Friday, May 4, 2012

Aleppo University Attack? Not likely! FSA training in Kosovo

After having spent  quite a bit of time, looking at far too many media stories on the so called university raid in Aleppo??
I am left with very serious doubts that this raid took place at all, as portrayed by the main stream media.
Before we get into that, I want to bring this news to the forefront.
The daylight hours before the alleged university attack took place, the “peaceful” opposition had killed a large number of Syrian soldiers. All at once. A slaughter, so to speak.
On May 2/2012
Fifteen Syrian regime troops, including two colonels, were killed in an ambush by rebels at dawn in the northern province of Aleppo-

Fifteen in one  ambush  including two colonels   
If I am not mistaken that day, the opposition had killed 22 members of the Syrian army in what was characterized as the "Deadliest Day for Syria's troops"
The Britain-based watchdog said the ambush took place near the village of Al-Rai.

The killings took place in spite of a putative ceasefire that came into effect on April 12, which the United Nations has accused both sides of violating.
22 dead in a day- Fifteen troops, including two colonels, were killed in a rebel ambush at dawn in the northern province of Aleppo. Clashes near Damascus killed seven soldiers

Despite the ceasefire. With the mainstream media and the UN spinning hard to demonize the Syrian government.
I believe this reporting is accurate. The opposition has been loud and proud about their killings. They do not hesitate to brag them up. Going so far as to post videos on line of people they have tortured. The opposition is quite bloodthirsty.
We already know they have ethnically cleansed Christians. We know they have kidnapped and made hostages of entire towns.
There is no reason to disbelieve the opposition claims. They have been targeting police and military since the destabilization began over a year ago.

This news of mass killings during the day was quickly over taken with the western main stream media reporting on an alleged raid at the Aleppo univeristy that took place on the evening of May 02/2012
Why? Why would that have to happen? I will explain as briefly as possible. Via the mainstream propaganda media outlets, in what passes as news, we are repeatedly informed that the 'opposition' is ragtag. Outgunned. Out armed. Just a bunch of good joes trying to do the "right thing" You know that is a lie. And 22 dead soldiers in such a brief period of time would have made that lie obvious. Additionally it would bolster the Syrian government claims that they are fighting armed terrorists, which they are, that is true. However it is not something the western media wants to have to report on.
 More importantly, it is not something the dumbed down masses are supposed to be aware of.
What to do? What to do? How about a "gut wrenching" "heart tugging attack on children?
Children just trying to better their lives? Almost as good as babies and incubators.

I looked at many, many news stories covering this alleged attack that was reported/claimed by the opposition.
Lots of pictures, lots of “ink spilled” so to speak.
But, from where I sit......No indication of any real attack
taking place Let’s look at the video posted by that propaganda outlet the Guardian.
Take the 1:50 seconds you will need to look at the video. It is well worth doing.


The first 12 seconds purports to show us a nighttime protest at the university.
Reality? There is nothing to indicate, where or when this “protest” is taking place.
Who is protesting? What is being protested? Nothing.
At about 12 seconds we here gunfire.
At about 13 seconds we see persons appearing- supposedly Syrian Army.
Problems? There are many.
We hear the gunfire prior to the arrival of alleged soldiers
Therefore it is entirely possible that soldiers, if they are soldiers, appeared in response to gunfire from elsewhere as opposed to initiating gunfire.
At 29 seconds the narrative of the video informs the viewer that students are being shot at.
The video doesn’t show that. In fact the only thing visible is a balcony. I see no one shooting.
At about 35 seconds two individuals are shown walking, I see no indication they are firing weapons.
Approximately 40 seconds into the video, we appear to be looking at an entirely different location in the same vicinity.
At about 47 seconds, video from the new location, is supposed to be showing Syrian forces attacking residential units. I see no such action being taken. I still cannot tell if these are Syrian forces.
The video, at 54 seconds,  then purports to show us damage done to the interior of some building. Can’t tell if it is the same building? There is no video that connects what had happened outside previously in the evening to what we are seeing inside the building in the light. Nothing!  With all these cameras in the vicinity I cannot understand how this is possible?
At 1:35 the video then cuts to a protest outside of the alleged university? Was it?  When did it take place? Your guess is as good as mine.
What this video absolutely does not show is alleged Syrian soldiers attacking anyone?
I am not certain that it shows Syrian soldiers anywhere at all.
The video is worthless as evidence of attack

Worth mentioning-
Law-enforcement Member Martyred, 4 Injured  in Explosive Device Blast in Aleppo
A law-enforcement member was martyred from wounds he sustained in a blast of improvised explosive device which targeted a law-enforcement patrol in the old Syriac neighborhood in Aleppo province.
SANA reporter said that the explosive device blast, carried out by an armed terrorist group, caused the injury of corporal Ammar Mashhour al-Khalil who died today, while four of his colleagues are being hospitalized.

Also very interesting!!!!  But, not very surprising.

Syrian opposition studies terror tactics in Kosovo

Syrian opposition leaders have promised to immediately recognize Kosovo once they seize power in the country.

We’re in vital need of joint actions as a coalition opposition,” stressed Ammar Abdulhamid, a long-time opponent of the Syria’s President Bashar Assad. In 2005, he left Syria to settle in the US.
The training camp on the Albanian-Kosovo border that has welcomed Syrian attendees was originally organized by the US to help the KLA train its fighters. 

If it was originally organized by the US to train KLA fighters (mujahadeen).... then it would only make sense, that it is a training camp still run by the US to train fighters- Which is exactly what is being done with FSA persons. Interesting the American born in Syria 'fighting' for the opposition?

The Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) was considered a terrorist organization by the US, the UK and France for years until, in 1998, it was taken off the list of terrorists with no explanation given.

Isn't that a juicy bit of news?


  1. Need to look into this - your first sentences seem eminently reasonable, Penny! But mustn't prejudge...
    For the moment, Lizzy P, hated by the Guardian-fakers, has put this up the other day..

    1. what cities rose up against Assad???

    2. Hi Brian:
      none that I know of!
      If I have used that terminology in the post I was either quoting msm or should have used more accurate wording.

      Any areas that "rose up" were first cleansed by the terrorists that means terrorized
      Then the terrorists used stolen area to lay seige to troops

  2. Mustn't prejudge?
    After more then two hours of reading, picturing looking and watching and rewatching that video?

    "Therefore it is entirely possible that soldiers, if they are soldiers, appeared in response to gunfire from elsewhere as opposed to initiating gunfire."

    I also included the additional Aleppo reporting of IED's to show, there is much going on in Aleppo that may require the Syrian army to react.

    I will however change one thing in my opening sentence

    "I am left with very serious doubts that this raid took place at all."

    will now read as
    "I am left with very serious doubts that this raid took place at all, as portrayed by the main stream media"

    An attack as is being spun is not the same as responding.

    I considered the possibility you mention in the article right in the video dissection
    Which btw shows absolutely nothing.
    No students being shot. I watched it and watched it. I went along a second at a time, looking for anything that appeared as if a student had taken a bullet or that dorms has been entered.
    As a "supporting" piece- that video didn't cut it.
    The msm was alternatively showing pictures of people running?
    Nothing bolstered the claim of raid.
    One could however entertain the possibility of a response, which I did.

  3. The second article is good Felix, because it rightly mentions that Aleppo didn't have much at all in the way of protests backed by NATO

    Recall Aleppo a city that had been staunchly pro government anti-NATO had been subjected to one of the earliest big bombings?

    In February

    "Two explosions struck security compounds in Aleppo on Friday, killing 28 people, state media reported, the first significant violence in a major city that has largely stood by Syrian President Bashar Assad"

    So Aleppo had long been pro-assad, and if the terrorists are infiltrating the young students, it is likely because the young are the easiest to brainwash....

    Also to cause division within families

    Or alternatively to hold young students hostage for cash and rape women.

  4. Felix should you pop back in....
    Freethinker also
    Recall that image I had up some time ago
    Syrian protests on the day of the rage....
    The pic bothered me for a number of reasons
    I recall Felix being concerned about it
    Another blogger Fitzhenrymac looked at it and noticed something
    A lack of legs under a certain flag???
    For one

  5. Hi Penny - yes, that Guardian video shows absolutely nothing. The kind of thing its bedfellow Al Jazeera was pumping out in February 2011 from Libya. Anything which says "purported" is fake. Yet they carry on pushing it. "Young students" - Avaaz/Guardian types the world over.

  6. Conroy Corner (or is it Colvin Corner). I just noticed this video at Vimeo: showing Pauli in action a few weeks ago on stage. "Paul, this [Benghazi] is shit, let's go to Misrata" 15 mins of pure enjoyment...