Saturday, April 28, 2012

Libyan weapons seized in Lebanon- headed for NATO's terrorists in Syria

Only the first 20 seconds is relevant, the rest is the usual media perception management!

Weapons bound for Syria seized in Lebanon by euronews-en

Who organized this shipment? 

Since we know NATO’s goons are running Libya, simply connect the dots.

Lebanese authorities seized a large consignment of Libyan weapons including rocket-propelled grenades and heavy calibre ammunition from a ship intercepted in the Mediterranean, the army said on Saturday.

Labelling on one box said it contained fragmentation explosives, and several identified them as coming from Libya.

One was marked "Tripoli/Benghazi SPLAJ", referring to Libya's formal name during the 42-year rule of Muammar Gaddafi - the Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.

Another was stamped Misrata, the Libyan town which formed a base for rebels who overthrew Gaddafi last year in one of several uprising which swept the Arab world.

Misrata is contained with the 'independant' Eastern Libyan state that is aNATO protectorate

This "independent" eastern Libya would-be emirate is already recognized by a few countries, Sarkozy's France included. No wonder; it is already configured as a NATO protectorate.

Therefore these weapons, originating from Libya, would have had to leave with the full knowledge of  NATO. It would be pretty hard to think otherwise.

A thought-  Though this type of warfare would be called a covert,  if you have been paying attention long enough, you realize just how overt and in your face this weapons shipment really is. It has been very clear for a long, long time now that NATO has it's sites set on Syria.

You may recall that after the NATO bloodbath in Libya there was much fretting about the Libyan armaments falling into the 'wrong' hands....

There were a number of concerns expressed at that time. Scenarios.
I entertained one myself

 "Al-Qaeda's North African branch, AQIM, has expanded from northern Niger, Mali and Mauritania into northern Nigeria and southern Senegal.

How swimmingly does that work out for the Western/NATO world army?
The seed planted with news of looting in Libya. Al quaeda/quaida. Always there when western powers need them.

Reviewing: We have armed activists and Al quaeda flooding into Syria. 

What we need is a people's army.. Yes, a people's army for all the fighters and arms to flow to
Cue: Free Syrian Army.
Is this for real?
Or, are these Al Quaeda members imported in from elsewhere?

Weapons from Libya- check!
"Free Syrian Army' appearing - check!
Who was instrumental in making this happen- Why our great AVAAZ  humanitarian Wissam Tarif- from Lebanon

Recall this?

The Telegraph has also learned that preliminary discussions about arms supplies took place when members of the Turkish-based Syrian National Council [SNC] — the country's main opposition movement — visited Libya earlier this month.

"The Libyans are offering money, training and weapons to the Syrian National Council," added Wissam Tariff, a human rights campaigner with links to the SNC.

The scummiest human rights organization of them all. Or maybe one of many?

Back to today's weapons confiscation-

The army said in a statement the weapons were found in three containers carried by the Sierra Leone-flagged Letfallah II, which was impounded along with its 11-man crew and taken to a navy port in Beirut.

Khafaji said a broker from Lebanon (Wissam Tarif?) had made contact, asking originally for a shipment of 12 containers of "general cargo" to be shipped from Libya to Lebanon. In the end, after two days' delay, the ship left with just the three containers, he said. Incredible. Truly. How many Syrians would NATO's terrorists have killed with these weapons?

Some further news-
Syria takes Ban Ki-moon to task. Justifiably. For his one sided condemnations which serve to embolden the NATO terrorists-

Tishrin said Ban has avoided discussing rebel violence in favour of "outrageous" attacks on the Syrian government.

 "The continued disregard of the international community and its cover for armed groups' crimes and terrorist acts ... is considered as direct participation in facilitating and carrying out the terrorism to which Syria is subjected," the editorial said.
"Such a stance seemingly encourages those groups to go on committing more crimes and terrorist acts," Tishrin said.

It most certainly does.

-The Syrian capital was hit by four explosions on Friday that left at least 11 people dead and dozens wounded.
- Military units stationed off the Mediterranean foiled an infiltration attempt by "armed groups" from the sea in the early hours of the day.

How come whenever NATO's extremist  nut jobs appear, suicide bombers blow themselves up?

-There was also a horrific suicide bombing, that killed many.


  1. Weapons bound for Syria seized in Lebanon by euronews-en

    I'm actually surprised that Lebanon stopped the show from happening. Because normally Hariri goons would have let it infiltrate to Syria while he is enjoying recovery of broken leg in Saudi Arabia where he takes his commands.

    p.s.: I loved your article about Quebec's protestors and believe it or not many people are tired of these protestors and want them to go home. Same in Syria...many people if not the majority are tired of so called democratic protestors. In reality they are handful of people wanting to impose government change. Identical situation but portrayed differently by the corporate media.

  2. To my understanding the Lebanese government has been trying to stop the flow of weapons into Syria

    the problem being exactly what you mentioned.
    Hariri's goons would have done the opposite.

    RE: the Quebec protestors. I actually see this as part of a larger issue. the issue of austerity. I am of the mind that these people and others will not be going away.

    I am quite certain the Canadian government as well as there US counterparts are aware of this

    My understanding is the protests have been going on for some time and were well supported and peaceful, until last week?
    When provocateurs appeared.
    Black block
    Which is either fully or partially coopted/infiltrated
    Expect them at the NATO summit in Chicago.

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