Saturday, February 18, 2012

Funerals for Syrian Soldiers attacked by NATO backed terrorists

Take a look at a picture from the funeral today in Damascus. A funeral held under snowy skies.
Were you wondering just who was being buried today? Who were the processions for? I think this information will help you get a better understanding of why Syrian soldiers were present... and how much the western media lies to you.

It was Syrian soldiers being buried.

Above picture taken from this site. Caption underneath reads as follows.
Quote from here

NOW...Let's talk about what the western main stream lying media is claiming took place at the soldiers funeral in Damascus today.
Rife with spin! Fabrication. Prevarication.
Headlines such as these- or should I drop the n and call them "Head-lies"? It is more suitable!
Syrian forces shoot at protestors
Syrian forces shoot at funeral marchers
Violent protests move closer to those in power

I am sure you have quite literally seen hundreds of head-lies along this mode of spin?

What we are all supposed to believe is Syrian forces opened fire at a funeral procession, "filled with protestors"
A funeral for persons killed during "anti -Assad" protests.
Of course the term "anti-Assad protest"could mean either soldier or armed NATO terrorist right? So the media is not exactly lying? Yet, not exactly telling the truth?
They are letting the reader make run away assumptions based on all the previous propaganda they have been spoon fed.
Nonetheless were being told, the Syrian army opened fire and killed one. Quite a low number isn't it? One would think if the Syrian military opened fire (spin) on a funeral procession the numbers of dead would be much higher?

Syrian forces fire on funeral in Damascus, kill 1

Syrian security forces allegedly fired live rounds and tear gas Saturday at thousands of people marching in a funeral procession.......
These thousands of people are being presented via the media as "anti Assad".
In reality they are the wives, mothers, fathers, children friends, neighbours of Syrian soldiers! More likely to be broken hearted. Probably not "anti-assad" or "anti-regime"

The spin of them being "anti-Assad" and the funeral morphing into a protest comes to us from the terrorist/armed destabilizers in Syria.

“It was a huge funeral that turned into a protest,” said the activist, who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals. “There was no fear among the participants.”

So the "activist" claims?

The activists informs the media the funeral turned into a protest.

The activists tells the media there was no fear amongst the participants.

I would think if the Syrian army, as alleged, "opened fire" that would be a cause fear? No? Yes?

Of course since the funeral attendees were their to honour the Syrian soldiers who had been killed by NATO terrorists, they had nothing to fear from other Syrian soldiers did they?

Syrian soldiers who were present not only to pay their final respects but also to protect the friends and neighbours of the deceased from the very terrorists who had killed their compatriots.

Hence the complete disconnect between the lies of the activist and the reality of the situation.

There is an interesting video, taken by the one of the alleged "activists" Definitely shot from a roof top or some height.

I have watched and re- watched several times.. The video does not show any coffins at the beginning. Coffins are shown in the last ten seconds.
I suspect that this video footage is being taken at the very end of the funeral procession. It appears some of Syria's armed terrorist/NATO destabilizers had placed themselves at the tail end of the funeral procession, in amongst mourners, for a photo-op.Probably with some flags, placards or whatever.

Or worse?

Do you notice all the cars? Most of the procession has moved ahead and the destabilizers are bringing up the rear. They, NATO backed terrorists, may be armed?

It looks as if one, possibly two Syrian soldiers come into the picture. Do they shoot? I can't tell.

Since this is a military funeral it makes sense that the soldier(s) were present to protect the mourners from exactly the kind of action that were in the process of taking place.

Take a gander at the video? See what you think?

Finally- How the western media lies! As much as I try to lay it bare for all, it still is appalling to expose!

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  1. to the anonymous poster that brought the spin on the funeral to my attention
    You inspired me to dig and what a freaking pack of lies