Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hilary does Saudi Arabia & Turkey

The inference in the title is intentional. Hilary is a whore for war and more.
Whores aren't all about sex. There are other types of whores. They are venal individuals.
People who can be bought or owned for the right price.
Hilary is like that.
So is another gal, one I have blogged on previously. Death Angel(ina) Jolie.
Both are constantly selling, promoting, creating, fomenting- pick your descriptor- WAR.
Destruction, mayhem, misery, impoverishment, disease and more.
All the lowest ruinous conditions for humanity.
Conditions that work to destroy and deter the evolution of humanity and serve to keep us in fear and enslaved. Sorry for going all spiritual there.
Let's get back to the news

Hilary Clinton is heading for Saudi Arabia. From there she will travel to Turkey for the 2nd "Friends of Syria" conference.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will travel to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia from March 30-31, 2012. While in Riyadh, she will meet King Abdullah and Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal. She will also attend the First Ministerial Meeting of the Gulf Cooperation Council-U.S. Strategic Cooperation Forum. In her conversations, she will discuss the full range of bilateral and regional issues, including ongoing security cooperation in the region, as well as the international community’s continuing efforts to stop the bloodshed in Syria.

Secretary Clinton will then travel to Istanbul, Turkey from March 31-April 1 to attend the second meeting of the “Friends of the Syrian People.”

While in Saudi Arabia she will be meeting with leaders from the GCC- Gulf Cooperation Council.
All the GCC Nations have their embassies closed in Damascus, as does Turkey.

The main stream media often uses the GCC and the Arab League interchangeably. They shouldn’t and nor should you. If memory serves me, the GCC was formed when it became obvious the Arab League was going to be less malleable then the West had hoped.
The Gulf Cooperation Council is another beast entirely. Consisting of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait  & the UAE. The monarchical, despots of the Middle East. Countries that never met a human rights abuse they didn’t love. Unless the 'human rights' abuse is taking place elsewhere. Like Syria or Libya?

Despite harshly cracking down on its own protesters, Saudi Arabia has been very supportive of revolt elsewhere.  "Riyadh was among the first to push for international intervention in Libya."

Human rights movements, however, point out the irony of Saudi Arabia weighing in on human rights issues.  After all, it’s a country where protesting can be considered an act punishable by death.

In March, the Kingdom’s religious council issued a fatwa directly condemning social unrest.
Four protesters have been killed in Riyadh this year alone, with up to 50 arrested.

“Demonstrations in Saudi Arabia are simply illegal,” Dr Ibrahim Alloush, a professor at Zaytouneh University in Jordan, told RT.
It's all about piety, doncha know?

Piety doesn't apply to Saudi Royals. Venal.

Looking at all the good deeds of the Saudi's ... Human rights for others, arms for destabilizers to destroy secular nations. One must surely sympathize when they are simply outraged over "provocative insults"

What price the Russian Position

“In claiming that the Syrian uprising is a covert attempt by other Arab countries to overthrow the Allawite Assad regime and establish a Sunni state, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is being both provocative and inflammatory. This is an outrageous insult.

Indeed, the statement is all the more outrageous because in the same interview, Lavrov insisted that Assad’s security forces are being challenged by Al-Qaeda. This therefore suggests that he believes that the whole Arab League, united in its utter condemnation of the Syrian blood-letting, is merely a tool of a terrorist organization whose immoral tactics are every bit as ruthless as those deployed by Assad.”

Has the whole Arab League been united in it’s utter condemnation? I don’t think so.
The GCC has been united not the Arab League.
 Recall the Arab League monitors that went into Syria trying to do a credible job?
Which countries undermined them? The GCC countries and the countries of the West/NATO/Israel.

 Then this bit "establish a Sunni state" Lavrov should have went further and  characterized these creations as radical ‘Sunni’ states?


In spouting this specious nonsense Lavrov chooses to ignore the grievous damage that Al-Qaeda and its offshoots have caused in Iraq, Yemen and other countries, including the Kingdom. He also chooses to ignore the dogged campaign that every Arab state has waged against these terrorists who, by their appalling and immoral cruelties, so defame the name of Islam in which they claim to act.”
Of course Saudi Arabia would have you forget just who aided in the creation of the “al-Qaeda fighters’. ..... Oh yeah, Saudi Arabia! Not alone of course. Not alone.
The article takes the ‘bad Russia’ case further by doing a Putin/Stalin comparison. Is this comparable to a Saddam/Hitler or a Gaddafi/Hitler comparison? I wonder?
Lavrov must apologize unreservedly. If he does not, Russia, which already by its support of a wicked regime has made itself hated in the Arab world, must be made to feel the Arab wrath.

"Made to feel the wrath of the Arab world" Interesting? So many thoughts flood into my head.

After Hilary leaves Saudi Arabia and the other GCC tyrannies. She is headed to Turkey to attend  the "Friends of Syria" meeting. Luckily, ahead of her gracious appearance, the SNC has worked out their differences. Allegedly. Except for one group. A Kurdish group. I have some thoughts on why Kurdish involvement is not relevant at this time which will be expanded on at a later time. Quickly I will say this. I do not believe the Kurds will form a part of Syria. Not once the West is finished with Syria. For now Hilary has her face of unity.

Additional Info- Arab League vs GCC
Hoping the addition of this clarifies the differences between the Arab League and the GCC

The Arab League suspended Syria last year and has in the past called on Assad to step aside to allow talks. But members are split over how to handle increasing violence that threatens to inflame the region's complex ethnic and sectarian mix.
Sunni powers Saudi Arabia and Qatar have led the push to isolate Syria, but other non-Gulf (GCC) Arab states such as Algeria, Egypt and Iraq's Shi'ite-led government urge more caution, fearing that toppling Assad could spark sectarian violence.

"Syria's accepting the plan is a very important step," Iraq's Foreign Minister Hoshiyar Zebari told Reuters in Baghdad- "Zebari said the League would not accept foreign intervention in Syria."

Whereas the GCC is all for intervention 


  1. Clinton Working To Implement “Universal Blasphemy Law” To Prevent Criticism of Wahabbi Islam

    A Perverse Process

  2. Thanks Kenny!

    Why does this not surprise me?

    Some religions, actually all of them, have aspects that deserve criticism.

    Was thinking how very timely this is for the entire overthrow agenda in the ME.
    With all the nations turning absolutely theocratic instead of secular, at the behest and for the benefit of Israel and NATO, and then being free from criticism.

    Do you think the idea came from Israel?
    It seems possible?

  3. Interesting little tidbit

    "The change of League chairmanship from Qatar to Iraq could possibly be a setback for efforts to force Assad to back down.

    “Qatar was previously chairing the Arab League. It was in a position of authority. But now, of course, this leadership role has transferred to Iraq. And from the perspective of Bashar al-Assad this is arguably a good thing. Al-Maliki, the prime minister of Iraq, has taken a much softer approach,” said Skinner."

    Iraqi leaders also are hoping the world will see their country differently after this summit, especially Sunni leaders in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere - some of whom are boycotting the summit because of suspicions about largely Shiite Iraq’s ties to Iran.

    I touched on that concern in the comment section of a previous post.

    What this gets me thinking about is the recent spate of "suicide bombings" in Iraq?

    "BAGHDAD — As Iraq prepares to showcase itself to the world next week with a highly anticipated gathering of Arab leaders, a string of suicide attacks and car bombings on Tuesday morning offered a bloody reminder that insurgent violence still wreaks havoc with the country’s tenuous stability. "

    awfully convenient timing, no?
    Message to Al-Maliki?

    "a Shiite pilgrimage site in the south "
    "a frontal attack against a Christian church"

    "the scale and synchronicity of the bombings were nearly identical to previous attacks by the Sunni insurgent group Al Qaeda in Iraq. "

    Al Qaeda? Think CIA, Saudi Arabia, Israel etc.,

  4. Paul Conroy alert...
    London Evening Standard, 28 March 2012,

    Colvin sails away on a tide of fond wishes
    A FOND farewell for Marie Colvin last night, as friends and family gathered for a memorial service at St Peter’s Church near Hammersmith, near where the Sunday Times journalist lived. The 300-strong crowd included her former husband Patrick Bishop, writer Anthony Holden, Vogue editor Alex Shulman and Paul Conroy, the photographer with her in Homs who left hospital to attend the service

    So, still in hospital after nearly a month...

    1. I love the part: "reports of her survival may be exaggerated."

      Everything about her seems exaggerated.

    2. Conroy is "still in hospital"
      I don't buy that, not for a minute.
      A man who is able to conduct endless interviews has no need for hospitalization
      I had no idea the british health care system was so generous

    3. He's in and out of hospital like a yo-yo. He was demonstrating in the street swathed in a Syrian flag in a wheelchair the other weekend March 18. See this blog post Photographer wraps himself in Syrian flag . As a "very senior" female broadcaster friend of Conroy is quoted, ""Paul is in a very difficult place."
      What can she mean???

    4. Too bad we don't have real journalists. Would be interesting to have someone pop in to try to see if our hero is as bad off as he claims. And also ask him when he signed up for the military.

      Paul's heroic great escape on the motorcycle is sounding more and more fantastic.

  5. From Joshua Landis at the Oklahoma nerve centre for Syrian regime change, via our favourite fake Liberal regime change source, The Guardian.."He's toast" (Assad). Prominence also given to Navi Pillai of the UN - "They've gone for the children - for whatever purposes - in large numbers. Hundreds detained and tortured... it's just horrendous. Children shot in the knees..." as quoted to the regime overthrowing channel suffused with spooks, the BBC. Which of course produced wonderful headlines such as Assad regime 'is shooting child prisoners in the knees' (London Evening Standard)

    Interesting that Pillai was interviewed by the BBC before Syria accepted the Annan plan and wheeled out now. "They've gone for the children....It's just horrendous, children shot in the knees... denied medical treatment....It seems to be systematic and targeted...we don't have access to these children...." (notice the Guardian picking the best, most blood curdling bits to rouse up the rabble of unquestioning, malleable Guardian liberals)

    Meanwhile Hugh Sykes for BBC Radio 4 pm described a tented refugee camp but for some curious reason journalists weren't allowed into it. The listen again facility for the programme is strangely missing "available soon"

    1. I had noticed the spin about the children..
      Lots of it ongoing yesterday.
      A quiet news day that needs to be filled with something

  6. David Ignatius makes the humanitarian case for a "managed transition" in Syria. He says the either Assad is removed via a "managed transition" evidently contemplated in Annan's plan, or "[t]he alternative to a diplomatic soft landing is a war that shatters the ethnic mosaic in Syria. It’s easy to imagine Sunni militias gaining control of central cities such as Homs, Hama and Idlib, while Alawites retreat to parts of Damascus and Latakia province in the north. Assad might still claim to be president in this scenario, but he would be little more than a warlord (albeit one with access to chemical weapons). It’s a grim scenario in which Western air power would have limited effect."

    Of course, since Ignatius is such a humanitarian, he warns us that we must try the diplomatic route first (removing Assad peacefully) because the U.S. made such a grave mistake in Iraq. How sweet.

    And of course this propaganda is not complete without egging on the Russians. First he takes a gratuitous swipe at them, then claims they can prove something by helping get rid of Assad:

    "It’s a moment for realpolitik: The West needs Russia’s help in removing Assad without a civil war, and Russia needs to broker a transition to bolster its future influence in the Arab world. That’s the pragmatic logic that’s driving Annan’s peace effort."

    1. "The West needs Russia’s help in removing Assad without a civil war, and Russia needs to broker a transition to bolster its future influence in the Arab world. That’s the pragmatic logic that’s driving Annan’s peace effort."

      Hey WWM

      I read that piece.
      His conclusion is silly, just plain silly.
      Russia will not gain influence in the arab world by brokering a transition.

      There is no mechanism for Assad to step down in the Anan plan.

      If by transition he means the removal of Assad and or the destruction of Syria.

    2. Notice the hard sales tactic. There are only two options. The option short of war is Assad stepping down (and even if Assad were willing to step down the U.S. would then demand his 'regime' step down, etc.).

      It doesn't matter this is not called for in the Anan plan--the propaganda will overwhelm that technicality. It was always a bait and switch anyway.

      And since Assad will be said to be violating the agreement by killing civilians, etc., it will agreed by all important parties that he must go. It will not be long before Russia also goes along with this demand explicitly--indeed, Russia has already indicated Assad is a dead man unless he steps down and they wont stop the West from whacking him (and the Syrian people).


      It is indeed ridiculous to think Russia would gain influence in the Arab world by negotiating a 'managed transition' a.k.a regime change, under threat of Western attack. But maybe the propaganda works on lots of people in the Arab world? Although it seems to be working less and less.

      Look at Egypt for instance, where over 80% of the people don't want U.S. military assistance, but their leaders accept it anyway.

      Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to matter what the people want.

    3. WWM are you aware of the most recent US/NED shenanigans in Russia regarding the Russian election.

      The 'protests' were very similar, in fact almost identical, to the Arab spring 'protests's

      Sadly, I didn't have the time to get into that-but their is an agenda to break Russia up/balkanize it

      Someone did not want Putin back in power?

    4. WWM

    5. Nice post Penny. I haven't looked at the definition of meme and it does fit this situation well--our masters are trying to use a few symbols and memes to get us to go along with yet another war.

      I too noticed the propaganda regarding Russia's voting system. The U.S. is so hypocritical it's sick.

      But, as you know from my previous comments, I wouldn't be surprised if the media and U.S. propaganda were indeed correct. But, they are blaming the wrong party. Most likely, it is the CIA/Western perps that control Russia elections. As mentioned at MofA and Naked Capitalism by me, Yeltsin empowered a CIA company, Oracle, to develop its voting and citizen database system. Similar technology, like Diebold scanning machines, are hackable so this raises the possibility that Russia's elections are hackable.

      Also, while I too thought the West did not want Putin in power, now I think they may desire Putin in power. He represents opposition--but if he is captured it is perfect for the perps because Putin will get the opposition to sit on their hands until it is too late. The Democrats in America operate the same way--they pretend to oppose the fascist elite and people that really do oppose them rely on the Democrats but then are disappointed and lose any real opportunity to oppose the fascists.

      In fact, I'm starting to suspect that Assad and Ghaddafi and even the Iranians are secretly working with the West. I'm not that far yet, but who knows . . . .

  7. Paul Conroy alert no 2. The previous day, 27 March, Conroy is again out of hospital, with wine glass to hand, helping to launch a report on bombing in urban areas(audio). pp 34-5 of the report relates to Syria from Action on Armed Violence

    This is the header paragraph in the report which Conroy is endorsing by inference: "In Syria, the data gathered by the EVMP [Explosive Violence Monitoring Project] suggests that the increasing use of explosive weapons over the course of 2011 can be seen as a pivotal indication of a breakdown in the legitimacy of the state." Oh yeah. Graphs to prove it....another NGO with an agenda to assist regime change when requested.

    1. I wish we had just a fraction of the budget the perps have to do our own research. It's impossible to keep up with this never ending assault of total propaganda domination.

      Just looking at the first picture from the detailed and fancy looking report from aoav. . . . the damage looks faked to me. As if they used blunt instruments: shovels and pick axes to mimic a military assault. We know they burned tires to fake explosions. We know many other attacks were staged. Maybe the bullet holes are real though.

      But like many other scenes of damage from Syria, the artillery damage looks too uniform and circular, and in many other cases the holes are positioned at convenient locations for sniper holes/lookouts.

      Also, in this case the gashes look like they are created by a pick rather than a bullet. What kind of bullets make deep wide long gashes like that? Were they supposed to have ricocheted, or hit at an angle to cause such a long gash? Then why is there a small bullet hole entrance in many of these gashes? As if there was both a glancing blow as well as a direct hit? There are too many holes in gashes for it to be a coincidence and they must be representing this to be the work of one 'magic bullet'.

      Also, why no black marks from explosions or burning material? Aren't they accusing the Syrian military of using exploding ordinance, so wouldn't it look something a little like this, but obviously not quite so intense:

      btw, anyone that hasn't seen the propaganda coming from the New York Times blog "The Lede" by Robert Mackey, check it out. Another big dog that is spreading the bs.

    2. Wouldn't that be great if we had any budget?
      To do research and more.

    3. Paul Conroy "out of hospital" with libations
      does it get any more non-credible?

    4. Thanks for the reminder of Mackey, Walt. I see he puffed this recent, 27 March, bs from UK Channel 4 about Danny Dayem and other citizen journalists of Syria.....what a joke about 8.40 in the video..

    5. Okay, I may have been a bit too eager to debunk the slick-looking report. The picture on the front is from Sitre, but my analysis still mostly applies. Like many images from Syria and Lebanon, they are suspicious. Sure, some may be real but we have discovered so many fakes that it makes sense to be critical.

    6. I didn't hear any incoming whistle to that "shell" that fell, did you? Sounds fake to me.

      I love the touch that if they admit to some video fakery, and show a pov from a 3rd camera, that we are supposed to believe the sounds are real.

      It's amazing how intense Robert Mackey's propaganda is. Check out his posts from February where he just attacks Lizzie Phelan and other reporters in Syria contradicting Western reports. He also goes after Press TV and RT as being state controlled, but doesn't describe the New York Times that way even though it didn't report on massive government spying on its citizens because the government told it not to report this fact, to name merely one damning fact.

    7. Oops, that would be the pov of a 2nd camera.

      And the video fakery they admit to is the burning tire. Nice. We have seen a number of scenes like this.

    8. Their amateur journalists' reactions seemed a bit slow with that big bang - let's hope the new money coming their way can improve the sound continuity for these fake videos.