Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 100 of Montreal Student Strikes- Gone International

The media is playing this down. They are using the number "1,000's" Instead of tens of thousands.
I will post some pics. It appears to be tens of thousands.
To make Quebec and Canada look ever more appalling in the world, the protests have garnered international attention.  This is austerity in Canada. The Quebec student protestors have witnessed the near full force of state sponsored tyranny.  Not limited to the students. Their teachers, their parents and other supporters have been pepper sprayed. Including some people sitting on an outdoor patio in Montreal who had nothing to do with the protests. I will save that  gem of a video for later.  To many have been beaten. To many have been tear gassed. Far to many have had rubber bullets fired at them.

No live fire. Yet.

In Canada, which is supposed to be a "functioning democracy" as in other "functioning democracies" the right to protest is allegedly guaranteed/protected. That's a lie.

Let's be clear. Protest is not a right granted to you by the state.  It is your right as a functioning, intelligent, living human being. Your rights are not granted to you by the state. They are yours, they are inherent,  they are a right of your human birth.

Therefore considering what is mentioned above. The students are well within their right to protest the heavy hand of the regime and it's intent to put them into a life of debt servitude.

Yes,  I used the word regime, as this is the word of choice of the main stream media when spinning their tales of "regime" change for other countries. You have all read this word. Despotic regime. Brutal regime.
Yet, this is Canada being referenced and it is acting the part of a regime. A despotic regime. A brutal regime.

The protests have gone on for 100 days now. Initially they were quite peaceful.
Until the Quebec government decided to bring the police in. Likely some provocateurs to boot.
The police engaged in intimidation tactics, screaming, pushing generally undertaking actions to incite the protestors. Oh and as in a democracy  the police were snatching the kids off the streets, state sponsored kidnappings, then throwing them into the notorious white vans. A standard terror tactic at so many protests in alleged "functioning democracies".  These kidnappings were rampant at the G-20 in Toronto.

The police were doing their best to garner  the much needed response thereby justifying their big bulky body armour and all their chemical weapons. (no flip flops and happy face t-shirts for these steroid behemoths) If they could incite the violence they had worked to accomplish,  the heavy handed response of the regime would be justified.
Think about this?

How is it the Quebec government needs to in debt the future generations, when they have so much money for strong arm security tactics? Lots of pepper spray. Rubber bullets. Tear gas. Not to mention all the paycheques for the police force. Quebec is shelling out lots of loonies & toonies for their state sponsored oppression.
Kind of hard to justify creating a generation of debt slaves when the regime has money for state sponsored terror tactics?
The media has been spinning, always spinning. All the usual stuff. Divide and conquer.
Sadly it has worked on far to many Canadians who don't realize they are being manipulated.  
Canadians, your being manipulated.
Your always being manipulated. Time to wake up to that fact.
This is not an us vs them situation. This is austerity. The students are you. You are the students.
Cuts to the old age pensions. Cuts to EI.
In a land of vast natural resources, the wealth of it all being stolen out from under your feet.
This will be the  future of Canadians. Impoverished. Indebted. In servitude.
But it doesn't have to be. Just  wake up and smell your "Timmy's" people.
Wake up.

Let's get back to the student protests! From the Calgary Herald
I will commend the Calgary Herald for actually using the tens of thousand number and actually having pictures of the protestors marching along. As opposed to non relevant picture. Pleasant surprise.
A river of red-clad protesters is rippling through downtown Montreal on this, the 100th day of Quebec’s student strikes, with smaller events being held in other cities.
Parallel events are being held in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and New York. In Paris, a few hundred supporters, including many Quebecers, congregated near the famous Notre Dame Cathedral.
In New York City, two demonstrations were scheduled Tuesday: one at Rockefeller Plaza where Quebec government offices are located, and another at Washington Park in the evening.
Organized by the Occupy Wall Street movement and by the group Strike Everywhere, the first New York event was designed to raise awareness about the Quebec protests while the second was about opposing anti-protest laws all over the world.

“An increase in the powers of police and the state anywhere is an attack on us everywhere,” said the release for the New York event.

I could not agree more.

Within Canada, organizers of the Calgary gathering described Quebec’s law as draconian, and encouraged people to meet in support of Quebec students.
There are other hints the student unrest could spread outside the province. The Canadian Federation of Students wants to call an Ontario-wide strike vote this fall in a show of solidarity with Quebec students.
“A campaign of mass educationals, solidarity delegations and mass mobilizations should be used to lead up towards a student strike in Ontario,” the federation said in a recent letter.

Meanwhile, in Montreal, tens of thousands of people of all ages were marching, while wearing the iconic red square of the province’s student movement.
The crowd ranged from hardcore elements carrying posters with revolutionary slogans, to elderly marchers, students’ mothers, and groups of people bused in from the Ottawa area.

A sea of people. As far as the eye can see.

Now that video. Quebec police in action. Spraying patrons at a bar.  Just because they can.

All this going on in Quebec as news comes out about the behaviour of police at the G-20 in Toronto, Canada.
G-20 officers receive scathing criticism. To little to late.

McNeilly's 300-page report slammed police for wantonly trampling constitutional rights and using excess force.

He was harshly critical of the attitude of some senior officers — one of whom referred to crowds as ``marauding terrorists'' — and those in charge of the poorly planned and operated makeshift detention centre. 

Those detained in the centre complained they were strip-searched, not allowed to talk to lawyers, denied food and water, and had to use the bathroom in full view of others. 

In another case, according to the review, a senior officer — described as ``maniacal'' by subordinates — illegally ordered protesters to be ``kettled'' for hours in a torrential downpour and wanted everyone, passersby included, arrested. 

Tommy Taylor, who was among 1,100 people detained, complained bitterly that despite the damning report — which noted most of the 19,000 officers on the streets conducted themselves appropriately — no one had been held accountable for the very real problems. 
Why are they still on the dole? The taxpayer dole? 


  1. Hiya Penny,

    The mainstream media (tm) is completely culpable for the violence and the spin, and the dividing and the conquering. They are not the fearless jounalists of years gone by - that is now only the bloggers do. They are part of the status quo - as you know Penny.

    CBC comments are truly disgusting. Yet, I must wonder how many of those comments are from the Harpercritter's minions, paid for by us!!

    This is way more than just about tuitions.

  2. Hey Maggie!

    I saw you over there. I was there for a while.
    Unsurprisingly CBC started censoring some of my commentary.

    To be precise 3 comments never saw there way to be read. Based on that alone, imagine how many pro-protest comments curiously did not make it out for public reading.

    One thing I saw from being there, Harper regime is nervous, no hold barred the 'supporters' or roboposters were out. It seemed as if the same comments just kept appearing, over and over, by the same persons..

    CBC: Censors all except that which is in the service of their corporate/war/Israeli masters

  3. Yep you got that right. Still though, it's worth a try. There are many decent folks who still post there and do read the comments. This current propoganda wave is really obvious - others can see that too. Which is why I think it's still important to voice in at the mainstream sites now and again.

    Still though, the spin is SO obvious now. We just have to figure out how to make people care. They are so numb, so unfeeling, so programmed...