Monday, May 7, 2012

Boycott of Syrian election proved bankruptcy of rebels

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Prof. Bhim Singh - posted on Kashmir Watch.
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I had an opportunity to visit South and North of Syria and the interacted with the people from different walks of life last week. A group of eminent Indian journalists also visited the conflict-torn Nation.

There is strong feeling in Syria that Anglo-American Bloc intends to demonize the Syrian leadership to demolish a great civilization as they did in Iraq, Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan and recently in Libya. The Syrian viewpoint is that Zionist lobby in USA controls the nerves of Obama administration and has been using his administration to knock down the Syrian President by planting ‘wolf and lamb’ story. The Syrian youthful President, Dr. Bashar Al-Assad is the only among the stalwart Arab leaders in whom the Zionist lobby finds a potential Arab leader. Late President Hafiz-Al-Assad managed to restore the credibility of Syria by pushing out the Israeli forces from Kunetra region in a historic battle in 1973. The myth of invincibility of Israel was destroyed the strategic areas of Syria namely, Golan Heights continue under the illegal occupation of Israel since 1967 in daring defiance of the UN Resolutions by Israel say, 242, 338, 425 and others in which the Security Council had directed Israel to vacate all Arab territories. Israel enjoys backing of Anglo-American Bloc as the Zionist lobby holds strong control in political power in Britain and USA both. There is alarming opinion against the United Nations double standards vis-à-vis the Middle-East. The United Nations felt helpless to enforce the Resolutions of the Security Council asking Israel to stop its resettlement in the West Bank (Palestine) as well as in Jerusalem. On the other hand United Nations under the dictates of Anglo-American Bloc refused to wait for two weeks to ensure implementation of UN Resolution vis-à-vis Iraq. It happened the same way in the Libyan crisis. NATO’s aggression against Yugoslavia (1999), Iraq (2003) and Libya (2011) were the barbaric acts in total defiance of the UN Charter. Committed at the behest of the super unipolar power, the USA.

After muzzling the great civilization in the Arab world, the Anglo-American Bloc has pursued Zionist agenda to wipe out the leadership around Israel which did not suit the US interest mainly oil. The men who mattered in the Arab world including Nasser, Saddam, Arafat and Gaddafi are no more rather the infrastructures they created for the development and progress of their countries have also been demolished. Does US mean the United Nations? After the liquidation of Col.Gaddafi and fall of his government in Libya, the US has started their last campaign to demolish the Syrian leadership. So-called Battalion of friends of Syria was floated in the USA to flare up a situation in Syria with the help of arms, finances and also men from the neighbouring countries. Top men in Syria feel that Turkey, Saudi Arabia and, of course, Israel have been backing the terrorists in Syria. The fallacy of UN Resolutions would shock any historian who shall record the history of UN resolution 2042 in which the so-called parties to the conflict in Syria have been directed to hold ceasefire. One party, obviously, is Syrian Republic, a sovereign state, and Member of the United Nations who has respectfully agreed to obey the resolution. But, where is the second party or who is a second party? How this resolution can be adjudged as valid or legitimate when there is a ghost second party. India earlier also voted with USA in other words against Syria to the utmost disbelief of the people of India and that of Syria. India voted again for Resolution no. 2042 which was not expected by the people in the Arab world. India may argue that this was done to hold the view point of the Arab League. The Arab League today is not representing by the Arab popular mandate. The Arab League is represented by the governments run at the pleasure of the Anglo-American Bloc. Literally there is no governance in Iraq or Egypt or Tunisia. Palestinian leadership has been playing defensive since the death of Yasir Arafat. Where is the League of the Arab States? Does it represent the aspirations of the Arab people or the people of Syria or Palestine? Echelons of power in New Delhi may be doing a great justice to India if some of the notables who have been dealing with the Arab world are involved in constructive consultation on Syrian situation. The India’s interest should remain supreme and not the dictates of the so-called friendly country like the USA.

There is a genuine feeling among the people of Syria that so-called Syrian crisis in the name of democracy etc. has been blown out of proportion in order to divert the world attention from the enforcement of UN Resolutions namely, 242, 338, 425 and a dozen others which have been kept in cold storage by the United Nations under the dictates of the US in order to bail out Israel from its obligation to vacate Golan Heights of Syria, Jerusalem and other Arab territories. Mr. Netanyahoo, Israeli Prime Minister, had told me in a video interview that Israel shall not vacate Golan Heights at any cost. There is a strong expression on the streets of Syria by the youth and the intellectuals that the UN observers should have gone to Gaza (Palestine) where hundreds of children, women and old are forced to starve due to barbaric sanctions imposed by Israel on Gaza. They have strong arguments to ask that the UN observers should go and stop new settlements in Jerusalem and the West Bank which are being raised in utter defiance of the UN resolutions.

The intelligentsia in the Arab world has strong feeling that Anglo-American interest lies in the Arab oils, waters and strategic land and not (not) in the democracy or civil rights. If it were so then the Kingdoms, Sheikhdoms, Sultanates in the Arab world should have been on the priority of hit-slist for restoration of democracy. Syria or Iran would appear at the bottom of the board in that priority.

The new wave of thought among the Arabs and particularly in Syria is that India has leadership with potential and commitment to mobilize the BRICS countries (Belgium, Russia, China and South Africa) Correction:  the author mentions Belgium, but the BRICS are Brazil, Russia, China & South Africa) in the process of restoration of peace in Syria which stands threatened by the interference of the United States of America in the guise of the UN Resolutions. I personally feel that the office of the Prime Minister has not been informed on the ground reality that existed in Syria. India’s vote for Resolution 2042 amounted to interference by the United Nations in the domestic affairs of a sovereign country. That right has been protected by the mandate of Article 2(7) of the Charter of United Nations itself. India has always taken principled stand inside and outside the United Nations which made India highly popular, particularly, in the Arab world. India should not fail its commitment to the world peace in the Arab world in particular.

As an independent observer I visited South and North areas in Syria without any problem. I met several ministers, media persons, diplomats and also talked to the media persons. India is the only country in the world which has no personal interest in the oils, waters or lands in the region except helping peace process. India was among those countries in 1947 who were opposed to the resolution 181 of the United Nations, which divided Palestine. From Mahatma Gandhi till this day India has been supporting the peace process in the Middle-East. This is for the first time that India has committed, may be calculated, mistake, which needs to be rectified without any delay.

The killings of innocent people, blasting the buildings in the midnight may it be in Aleppo or Homs or elsewhere by ghost attackers by the terrorists or foreign intruders cannot be justified. This is responsibility of the State i.e. Govt. of Syria to provide protection to the life and liberty of every Syrian citizen. This subject matter is domestic and deals with internal security. The USA or the United Nations have no locus to interfere in the internal affairs of Syria. Russia and China are permanent members of the Security Council and their decision against the Resolution deserves appreciation in the given situation. In Aleppo we met several Army soldiers who were seriously wounded by the ‘attackers’ while boarding bus. It is sad that the UN observers did not care to identify them. The next day an ITI camera team came from London to study the situation. When team arrived in Maidan Ul-Tehrir the subberbs of Damascus to talk to the people, they were welcomed a huge bomb blast killing 10 innocent citizens. Pieces of their bodies were flown in air according to the eyewitnesses. The culprits were neither identified. A day later armed men tried to enter Syria from Turkish border in ‘Tarfus’. The UN observers refused to identify them. What does it mean? That Syria should not stop bloodshed of their people at the hands of the terrorists.

Every attempt is being made by the Zionist lobby to use the Obama administration to demolish another Arab civilization, Syria. Obama is more interested to seek Zionist support in his next election and therefore any logic, reasoning or arguments would not matter for the US. Obama has failed to acknowledge the fact that the Zionist lobby has used his name to achieve their goal in the Arab world. They may not need him any more.

The press reports appearing in several Indian newspapers and in the international media have been highly exaggerated and the minor incidence has been blown out of proportion. Acts of terrorism committed by the terrorists (whom the US calls Talibans or Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan) in any Syrian town or village are being attributed to the government failures. The Talibans are US enemy in Afghanistan but friends in arms in Syria?

The UN sanctions against Syria are highly deplorable, unacceptable in any civil society. They are violative of the UN Charter itself, barbaric & against the human dignity as such sanctions deprive children, old and women from seeking even medicines or food as it happened in Iraq resulting in the death of more than one million children.

Syria has an elected President now. Election for 250 Members of Parliament were held this day on 7th May, 2012 to elect the first popular Parliament in Syria. The so-called friends of Syria declared boycott of elections which shows that the terrorist groups leading a revolt against the Syrian government have no pubic support being agents of outside countries. The United Nations should have helped this political process instead of choosing to disturb political stability in Syria.

People of Syria in particular and the Arab world in general have great expectations from friendly India. It is expected Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India shall not allow the opportunity to slip out of the hands. Lest entire South Asia sets ablaze!

None shall succeed if India fails to discharge its responsibility to save the situation in Syria.


  1. A Qatari initiative to get a Muslim-Brotherhood cuckoo in the Syrian nest has been rebuffed -
    Damscus refuse a Qatari initiative

    "The Syrian sources confirm that the USA is no longer interested in the continence of chaos on a large scale in Syria, and now sees that the fall of the regime will lead to forming a new Salafi Islamist front in Syria."

    When will Muslims wake up to the fact that Wahabi-Salafism is a heresy promoted by the zionist west? Any form of Islam that the zionist west is promoting must by definition be corrupt.

    Better late than never some are waking up to the Arab Spring con - Eye witness from Hama

    "Tunis and Egypt revolutions were the "bait" that many of the eager youths completely swallowed as a result of a considerable media pump that concentrated on the saying "Youth People Capable of Change". The bait, that many political parties and fronts effectively participated in, regarding what happened and happening in Syria, most important of them and the most ability to influence the masses of youth organizations is the Muslim Brotherhood, that placed its new allies of the political currents and intellectuals in the front of the event, in a way in which they are unable get away from but too late"

    Worth reading in full.

    1. Hey Freethinker

      The Qatari offer seems strangely familiar...
      It is quite similar to an offer made by Turkey, way back.
      Turkey offered to call off the NATO destabilizers in exchange for key appointments to government of Muslim Brotherhood terrorists

      Virtually guaranteeing another NATO government for the ME

    2. "What surprised the citizens and many impelled young people, is the Syrian Army's noble and committed behavior in dealing with all the citizens in general, and presenting martyrs to protect the citizens, and personally i have witnessed how three army soldiers put themselves at danger in protection of a woman and her daughter when an armed group shot fire at them with the presence of citizens in the street. One of the soldiers martyred and another was injured due to their protection of the woman and her daughter."

      I had gotten the impression, over this long unfolding of events in Syria, that the soldiers had conducted themselves in a manner appropriate for the situation.
      They have suffered for it