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Syria: It's going to get a lot uglier. Aprils 'fools' in Turkey want blood

April 1st/ 2012- April Fools Day and this year Palm Sunday. If your doing the Easter countdown sort of thing, this is the day that Jesus was making the trek to face his imminent demise and his followers lay down palm leaves. Anyway....

I guess that makes the "Friends of Syria" meeting rather symbolic, because Jesus was put to death.
And, clearly the West aka NATO and Israel along with the GCC intend to put Syria to death.

First a picture of life in Syria
                                                     Al-Hamidia Souk (market)Damascus

I will link a bunch of stories, and put a bit of commentary. OK? Ok, let’s go then!   
The Syrian National Council, Turkey, Saudi Arabia the US, EU, GCC and other players all of them positively drooling for the bloodletting to begin.The US and Israel, France and Britian are keeping a low profile despite their heavy duty involvement.

Sarkozy has got an election to ‘win’. He is attempting to manage the dialogue in his own nation, by pitting human against human and creating  false  flags so he can promote his ‘winning agenda’

The US administration is also mired in election season shenanigans. Americans are so caught up in the shooting of Trayvon Martin in Florida. Nice distraction. The Ptb’s are playing the race card and the gun card. Pulling the emotional trigger! An easily solvable problem. Not a gun control issue. An person of privilege and connection getting away with murder. After all, Zimmerman’s father is a judge and Zimmerman is a spoiled idiot who will get away with murder because his privileged position in  life allows him to do so.

Britain has the Gas issue going- Gas Panic

It is not in the best interests of those running for office or other complicit government to appear  so obviously  the grim reapers they actually are. Hence the domestic distractions

Under cover of all the distractions/ divide and conquer the West and it’s lackies plot to destroy Syria.
The US-US signals support for arming Syria Rebels

US officials made clear there was no prospect of Washington itself providing the rebels with weapons........ But  (US, Turkey, Britain)  signalled on Sunday that they could welcome Saudi and Qatari efforts to give weapons to the rebel Free Syrian Army.

A day earlier, Prince Saud al-Faisal, Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister, reaffirmed the Kingdom’s support for arming the rebels. “We support the arming of the nationalists,” he said, standing at Mrs Clinton’s side at a meeting in Riyadh.   
                                   According to the Guardian Hillary enjoys a "lighter moment"

Before she get's back to the business of killing. Like I said the other day Hilary has such a blood lust.. Sickening.

Syrian National Council-NATO government.

Earlier Sunday, the Syrian National Council (SNC), a key opposition group, called on the international community to provide direct aid to the Syrian people to help them defend themselves.

"The provision of arms is not our preferred option. We know it carries high risks of escalation into civil war, but we cannot stand back and watch our people being massacred"
Send in the guns, we want to kill, kill, kill....

The SNC requested that the Istanbul gathering help provide communications equipment to allow opposition groups to "coordinate as a unified force" with the rebel Free Syrian Army.

"Neighboring countries need to allow for the transfer [of communications equipment] via their sea ports and across borders," it said.

We already know that the US and Israel have been sending arms. As has Turkey, Jordan Saudi Arabia so now there talking more publicly about it! Can you hear the war drums beating louder?

Britain- Gas crisis? Hague pledges £500,000 to Syria opposition 
That's in addition to what is already being provided. How is the impoverishment going in the UK?
Pretty good from my reading, but, there is always money for the war machine.

Britain will provide a further £500,000 to support Syria's political  opposition in the face of president Bashar Assad's regime, the Foreign  Secretary said.

William Hague is expected to announce the extra funding tonight during his annual speech at the Lord Mayor's Easter Banquet.

Iraq is unimpressed, of course Qatar has already flipped that nations leadership the bird!

Quickly, Qatar greeted a criminal from Iraq, who had been killing the Shiite population as if he was a VIP.
I am sure in the minds of the murderous Qatar regime he is. One killer to another....

Tariq al-Hashemi, the fugitive Iraqi vice-president, travelled to Qatar on Sunday on what the Gulf nation's state news agency called an official visit.
The visit marks Hashemi's first foreign trip since he fled to Iraq's semi-autonomous Kurdish region to avoid an arrest warrant issued in December, and could stoke tensions between Baghdad's Shia-led government and Sunni monarchies of the Gulf.

Sunni leaders stayed away from the Arab summit in droves

Anyone but me coming away with the idea that the Arabs are being divided, in order to conquer and the NATO nutters have bet their dollars on the Sunni killing apparatus?
Note to James; You were mentioning the new caliphate. can you leave a link here? I would like to add it
Thanks :)


  1. There seems to be absolutely nothing that Assad can do to please some folks. The fact that a jihad has been more or less formally called on Syria, you know things are going to become even more challenging.

    It seems there are now uprisings taking place in KSA that are being held from the West. Deaths and the usual heavy handed tactics. Meanwhile they call for "democracy" in Syria.

    It is all such a fragile house of cards. And yes, kill, kill, kill, is the agenda. Syria should just stop being supportive of Palestine too. And Iran. and...well, golly let's get China back in here again.

    Damn whoever said "may you live in interesting times".

    1. Hey Noor
      thanks for the comment and yes Damn the person that said
      "may you live in interesting times"
      Quieter and more peaceful is definitely better.
      I saw some news about the uprisings in Saudi arabia, of course you would never know it via western msm.

      I don't think that NaTO wants Assad around for the election in early May. May 7 I think it is.
      I don't think they want any elections until they have the "right" candidate in place
      Preferably Muslim Brotherhood
      I guess Erdogan will get his wish
      But, I still hope not!
      I see the well funded Muslim Brotherhood is fielding a presidential candidate for "election" in Egypt.
      How good... NOT
      And yes, he will "win"

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, thanks James.. I am thinking that is going to be necessary for background- A must read.

  3. Replies
    1. I have almost got through the Lehmann piece and it is quite good.

  4. Those are good links, Felix. I took particular note of this from Christof Lehmann's article-

    "How, and particularly why would Israel target nine Turkish citizens ? Because the IDF troops had been well informed about the situation on board, and because nine members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Turkey, who were opposed to the Muslim Brotherhoods involvement into the armed insurgency into Syria were ensnared into participating in a non-violent activity against Israel."

    That bit of information adds another level of threat to an article in the Guardian that I commented on last year - Syria Next? The picture in that article of the conference in Turkey last year now looks more threatening to the participants than I remarked on at the time.

    It would seem likely that the anti-israel posturing that Turkey has indulged in in the last two or three years was instrumental in opening the borders between Turkey and Syria and doing away with visas etc. I have no doubt this would have facilitated all sorts of personnel and equipment entering Syria prior to the armed uprising which would have been much more difficult otherwise.

    1. I wondered about the targetted killings...
      Brilliant, really.
      Figured there had to be an element of "we got to get rid of these guys" to those killings.
      How nice for Israel to do it for the muslim brotherhood.

      James: regarding the opening of borders and the doing away of visas definitely more beneficial to Turkey enabling them to get their infiltrators into Syria well ahead of planned "protests"

      I think Syrian officials needed the agreement with Turkey, hoping for the Four Seas thing to work out, and Syria be a major player in the oil transport biz.
      Likely envisioning Iran, Syria, Turkey and pipelines running to China.. Turkey being completely owned by the NATO CIA MOSSAD apparatus had other plans.

    2. Indeed Brian. I now suspect this tactic is used more often than we realize. For e.g., I think Russia is engaging in some fake blustery rhetoric with the West, while at the same time enabling the West in quiet ways that really matter (like allowing NATO to use more bases).

      I did not see the warning signs re Syria or even follow this news that closely so it's *interesting* to go back and see how this developed. The perps have been quite sloppy, or their intent clear, from the beginning.

    3. I'm sorry james. I don't know why I wrote brian.

    4. on this topic:

  5. Clinton, 'the killing continues'....what killing is she talking about, Assad or hers?!!!

    aka Marty

    1. Hey Marty!
      I think she is speaking of her own, always her own.

  6. /'Britain will provide a further £500,000 to support Syria's political opposition in the face of president Bashar Assad's regime, the Foreign Secretary said'

    if UK provided this to a US opposition get the group put in jail as its illegal under US law....
    so UK regime is showing its contempt of such laws