Friday, May 25, 2012

Canadians: Let your pots and pans clang and bang!!

In the Middle East they have shoe throwing.
The people of Quebec have taken up banging pots and pans in protests against state sponsored tyranny, specifically this is being done to protests the tyrannical Bill 78 and the kettling of the students.

Pot banging as a form of civil disobedience has a long history. First originating in Chile The pots-and-pans protest has its roots in Chile, where people have used it for years as an effective, peaceful tool to express civil disobedience. The noisy cacerolazo tradition actually predates the Pinochet regime in Chile, but has endured there and spread to other countries as a method of showing popular defiance.
Canada is so messed up right now, it is time for Canadians to unite. As one group of people and bang your pots and pans!

Beside police state Quebec. Canada is facing austerity. Sadly, the people are largely taking it lying down.
Except for the people of Quebec. The only Canadians with any courage and fortitude.
They are out enmasse. And the discontent is growing. The populace is supportive and is out banging their pots and pans.

"People took up the percussive protest Thursday night in several towns and cities including Sorel, Longueuil, Chambly, Repentigny, Trois-Rivieres and even in Abitibi — several hundred kilometres away from the hot spot of Montreal.

People tapped the pots as they walked, the sounds mingling with shouts and chants. Others leaned out of car windows to bang their pans and one protester smacked a pot right in front of one police officer who looked on indifferently."

As for the rest of Canada?
-The age to collect your paid for pension has been increased.
- EI is being changed to make it more difficult to collect at a time when unemployment is high
 EI is paid for by Canadian workers and their employees.
The government of the day is using the funds to pad their account books and pushing the costs of unemployment onto the lower levels of government.
-Foreign workers are being brought in to drive wages down
The Conservative Government- the Feds, are also allowing foreign workers to be brought into the country (imported)  to work at a lower pay rate (slavery) then would be paid to a Canadian worker.
The EI changes and Foreign workers allowances work in tandem to lower wages and increase impoverishment for all.
-The Internet snooping bill- Again, the Federal government is bringing in what can be construed as nothing less them big brother tyranny. Canadians are going to pay to be spied upon.
To really put it in your face, to say to Canadians "FU all", your going to pay for this spying, on yourself.
-Increased military spending 
Stay tuned for cuts to healthcare- because they are coming....

How much more are the Canadian people going to take?
Perhaps soon your government can "kettle" you all the way to some cozy concentration camp/psychiatric incarceration, that will be called a rehabilitative centre.
Kettling = Corraling
Like when the herd is taken for slaughter.

All this will be done for your own good, of course. Your government wants you to be safe.

"Lawful access legislation"- Not. 

 Canada: Bang your pots and pans! Bang them loud and bang them hard!


  1. Excellent piece. Kettles, how more violent could we Canadians get than banging kettles!? Of course, we must make sure the frying pans are clean with no left over traces of beaver tails or fiddlehead greens! (My favourite Kanuck Kuisine LOL)

    It might be added here that Canadians are already being arrested and charged over freedom of speech laws when all they have done is utter the truth. Here I refer, of course, Arthur Topham of Radical Press who has been muzzled from the Internet without even being found guilty for anything. And he is not the only one. Look up Jim Townsend as well.

    I do think the creative pots and pans idea as a national movement would be perhaps an eye opener for many ordinary folks if we all did it!

  2. Laughing. I still have my great Grandmere B's crepe pan, unlike anything you have ever seen but that is sturdy and will make a marvelous clamour. And I still use my Grandmere C's cast iron pan, a tad heavy but very noisy.

  3. Me again Penny.

    Been thinking about the Quebec situation. Keep this thought in mind. There is military presence in those crowds ... agents provocateurs and their actions.

    Think of how the Arab Spring riots were created to harness the natural frustration of the honest civilians who rose up (as cued) to bring about division and social change. The current situation is building up to a hot sweaty summer in Montreal.

    What better time than to begin to fractionalize Canada than the French/English lines?

    Although now it is also basic freedoms as well. What began as a financial demand has shifted focus to ones that almost every Canadian can relate to ~ to gather and to speak.

    Things are, sadly, not always what they seem. And the media will do its best to keep us on the other side of Ontario in the dark about PQ.

  4. Hey Noor:

    I am really concerned about the separatist angle getting traction.

    (it has occurred to me)

    I know the elites are looking to lead us blindly into the NAU, divided as a nation.

    Same as the Americans- divided also.

    What I am hoping for is Canadians in Quebec do not take the bait
    And Canadians outside of Quebec do not take the bait.

    If we stick together, with our common grievances and goodness knows there are so many....

    Not allowing ourselves to be divided
    It could just work

    1. This article in the FASCIST New York Times reads like a mushroom trip.........defending students, downplaying protest violence, standing up for human rights and loudly denouncing fascism, warning American tourists traveling to Quebec about fundamental freedoms under assault. WTF????

      They also appear to be blatantly stoking the separatism angle, as you two are discussing. Bastards!

  5. You know I have had fiddleheads before, but, not for a long time..
    They were good.

    I admit to being a bigger asparagus fan, wild and or local, with butter, bbqd, with eggs, in pasta...


    1. Great comments from both of you!

      A massive peoples movement in Quebec, for real for of course the usual suspects will attempt to infiltrate and subvert it.

      I also see the separatist angle and had not thought about it in terms of the NAU.......makes sense.
      I also wonder about the leaders of CLASSE simply because CBC gives them so much time and space, their language is a bit confrontational while other student groups come off as more realistic.

      Thanks so much Penny for keeping this story on the go.
      Here is an interesting link to a solid (IMO) list of items for students in Quebec to ponder. The time line of interaction with government officials also adds context and shows as usual how greasy the corporate news really is.

    2. anonymous:


      The separatist angle is really worrisome to me.
      If this gets to much play as a problem unique to Charest, which it isn't, then voters will run to the Separatiste party as the "alternative".
      This will play into the NAU theme-globalization- NWO agenda.

      Canada and the US divided regionally
      Controlled by some centralized government like the EU bureaucrats.

      Another layer of control.

      Like I said, if we stick together English and French Canada and not take the bait, there looks as if it is already being offered..

      We all may have a chance to avoid it.
      If we swallow the bait hook, line and sinker?
      I don't even wanna think about it

  6. Unfortunately in this case,

    They don't even need a seperatist angle. On conservative talk radio at least, and in the newspapers (see: 85% of old media) they blare out lines about how it's the usual hippy professional protesters; they try to marginalise and compartmentalise the totally democratic protest as one of a bunch of commie ruffians; and, worse yet, at the end of each of these commentaries, stab that olive with a plastic sword of "they deserve their night in jail" etc etc.

    It's utter facism, and people have no fucking clue about it in too polite Canada. Do people realise that when 200 people get arrested, it's not a marginal group? Do people realise that the cops here are making a statement? And, of course, we have the provocateurs as pointed out . . .

    It really riles me, Pen. The part that riles me is a common person's reaction when this topic is brought up.

    Goodness, it's such a blood dumbed down society here.


    1. The infamous FLQ crisis in Canada had 497 arrests over three months in 1970.
      Wednesday night in Montreal there were 518 arrests.

      The common person continues to disappoint. But the number of dedicated uncommon people in Montreal is an inspiration.

    2. It is frustrating slozo, very frustrating.

    3. The FLQ crisis--
      And there was murder involved in that one, if I recall correctly.
      The common person will continue to disapoint.

      The uncommon in Montreal or Ontario or BC will always inspire

  7. Penny, it's not just Canada facing austerity (as you know) but all developed nations. One of the aims of Agenda-21 is to redistribute wealth amongst all nations; but what that means in practice is a distribution of poverty. Only the very gullible could possibly imagine that the PTB will use our increasing taxes to benefit the people of the third world, but establishing new global corporations and bureaucracies in the third world to control the people is another matter. This has been ongoing at least since the Lima Declaration of 1975. Austerity is also desired by the eco-fascists who see humans as a cancer on the earth, and that is a large part of Agenda-21.

    I see a lot of talk about fascism, imperialism, class-struggle and class-warfare at the moment, especially amongst the young activist types. An example is the (very skilful) communist propaganda video that Noor featured a month or so back- 'Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machine'. Another example is Andrew Gavin Marshall who waxes lyrical about imperialism and class issues, and has worked himself into a lather on the Quebec protests, but is so blinkered that he maintains that Al Qaeda, along with American imperialists committed the 9/11 demolitions. The glaring Jewish connections to 9/11 cannot be considered by his ilk. Communism is not the antidote to fascism; communism is a form of fascism. Why do you think communism has always been instigated and supported by the international Jewish bankers? The fascist-zionist NWO intends to use communism to manage the masses.

    When I see these protests I tend to think everything is going according to plan for the PTB - they are deliberately provoking confrontation. On the other hand everyone sitting on their butts won't solve anything either. I don't have a solution. I just hope we never find out why the US DHS has been buying 100s of millions of dum-dum bullets.

    1. I know Freethinker, it is everyone, everywhere, facing austerity.

      "When I see these protests I tend to think everything is going according to plan for the PTB - they are deliberately provoking confrontation."

      Yes, they are provoking the confrontations.....
      And the ptb's will try to manage the protests, for sure.

      "On the other hand everyone sitting on their butts won't solve anything either"

      For sure, that will not.

      "I don't have a solution."

      Nor, I.
      Sadly, I don't think there is one specific easy solution
      It may have to take form as time moves along.

      My suggestions are
      Don't let them "ptb's" divide us.
      Don't believe the lying media- get informed
      Shut the tv off
      Don't participate in their system
      (as much as possible)
      Always bear in mind the system was created by them (banks and corporations) for their benefit. Not ours. Therefore it should be rejected by the masses.