Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Syrian burial for Marie Colvin. Like Osama Bin Laden at sea?

“The body of Marie Colvin, a veteran correspondent for The Sunday Times of London who was killed in a shelling attack in the Syrian city of Homs, will likely be buried inside Syria”

I am getting a very Osama Bin Laden feeling about this.
Recall when the US “got their man” in Pakistan? The body was buried at sea. A narrative ended. Sure. But, with more questions then answers and no way to verify the claim. Convenient.

Marie Colvin, conveniently, is going to be buried in Syria. So the story ends. All the questions surrounding Marie Colvin and her reality will remain.
What the burial in Syria of the "revered" journalist does, like the OBL burial at sea, is tidily end the official narrative.

Her mother seems quite accepting of this fate. ....
The mother doesn’t say, anything I would expect a mother to say-
I would love to have my baby’s body back, to bury near me, so I can visit her grave”.
“I feel angry at being denied the right to bury my own child”

Instead the mother reinforces the official narrative? I'll quote-

"They were first in another house, and the top floors there were blown off," the elder Colvin said."

First (the Syrian forces) rocketed the front of the building," she said, fueling suspicion that the attack against a makeshift media center where Colvin and Ochlik were holed up was no accident.”

Really? Why? This makes no sense. No sense to me whatsoever!

This is an update to the post from Wednesday February 22nd 2012-
Marie Colvin: Is a false narrative being created to justify an attack on Syria?

Which got a lot of responses, thanks to all who left responses.
Specifically, thank-you to the Anonymous commentor, who left the link enabling me to do this update.

Marie Colvin with the NATO backed terrorists in Misrata, Libya


  1. I see I'm not the only one that picked up on the "plastic surgery" meme


    and a friend of Judith Miller
    oh that is soooo rich

    That says it all, right

    Was she killed by rocket fire?
    How about lightening strikes?
    A death angel from God?
    We may as well go for the gusto, right?!

  2. Lovely Penny!! Keep on showing us different perspective. I loath the sheltered view by media moguls.

  3. the guys could easily be KLA terrorists...Colvin has a taste for terrorists.

  4. So she was on the Destroy Libya charabanc, par for the course.

    Nabbed the last photo for my post on the strangeling events in Syria.

    In the Judith Miller article she talks about Colvin waiting for a visa to Syria, but I thought they went in without visas illegally.

    Would the Syrians give a known start-a-war correspondent permission to go into what is reported as a battle zone, where she would find stories to push for military action against them?



    1. I too had never heard of the celebrated Colvin, and the multi-countries of her passport are bizarre. One story even said she was from Long Island, NY. Where is the mother from? France. Very odd.

      Then check counterpunch. There is a tribute to Marie Colvin by a 'Franklin Lamb' who makes his credits off working for Palestinian rights in Lebanon. He claimed to have worked for a few "NGOs" there- none of which checked out except to be fictional names only, after he first claimed to be with Alison Weir's legit NGO group (she refuted any connection to him). It turns out he is a US Embassy in Beirut alumni- which he refuses to disclose. The real clincher is that he has been a regular feature writer on Hezbollah's TV site for years now. You are going to believe that the US govt would allow that kind of blatant support for a so-called "terrorist group" if the guy is not a US agent??? His story about his sudden relocation as a Sr citizen to Lebanon after 25 yrs due to pining for a dead wife killed in Leb civil war (whom it turned out he was never married to) is as odd as hers. He raves about Colvin:

      It is very difficult to find her work. btw:

    2. This is too much. LOLOL judy's ode to marie!!!

  5. Aferrismoon

    Hello, going to answer out of order
    Here is what is said about the visa

    "Marie Colvin’s last email to me sought some advice: should she return to Libya or wait for the Syrian visa that the ambassador in London was promising her?

    I emailed back: “Go to Syria…"

    And she did.
    So there was no visa
    I wonder if Judith (war whore) put this in to demonstrate that Ms Colvin had attempted to get into Syria legitimately but could not.
    (Syrian government bad)
    Nonetheless MS Colvin is oh so good and wonderful she is blessed by god and smiled on by angels, so wonderous is she, she just had to go to Syria

    "She had faith -- a deep-seated, Catholic conviction -- that the oppressed everywhere would one day rise up, demanding freedom and dignity."

    creating a specific image her of goodness a piety

  6. Hey Brian

    I guess they could be KLA?
    The photo from the Toronto Star says rebels in Misrata
    That's why I labeled it as such

  7. If not for China and Russia, this war would already be under way.

    Today, we can read about Putin directly accusing the West of orchestrating the Arab Spring and speaking in plain language about Libya and the mess NATO created..........and we can read about an assassination plot against him. Hmmm.

    EU Sanctions and more Red Cross bullshit play softly in the background, as another peace war is bought and sold. But it is OK because the NDP supports it. Fucking Canada may now be officially collectively dumber and more deluded than the USA. At least they have a reasonable number of people who believe their entire political system is a rigged game with no representation for the people. Here in Canada our fake left parties can be counted on to sell war to all of us who hate Harper, and his crowd never met a war they didn't want.
    The propaganda matrix is a big black cloud over Canada, and tiny little points of light (like this blog) are the only bits of truth that get through.........a thousand points of light, yeah that's what we need;-)

  8. Back to the Pirate theme......
    unfolding weirdness that should quickly fade or reach full freak show status shortly.

    Sister ship of Costa Concordia, with 1000 people on board now drifting without power in the dark off the African coast.

    "Tugs and other naval and aerial units on the way."

    My Favorite from the BBC article...

    "Somali pirates are known to operate in the rough area where the ship is adrift, though they have never seized a cruise liner."

    Aaaargh Billy, have ya ever been to sea?

  9. Can you have a Catholic funeral in Syria these days? And where would they bury her?

  10. Sallie

    do you seriously think this is legit?
    You must or why would you ask these types of questions?

  11. Syria is the MOST secular country in the ME and the last to retain that status. Like Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Libya- it was rare to see hijab on women- UNTIL the west brought in their Muslim fundamentalists.
    The xtians there are squarely behind Assad and at Easter and Xmas their Xmas pageants wind through the public squares and streets with Muslims (People of the Book who believe Jesus was a Prophet of veneration) joining the xtians in worship. Seen it myself.