of voters says YES.
And the voter turn out? 57.4 percent of the voting populace.
To give you a sense of how major that is considering what is going on in Syria at this time
Voter turnout in Canada's last election, no western destabilization happening, just 61 percent.
Up from 2008 when the turn out was just 58 percent
In the US voter turn out for the last Presidential election stood at under 57 percent.
How is it that these are meaningful choices but Syria’s isn’t?
The UN rather then being impartial or uniting nations is disdainful of most Syrians.
Showing itself to be a tool of the Western Imperialist and Israeli agenda.

How about some old information but very relevant still.
Stratfor Challenges Narratives on Syria- here and here

But we are now entering the tenth month of this particular violent revolt – even Libya with its full-fledged civil war didn’t take so long. So what gives?

According to the Texas-based geopolitical risk analysis group Stratfor which released an eyebrow-raising piece on Syrian opposition propaganda efforts last week, “most of the opposition’s more serious claims have turned out to be grossly exaggerated or simply untrue, thereby revealing more about the opposition’s weaknesses than the level of instability inside the Syrian regime.”

The oppositions claims grossly exaggerated or out and out lies? Not surprising.

There is more, so please read at the above links. Stratfor seems to have removed that page...
And I can’t find it in the cache? Hmmm?

Getting back to the occupied Golan Heights.

The Arabs and Druze under occupation support the Assad regime
One comment really says it like it is for the Arabs in Israel. Oozing with venom.
You can read it below the video, link here

While in Israel and the Golan Heights... this is worth a mention.
I recall this moron from way back. The Saudi Cleric who very conveniently plays into the Israeli victimhood/ Arabs bad agenda. The agenda that always benefits that one little country in the middle east, of course Israel. Of course he is a Saudi.
This guy is all about getting Bashar Assad. Maybe Israel should give him an award or something? 'Murdering Assad more important than killing an Israeli'

Saudi cleric Dr. Awad al-Qarni is claiming that killing Syrian President Bashar Assad would be a more noble deed than killing an Israeli person.

from his facebook page?

Saudi newspaper Sabah quoted al-Qarni as saying that Assad deserves to die for heresy, referring to him as "Basharon," in a jab alluding to former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. The Muslim cleric claimed that the Golan Heights will not be freed until Assad's "treacherous" regime falls.

Yeah, sure.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Syrian burial for Marie Colvin. Like Osama Bin Laden at sea?

“The body of Marie Colvin, a veteran correspondent for The Sunday Times of London who was killed in a shelling attack in the Syrian city of Homs, will likely be buried inside Syria”

I am getting a very Osama Bin Laden feeling about this.
Recall when the US “got their man” in Pakistan? The body was buried at sea. A narrative ended. Sure. But, with more questions then answers and no way to verify the claim. Convenient.

Marie Colvin, conveniently, is going to be buried in Syria. So the story ends. All the questions surrounding Marie Colvin and her reality will remain.
What the burial in Syria of the "revered" journalist does, like the OBL burial at sea, is tidily end the official narrative.

Her mother seems quite accepting of this fate. ....
The mother doesn’t say, anything I would expect a mother to say-
I would love to have my baby’s body back, to bury near me, so I can visit her grave”.
“I feel angry at being denied the right to bury my own child”

Instead the mother reinforces the official narrative? I'll quote-

"They were first in another house, and the top floors there were blown off," the elder Colvin said."

First (the Syrian forces) rocketed the front of the building," she said, fueling suspicion that the attack against a makeshift media center where Colvin and Ochlik were holed up was no accident.”

Really? Why? This makes no sense. No sense to me whatsoever!

This is an update to the post from Wednesday February 22nd 2012-
Marie Colvin: Is a false narrative being created to justify an attack on Syria?

Which got a lot of responses, thanks to all who left responses.
Specifically, thank-you to the Anonymous commentor, who left the link enabling me to do this update.

Marie Colvin with the NATO backed terrorists in Misrata, Libya

Friday, February 24, 2012

"Friends" of Syria: Syrian TV live streams- Protestors held back by security gates

Well, we are all witnessing my complete inability to pull away from the Syrian situation.
What with so much going on.....
The so called "Friends of Syria" group is gathering in Tunisia
The name itself is a carefully chosen label, perhaps even generated by some public relations firm, to hide the reality. This conference is merely cover for the NATO and the GCC nations to plot their next moves against Syria. NATO and the GCC are attempting to put a shiny, happy, smiling face on their destabilization of Syria. "Friends Of Syria" they are not,
What with their spooky "journalists" & "peaceful" protestors..
I had said to myself, don't even bother with this. I need to use my spare time more wisely ;)
What can I say?

Syrian Television streamed the conference live to the people of Syria.
They aren't hiding anything from them.
Syrian Television streams the “Friends” conference in Tunis.

BEIRUT — Syrian state television on Friday broadcast live coverage of a "Friends of Syria" international conference in Tunis aiming to isolate the Damascus regime, instead dubbing it the "enemies of Syria" meeting.
The enemies of Syria. It does seem more appropriate, really? What else does one characterize those that have been attacking you?

But the conference is marked by the absence of Russia and China -- which have both vetoed UN Security Council resolutions on the crisis -- highlighting the difficulty in building an international consensus on Syria.
Prior to the conference, both Russia and China had made clear they were not attending

Outside of the "Friends" conference, Pro-Syrian protestors, numbering from the looks of it more then the 200 hundred the western msm is claiming, were out in full force. The attempted to storm the hotel where the meeting is taking place. Causing poor Hilary Clinton to be re-routed. Boo-hoo

Several hundred supporters of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Friday forced their way into the grounds of a hotel in Tunisia where Western and Arab leaders were preparing to meet to demand an end to Syria's crackdown on opposition.

A Reuters reporter said the crowd arrived in buses at the Palace Hotel, in a suburb of Tunis, and then forced their way past perimeter gates. They were holding up portraits of Assad. They tried to push their way into the hotel building itself but were held back by a security cordon, the reporter said.

Another video here

One video appears to be shot in the thick of the protest
The other appears to be shot from the back of the protest
(From my best guess of course)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A False flag psyop presents itself- Russia warns Israel on Iran

For some reason I am in a sour mood today. My brows are furrowed.
It could have something to do with the news I read everyday?
In as brief a period of time, I am going to cover a lot of news
And awaaaayyy we go.

Another alleged reporter, who was is claiming to be injured in Syria wants to be removed from Syria via Lebanon.

The story features another video uploaded by the NATO armed opposition.

Her femur is supposedly broken and she needs an operation. Someone we are supposed to believe is a doctor is present? Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t?

The alleged journalist looks remarkably calm for a person with a broken femur (the largest bone in your body) in a stressful situation.
She doesn’t appear to be in pain.
I would think, since we are supposed to believe this area is lacking in medical supplies, she is not receiving pain killers?
The call for the Red Cross is timely. The request to go to Lebanon is also interesting since all manner of smuggling has been going on across the Syrian/Lebanon border.
We are supposed to believe that the “Free Syrian Army” has a medical staff? From where?
Frankly, it may sound brutally blunt. If it offends anyone, so be it. I am not buying this story.

As you will read further along, their maybe a potential to attack Syria in this scenario

In a blatant show of western hypocrisy, the main stream media in Canada is saying
“Bring in the drones” to Syria. You know the machines of indiscriminate death and spying resulting in indiscriminate death.... Ah the West. Always hypocritical. Always obviously so.

The World should know about a lot of atrocities. The western populace should really know about the ones carried out in their name. Except western leaders call those “accidents” or “collateral damage” or “pacification” but not atrocities. Those always seem to belong to the others, or not us.
FYI war nutter at the National Post- The drones are already present. Perhaps you should read my blog, because I covered that last week?

And Israel can barely contain itself these days... you know “hopeful” but weary.
Nonsense on the weary.
The Israeli government has been positively unabashedly hoping for war with Syria and Iran. Hopeful for regime change. Hopeful for land stealing. Hopeful for plunder.

I am just quoting the facts here, not the spin on concern for Syrian civilians. Israel ain’t concerned.

They even contemplate a potential strike on Syria.

Hat tip to HHQ, where ever you may be !

Nearly a year into the Syrian uprising, the predominant view in Israel today is the former, that Mr. Assad must go,because he is a linchpin in the anti-Israel Iranian power network.

And presented here is a very interesting and possible false flag potential. Pay attention to this and I quote

“We are following in particular the possible transfer of advanced weapons systems to Hezbollah, which break the delicate balance in Lebanon,” he said.

He was referring to long-range ballistic weapons able to reach anywhere in Israel, advanced antiaircraft systems, which threatened Israel’s action over Lebanese airspace, and unconventional weapons, especially chemical, according to Prime Source, a risk consultancy firm in Israel.

If such a transfer of arms happened, Israel would have to decide whether to strike a convoy and risk provoking the Assad government into a direct confrontation with Israel, potentially shifting attention away from its internal woes, experts said. “

Curious that the injured reporter wanted to go to Lebanon via a Red Cross convoy?
And Israel is concerned the potential shipment of weapons from Syria to Lebanon?
Could that movement, of an injured journalist, from Syria to Lebanon see Israel mistake it as a weapons shipment.... leading to an “utterly necessary strike on Syria”

I smell a potential false flag /psyop odour wafting through the internet...

And of course, there is the Golan Heights. Illegally occupied by Israel. I am quite certain their counting the days until they can displace the inhabitants there call it their own.

Israel captured the Golan Heights from Syria in 1967 and annexed it in 1981 in an act never accepted internationally. Syria has not given up its claim to the area.

Just one more thing- Russia warned Israel not to attack Iran

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia warned Israel on Wednesday that attacking Iran would be a disastrous.

"Of course any possible military scenario against Iran will be catastrophic for the region and for the whole system of international relations," Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov told a news conference.

It was one of Russia's starkest warnings against resorting to force, an option Israel and the United States have not ruled out if they conclude that diplomacy and increasing sanctions will not stop Iran from developing a nuclear bomb.

"I hope Israel understands all these consequences ... and they should also consider the consequences of such action for themselves," Gatilov said. "I hope a realistic approach will prevail, along with a sensible assessment."

Is that clear enough for Israel? I don't know?

Is it any wonder I feel very grouchy?
War just does that to me.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Marie Colvin: Is a false narrative being created to justify an attack on Syria?

Update at bottom....

After you read this post, check out the latest on Marie Colvin, a tidy ending to a messy story.

I have been following along with the reported death of the journalist Marie Colvin in Homs for the past couple of hours. I find some huge, huge problems with the story.
Early this am, the narrative was that a video was released by the "oppostion" really terrorists in Homs.The claim that this journalist was killed by the Syrian military originated with them.
And just prior to her alleged death, she gave some very interesting interviews making some very
spurious claims.
My gut tells me that something is off on this whole story. Like Jessica Lynch. Or the Saddam statue being pulled down. Or Pat Tillman. We should all understand that false narratives can easily be created then morph through the media into something “pivotal”.
So here are my issues with this whole story

this narrative has entirely originated with the “opposition”
For nearly a year, covering the Syrian destabilization, the words emanating from the “oppostion” have almost always been far from fact . Far from fact!

Here is the video released by the activists that got this whole ball rolling

They claim those are the reporters.... ?????

Second: I have never heard of this woman, ever before.
I have covered a lot of the same news that she has. And never came across her reporting. How on earth is that possible? Until today, had anyone else recalled seeing her in Egypt, most recently? With the more then 100 posts on Syria, I am absolutely flummoxed, that her "reporting” had not crossed my path of sleuthing.

This morning I looked at her Wikipedia page. There was almost nothing there. As of this time 10:00 am est it has gotten bigger. But, I want you to pay attention to when this page was created? Everything on it is from today. February 22/2012
Yet, We are told she was a journalist for two decades, it is reported she won prestigious awards in 2010 and 2000 and 2001. Yet wikipedia had nothing on her, until today.. Marie Colvin had never been on Wikipedia prior to today? As celebrated as we are being told she was?
From the page as it is right now


2000: Journalist of the Year: Foreign Press Association.
2000: Courage in Journalism: International Women's Media Foundation.
2001: Foreign Reporter of the Year:British Press Awards
2010:Foreign Reporter of the Year:British Press Awards (second award).

[edit] References

^ Ricchiardi, Sherry (April 2000). "Highway to the Danger Zone". American Journalism Review. Retrieved February 22, 2012.
^ "Woman Journalist Gets Her Story: In Spite of Grenade Attack, Marie Colvin Files Her Report". Retrieved February 22, 2012.
^ Walford, Charles (February 22, 2012). "Veteran Sunday Times journalist Marie Colvin 'killed in heavy shelling in Syria' just hours after broadcast on ITN News At Ten". Mail Online. Retrieved February 22, 2012.
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^ "'Foreign journalists killed' in Homs shelling". Al Jazeera. February 22, 2012. Retrieved February 22, 2012.
^ "Veteran war reporter Marie Colvin killed in Syria". Channel 4. February 22, 2012. Retrieved February 22, 2012.

Am I the only one that finds it odd a so called “prestigious” foreign correspondent, never garnered a previous mention on Wikipedia?

Fourth: Marie Colvin is supposed to be an American, working for the British press and yet it was the French government who confirmed her death? But even that early reporting is disappearing.
French Minister: French journalist killed in Syria was the original headline to this news story

In the body of the story the info is still present

In Paris, French government spokeswoman Valerie Pecresse said those killed were French photojournalist Remi Ochlik and American veteran war reporter Marie Colvin

: I see a number of stories around that report the deaths of the journalists CANNOT be confirmed.
A Syrian activists said two foreign journalists were killed Wednesday by Syrian government forces shelling the restive central city of Homs. The report could not be immediately confirmed.

Another story-
News International, which publishes The Times and The Sunday Times, was working to confirm reports of Colvin's death. News International is part of News Corp., which also owns NewsCore.

NewsCorp- She worked for Rupert Murdoch! That says a lot. If the deaths are unconfirmed why is the media reporting them as fact? Wouldn't this be difficult for the families?

Curiously just a few hours before her death, she managed to give an interview to CNN?
Her story is picked up all over the place. Then she was killed.
In the interview she tells the world how she witnessed the death of a baby.
I am going to quote from the interview

Anderson Cooper: Do we know how the child died? How he was wounded?

Marie Colvin: We know there's been constant shelling in the city, so I have to say, it's just one of many stories. His house was hit by a shell. He -- another member of his family -- it's chaos here, but another member of his family arrived later, but after he had died, and said the house had been -- the second floor -- had been hit. This little boy, obviously it was just one piece of shrapnel that caught him right in the chest.

Notice anything odd about that answer?
She doesn’t know how the child died. She assumes it was the “constant shelling”
But she doesn’t know. Then she talks about another member of the family arriving after the baby died and telling her the house had been hit. Why does she not mention the family members who were actually present at the time this was supposed to have taken place? Where are they? How are they? No mention of that.
Later she mentions the “Free Syrian Army” is on the streets and armed. How can she be so sure it was not one of them or there armaments that hit the house? She can’t be sure.

Just hours after she makes this heroic report of a baby dying. She dies in an alleged bombardment by the Syrian Army. As we are told by the activists?

But that wasn’t the only report prior to her death
Syrian forces had pledged to kill 'any journalist who set foot on Syrian soil'
Syrian forces murdered journalist Marie Colvin after pledging to kill "any journalist who set foot on Syrian soil", it has emerged.

Wow, had they really? Had they “pledged to kill journalists”? I wonder who heard them make such a pledge?

Jean-Pierre Perrin, a journalist for the Paris-based Liberation newspaper who was with Colvin in Homs last week, claimed they had been told that the Syrian Army was "deliberately" going to shell their centre.

Well, no that is not actually what was said.."A few days ago we were advised to leave the city urgently and we were told: 'If they (the Syrian Army) find you they will kill you'.

No mention of just who relayed this message to them! Who advised them? Who told them?
This kind of stuff bugs me. Always has, always will. It should bug anyone with a brain!

So just after we get a report of a baby dying and pledges to kill journalists, Marie Colvin a supposed ‘celebrated’ journalist gets killed.

Sorry , but, this ain’t sitting right with me. Feel free to disagree or agree. This narrative is not sitting right with me. It however creates a handy pretext to justify military action in Syria. The creation of a no-fly zone over Homs to save babies and journalists. Hence my wondering if it is a false narrative.

One last thing the bizarre photos of this woman. They seem off.

Is she dead. Is she alive. Unconfirmed reports? I just don't know?

France Holds Syria Responsible in Journalists’ Bombing Deaths

Britain summons Syrian envoy over journalists' deaths

Britain summoned the Syrian ambassador on Wednesday to lodge a protest over the deaths of two Western journalists and demand the repatriation of their bodies, the Foreign Office said.

Think about this? She was in Syria illegally.
How is it that Syria is responsible for her actions and her presence in a terrorist stronghold?
Syria is not. She is. Or, should I say NATO is?
Whoever or however she got into Syria, the involved parties should be the ones to get these bodies out.

If Syria can't produce the "bodies" will this incident be used as the justification for an assault on Syria? Or the creation of buffer zones or a no fly zone?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Syria- As the stakes get ever higher

Apologies it is a long winded, sort of tangle webbed post

In case you missed it the “peaceful” protestors, armed terrorists assassinated a Judge and Prosecutor over the weekend

“Gunmen in Syria staged a guerrilla-style ambush that killed a senior state prosecutor and a judge Sunday in an attack that suggested armed factions are growing bolder and more coordinated ...”

How is it the armed NATO terrorists are becoming bolder and more coordinated?
With the help of US drones, of course!

The US claims
“The drones are being used to gather evidence on the Syrian security forces' violence against pro-democracy protesters that can be used to "make a case for a widespread international response,"

The US administration hopes to use visual evidence and intercepts of Syrian government and military communications to "make the case for a widespread international response".

Do you believe that humanitarian spin? I don’t. Gathering evidence of violence used against
“pro democracy” protestors. Hilarious! Really.
Is anyone remaining out there in the world so gullible to believe that?
What makes more sense?
The drones are indeed being used to ascertain the whereabouts of Syrian troops or state officials, with the information then being sent to the armed terrorists. That would explain the “bolder and more coordinated attacks” being conducted by the armed terrorists. Making possible the guerilla style ambushes. Such as the one reported above.

As it was in Libya, so it is in Syria.

Here’s something curious...... Well not really?
Druze Students upon return to occupied Golan Heights, say Syrian Crisis is NOT all that the masses are told

Druze students returning to the Golan Heights from Syria said on Monday that they never saw any demonstrations, and that reports and pictures emerging from the country were not reliable.

Eight students crossed the border on Monday at the Kuneitra crossing, coming from the Syrian side of the border on a bus accompanied by UNIFIL vehicles.

"There was a feeling of uncertainty, people are very confused," said Nadar Khalabi, who studies Arabic literature"
I went out to the street when I heard there was a demonstration, but I didn't see anyone," he said. "A large part of the pictures and reports from Syria are not reliable, at least that was our impression."

Another student, Wissam Safdy, agreed. "I went to the al-Mazzah neighborhood in Damascus when there were reports of demonstrations, but I didn't see anything," he said. "We don't know what's happening, but in Damascus things are calm, and the prevailing feeling is that in the end Syria will come out of this crisis."

Syria reportedly quelled unrest in the al-Mazzah neighborhood over the weekend, with at least 15,000 people demonstrating Saturday to protest the deaths of three demonstrators in the same area the previous day. (Except this was not three demonstrators, nor was there a demonstration. It was a funeral for three Syrian soldiers. I covered that here on the blog)

A new angle on the propaganda front against Syria being spun by the msm...
Since all the angles have to be worked! Equating Syria to the war in Bosnia.
Because “Bosnia history warns only armed mission can work”
An armed mission is after all the NATO/ Israeli agenda.

Curiously this new spin seems to coordinate very nicely with the Death Angel(ina's) latest work of cinematic mind control
I guess that is just another one of those coincidences, right?

"She (Jolie) read books and consulted with some of the key characters from that conflict, like U.S. diplomat Richard Holbrooke. "
Was he CFR too?

One similarity between Syria, Libya and Bosnia for sure is the presence of Western armed and backed fundamentalists fighters in Bosnia

“The Bosnian War, which was fought between Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Serbia, attracted large numbers of foreign fighters and mercenaries from various countries. “
Like Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan, fresh from the war with Russia
“ Foreign fighters, styling themselves mujahideen, turned up in Bosnia around 1993 with Croatian identity documents, passports and IDs.

Wonder how it was they all got those phoney passports, documents and ID??

Of course, out of the ashes of that conflict arose the Narco/ Child prostitute/ Organ trafficking state of Kosovo. The new country the US just couldn't wait to "recognize"

Speaking of Richard Holbrooke.... him and his terrorist fighters back in the day

From an old post.
Madeline" dead Iraqi children worth it" Albright was there too
So Ms Jolie consulted with Holbrooke for her movie... that should ensure the movie is pure and utter spin.

Meanwhile Russia, China and Iran continue to show their support for Syria

Assad met a senior Russian politician in Damascus, who reiterated Moscow's support for his self-styled reform programme and spoke out against any foreign intervention in the conflict.
China accused Western countries of stirring up civil war in Syria, and two Iranian warships docked at a Syrian naval base, underscoring rising international tensions over the near year-long crisis.
It is being reported the Iranian ships have left Syria, if they were every really there?

I wonder why the ships, as claimed, would have docked at Tartous, rather then Latakia?

We continue to hear of the “bombardment” of Homs.
If correct, and I am of the opinion that it is.. this is being done to prevent the carving out of a zone that will be used by Turkey/NATO to launch all out bombing and terror across the country of Syria. Therefore, unless the Syrian government is going to prevent the possibility of wholesale slaughter ala Libya, Homs has to be taken back from the NATO backed rebels.

Very interesting, but not surprising, that the msm had disappeared this sentence from a number of news reports....

For the obvious reason, or what should be obvious is it makes clear the agenda in Syria.
To carve out a chunk of the country to use as a launching point for more NATO agression
Here is the disappeared sentence, or all that remained of it, from 100's of news articles, after all this is a news wire story from AP that would have been picked up and rehashed in literally hundreds and hundreds of sites.

“some believe they could ultimately carve out a zone akin to Benghazi in eastern Libya, where rebels launched ...”

Here is the search that will take you to the stories that did contain that sentence, but now have mysteriously removed it?

Well, I stand corrected. I found one, just one news story that had not been redacted.
How long that one story will remain intact is anyone's guess. But you can find the one remaining story here at the Chronicle Herald. And the redacted censored sentence in it's entirety
But the city is the capital of Syria’s largest province, stretching from the Lebanese border to the Iraqi frontier. If rebel forces keep gaining ground there, some believe they could ultimately carve out a zone akin to Benghazi in eastern Libya, where rebels launched their successful uprising against Moammar Gadhafi last year.

Was that giving away much of the agenda in too obvious of a fashion?
If you have been following along, you know that this information was already covered Feb 16/2012
"Rebels" defy Assad and carve out their own piece of Syria

How many times can I say it, other then some minor variances, this is Libya redux
Something the mainstream media clearly do not want the masses to figure out

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Death Angel(ina) Jolie calls for "intervention" in Syria

Intervention of course meaning, bombing to smithereens. Rape. Plunder. Torture.

Seriously, boycott this woman's movies.
She is a tool.
A puppet.
Her puppet masters fill the upper echelons of elitist organizations.
She should be shunned, ignored and completely segregated from the human race.
Perhaps she is a psychopath.
How else to explain her "role" in this world of humans.
"Goodwill Ambassador" for the UN? If goodwill means bringing death, then sure?
Angelina Jolie, why do you want the blood of the innocent on your hands?
Are you pleased now with the results in Libya?
You whored yourself for the warmongers of the world to destroy that nation!
I am wondering when she will call for intervention in the worst human rights abusing nation- western puppet, Saudi Arabia.
Angelina how do the Iraqis like being free of their very lives, their homes, their livelihoods
Angelina Jolie, why do you want the blood of the innocent on your hands.

Death Angel(ina) has been featured previously here on this blog

Angelina Jolie goes where no humanitarian group can go.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Funerals for Syrian Soldiers attacked by NATO backed terrorists

Take a look at a picture from the funeral today in Damascus. A funeral held under snowy skies.
Were you wondering just who was being buried today? Who were the processions for? I think this information will help you get a better understanding of why Syrian soldiers were present... and how much the western media lies to you.

It was Syrian soldiers being buried.

Above picture taken from this site. Caption underneath reads as follows.
Quote from here

NOW...Let's talk about what the western main stream lying media is claiming took place at the soldiers funeral in Damascus today.
Rife with spin! Fabrication. Prevarication.
Headlines such as these- or should I drop the n and call them "Head-lies"? It is more suitable!
Syrian forces shoot at protestors
Syrian forces shoot at funeral marchers
Violent protests move closer to those in power

I am sure you have quite literally seen hundreds of head-lies along this mode of spin?

What we are all supposed to believe is Syrian forces opened fire at a funeral procession, "filled with protestors"
A funeral for persons killed during "anti -Assad" protests.
Of course the term "anti-Assad protest"could mean either soldier or armed NATO terrorist right? So the media is not exactly lying? Yet, not exactly telling the truth?
They are letting the reader make run away assumptions based on all the previous propaganda they have been spoon fed.
Nonetheless were being told, the Syrian army opened fire and killed one. Quite a low number isn't it? One would think if the Syrian military opened fire (spin) on a funeral procession the numbers of dead would be much higher?

Syrian forces fire on funeral in Damascus, kill 1

Syrian security forces allegedly fired live rounds and tear gas Saturday at thousands of people marching in a funeral procession.......
These thousands of people are being presented via the media as "anti Assad".
In reality they are the wives, mothers, fathers, children friends, neighbours of Syrian soldiers! More likely to be broken hearted. Probably not "anti-assad" or "anti-regime"

The spin of them being "anti-Assad" and the funeral morphing into a protest comes to us from the terrorist/armed destabilizers in Syria.

“It was a huge funeral that turned into a protest,” said the activist, who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals. “There was no fear among the participants.”

So the "activist" claims?

The activists informs the media the funeral turned into a protest.

The activists tells the media there was no fear amongst the participants.

I would think if the Syrian army, as alleged, "opened fire" that would be a cause fear? No? Yes?

Of course since the funeral attendees were their to honour the Syrian soldiers who had been killed by NATO terrorists, they had nothing to fear from other Syrian soldiers did they?

Syrian soldiers who were present not only to pay their final respects but also to protect the friends and neighbours of the deceased from the very terrorists who had killed their compatriots.

Hence the complete disconnect between the lies of the activist and the reality of the situation.

There is an interesting video, taken by the one of the alleged "activists" Definitely shot from a roof top or some height.

I have watched and re- watched several times.. The video does not show any coffins at the beginning. Coffins are shown in the last ten seconds.
I suspect that this video footage is being taken at the very end of the funeral procession. It appears some of Syria's armed terrorist/NATO destabilizers had placed themselves at the tail end of the funeral procession, in amongst mourners, for a photo-op.Probably with some flags, placards or whatever.

Or worse?

Do you notice all the cars? Most of the procession has moved ahead and the destabilizers are bringing up the rear. They, NATO backed terrorists, may be armed?

It looks as if one, possibly two Syrian soldiers come into the picture. Do they shoot? I can't tell.

Since this is a military funeral it makes sense that the soldier(s) were present to protect the mourners from exactly the kind of action that were in the process of taking place.

Take a gander at the video? See what you think?

Finally- How the western media lies! As much as I try to lay it bare for all, it still is appalling to expose!

Perception management

Friday, February 17, 2012

Iranian Naval Ships enter the Mediterranean- Heading for Syria??

And more, of course there is more!
Isn't there always?
First the ships in the Mediterranean-

This is eerily reminiscent of a story from last year- which originated in Israel, and seemed quite bogus at that time.
I'm really not sure what to make of it? So you make of it what you will and I will carefully consider it as a possibility. Maybe. Iran and Syria do have naval agreements.....
But, the story isn't getting much coverage. The Israeli press is covering it as is Reuter's.
"Two Iranian naval ships have sailed through Egypt's Suez Canal into the Mediterranean, in a move likely to be keenly watched by Israel.

"Two Iranian ships crossed through the Suez Canal (on Thursday) following permission from the Egyptian armed forces," a source in the canal authority said Friday.

The destroyer and a supply ship could be on their way to the Syrian coast, the source added. Iran and Syria agreed to cooperate on naval training a year ago, and Tehran has no naval agreement with any other country in the region.

It is that "could" part that is irksome. I would think that in order to pass through the Suez canal these two ships destination would be known. Perhaps I am mistaken?

Interesting and I would tend to think this is a good assessment

Lieutenant General Ronald Burgess, Director of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency, told a Senate panel on Thursday that barring an unforeseen development like a coup, "Assad will continue to hang in there."

"The Syrian military, despite some desertions (very few) and defections to the armed opposition, (very few) on the whole remains a viable, cohesive and effective force. The military suppresses (armed& violent) unrest throughout the country. The leading opposition umbrella organization, the Syrian National Council, has yet to emerge as a clear or united alternative to the Assad regime and it has not been able to unite Syrians on a strategy for ousting and replacing the regime," Burgess said.

The so called opposition can't rally the Syrian population because they aren't resident Syrians. They live in Britian and France for gods sake! Resident Syrians know what is going on.
And they don't want to be bombed to smithereens and see their nation go the way of Libya.
Except for a minuscule amount of the population who are foolish or blinded by extremist religious beliefs to by into the "regime change" being bought and paid for by NATO and Israel.

It is being reported repeatedly that the Syrian army is shelling Homs. They may well be.

Syria can't allow a chunk of the nation to be carved out by the NATO terrorists.
If they do, this will be the basis for a no fly zone and "humanitarian corridors".
The no fly zone and "humanitarian corridors, which will have nothing to do with anything humane will then be used to obliterate the country, it's infrastructure and kill many, many innocent civilians.

These are that little weasel Sarkozy's own words. He makes it clear that the NATO terrorists aren't getting the job done.
Quoting the weasel as he lies from a joint press conference with the Cameron

We (France & Britain) cannot bring about a Syrian revolution ... if the Syrian revolution does not make an effort to rally together and organize so that we can better help them,” Sarkozy said. He insisted, however, that “the revolution will not be brought about from outside, it will be brought about from the inside.”

You see why I called these words, the words of a liar? We cannot bring about a revolution if the Syrians don't make an effort to rally together and organize so we can better help them. BUT the revolution will be brought about from inside??? Sure sounds to me that despite Sarkozy's lies. Him and Cameron are all about themselves (NATO) bringing about the revolution.

Cameron and Sarkozy pledged that their countries “will continue to increase their engagement with the Syrian opposition"

Since they have been "engaged" with the Syrian opposition all along. I am quite certain they are looking to "increase their engagement".

France is still pushing for "humanitarian corridors"

France wants the UN to consider setting up “humanitarian corridors” in Syria, French Foreign Affairs Minister Alain JuppĂ© said Wednesday.

And this!

France on Tuesday set up a million-euro emergency fund for “humanitarian” aid in Syria and is discussing the Arab League plan, which raises the possibility of sending UN troops, with its allies.

France setting up a fund for "humanitarian" aid in Syria? Where have I heard this one before?
Oh, yeah. Libya! Remember? It wasn't that long ago? August 2011

France will place $259 million at the disposal of Libya's National Transition Council (NTC) after un-freezing Libyan assets in the country, Foreign Minister Alain Juppe said on Monday. The NTC has committed to use the funds for humanitarian purposes
You know "humanitarian purposes" Guns, munitions. Bullet proof vests. Bombs. Tools of torture.
Mortar shells. Sniper guns and bullets. Bombs to blow up pipelines. Grenades. And medical equipment to treat THEIR wounded as they kill ordinary Syrians.
Isn''t "humanitarian aid" swell?!?!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Rebels" defy Assad and carve out their own piece of Syria

Short on time again I just want to post this story. I had bookmarked it last week.
What makes it so very interesting is that it spells out exactly what the NATO backed terrorists have been up to in Syria. What their agenda is. How they are accomplishing it.
The NATO backed terrorists are indeed defying Assad and 99 percent of Syrians.
They are attempting to carve out a piece of Syria for themselves. A move very, very reminiscent of the Libyan scenario. But then I suppose it did come from the same NATO playbook, right?
"How to destroy a Secular nation and bring in Fundamentalism backed by the West"
You know, that playbook? See Egypt. See Libya. Now look at Syria... Quoting from this article
Richard Spencer near Homs
Let's see what he is reporting?

"On Thursday night, after a day-long battle, its defenders managed to seize a police station and barracks of the Mukhabarat, the military intelligence. They blasted rocket propelled grenades at the buildings until the sides caved"

The author cleverly fails to mention who it is these "rebels" are battling? It looks to be law enforcement officials and soldiers. He reports the "rebels" are using rocket propelled grenades so extensively that the "buildings cave in"
But doesn't bother to mention or report on who is supplying all this weaponry to the "rebels"

"But I know the FSA ambushed a van with troops inside. And last night al-Dounia state television said seven men including a secret police major were killed here by armed gangs. So we know that.”
He reports on ambushes on vans with troops in them. All of them killed.
He again does not inquire on who is supplying the means to this end. Weapons or logistics.

And this odd sentence?

At the rally, a Christian is produced to show that everyone is united.
A "christian" is produced? Was he conjured or created? How did he KNOW this was a "christian"? Did he have his special christian tattoo? This is what is passing a serious reporting on the terrorism that is being conducted against a nation and it's people. "A christian is produced"

In truth the buffer zone the rebels have created is one that it is still in the making. It is a small slice of free Syria but it is not Benghazi, the coastal strip of Libya that created a revolution and became a base for foreign assistance.

I am sure the terrorists that NATO is arming are intending to keep working at it.
And "reporters" such as the one that wrote this laughable article will keep putting trash out for the gullible.

As for the liberation of Libya, by those NATO backed terrorists...
That is all going so well for the populace of Libya.. really well.
Liberation-Freedom. Only now the NATO backed terrorists that were given carte blanche to destroy Libya and pillage the country are being called "Libyan militias"
And they are torturing and terrorizing the people
Libyan Militias Accused of Targetting and Torturing Libyan People

“Militias in Libya are largely out of control and the blanket impunity they enjoy only encourages further abuses and perpetuates instability and insecurity.”

Impunity, should be immunity. Thanks to the NATO nations!

At a detention centre in Misurata, an AI delegate reported witnessing armed militia members beating and threatening some detainees whose release had been ordered. An older detainee from Tawargha was cowering, squatting against the wall, and crying as he was being kicked and threatened by a militia member who told AI that “those from Tawargha will not be released or we’ll kill them”.

In an interrogation centre in Misurata and Tripoli Amnesty International said it found detainees who interrogators had tried to conceal and who had been severely tortured - one so badly that he could hardly move or speak.

Amnesty International you make me ill. You sowed the seeds for this. And still you cover for that which you aided, by spinning such bullshit as I will quote below

Donatella Rovera, Senior Crisis Response Adviser at Amnesty International said:

"A year ago Libyans risked their lives to demand justice. Today their hopes are being jeopardised by lawless armed militias who trample human rights with impunity"

Way to spin an armed intervention. which Amnesty aided with, to implement regime change

Take 9 minutes to watch the video as it relates to both Libya and Syria

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Book: Terrorism & the Illuminati by David Livingstone

Just something quick today....

First let me thank Freethinker for bringing this book to my attention.

Perhaps you may be interested in getting a copy for themselves? You can.
I haven't read it yet, but, intend too.
I come away with the impression after having read the contents below that this book may just tie a lot of loose ends up. See if this description whets your whistle?
You can get the book at the above link

Contrary to myth being fabricated, Islam does not pose a threat to the West. Rather, Islamic “terrorist” organizations have been created to serve Western imperialistic objectives. These groups are intertwined with Western power through a network of occult secret societies. This relationship dates back to sixth century BC, and the birth of the Kabbalah, in Babylon; a plot to seek world domination through the use of magic and deception.

Herod the Great incepted a series of cooperative dynastic relationships. Their first conspiracy: to corrupt the emerging Christian movement, imposed upon the Roman Empire as Catholicism, with which they would struggle ever since for supremacy over Western civilization.

During the Crusades, these dynastic families associated with their counterparts in the East, members of the heretical Ismaili Muslims of Egypt, known as the Assassins. Templars were believed to have "rescued" a number of these "Eastern Mystics", and brought them to Scotland, being the basis Scottish Rite Freemasonry. The legend also led to the formation of the "Asiatic Brethren", founded by followers of the infamous Jewish false-messiah, Shebbetae Zevi. The Asiatic Brethren then became the successors of the Illuminati, and became involved in the development of Egyptian Rite Freemasonry.

With Napoleon’s conquest of Egypt, Freemasons in his army reconnected with their brethren in Egypt, sparking a relationship that was pivotal to the development of the Occult Revival of the late nineteenth century.

These associations were part of a grand strategy, as outlined by Albert Pike, who originally devised a plot for three world wars, culminating in a third against the Muslim world. However, because the Islamic world had been successfully dismantled, both through the instigations of the West, and by way of their own corruption, they were incapable of mobilizing any kind of threat. It therefore had to be contrived.

This was the agenda of the Oxford Movement, to spread Scottish Rite Freemasonry in the Middle East, headed by Lord Palmerston, Benjamin Disraeli and Edward Bullwer-Lytton, a leading occult figure, as head of the SRIA, or English Rosicrucians, which evolved directly from the Asiatic Brethren.

The agent of this strategy was a notorious impostor by the name of Jamal ud Din al Afghani, who became the founder of what is called the Salafi "reform" movement of Islam. According to K. Paul Johnson, it was Afghani, as head of the occult Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, or HB of L, who was responsible for teaching Helena Blavatsky her central doctrines. Helena P. Blavatsky, the famous medium and mystic, was the godmother of the New Age movement, whose books are considered the "bibles" of Freemasonry. Numerous other leading occultists affiliated with the English Rosicrucians and Egyptian Rite Freemasonry travelled to Egypt at the time, and on their return, established branches of the HB of L, out of which emerged the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO), the most notorious member of which was Aleister Crowley.

The Nazis were the result of a merging of the O.T.O of Crowley and the Thule Gesselschaft of Germany. It is presumably for this reason that Hitler, when he wished to create an arm of German Intelligence in Egypt, contacted a leading Salafi and Freemason, named Hasan al Banna. With the demise of the Nazis following WWII, control of the organization was transferred to the CIA. It was its eventual head, Allen Dulles who spearheaded the move to hire ex-Nazis to train the terrorists.

In 1954, after it was discovered that the Muslim Brotherhood was responsible for an attack on his life, President Gamal Nasser of Egypt ordered a crackdown. Fleeing members of the Muslim Brotherhood were then shuttled to the CIA’s ally, Saudi Arabia.

The Salafi movement has since come to be spearheaded by Saudi Arabia, and identified as one and the same as the heresy of Wahhabism. Wahhabism was created by the British, in the eighteenth century to undermine the Ottoman Empire, and to achieve Western control of the world’s primary oil resource. Today, the promotion of Wahhabism is part of a larger Western agenda, involving the CIA, to denigrate Islam. According to William Engdahl, it was Henry Kissinger who orchestrated the Oil Crisis of 1973. The subsequent wealth achieved by Saudi Arabia then served as a hidden slush fund for CIA covert operations.

When John Loftus, a Justice Department official in the eighties, was permitted to peruse classified government documents, he discovered that the British Secret Service convinced American intelligence that the Arab Nazis of the Muslim Brotherhood would be indispensable as “freedom fighters” in preparation for the next major war, which was anticipated against the Soviet Union.

And so, when the Americans wished to lure the Soviets into their own version of Vietnam, they did so by funding factions of the Muslim Brotherhood in Afghanistan. Financed and coordinated through the assistance of the Pakistani secret service, the ISI, it became the largest CIA covert operation in history.

It was all part of the larger the Iran-Contra Operation. Through the devious activities of the Aspen Institute and the Club of Rome, in collaboration with the Muslim Brotherhood, British agent the Ayatollah Khomeini was installed in Iran. The Americans then began illegally trading arms with the country, proceeds of which were used to fund the right-wing Contra thugs of Nicargua, in return for cocaine which sparked America's crack epidemic. These funds, in addition to growing heroin trade in Afghanistan, were used to fund the US's covert war in Afghanistan.

Through this strategy, not only did the Americans succeed in bankrupting the Soviet Union, but they also managed to create a budding network of Islamic terrorists, brainwashed in the radical ideologies of Wahhabism and Salafism, who dispersed across the world, and who were then blamed as responsible for the great false flag operation known as 9/11, which allowed its hidden planners to embark on their War on Terror, Samuel Huntington's "Clash of Civilizations", or the beginnings of Pike's WWIII.

If you have already read this book tell me about it. Share your thoughts.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Who benefits from the alleged bomb attack in India?

Regarding yesterday's "bomb" in India "targeting" the Israeli diplomatic vehicle.
I came by this via NiqNaq, who is quoting from the Jerusalem Post.

"In the first attack, the wife of an Israeli diplomat was injured when a bomb exploded in her car in New Delhi, India. The woman succeeded in driving to the Israeli embassy where she was evacuated to a nearby hospital."

I am going to repeat that paragraph

"In the first attack, the wife of an Israeli diplomat was injured when a bomb exploded in her car in New Delhi, India. The woman succeeded in driving to the Israeli embassy where she was evacuated to a nearby hospital."

She drove herself to the Israeli embassy. From where? And was evacuated to the hospital.
I am going to remind readers of the story from yesterday that "coincidentally" saw two Israeli doctors appear and magically the woman is whisked back to Israel.

"Two Israeli doctors – coincidentally in New Delhi at the time, in coordination with the Foreign Ministry – arrived at the hospital and took charge of her medical care. Defense officials said they were discussing the possibility of evacuating Yehoshua-Koren to Israel."
As I mentioned yesterday, I am not a coincidence theorist. The only way this scenario makes any sense to me is if the woman contacted the Israeli embassy and the embassy arranged for the two Israeli doctors to appear at the New Delhi hospital to whisk the woman back to Israel and keep her away from the Indian media

When she gets back to Israel apparently then she undergoes surgery to remove shrapnel from her back and liver......??

"Doctors operated on her Monday night to remove shrapnel from her back and liver, and she will remain under anesthesia until a decision is made on further treatment."

Correct me if I am mistaken, please. Is a wound to the liver not a very serious matter?
That they would take this woman from India to Israel to operate on her?
And why is it being reported that she will "remain under anesthesia"?
Does this mean she is unconscious? If she is unconscious how could she speak from her hospital bed, recounting her memory of the incident?

And the story that was being touted yesterday about the "magnet attached to the car" seems to be up in the air.

"Local authorities were investigating the possibility that the bomb was planted under the car or alternatively that an assassin on a motorbike attached it to the vehicle as it was driving. Indian television cited witnesses who saw a motorbike following the car and possibly throwing an object toward it before the explosion."

Now it was either an assassin on a motorbike or according to multiple eye witness accounts, someone throwing an object at the vehicle prior to the explosion.

This attack didn't make sense yesterday and it makes even less sense today.

Recall in the previous post I mentioned the fact that Iran and India have made a very sensible trade agreement between themselves.

Also read here, it is being reported today that India and Iran have worked out a deal

Indian and Iranian governments have worked out Rupee trade mechanism for payment of India's total crude imports from the latter in Rupees rather than convertible currency - the US Dollar normally used for such trade globally. The new mechanism is expected to be operational in two months.

Which surely had to have annoyed all concerned?
The US. Israel. Bankers....
So we would have to ask ourselves. Why would Iran undertake an action that would detrimentally affect their relationship with India? I can't see one good reason why they would!
Therefore, it would seem much more sensible that Israel and the US had more to gain from this attack.

India surely realizes this-

India will have to choose between Iran, Israel: American expert

Also-Bombing puts India's trade ties with Iran to the test

India's determination to pursue trade with Iran despite Western sanctions could be undermined as wary exporters back away from fresh deals after a bomb attack in New Delhi blamed on Tehran, a trade association chief said on Tuesday.

Up to now India has not gone along with new financial sanctions imposed by the United States and European Union to punish Iran over its disputed nuclear programme. Instead, New Delhi has come up with elaborate trade and barter arrangements to pay for oil supplies.


Updated to add..

Bomb suspects were Anti-Iran exiles- that means they are opposed to Iran

Four Iranians suspected of involvement in a botched bomb plot targeting Israeli diplomats in Bangkok were members of an exiled Iranian opposition group which wanted the incident to reflect badly on Teheran, Syedsulaiman Husaini, Shia leader of Thailand, said on Sunday.

He claimed the four belonged to the Mujahedin-e Khalq Organisation (also known as MEK, MKO and the People's Mujahedeen Organisation of Iran, or PMOI) which aims to overthrow the current Iranian government.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Israeli envoy "targeted" in India and Georgia. UPDATED

This story just keeps getting better and better.... with additional updates

This one gets my false flag alarm going! Israeli envoy targeted in India and Georgia?
Keep in mind that India and Georgia have a Mossad sort of a history and background.....
No details on who was behind the attack? How is this "attack" going to be spun?

Spin the "Axis of Evil" Wheel to assign blame!

Syria? Iran? Syria and Iran together? Russia? China?

Israeli officials say their diplomats in India and Georgia have been targeted in apparent bomb attacks.

An explosion hit an embassy car in Delhi, injuring one diplomat. Police said there had been an "incident" but could not confirm an attack.

Israeli officials said there had also been an attempted attack on a diplomat's car in Tbilisi, Georgia, but an explosive device had not gone off.

Indian TV showed pictures of a burning car outside Israel's Delhi embassy.

REALLY CURIOUS- Why was the "diplomats car" parked outside of the Embassy? We are supposed to believe that this is some Hezbollah anniversary and Israel had been on alert, and this so called "diplomat" parks their vehicle on the road OUTSIDE of the protection of the embassy?

IMPORTANT: the vehicle was apparently not parked, but in traffic when the bomb went off.

The embassy is guarded by several layers of security and is in a well-defended area of central Delhi close to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's official residence.

David Goldfarb, the spokesman for Israel's Delhi embassy, said the diplomat's car was outside the building on Aurangzeb Road when the explosion went off.

Israel accuses Iran, Hezbollah after bombers attack embassies in India, Georgia

The New Delhi bomb wrecked a vehicle with diplomatic plates and Israel’s parliamentary television channel said the wife of Israel’s Defence attache and her driver were among four people hurt. The Tbilisi bomb was defused safely by Georgian police.

I am curious how it is the Georgian police came to be aware of the alleged bomb?
Who notified them?

As for India.... India is a BRIC nation. India has been non cooperative with the Iran sanctions

Read HERE India opposes more Iran sanctions despite Western pressure.
Is this why the bomb exploded in India and not Georgia?

Also read here, it is being reported today that India and Iran have worked out a deal

Indian and Iranian governments have worked out Rupee trade mechanism for payment of India's total crude imports from the latter in Rupees rather than convertible currency - the US Dollar normally used for such trade globally. The new mechanism is expected to be operational in two months.
And a bomb explodes?

One more thing, If you have been unable to read the above linked article. Just check out this paragraph!

Explaining the mechanism worked out, Anup Pujari said whatever oil India imports from Iran and for that oil whatever money India is supposed to pay, part of that amount will be retained in a bank in India. Thereafter, any Indian who exports to Iran need not have to bother about some US bank. Once (export) documents are negotiated, the designated Indian Bank, where the money will be kept, will pay the exporter the equivalent amount in Indian currency.
Need not bother about some US bank???

UPDATE AGAIN- You wanna talk coincidence?

"Two Israeli doctors, coincidentally in New Delhi at the time, in coordination with the Foreign Ministry, arrived at the hospital and took charge of her medical care. Defense officials said discussions were taking place about the possibility of evacuating Koren back to Israel."

How fortuitous is that?

The two Israeli doctors just coincidentally happen to be in New Delhi to take charge of this persons medical care?!?!

Have I mentioned previously that I'm not a coincidence theorist?

Can you say False Flag to frame Iran?
Say it with me!
"False flag to frame/ blame Iran"