Monday, May 14, 2012

Carbon dioxide helps plants grow

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I just want to get back to an interesting "global warming" story.
This information has been previously discussed here. Carbon dioxide helps plants grow.
Green house growers use Carbon dioxide to increase yield.
I came across an interesting article, a couple of weeks back, it needs to be posted and read!

Technology uses biomass emissions as greenhouse plant fertilizer

 ProSelect Gas Treating Inc. has released a carbon capture technology that can capture and repurpose flue gas emissions created in a biomass heating process. The system allows greenhouse operators to fertilize their fruits and vegetables with carbon dioxide captured from the biomass emissions.

The technology, called GC6, was officially unveiled at the SunSelect Produce greenhouses in Delta, British Columbia earlier this month. The system works by capturing the CO2 from the 14 MW Vyncke biomass boiler. The flue gas is filtered out and cooled before entering an absorber tower within the GC6 system. Using an organic solvent, the CO2 is stripped out of the gas stream and stored in a buffer tank, while the excess vapor is released into the atmosphere. When the greenhouse needs CO2 fertilizer, the solvent in the tank is heated and released into the greenhouse. A monitoring system oversees the CO2 stream entering the greenhouse, venting it out if a high level of pollutants are detected.

“Never before has there been a technology that can benefit the environment and the bottom line for greenhouse operators like the GC6 Carbon Capture System can,” said Victor Krahn, CEO of ProSelect Gas Treating. The GC6 technology captures the CO2 created from the biomass boilers at a rate of five tons per hour, according to ProSelect Gas Treating, and delivers the gas directly into the greenhouses. The carbon cycle is then completed, having transformed the renewable, regenerative, naturally occurring carbon from wood waste into food, according to ProSelect.
The technology was a result of several funding partners, including the government of British Columbia’s Innovative Clean Energy Fund, the Government of Canada’s Sustainable Development Technology Canada SD Tech Fund, Vyncke, which supplied the biomass boilers, Koch Glitsch, the engineering firm that provided internal packing materials, and Procede BV, a Dutch engineering firm that provided help with engineering. In total, the project received $3.24 million in government-based support, while the rest of the $5 million project was funded by ProSelect Gas Treating.
The ProSelect Gas Treating technology was created through a joint venture between SunSelect Produce and Procede BV.

 While this may be some updated version of an older technology. This is not a new technology!

Mentioned previously: A greenhouse growing operation by the name of RosaFlora, located in Dunnville, Ontario, Canada, has used this type of technology for the past 8 years minimally...  

From their pdf here


“Financially and environmentally, the
investment makes sense,” Arjan says. Of equal
importance in these carbon-conscious times, the
carbon dioxide in the engine exhaust is also
directed into the greenhouse atmosphere to be
used by the flowers’ photosynthetic process.

 The carbon is used by the flowers' photosynthetic process. That means: TO GROW.


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  2. This is something I have often mentioned to the kooky AGWers and usually get blank stares... then they simply say it's not the same thing. (Do we even teach science anymore?).

    And you are correct Penny this is OLD tech. Years ago working at a horticultural supply warehouse we sold systems which regulated and injected CO2 levels in greenhouses. It has always been known that increased CO2 results in increased yield in greenhouse farming. You really want to up the concentration and its not unusual to have amounts ranging from 800 to 1000 ppm.

    Here is an interesting factsheet on the use of CO2 in Greenhouses. It's great!

    What about sodas??? Lots of CO2 in them as well... snicker snicker...

    Oh... and breathing! Or better yet... farting "GASP"



    1. "It's not the same thing"?
      OMG, really?

      Apparently science isn't taught, just lies and falsehoods

      FYI: Did you know that global warming is now included in the drivers handbook in Ontario and on the drivers test for G1


      indoctrination: does it get anymore obvious?

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