Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pt II: Syria and Options for Intervention

Follow up from Part I
Having already named the options to justify attacking Syria let's take a deeper look.
Quickly refreshing the 3 options
2-War on Terror
3- Coalition of the Willing

Let’s say...

NATO can’t get the no fly/humanitarian zone using Muslim Brotherhood, Salafist, Alquaeda rebels and other assorted thugs to carve a chunk out of Syria. Nor can they have their illegitimate actions legitimised through a mandate given to them by the UN arm of NATO world army. What with Russia and China still refusing to go along with the agenda-.........
Out goes option # 1.

Onto # 2

The number 2 option on the list, employing a “war on terror” tactic.
Turkey is definitely considering that option. Using the wild card Kurds as the enemy of convenience?
When it comes to Kurdish rebels, Turkey doesn't have a problem invading Syria.
As we are about to read-

“The government of Turkey is prepared to seek the approval of its parliament in order to deploy its forces in Syrian territory should the violence escalate and pose a threat to Turkey’s national security,“ warned Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu on Thursday.

Davutoglu’s warning comes after an investigation by Turkish intelligence revealed that members of the PKK (Kurdistan Worker’s Party), which is classified as a terrorist organization, infiltrated Turkey from the Syrian border. “Turkey will not allow Syria to use Kurdish terror against Turkey“

Turkey is indicating they are ready to take the battle to the next level on behalf of their masters in Brussels. US and Turkish Military are conducting “exercises” until March 15/2012.

Clapper said these large-scale missions allow the two countries to practice executing operations together successfully.

Operations? To fight the terror caused by the Kurds?

As for Syria and the PKK? Doubtful. The PKK is pure Western sponsored terror. Look to the US and Israel as illegitimate fathers of those bastard sons. The Turkey/Kurd angle has been covered previously on a number of occasions, most recently here

If the war on terror option fails, onto number 3

#3- The Coalition of the Willing
Or as Monty Hall would have said in his hey day- Let’s look what’s behind door number 3
A coalition of the willing! Or my preferred name a coalition of the killing.
This is a tactic left over from the Bush junta.
When you can’t get UN approval, justify slaughter will a coalition of “do gooders”
I suspect that was why Qatar called for other nations to “recognize” the SNC.

Recently a Canadian Senator talked this line

A high-profile Conservative senator says Canada must be prepared to be part of a military operation with a "coalition of the willing" to end the bloodshed in Syria.

Sen. Hugh Segal told the Senate this week that Canada should work with the Arab League to

Segal said the same setup, with the Arab League in the lead, should be planned for Syria. If planning isn't going on, he said, it should be.

"What you need to have is a coalition of the willing, preferably led by our friends in the Arab League," Segal said.
Our friends in the Arab league?
He doesn’t really mean the Arab League. The West uses that for cover.
What Senator Segal is referring to, of course, is the GCC. Gulf Cooperation Council.
The West’s left hand in the middle east.
If you think a coalition of the willing is to far-fetched don’t think it so.
Not with UK Defence Secretary Philip Hammond going tete a tete with the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and the Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces
Hammond, who met General Shaikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, said: "We still believe in a peaceful solution for Syria, but we want to take nothing off the negotiating table.

The topic of the conversation between Gen. Shaikh Mohammed and Hammond was the military countries and the political challenges in the region.
Together with Gen. Shaikh Mohammed, we looked at a series of options to increase support to the UAE if issues emerged and we will also coordinate with our American partners

All in all, the minister declared himself very pleased with the UAE's and Qatar's "proactive" involvement in the Libyan crisis, as well as the very active role the Arab League and other Arab countries have taken in relation to the Syrian crisis.
Very active indeed.
Options. Options. Options.


  1. OT - Perp alert for Walt..Enduring America* (* more about that later....) alerts me to a first hand report in the NYT by 71 year old French doctor,Dr. Jacques Bérès, a veteran of war zones (MSF) who allegedly smuggled himself into Syria (video from Feb, France24 - I know you've seen it,Walt, from the Naked Capitalism page....)

    Full article, NYT March 12,2012 French Surgeon,71, saves lives in Syria By MAÏA de la BAUME
    Dr.[Jacques] Bérès’s trip to Syria was partly sponsored by two associations: France-Syria Democracy and UAM93, a federation of Muslim associations in Seine-St.-Denis, an area in the Paris suburbs largely populated by immigrants. Dr. Bérès said the participation of the Muslim federation was crucial.

    1. Just been pointed to this CNN video, Syria Homs & 72 hours under fire in Hell , uploaded March 10. Marie (sans eye patch) and Paul Conroy at 3.25. Key perp Arwa Damon discusses.... the official fake narrative...

    2. ...and Paul Conroy popping up on Anderson Cooper's CNN show, March 12. Transcript here, following Annan/Amos visits. A man in demand.

    3. Hey Felix. I did see that Beres interview when that commentator pointed me to it at NC. Sounded really fake at the time. Maybe have to review it again to see if Conroy's new explanations about his injuries, etc., conflict with the Dr.'s earlier statements.

      And now having done so he doesn't add much--other than yet another VIP supporting the official narrative (and using a well regarded NGO for cover).

      The facts are vague and there is not much there to prove false or true. He asks us to take his word for it.

      Except for Edith Bouvier's injuries . . . he's specific there and says she has an open fracture of the femur . . . which turns out to be false.

      Other than that he verifies all the other suspicious facts (like constant shelling, murder of children, sneaking in the country, etc.)

      Beres is definitely on the perp list. Interesting that his story is being recycled in the New York Times.

      It's interesting the see the NYT come out and mention the two NGOs that are responsible: the France-Syria Democracy and UAM93.

    4. I haven't seen a peep from the press regarding Bouvier - what's going on, has her lack of shattered femur been exposed yet?

  2. Hey Felix I had seen that about the doctor
    Which clicked something somewhere, some time ago
    Having read or heard that MsF had been compromised from it's inception and I think this fellow was named
    Tried to spend some time searching for something about it.
    Came up empty handed
    Sadly MsF or Doctors without borders is perfect for spook activity.

  3. Paul Conroy is on message and pushing
    He is a god dam salesman!

  4. here's MSF pimping for war against Syria-


    1. Note the hypocrisy of the West. If terrorists were attacking civilians in the U.S., sabotaging infrastructure, attacking the police and military, and then showing up in hospitals after being wounded, you bet the police would show up to arrest and prosecute the perpetrators. In fact, the U.S. would probably not even provide due process or other basic human rights after the suspect was caught. The U.S. summarily executes people.

      A suspect is probably better off in Syria than the U.S. if he is accused of these crimes.

      The doctor NGOs would be better off scolding the West for causing the terrorism in the first place. These people wouldn't be injured if the West were not fomenting war. The Doctors with Borders reveals itself to be a fraudulent institution.

      Rather than helping injured people it is actually doing what it is accusing Syria of doing--it is violating its medical oath and harming people by taking part is psychological warfare against Syria. So when these civilians inevitably die in this Western backed war, please count these doctors and NGOs as part of the war criminal aggressors.

      What's sad is good people are being tricked into giving money to war criminals like Doctors without Borders and action medeor.

      These doctors are doctors of death, spreading war via lies.

  5. Felix,

    Thanks for pointing me to the behind the scenes look at CNN reporting in the video, "Syria Homs & 72 hours under fire in Hell", linked above.

    Holy crap! The perps are getting desperate. I love how they have to create this elaborate back story to help sell their lies. Notice the big fake news factory with all the television screens--I think we are supposed to be awed by CNN technology and assume everything they produce is the truth.

    Here's an earlier description of events from Arwa Damon, talking on CNN with Clarissa Ward, just after Marie Colvin's death: http://cnnpressroom.blogs.cnn.com/2012/02/27/arwa-damon-on-risks-of-reporting-from-syria/

    Interesting that Damon is back in Lebanon at this point and looks clean, well-coiffed, and calm. Hardly looks like she's been in a war zone. She was just with Marie in a war zone and both were falling down in the mud and laughing as a goat herder turned smuggler was smuggling them around . . . Can you say bullshit? Or goat shit in this case?

    Why wasn't Arwa talking about her experience with Marie directly in this clip from right after Marie died--when it was fresh in her mind? How can she be so calm and not talk about her personal experiences with her colleague? Why wait to explain all these details until the well produced program a few weeks later? Isn't she a reporter?

    Also, the eye patch. Who knows. My guess is they are screwing with us and getting us to go down rabbit holes. People that lose eyes sometimes don't wear eye patches and the video doesn't look clear enough to adequately analyze her eye.

    For four months CNN evidently debated if and how to get into Homs because by Nov. they knew this was "ground zero" and the reporters just had to get in there to smell it, to live it, to report it . . . .

    Then they talk about the death toll. Notice no mention, at least at this point, of questioning the "activists" and the veracity of their statements and the death toll.

    Okay, I made it about 12 minutes in and am giving up for now. It's complete propaganda. More of the same lies we've been seeing but CNN is doubling down on their complicity. This is not some mistake or negligent reporting by CNN. They are purposely selling lies. They are making it seem like there is a professional team vetting all this information when it couldn't be further from the truth.

    CNN is a criminal enterprise pushing for unjust war. These are not reporters, but war criminals. Arwa Damon and gang are no better than Al Qaeda criminals.

    1. The brain dead right wingers who watch CNN, Fox etc. are so easily conned into supporting immoral wars. Like yelling 'squirrel' at a dog really loud, one gets the predictable response every time.

      The 70% of us normal decent human beings who want to be good and support the right things are the real targets of western media propaganda.

      CBC makes CNN look like amateurs, on a daily basis.
      Nahlah Ayed tells us how evil Syria is. Nahlah is a young stylish woman, so all the CBC crowd hang on her every word. CBC, loves women.....except when they get molested and abused by US customs officers, then the CBC downplays the nature of their abuse and closes comments on the story.

    2. I did get the same feeling that they are consciously choosing female journalist perps . . . and I guess male cameramen . . . for some reason. The journalists are being made into the story and maybe they figure it will tug at our heartstrings more to have women as the protagonist hero journalist victims.

      Marie Colvin's story is over the top. At one point she saved 1,500 (!!!!) women and children. Can you believe it? I can't. If you read the back stories to Colvin provided by her "colleagues", you see one sensational story after the other.

      It's also stereotypical. She has had 2 or 3 marriages but her main love is her work. She loves danger. But it's nothing to her b/c she is in awe of the people who live in these dangerous areas. She's an inspiration to young women and one-eyed people (and has support from young women and one-eyed people on blogs dedicated to these subjects to prove it).

      Her whole history sounds contrived.

      But Murdoch evidently went to her funeral this week, eh? They even brought in the firefighters for further emotional appeal: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2113962/Marie-Colvin-funeral-Rupert-Murdoch-joins-mourners-remember-journalist-killed-Syria.html

      The perps really are invested in this fake media to have Murdoch and team flying into Oyster Bay, ha.

    3. Thanks, James. Did you watch that video Syria: Doctor testimony puffed by MSF ??

    4. The firefighters! I need to go and lie down in a dark room...great stuff Walt/Anon.

  6. Felix video link is a dead end

  7. WWM: They brought in "firefighters"?
    real or costumed?

    1. Good question about the firemen. I'm going with real because they took the time to fly in Murdoch and some of the Sunday Times staff. So they are probably sparing no expense for this hoax. [Btw, was watching something else and I see that the Sunday Times has had controversy in the past and is a very suspicious organization.]

      They probably paid for real actors to play the Sri Lanken immigrants, at the funeral as well (in accompanying pictures). This makes sense since Marie personally saved the lives of 1,500 women and children and was so beloved. Here is Marie's colleague, Roy Greenslade, singing hosannas:

      "In Sri Lanka in 2001, while covering the conflict between government forces and the rebel Tamil Tigers, Marie was struck by shrapnel. Undaunted by the loss of her left eye, she wore a black eye-patch from then on, which became something of a trademark. When I interviewed her shortly afterwards, she told me how she had walked 30 miles through jungle with her Tamil guides to evade government troops, an example of the effort she put into her work.
      It was after the loss of her eye that she spelled out her reason for covering wars. She wrote of the importance of telling people what really happens and about "humanity in extremis, pushed to the unendurable". She continued: "My job is to bear witness. I have never been interested in knowing what make of plane had just bombed a village or whether the artillery that fired at it was 120mm or 155mm." She wrote about people so that others might understand the truth.
      Marie sometimes did more than merely write. In 1999, in East Timor, she was credited with saving the lives of 1,500 women and children who were besieged in a compound by Indonesian-backed forces. She refused to leave them, waving goodbye to 22 journalist colleagues as she stayed on with an unarmed UN force in order to help highlight their plight by reporting to the world, in her paper and on global television. The publicity was rewarded when they were evacuated to safety after four tense days.
      This was the essence of Marie's approach to reporting. She was not interested in the politics, strategy or weaponry; only the effects on the people she regarded as innocents. "These are people who have no voice," she said. "I feel I have a moral responsibility towards them, that it would be cowardly to ignore them. If journalists have a chance to save their lives, they should do so."
      The people of East Timor did not forget their saviour."
      In the Guardian

  8. Sorry, Doctor Testimony here - plus lots of associated "patient" testimonies from same Australian MSF user.
    Firefighters bottom photo at Daily Mail page - link at WWM comment above. Big flag-wagging show in Oyster Bay...
    Here is a German charity which was very active in sending medical supplies to Eastern Libya in early March 2011, action medeor

  9. I haven't seen a peep from the press regarding Bouvier - what's going on, has her lack of shattered femur been exposed yet?

    1. I searched yesterday when you (I think) mentioned it and all I saw was a clip from French TV that showed all the old footage but also showed what appeared to be new footage of SUVs traveling on French streets, presumably with Ms. Bouvier in the car. My french is spotty and I didn't slow down to try to figure out the exact words but it appears she is being transported and is recovering . . . . like Paul.

      Does anyone have experience using the genealogy websites? Would be interesting to see who Edith is related to and the family tree.

      Also wonder if Marie Colvin will make it to the Social Security Death Index.

    2. There is an article Edith Bouvier Premiers Mots, March 14, FranceInter (no doubt to be followed by Edith Bouvier First Steps) at which the top audio link has Edith Bouvier describing her big op on the 8th very generally. The text says she will stay in the Percy Military Hospital until the end of the month. Her leg is saved and she will walk again, and she hopes to resume journalism.