Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Marie Colvin: Is a false narrative being created to justify an attack on Syria?

Update at bottom....

After you read this post, check out the latest on Marie Colvin, a tidy ending to a messy story.

I have been following along with the reported death of the journalist Marie Colvin in Homs for the past couple of hours. I find some huge, huge problems with the story.
Early this am, the narrative was that a video was released by the "oppostion" really terrorists in Homs.The claim that this journalist was killed by the Syrian military originated with them.
And just prior to her alleged death, she gave some very interesting interviews making some very
spurious claims.
My gut tells me that something is off on this whole story. Like Jessica Lynch. Or the Saddam statue being pulled down. Or Pat Tillman. We should all understand that false narratives can easily be created then morph through the media into something “pivotal”.
So here are my issues with this whole story

this narrative has entirely originated with the “opposition”
For nearly a year, covering the Syrian destabilization, the words emanating from the “oppostion” have almost always been far from fact . Far from fact!

Here is the video released by the activists that got this whole ball rolling

They claim those are the reporters.... ?????

Second: I have never heard of this woman, ever before.
I have covered a lot of the same news that she has. And never came across her reporting. How on earth is that possible? Until today, had anyone else recalled seeing her in Egypt, most recently? With the more then 100 posts on Syria, I am absolutely flummoxed, that her "reporting” had not crossed my path of sleuthing.

This morning I looked at her Wikipedia page. There was almost nothing there. As of this time 10:00 am est it has gotten bigger. But, I want you to pay attention to when this page was created? Everything on it is from today. February 22/2012
Yet, We are told she was a journalist for two decades, it is reported she won prestigious awards in 2010 and 2000 and 2001. Yet wikipedia had nothing on her, until today.. Marie Colvin had never been on Wikipedia prior to today? As celebrated as we are being told she was?
From the page as it is right now


2000: Journalist of the Year: Foreign Press Association.
2000: Courage in Journalism: International Women's Media Foundation.
2001: Foreign Reporter of the Year:British Press Awards
2010:Foreign Reporter of the Year:British Press Awards (second award).

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Am I the only one that finds it odd a so called “prestigious” foreign correspondent, never garnered a previous mention on Wikipedia?

Fourth: Marie Colvin is supposed to be an American, working for the British press and yet it was the French government who confirmed her death? But even that early reporting is disappearing.
French Minister: French journalist killed in Syria was the original headline to this news story

In the body of the story the info is still present

In Paris, French government spokeswoman Valerie Pecresse said those killed were French photojournalist Remi Ochlik and American veteran war reporter Marie Colvin

: I see a number of stories around that report the deaths of the journalists CANNOT be confirmed.
A Syrian activists said two foreign journalists were killed Wednesday by Syrian government forces shelling the restive central city of Homs. The report could not be immediately confirmed.

Another story-
News International, which publishes The Times and The Sunday Times, was working to confirm reports of Colvin's death. News International is part of News Corp., which also owns NewsCore.

NewsCorp- She worked for Rupert Murdoch! That says a lot. If the deaths are unconfirmed why is the media reporting them as fact? Wouldn't this be difficult for the families?

Curiously just a few hours before her death, she managed to give an interview to CNN?
Her story is picked up all over the place. Then she was killed.
In the interview she tells the world how she witnessed the death of a baby.
I am going to quote from the interview

Anderson Cooper: Do we know how the child died? How he was wounded?

Marie Colvin: We know there's been constant shelling in the city, so I have to say, it's just one of many stories. His house was hit by a shell. He -- another member of his family -- it's chaos here, but another member of his family arrived later, but after he had died, and said the house had been -- the second floor -- had been hit. This little boy, obviously it was just one piece of shrapnel that caught him right in the chest.

Notice anything odd about that answer?
She doesn’t know how the child died. She assumes it was the “constant shelling”
But she doesn’t know. Then she talks about another member of the family arriving after the baby died and telling her the house had been hit. Why does she not mention the family members who were actually present at the time this was supposed to have taken place? Where are they? How are they? No mention of that.
Later she mentions the “Free Syrian Army” is on the streets and armed. How can she be so sure it was not one of them or there armaments that hit the house? She can’t be sure.

Just hours after she makes this heroic report of a baby dying. She dies in an alleged bombardment by the Syrian Army. As we are told by the activists?

But that wasn’t the only report prior to her death
Syrian forces had pledged to kill 'any journalist who set foot on Syrian soil'
Syrian forces murdered journalist Marie Colvin after pledging to kill "any journalist who set foot on Syrian soil", it has emerged.

Wow, had they really? Had they “pledged to kill journalists”? I wonder who heard them make such a pledge?

Jean-Pierre Perrin, a journalist for the Paris-based Liberation newspaper who was with Colvin in Homs last week, claimed they had been told that the Syrian Army was "deliberately" going to shell their centre.

Well, no that is not actually what was said.."A few days ago we were advised to leave the city urgently and we were told: 'If they (the Syrian Army) find you they will kill you'.

No mention of just who relayed this message to them! Who advised them? Who told them?
This kind of stuff bugs me. Always has, always will. It should bug anyone with a brain!

So just after we get a report of a baby dying and pledges to kill journalists, Marie Colvin a supposed ‘celebrated’ journalist gets killed.

Sorry , but, this ain’t sitting right with me. Feel free to disagree or agree. This narrative is not sitting right with me. It however creates a handy pretext to justify military action in Syria. The creation of a no-fly zone over Homs to save babies and journalists. Hence my wondering if it is a false narrative.

One last thing the bizarre photos of this woman. They seem off.

Is she dead. Is she alive. Unconfirmed reports? I just don't know?

France Holds Syria Responsible in Journalists’ Bombing Deaths

Britain summons Syrian envoy over journalists' deaths

Britain summoned the Syrian ambassador on Wednesday to lodge a protest over the deaths of two Western journalists and demand the repatriation of their bodies, the Foreign Office said.

Think about this? She was in Syria illegally.
How is it that Syria is responsible for her actions and her presence in a terrorist stronghold?
Syria is not. She is. Or, should I say NATO is?
Whoever or however she got into Syria, the involved parties should be the ones to get these bodies out.

If Syria can't produce the "bodies" will this incident be used as the justification for an assault on Syria? Or the creation of buffer zones or a no fly zone?


  1. I guess we'll have to see how this one plays out?

  2. Another thought, could this woman have been killed by the Free Syrian Army, muslim brotherhood, whatever, whoever NATO has been backing??
    Intentionally or not?

    Then as the saying goes, when life hands you lemons make lemonade..

    And the story is being spun to fit the agenda???

  3. I wish you well old friend, and more's the pity that we weren't able to share that first golf tango at the Frontline Club when I spoke there last May. You have done more than any other scribbler I know, myself included and God knows, I've done some.

    Like another famous American correspondent Sarah Barrell, you chose the hardest way to earn your crust and now that momentuous chapter is closed. David Cornwell refused to comment when I asked him whether Sarah had been his model for for Lizzie Worthington in 'The Honourable Schoolboy'; instead, he only smiled.

    I hope he will also smile on the still-lovely Marie Colvin before he takes that long final walk.

    Salamu rafiki


  4. Al J Venter???

    this is one curious place to leave that type of comment
    Should you not find a more appropriate venue?
    Unless there is another reason for leaving this type of comment here?

    Al J Venter is an interesting author
    and prolific

    "Al J. Venter is the author of forty books, including Allah’s Bomb, Iran’s Nuclear Option, and Iraqi War Debrief. As a military correspondent for Jane’s Information Group in Britain for much of his career, he has covered conflicts on almost every continent. "

    Al J Venter wrote one the first ever books on the developing guerrilla wars in Central and Southern Africa. That was The Terror Fighters, published by the British company Purnells in Cape Town in 1969. It dealt with Lisbon's escalating guerrilla war in Angola during the 1960s and 1970s that eventually led to the downfall of the government in the Metropolis.

    1. "Allah's Bomb" the guy is a zionist hasbara creep? Of course he'd endorse her work then...

  5. Penny its easy to see why you haven't come across her: you are digging for the truth and she was a propaganda media whore. To get a flavour of her look at her list of articles (especially the ones on Libya and Syria) on the Sunday Times:

    Apparently she was in Egypt - lending support to the 'raped' Lara Logan psy-op

    She was also present at the 'Saddam cowers in bunker' psy-op - this link provided by a Google image on her wiki page (oops):

    I suspect she was on the scene of many other psyops.

    Unfortunately although some of us can see through these propaganda prostitutes we are very much in the minority. I think this will be her most powerful psy-op.

    Sorry Al J Venter but I won't be shedding any tears for her.

  6. Hey freethinker, still perplexed over the comment from Venter??

    I saw that she had been embedded everywhere with the NATO backed terrorists
    As far back as Kosovo.
    In Misrata
    In Chechnya

    She went where ever NATO went
    And perhaps her usefullness had come to it's end

  7. I assume that Marie Colvin is MI6?

    - Aangirfan

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  9. having quite a time getting this posted in response to Aang

    It would make sense that she is affiliated with an intelligence agency. MI6 or another one

  10. 2 weeks to Purim; the bullshit is going to be flying thick and fast as the fever-pitch rises.

    Aang- MI-6?, CIA?, Mossad?, all three? Spooky for sure.

  11. i totally agree with the original poster this is fishy as.... Just because i have never heard of someone doesnt mean they dont exist, but i am an intelligent man i have watched a lot of news on many medium and i have NEVER heard of her. *SMELLS RAT* looks like cameron and obama have a lot of new priorities. Hows G.E.C. FERRANTIS SHARE PRICE LOOKING THESE DAYS?

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  13. Freethinker
    the bullshit is most definitely being flung
    far and wide

    Blogger is being ultrafunky today!

  14. Anonymous 12:59
    It's not just the "never heard of her" stuff.

    It is the entire she goes where NATO goes

    Who really killed her
    The spin prior to her death
    The fact the story originated with the armed terrorist/destabilizers
    There is certainly more then one reason for the smell

  15. me again penny 12:59 am in total agreement with you i suppose like you i went straight to wiki and found zero to talk of. i never gave it much thought till i saw the completly out of place picture. As for the questions i doubt we will ever know the truth, i fear our leders will tell us their truth just before nato says they have checked the rule book and discover that we can go in without a u.n. Resolution. (AGAIN) Its scary really.


  16. Hullo P,

    Interestinger and interestinger. As for never having noticed her, that's not so surprising really. As if you'd remember that eye-patch-wearing, all-in-black, female Phillip Marlowe lookalike? Stick her next to Johnny Depp in the full Jack Sparrow rig and you'd never notice her.

    Al J Ventner! Come on down! Ha ha ha, what a laugh. It's always funny when you get these death cult members pop in without paying any attention to where they are.

    Otherwise our blogging buddy Al has been on blogger since Aug 2008 and his profile has had 16 views including two by me. Who else hit him? I wonder how many hits he's had that weren't just us just now? Single digits? Hmm...

    Still, he's big in google. Oh wait, he was mates with Frederic Forsyth. Me, I have Forsyth pegged as spooked up the wazoo. For what that's worth.

    Otherwise, he could be real. Colvin could be real. The photos could be real. The awards could be real. The FPA could be real. And... they could all be spooks! And given that essentially this is all about Syria, the odds that any part of her story isn't tainted with spook bullshit would be beyond astronomical.

  17. Sorry Pen, I just finished reading Venter's wikipedia entry properly (as opposed to a quick scan), and I have to say, What a fucking giveaway!. Does it get more obvious than that bloke? His whole career spent cheek by jowl with the most perfect villains imaginable, each more death cult than the next. And he pops in here to declare Colvin the best ever does he? Sure, of course.

  18. You're right Pen. It smells. The whole thing is so theatrical, she has to be an alphabet agency stooge.

  19. Nobby! you seem to be a couple of minutes ahead of me everywhere!

  20. Another great article on Syria.
    Hard to say what the truth really is, but as usual the bullshit is easy to spot.

    I tend to agree with your lemons/lemonade idea. If this was preplanned it would likely have been tidier and better managed. The late rushed wiki page on her is a good indication.

    As right wing loons are always ready for just one more war, the target audience for war on Syria is the Obama crowd.
    "Randomly shelling" civilian populations is outrageous, and that meme should play well to them as did reports of Gaddafi shelling his own people.

    Peace wars are now in vogue, such a nice change from all those ugly evil Bush wars. Obama wars are so good and say all my liberal friends with graduate degrees who are smarter than me because they listen to NPR and DemocracyNow.

    As for the optics of a one eyed Yale University graduate being used to justify a freaking appropriate. God help us all.

  21. Hey Penny,...What a fruitcake, I mean COME ON, a "Danger Mouse", this chippy is batshit crazy, its probably not even dead, just, blonde now - I spoke to a mate that is still on the job and he stated: "Mate, there are no journalists covering the insurgency inside Syria".

    Everything we see regarding any of the PNAC domino countries is manufactured for propaganda purposes - nothing is real apart from the wanton murder, pain and suffering of innocents, the satanic yids love bloodshed and shek-inar!

    Their boss thrives on horror! It's biblical Penny!


  22. Hey James, I was bitten by a radioactive webcrawler and have a spidey-sense that tells to hit a site just before you do, ha! Either that or I decided to log on first and have my coffee and cig second.

    And I agree with anon just above Veritas here (hey V). I was immediately reminded of the Nick Berg video. The transparency of the fakery in that vid was entirely due to its rushed cobbling together. They had a dead body, some potentially useful debrief footage, and a props department consisting of some fishing line and a bottle of ketchup.

    God knows how the conversation went.

    "Fucking hell. He died?"
    "Yeah, we hardly did anything at all. A minor beating, low grade waterboarding, not even serious, and he carks it. Pissweak."
    "What if we declare him a victim of Al Qaeda? Daniel Pearl V2."
    "But he's dead."
    "So no one gives a shit if we kill him then, do they? Are you guys squeamish? Think you can cut the head off a corpse? Okay then, you got a gig."
    "How are we going to make him look alive?"
    "Well there's some fishing line here..."
    Etc. etc.

    Dig it, it's a death cult production meeting.

  23. Hey Penny,...Nobs, ya think she's actually dead? Penfold gets thumped but not Danger Mouse, I mean the eye-patch is like a "shield of steel", or is that Bat Fink?

    Really though, this shit is such a farce, remember the ME guy that was exasperated and flapping about the artillery hitting the apartments a few weeks ago, "These are homes are they not, civilians, when will the world stop this?" Remember him, the one with the israhelli accent; you won't see him again because he was exposed as the Libyan photojournalist that witnessed the liberation of the Qaddafi compound, he was also seen traveling throughout Libya with two western (rather sheepish and very burly) "NGO Aid Observers" in a Toyota Landcruiser with militia flags attached. These guys were the constant companions of the English Al Jazeera Gnus crew and the Sky UK Gnus crew.

    I'll try and dig out the Libya vids that I have because the jootoob channel that had the best vids is GONE for copyright transgressions(?). One of the vids shows a guy getting shot near Bani Walid and our Libyan Photojournalist/Syrian civilian "witness to the shelling of civilian targets" was there taking photos with a Kalashnikov slung over his shoulder!

    What a Joke...


  24. Anonymous 2:06pm
    thanks for the compliment
    I shall keep up the good work as long as possible!

  25. Nobody! Hello...

    "As for never having noticed her, that's not so surprising really. As if you'd remember that eye-patch-wearing, all-in-black, female Phillip Marlowe lookalike? Stick her next to Johnny Depp in the full Jack Sparrow rig and you'd never notice her"

    Yeah, the whole eye patch thing???
    If I had ever seen this woman I would have most definitely remembered her.
    Freethinker left some stuff to her "work" which appears to be newspeak for the one world army appartatus.

    Al J Ventner! Come on down! Ha ha ha, what a laugh. It's always funny when you get these death cult members pop in without paying any attention to where they are.
    Otherwise our blogging buddy Al has been on blogger since Aug 2008 and his profile has had 16 views including two by me. Who else hit him? I wonder how many hits he's had that weren't just us just now? Single digits? Hmm...

    I hit on him, and I was number ten.. Admittedly I found it odd when you look at the fact he is a "prolific" author, allegedly?

    Still, he's big in google. Oh wait, he was mates with Frederic Forsyth. Me, I have Forsyth pegged as spooked up the wazoo. For what that's worth.

    Frederic Forsyth, now that is a new name for me?

    Otherwise, he could be real. Colvin could be real. The photos could be real. The awards could be real. The FPA could be real. And... they could all be spooks! And given that essentially this is all about Syria, the odds that any part of her story isn't tainted with spook bullshit would be beyond astronomical.

    Yeah it could all be legitimate, except for the fact that this is about Syria.
    As you so eloquently put it, the odds of this saga being untainted would be beyond astronomical!
    Far beyond astronomical

  26. Nobody pt2

    I actually think Al J Venter came here to shore up the "official" narrative.

    Really why else would such a comment have been left?

    Don't be surprised if one day it just disappears.....
    Like all the Mush ones did

  27. Hey James!

    Most definitely the direction I am leaning in.

    Since the Brits are doing the most wailing, despite her American birthright, it would make the most sense she is one of their spooks.

    But, then quite frankly when one considers the ties between UK, US and Israel she could belong to anyone of them and the US is trying to keep a low profile, as was done with Libya, and letting the Europeans (france and british) play hardball

  28. Anonymous 3:00 pm

    I agree with that assessment that the perception managed concept of humanitarian warfare is used to appeal to the more "leftist" adherent.
    Since the generally tend to be a bit less xenophobic in their leanings and a bit more charitable the humanitarian angle would work on them, alternatively it would annoy the shit out of the "rightist" who make no bones about bombing everything to smithereens, being more extreme and more prone to thinking these type of actions are well within their right to undertake (usually religion plays a role in that, but, not always)
    I realize this is all in general but, how else would one explain why the concept of "humanitarian warfare" would be so appealing to some and so appalling to others?
    In the end, it's all slaughter, no matter the label.

    Glad you enjoyed the post :)

  29. Veritas

    did she really die?
    was she ever really there?
    who the hell knows
    she was about 55 or 56 maybe she took the early retirement option
    Ya know freedom 55 from years of spookdom?

    She'll get a nice pension, a facelift and retire somewhere...
    Saw she was married three times, no children
    Noticed one story about her mom still being alive in the US..
    It could be part of a fictional narrative also
    If she had actual living family, why would they scream through the media she was dead before her death was confirmed?
    That makes zero sense!
    I mentioned that in the post, that seems cruel to do, if she has family. Yet, that was exactly what was done?

  30. The reports originated with the OPPOSITION, as you say, because the SYRIAN GOVERNMENT IS NOT RELEASING ANY INFORMATION, NOR ARE THEY ALLOWING FOREIGN JOURNALISTS IN THE COUNTRY. Why? I'm sure, because all foreign journalists are agents of intelligencies. NO-because they are slaughtering civilians and are pretending that nothing is happening.

    Your arguments are self-indulgent and one-sided.

    1. Did you make the same conclusion based on how Israel refused to let reporters in to Gaza to hide IDF use of WMD like white phosphorus?

  31. Anonymous 7:35 am

    "The reports originated with the OPPOSITION, as you say, because the SYRIAN GOVERNMENT IS NOT RELEASING ANY INFORMATION, NOR ARE THEY ALLOWING FOREIGN JOURNALISTS IN THE COUNTRY. Why? I'm sure, because all foreign journalists are agents of intelligencies. NO-because they are slaughtering civilians and are pretending that nothing is happening.
    Your arguments are self-indulgent and one-sided."

    Let's look at what you said?

    ""The reports originated with the OPPOSITION, as you say, because

    False! The Syrian government is releasing all manner of information, I have linked to some of it on this blog.
    One down more crap to go.

    Again, wrong!
    Not only did they allow foreign journalist in, they allowed external monitors in.
    The armed opposition promptly lobbed mortars at them killing a French cameraman, I have covered that previously
    As for the monitors, that mission was not given a real chance to work, because of western interference.

    "Why? I'm sure, because all foreign journalists are agents of intelligencies."

    Assuming you mean agents of intelligence?

    I am glad you grasp that! (Facetious, i realize you are being completely sarcastic and completely ignorant)

    That is a distinct reality.
    And cannot be dismissed by the Syrian government
    There is a long, long history of journalist as spies and spies as journalists
    Are you aware of that historical fact?
    Likely not, but, I will leave a few links for you to get better informed

    There is also Operation Mockingbird

    did you know the author Roald Dhal was a spy for the British?

    There is much more information out there to be had, so at least, get educated so you can make an informed comment

    NO-because they are slaughtering civilians and are pretending that nothing is happening.

    Are they slaughtering "civilians" or are they fighting armed terrorists. Having covered this story extensively through the msm largely, the Syrian soldiers and government are fighting a heavily armed insurrection, that has been blowing up pipelines, derailing trains, holding towns hostages, killing people within those towns, cutting off supplies to them etc
    Is Syria "pretending nothing is happening"
    Again, you are wrong! Woefully..
    Syria is fully aware that alot is happening.

    "Your arguments are self-indulgent and one-sided."

    Actually your arguments are completely onesided and grossly self indulgent, because you haven't got a clue what it is you are speaking of. Your here spouting nonsense, like some shrill horn.
    You espouse opinions based on nothing but rhetoric via the media
    You have no historical understanding specific realities
    Clearly you do not understand the the US has long had an agenda to remake the middle east
    Take some time to find information based in fact and logic, not emotion and aspersion.

  32. Penny,

    I had the same thoughts as you. I am not sure whether Marie Colvin was or was not a western intelligence asset, but I believe most foreign journalists are ... in fact, this was acknowledged in Libya by none other than NATO commander Gen. Bouchard.

    I also know that CNN's Matthew Chance actually threatened some independent journalists who were reporting the truth of events in Tripoli last August ... doesn't sound like a true journalist to me.

    It seems, though, that Western media propaganda is getting stale. The old "kicking babies out of incubators" lie used against Saddam was recently resurrected against the Syrians, just as the "makes college girls pregnant and uses the unversity clinics for forced abortion" lie used first against Saddam was recently applied to Ghadafi.

    People are now seeing through all of this, which is why there is NO support in the U.S. for overt Western intervention in Syria.

  33. Anonymous 2:19 from your most informative link

    "To fortify the unit, several information networks were created. The intelligence came from many sources, including the media who were on the ground and provided us with a lot of information regarding the intentions and the location of the ground forces.”

    This is the first time a NATO official admits that foreign journalists in Libya were assets of the Atlantic Alliance.

    I had listened to numerous reports from Mahdi Nazemroya out of Libya
    (I likely misspelled that brave individuals name... so I will apologize up front for that)
    At that time he was reporting that journalists were feeding info to NATO.

    Our Marie Colvin's most recent whistlestop on the NATO destruction train, before she got to Syria was.... wait for it - Libya

    Where she was in bed with the "rebels" in Misrata

    To put it bluntly and unkindly, she was a war whore, if that is offensive, so be it.

    What kind of a person goes from these type of destructive ruinous situations where innocent people are being killed and used as fodder to further an agenda that has no business being furthered in a sovereign nation state?

    Only someone who is evil, psychopathic and a whore for destruction and mayhem.

    She had also been in Serbia with the KLA, imagine that?
    drug runners, child prostitute peddlers.

    What is that saying about the company one keeps?

  34. Thanks for the link btw.
    much appreciated :)

  35. of course US (Palestine Hotel anyone?) and Israel regularly kill journalists with little outrage and no action by the international authorities

  36. Some more strangeness: I searched for images of Marie Colvin and all of them were added in the last day or two.

    When I saw her photo for the first time, I immediately thought of the former Israeli war-monger, Moshe Dayan. I found out he lost his eye on June 7, 1941, the night before the invasion of the Syria-Lebanon Campaign.

    Dayan has a daughter, Yael Dayan, who is now 73. Younger photos show a remarkable resemblance to Marie Colvin. Switch blond hair for the dark and see what you think.

  37. to the ANON at 3pm,:

    whos telling the truth can be hard to identify..but once you have, you then you know who to support.
    The MSM has been lying for years, while posing as objective and honest..what credibility can they have to any aware of their pernicious history.


    The French photographer "killed" with Marie Colvin seems to be wearing a scarf similar to the Arab keffiyeh in many photos. Since the black and white keffiyeh has become a symbol of Palestinian nationalism, is there some hidden meaning in the way the two "journalists" are presented?

  39. Marie Colvin an ally of KLA?

    My letter to AJRs Sherry Ricchiardi :

    Hello Sherry Ricchiardi
    You may like to praise 'journalist' marie Colvin, but as you admit in your article:
    'Ryan calls Colvin a crusader and a feisty negotiator, which helps her get her way in the field and in the newsroom. He offered high praise for his reporter. "It takes a lot of guts to walk into Kosovo with a KLA unit when you know the Serbs will be trying to wipe them out," Ryan says. '
    What was she doing with a band of terrorists?
    Are you aware the KLA is and was then a terrorist organisaton, listed as suc in the US state dept terrorist list? By 'serbs' you mean the serbian army:Its the tasks of armies to defend their countries from insurgencys and enemies foreign and domestic. But what was Colvin doing with a band of cutthroats, now listed as engaged in human trafficking by the EU?
    So lets take a look at the KLA:

    The KLA, formed in 1991, began attacking police stations and Yugoslav government offices in February 1996, which resulted in an increase in the number of security forces, and escalation into a conflict, although it was initially viewed as an insurgency. The KLA was regarded by the US as a terrorist group until 1998 when it was de-listed for classified reasons,[57][58] and then the UK and the US lobbied France to do the same.[59] The U.S. and NATO then cultivated diplomatic relationships with the KLA leaders
    As we see the KLA goes from terrorist to US ally and have ended up as organ traffickers…yet it seems Colvin was a sympathiser. The serbs were right to see them as terrorists and seditionists, and Colvin is no journalist.
    What if she had been with a band of alqaeda 'when you know the US will be trying to wipe them out!'

    You’ve shown us that Colvin was less a jounalist than a media operative for the KLA and US alliance durig their war on the state of Yugoslavia.


  40. Hey Penny,...anon @5:00pm, nice shooting had a look into that myself - This just in! Delete/oblique Yael for her second cousin, Ilana and you have something more akin to a genuine psyop I.D. fraud, very israhelli style cartoonesque Black (comedy) Operation, check Ilana out:

    snip..."She was drafted to the IDF during the First Lebanon War, and served as producer, editor, and correspondent for the Israel Army Radio."

    An idf journo?! Faaark! Related to the yiddish khazar military elite, faaarker!

    The colvin death is propaganda BS!


  41. Yup Brian, the US and Israel regularly target journalists and no one says a word

  42. Anonymous 5:00 pm

    All those pictures of Colvin appeared on line the day she died?

    But she was such a prestigious journalist blah, blah, blah
    How is it there were never pics of her previously on the net?

    Has anyone ever seen her visually reporting from anywhere?
    I haven't.

    I looked at the pictures of the Dayan woman

    And the woman that veritas mentions also- Good am V!

    I just don't know what to make of all these pictures of our lady pirate?

    Other then I thought they were off from the moment I saw them?

  43. Anonymous 5:31

    I noticed that too, the presentation of the photos

    Of course the camerman could have been wearing it to fit in?
    Or it could have been for the benefit of the western audience?
    To make it appear as if the cameraman was fitting in to the society he was working in?

    But then why did Marie Colvin have an eye patch and not a head scarf

    Perhaps the pictures we are being shown are not really Marie Colvin
    it is just a face for a name to legitimize the narrative?

    More questions then answers, really.

    1. not really as the stories emphasized the eye patch she had to wear after losing eye to on-the-job shrapnel.

  44. Oh and Brian, yah, I noticed she was with the KLA..

    Whoever "she" really was.

    This story has psyop written all over it

  45. Of course these are spooks. There's no point even arguing that anymore. And before we forget, there already was a journalist killed in Homs 2 or 3 weeks ago: Gilles Jacquier. The funny part about that was the mainstream treatment of that story and you're all excused for missing that because it was in France. When it happened, 2 days of media frenzy about bad bad Assad and Syrian army, but when it was revealed that he was a DGSE agent, that he was "interviewing" pro-Assad people and that they were hit by a "Rebel" rocket, the story disappeared faster than a fart in a fan factory.
    There's also another point in that voltairnet story that I haven't seen you (Penny) register yet. There is persistent rumour that 12 officers of the French military have been taken prisoner by the Syrian army and used to pressure Sarkozy. He's been indeed quite silent on the Syrian subject for several days now, may be it's because of the approaching presidential election, but it could also be tied to that story.

    1. remember the Danielle Giffords shooting, where several people were killed outside the supermarket in Ariz? MSM was on the way to making it wall-to-wall 'jewish victim' story until it was discovered that the shooter was jewish and a member of her own small synagogue back home. the rabbi there 'didnt know'. but when it was found that Gifford had subscribed to his youtube channel herself then suddenly that rat op was gone like the wind! (later spec was that the fed judge was the primary target. he had demanded illegals be patrolled on the border and was a 2nd amendment supporter. what a perfect way to get him to send a message)

  46. Bonjour Gallier!

    I checked out the Voltaire Link

    "During the assault on the rebel stronghold in the Homs district of Bab Amr, the Syrian army took more than 1,500 prisoners, mostly foreigners. Of these, a dozen French nationals requested the status of prisoner of war, refusing to give their identity, rank and unit of assignment. One of them is a Colonel working for the DGSE transmission service.

    In arming the Wahhabi Legion and feeding it with satellite intelligence, France conducted a secret war against the Syrian army, which caused more than 3,000 deaths among the military, and more than 1,500 among civilians in ten months of fighting."

    Gallier cut me some slack, there is now way I can cover this all
    That's why I need valuable commenters, such as yourself to come here and let me know!

    I covered the killing of the cameraman in another post

    The speed with which that story departed from the msm, made clear who had killed him.

    DGSE, what does that stand for Gallier?

  47. Hey Penny, I would never dare criticize you for an angle you missed or something, especially concerning things in foreign languages. I gave you the link because I thought it fitted quite neatly in. Furthermore, I haven't followed your work as thoroughly recently, because of time limits. The french site E&R (Egalité & Reconciliation) has a lot of good stuff recently and IRL there is also more to do (baby and my wifes operation).
    DGSE stands for "Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure" and is the external secret service (CIA, MI6 equivalent). The inner secret service is called DST "Direction de la surveillance du territoire" and there is also the RG "Renseignement Généraux" which are only Inteligence Gathering but have a lot of (hidden) presence.

  48. Oh, I just discovered that the DST is no more, it's called the DCRI now "Direction centrale du Renseignement intérieur".

  49. Gallier, I wasn't offended in the least, i hope you didn't think me angry?

    Sometimes, I am frustrated with just how much there is to cover in any situation and how little I can really do..but, I try.

    Thanks for answering the question and clarifying everything, it makes this all alot more understandable

  50. Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure is France's CIA wannabe; counter-intelligence, counter-terrorism, black ops, surveillance, everything beneath the radar.

  51. Oh ok, see Gallier eventually came through on DGSE. Thought he might have missed your question Penny.

  52. Thanks Egoigwe;

    It's great you left the info too, it just validates the info here

    How have you been?
    Still issues with the Boko Harum?

  53. Oh Penny, Boko Haram is like a recurring decimal now. We are all learning fast to keep away from crowded places and stay home more often. No more late nights and stuff up North for us, beer parlor and night club owners are in search of a new devotion.

    On the lighter side, you should see the grin this new development puts on the faces of Northern Nigerian housewives. You know, like in "Did you forget its Friday Sweetheart? I'm sure the boys will be waiting!" "Ha, ha very funny!" That would be the quarantined hubby.

    We try to make light of things, Penny, keep our fingers crossed and pray this nightmare will go away soon.

  54. I share your suspicions. A page that might help trace her reporting:

    We also have to remember that The Guardian started publishing anonymous journalists since the beginning of the Syria crisis. We don't know who these people are.

    Also, the activist who appears on Colvin's last report from Homs is also the activist who announces her death.

    'Last' article


    Looking at the video you posted, none of the corpses shown there appear to belong to a woman...

    Marie Colvin might well be like Gay Girl in Damascus, an invented persona hiding a real person

  55. If you search Google images for 'Marie Colvin' you will notice that none of the images are older than 22 Feb 2012. How strange a journalist bio pic was never indexed by Google? Nor a newspaper running a photo of one of their own accepting a prestigious award? It is almost like she had no online presence until a just few days ago.

  56. I had a look at the Sunday Times of February 12. No Marie Colvin byline on either of the stories about Syria.

    ‘Homs starves in shadow of snipers’ by Hugh MacLeod and Annasofie Flamand Beirut and a special correspondent Homs. And ‘We’ll fight until the tanks roll over us’ by Stuart Ramsay chief correspondent for Sky News.

    Why were they using a Sky News correspondent if they had their own woman on the ground?

  57. Sophia

    thanks for the links
    Isn't it odd that she is alleged to have been awarded "prestigious awards" on such little work?

    I have seen some of the anonymous or pseudonym work the guardian has published

    Which reeks of press releases from intelligence agencies

    I am actually wondering if "marie colvin" is the woman we see in the video released the next day "edith bouvier"

    "Also, the activist who appears on Colvin's last report from Homs is also the activist who announces her death."

    That is convenient

    Yeah I realize that about the video, other then the guy telling the viewer who the deceased are, there is no way of really identifying them from that video.

    (they should have had a corpse with an eye patch or something)

    I do believe Marie Colvin isn't real. Other then pictures has anyone seen anything she has done live, where she is actually speaking
    Her last report on CNN, which is also linked is just a phone call
    No telling who is on the other end

    As of right now, I don't believe Marie Colvin ever existed as a real person, just as a name for a spook. Whoever the spook is? Who knows?

  58. Egoigwe

    I almost missed you, sorry.
    It is sad when people have to rearrange their lives to avoid being killed by some most likely state sponsored terror group

    It seems that most of them are in this day and age
    Some state is behind the terror
    Just don't get yourself hurt, ok?
    Those that love you will be heartbroken
    Take care.

  59. Anonymous 7:57 am

    Yah, caught that bit of info earlier on.... The downfall to the internet is how quickly a "reality" can appear
    Or be created

  60. Anonymous 12:01

    "Why were they using a Sky News correspondent if they had their own woman on the ground?"

    Dam good question
    Perhaps Rupert and his spying journalist can answer that one?

  61. Here's a mention of a couple of her awards:


    and 2010

    I had a look at the journalisted link. Why are there so few articles? She hardly won Foreign Reporter of the year for just one piece.

    I read elsewhere that she was married to Patrick Bishop. He's on Amazon so I guess he's real :)

  62. This comment has been removed by the author.

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. Marie Colvin to be buried in Syria. Uh oh, why am I not surprised.

  65. Penny,

    I am not saying Colvin is not real but I am questioning the character, or persona that is being promoted in the MSM.

    Many journalists whose work was promoted without substance serve intelligence agencies I think.
    One of them is Stephen Smith. His trajectory is bizarre. Now he is adjunct at a US university. But his main academic work was in form of conferences given to gov agencies and CIA. He was Africa bureau chief at Le Monde and Liberation in France at a time when these two centrist and leftist papers become property of corporations linked to arms sales. The strange thing is that France doesn't lack people who know Africa very well so why hire a US national, which I think that's what he is. Smith had unusual access to the Gbagbo's, especilly Simone, and I believe he is behind her conversion to anglicanism. When events in Ivory Coast lead to Gbagbo's demise he was seen as the main expert on this country.

    Now he is propping up his academic credentials with publications in the LRB.

    I believe also that the flexible frontier existing between journalists and intel exist also between Academics and intel agencies.

  66. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned Dr Assad - and his backers inside Syria and abroad - that they will be held to account for the crackdown on opponents and what she described as a humanitarian catastrophe in Syria.

    Addressing her comments to Russia and China, which vetoed tough action on Syria in the United Nations, she said: "They are setting themselves not only against the Syrian people but also the entire Arab awakening."

    "It's quite distressing to see permanent members of the Security Council using their veto when people are being murdered - women, children, brave young men - houses are being destroyed. It is just despicable."

    "I am convinced Assad's days are numbered, but I regret that there will be more killing before he goes," she said.

    Hillary Clinton speaketh. No prizes for guessing what's coming next. Vile woman.

  67. anything happening in Syria is propaganda BS from Evil NATO, Israel, and the US.
    it's all an excuse to make it like Libya and give it the same treatment.
    Don't believe a word they say ever!

  68. I did a Google News Search on Marie Colvin. The last few days are chock full of news of her death... but prior to that time... she's got a byline on hundreds of articles.

  69. I think you may definitely be onto something here. The photos of her clearly look staged/fixed.

    I am a huge skeptic about the Syria they are showing on the news. I've been there, spent time with people, seen the cities and the countryside. The Syria they are showing now seems like another planet. It's propaganda for sure but I remember reading a while ago that the next Mid East country on the list has always been Syria - it was just a matter of time and (staged) events!


  70. Here is Marie Colvin on youtube in 2010 speaking to what I suppose college students.

  71. Hey Sophia

    "I am not saying Colvin is not real but I am questioning the character, or persona that is being promoted in the MSM."

    That is what I am thinking.

    I mean the pictures etc are clearly of someone?
    But who really "Marie Colvin" is that the real name of the person pictured?

    We are supposed to believe she is a journalist extraordinare, but, that seems highly unlikely based on all that I have read,seen etc.,

    Until the day she died she was virtually non existent.

    One video on you tube?
    There are teenage girls who have more videos on you tube. ;)

    If she was speaking to someone about being a "journalist" it still wouldn't mean she was a journalist in the usual sense.

    It might mean, what seems more likely is that she was playing journalist but was something else entirely

    And thanks for that video link btw
    Actually I will move it up to the latest post.

    I think we are on the same page with this Marie Colvin?

    The fact that she is to be buried in Syria makes me highly suspicious.
    It is tidy.
    Why doesn't her family make an appeal to the Assad government, but, nothing!
    Just reinforcing the official narrative

  72. Anonymous 3:12

    Hilary. Don't get me started.
    She speaks with forked tongue

  73. cathy gale
    thanks for that, I had done some searching the day the news of her death was reported and she was pretty much non-existent

  74. Marie

    "I think you may definitely be onto something here. The photos of her clearly look staged/fixed.

    I am a huge skeptic about the Syria they are showing on the news. I've been there, spent time with people, seen the cities and the countryside. The Syria they are showing now seems like another planet. It's propaganda for sure but I remember reading a while ago that the next Mid East country on the list has always been Syria - it was just a matter of time and (staged) events!


    Yup, Syria before Iran.
    This is part and parcel of the agenda to remake the middle east
    An agenda that had originated when Bush 2 was in office
    Do you recall Condoleeza Rice speaking on the Israeli attack on Lebanon, the comment
    "The birth pangs of a new middle east"
    That's what it is all about

  75. Hey Pen. I recall seeing this cyclops on CNN or something a few years ago on television. Whatever her capacity as a journo, she has spook written all over her. Lost her eye covering the Tamil Tigers, did she? My money is on the "early retirement w/facelift" option.

  76. Hi Penny. what do you make of this Edith Bouvier video allegedly from Syria??
    Read in conjunction with this from The anti-Assad Guardian's commentary.
    It's a hoot.

  77. Hey Blammo

    how are you?
    Smart money is definitely taking the early retirement option

  78. Felix

    I have a post on the Bouvier video no I am not buying that one either

    The link is to facebook and is not working for me, can I find it on site?

    Off to look...
    be back asap

  79. Is it this one?
    Cause if it is....
    scuse my language
    f'n joke

  80. Hell Felix, thought i put the link in, doh!

    how stupid do they think people are?
    Or how stupid are people?

    1. It may not be that folks are dumb- most dont have the time or interest to pursue the discrepancies like here. MUCH thanks. Excellent work

  81. Sorry,Penny was catching up. Just noticed that your bullshit detector had already gone off re the Bouvier vid...Great post.

  82. Sadly I heard of of this woman, her lies about Libya helped fuel the public support for the UN aggression in Libya. I was deeply involved in trying to get the UN to stop murdering people in Libya, and this woman 100% worked for the UN and lied lied lied. She sent out one false report after another.
    She was not a war correspondent, she was a war propagandist, and Karma has found her!
    Its possible she is not even dead, and they are making this up just for propaganda purposes.
    Sandra Barr

  83. Her last story before retirement? The mother's reaction in the media seemed a bit, er, forced.

  84. Hey Felix

    thanks and yah, the mothers response seems damned off in my opinion

  85. Hello Truthseeker

    She sent out one false report after another.
    She was not a war correspondent, she was a war propagandist, and Karma has found her!
    Its possible she is not even dead, and they are making this up just for propaganda purposes.
    Sandra Barr

    And it was all the media lies that were used to justify attacking Libya. I recall that well.
    Whether she is dead or alive this is serving propaganda purposes

  86. Almost missed yours too Penny... thanks a mil, will do.

  87. OMG! i'm glad to find this site! finally some truth. the first thing to set my spidey senses off was that 'Danny the activist' guy, i look forward to more info about him. are you aware that, and do you think it's significant that the Whitehouse press secretary says he knew her personally? can this be what helps bring them down? here is a link to Jake Teller confronting Jay Carney, as reported on only by, crazily the news source i trust most these days.

  88. * the msm news source

  89. what i mean by 'bring them down' is that b/c they are using 'activists' for their 'evidence' and always say so, it is easy for them to say later, 'oh, we were mislead by the activists' or whatever; it's not them in the wrong, it's the 'activists' they were relying upon to be truthful. but, in this case, if the so-called reporter can be proven to be a fake, and the whitehouse press secretary is on record as having known her, this could be kind of big couldn't it?

  90. Anonymous 6:04 thru to 7:49

    Interesting little video,thanks
    Carney was clearly in the hot seat-

    "do you think it's significant that the Whitehouse press secretary says he knew her personally"

    Not particularly. Perhaps it is not very surprising either... Maybe he would have to "know" her since she was supplying intelligence for NATO. If one wants to promote a specific agenda, then she would be the go to person.
    If she was in the press pool, ever, it would be beneficial for him to know her, by that I mean, know the right/safe journalists who would pose the right questions.

    What you are saying about the use of the activists.. this is what happened in Libya
    where reports from activists were promoted as gospel truth and then when they discovered they were not-it gives the officials a sort of plausible deniability.

    I had a little video up on how that went down in Libya relating to Amnesty International

    there is one video in this post
    I am pretty sure I have one somewhere else but not sure where, click on the Africa label and all the stuff on Libya will come up
    Thanks for commenting and leaving the video to watch

  91. I too have never heard of Colvin and the multi-countries of her passport are bizarre. One story even said she was from Long Island, NY. Where is the mother from? France. Very odd.

    Then check counterpunch. There is a tribute to Marie Colvin by a 'Franklin Lamb' who makes his credits off working for Palestinian rights in Lebanon. He claimed to have worked for a few "NGOs" there- none of which checked out except to be fictional names only, after he first claimed to be with Alison Weir's legit NGO group (she refuted any connection to him). It turns out he is a US Embassy in Beirut alumni- which he refuses to disclose. The real clincher is that he has been a regular feature writer on Hezbollah's TV site for years now. You are going to believe that the US govt would allow that kind of blatant support for a so-called "terrorist group" if the guy is not a US agent??? His story about his sudden relocation as a Sr citizen to Lebanon after 25 yrs due to pining for a dead wife killed in Leb civil war (whom it turned out he was never married to) is as odd as hers. He raves about Colvin:

    It is very difficult to find her work. btw:

  92. Penny, you said the image of Colvin standing in front of a pro govt demo in Syria seemed off. (aside from every other journalist such as Cantlie making a big thing about sneaking into the country illegally and she seems extremely visible) It's just a little thing but if you look at the bright light between her left arm and her coat - seems a bit too bright when she is standing in front of a row of dull pants - and I would expect her sleeve to have some hi-lights on that side. So I went looking for another image that might have been used in a cut and paste job (it's a very good one if it is) and the closest I came is a video supposed to be in Lybia Sunday Times 27/02/2012 where she has the light on the same side of her face.
    But I can't access it.

    I did find this though. Seems they had her obituary ready before she died.

  93. Fitzhenrymac

    the obituary ready to go seems curious?
    Who would have done that....
    I see what you mean about being not able to access the image from the link

    The curious thing about the setting for that shot is, it was not in Libya, not in Syria, not in Lebanon
    I believe another commenter left a link clearly showing the image was shot in Egypt
    at an NATO protest in Tahrir Square.

  94. You know, I came across this post NOW, while doing some research on Marie Colvin. It's truly saddening that an apparently incredibly intelligent person, would work so diligently to prove the truth is false.

    Let me start by saying that I am half Syrian... 95% of the family from that half live in Syria. In my family alone... 26 members have had their homes completely demolished by the Syrian military's indiscriminate bombing. We've had close to 30 people killed... some via bombings, some via massacres. We've also had members of our family detained at military checkpoints simply for being Sunni males... a couple are still missing in Syrian jails... We can only pray they are still alive.

    I'm not here to defend Marie Colvin, because I too, had not heard of her prior to her death. BUT, I am here to defend her reporting. EVERY single thing she said about the atrocities in Homs, were true. Further, these atrocities continue to happen until this very day. Today, two years later, there are ONLY 2,000 people left in Homs. Once the third largest city in Syria.

    I can't help but admire her. She tried to rile the international community to help these poor people. Instead, sadly, the international community contained people like you.... people working hard to keep the world from doing the morally sufficient thing to do. People that insisted these were all lies and pretext for a military incursion that... NEVER happened.

    Since Marie's death... over 10,000 children have been detained, millions of Syrians have become refugees, billions of dollars worth of damage was done to the country, chemical weapons were used, and hundreds of thousands of Syrians are dead.

    Once upon a time, I used to be a truther. That is, until Syria happened. Suddenly, I came across people, just like you, that insist on telling you WHAT it is your family is experiencing IN Syria.... Because they, on their laptops in Western countries, know the TRUTH more than the Syrians living it themselves. Suddenly, "truth" left a sour taste in my mouth.

    I am not a troll, and the intention of my comment was NOT to start some emotional debate full of insults. Rather, I would like to simply say that, whether you realize it or not, YOU have contributed to the death of innocent civilians.... Just think HOW many lives you could have saved had you indeed relayed the truth, rather than a faulty analysis that has no resemblance of what really happened in Syria.

    I pray that, in the future, you will use your extraordinary intelligence to HELP the oppressed... rather than contribute to their oppression.

    God Bless....

    1. IMO your comment is filled with nonsense

      Syria has been a long planned destabilization by NATO-period
      And you support the NATO killers who hail from every country on this planet?
      Saudi's, Tunisians, Brits, French, Canadians, Chechens etc
      Making it a global effort to destroy Syria

      If you are Syrian and not some fictional character created in a PR outfit in the US then you should be completely ashamed of yourself

      PS: I like the pic of you with your 'gal pal' more material for psyop purposes
      The gay 'meme'

      Your comment is being published so that others who read here will understand how perception management works

      Marie Colvin was a spy, who aided in the killing of Syrians, Libyan and was active in death and destruction all the way back to Yugoslavia
      Where she rode around with another bunch of NATO terrorists- KLA

      PS: don't assume I have not heard directly from Syrians

  95. And I sincerely HOPE that you publish my comment. If NOT.... I guess you reading it alone, will suffice.