Thursday, May 10, 2012

Huge explosions in Damascus-

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Thanks Freethinker: Graphic Photos, just terrible, here

NATO backed terrorists and NATO nation taxpayer dollars at work

The latest news on the explosions in Damascus, updated at 8:02am ET, has 70 dead. 372 wounded.

Two strong explosions ripped through the Syrian capital Thursday, killing or wounding dozens of people and leaving scenes of carnage in the streets in an assault against a center of government power.

The blasts, which ripped the facade off a military intelligence building, (softening the targets) happened at about 7:50 a.m. when employees are usually arriving at work. The outer wall of the headquarters collapsed, although the structure inside appeared intact.

CBS News' George Baghdadi says human remains and badly burned bodies littered the streets after the explosions, which also destroyed as many as 40 cars and pickup trucks. Syrian Ministry of Interior says 70 people were killed by the explosions, including 15 whose bodies were completely torn apart. Another 372 were wounded, including civilians and members of the military, the ministry added.

Baghdadi says the explosions appear to have targeted the so-called Palestine intelligence branch, and an aviation headquarters.

Interesting targets? The Palestine intelligence branch?
And an aviation headquarters?

Palestine: a very symbolic reminder of a certain nation that covets all of Palestine, a message in a big bomb.  Oh yes. A nation that  would love to see the name and history of Palestine go down the memory hole... A nation that would benefit so greatly from the destruction of Syria Of course that nation would be Israel.

Kind of reminds me of the many bombings that took place near the Iranian embassy or other Iranian affiliated areas within Syria??  Messages in bombings? Oh yes.

The aviation headquarters: Wonder what military functions could have been undertaken in this building???

Softening targets to prepare for aerial bombardment?

"The explosions shook the house; it was frightening," Mohhamed Ali, a local resident, tells CBS News. "I saw tens of bodies burned and dozens of wounded, mostly from the security (services)" he added. "I live a few hundred meters (yards) away but I saw some fingers in my neighborhood. The blast was huge."

The Syrian government blamed "terrorists" and said dozens were killed or wounded, most of them civilians. The leading opposition group, however, the Syrian National Council, cast blame on the government itself,

The Syrian National Council is obviously lying.
Who benefits?
Who wants the Assad government out?
Who wants NATO to attack Syria?
Who backed the terrorists?
Who supplied weapons to terrorists?

I am not rehashing if you have followed along, as I have for well over a year now, use your common sense sorting facts from fiction to come to the conclusion of who is lying and who benefits from this horrible attack.

 Your tax money hard at work, killing regular Syrians

Curiously NPR (national propaganda radio) has this story up...
 Recalling an April bombing that took place in Damascus & the alleged emergence of a new Jihadi group-
( a distraction for all the Al Queda talk?) New name, same product?

It was Friday, April 27, when a car bomb exploded in the Damascus neighborhood of Midan.
The Syrian regime's narrative is that the uprising that has gripped the country for more than a year is not a case of people protesting and sometimes fighting for their rights; the official stance is that it's terrorism.
Days after the April attack, that narrative seemed to be validated, (as I like to shit sherlock!) as a new jihadist organization released a statement claiming responsibility for the attack in Midan. The al-Qaida-style terrorist group Jabhat al-Nusra Li-Ahl al-Sham, or Front to Protect the Syrian People, has apparently entered the fray.

"The Front to Protect the Syrian People" Sure, by killing them????
 Nice PR name. Wonder which PR group made that one up? Rendon? Hill and Knowlton?

Article goes on to this conclusion-

Anne-Marie Slaughter, a professor at Princeton University, used to be the policy planning director at the State Department. She says the presence of jihadist groups in Syria shouldn't dissuade the U.S. and its allies from intervening. Rather, she says, it should wake them up to the dangers that a prolonged conflict in Syria could create.
"If countries in the region and beyond start seeing this as the disintegration of order within which any number of groups can then act," she says, "that becomes an even greater danger than simply an internal civil war spilling over borders, which is bad enough."
Slaughter says one major threat is the Syrian regime's stockpile of chemical weapons. No one would like to see those fall into the hands of jihadists.
She says while the jihadist presence in Syria might help the Syrian regime in the short term, it could eventually force the international community to intervene.
The jihadist presence in Syria might force the international community to intervene

Hmmm..... Who has wanted intervention all along?

 Your tax dollars, not helping, but harming and destroying. Extracted from you to support an imperialist agenda. While people in the Western world have austerity shoved down their throats.


From Euronews-  "A crowd gathered around chanting pro-Assad slogans"

I want to quote that before the news cleanses itself of anything real coming out of Syria

“There are more than 20 cars which have been destroyed, inside are burned corpses. There are buses and taxis and you can see bodies which look as if they have been vaporised. According to Syrian officials these have been the biggest blasts in the capital to date. A crowd gathered chanting pro-Assad slogans.
“Just last night I was with the Syrian Minister for Information. He stressed to me his concern that al-Qaeda is becoming more active in the region. No group has claimed responsibility or has been named as being behind these explosions but suspicions have been raised they could be the work of al-Qaeda. The minister added terrorist attacks are becoming more sophisticated, the targets chosen well, while there are too many common factors between these attacks in Syria and ones in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Will the psychotic leadership of the western world and the GCC countries care ??? Turkey?
Or will they ship more weapons to terrorists via Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan?
Or send more special ops and mercenaries in to train their terrorists?

Gen. Mood, in a press statement at the site of the two explosions, called on all those who stand behind these explosions, whether they are inside Syria or outside, to realize that such explosions cause but the more of suffering to the Syrians, and that they should stop these heinous acts and give a chance to the Syrians to go forward in a peaceful direction without having the innocents being killed. 

"This is yet another example of the suffering brought upon the people of Syria from acts of violence," the Norwegian general said.

"We, the world community, are here with the Syrian people and I call on everyone within and outside Syria to help stop this violence," he said, according to a statement.

That includes Hillary Clinton.


Anger on the streets after Damascus blasts

 There was visible anger on the streets.

“Prince Sheikh Hamad of Qatar claims freedom, this is his liberty. There were children going to school in this bus which has been burned out. Here is the freedom that Hamad wants. I appeal to all Syrians, if you see someone with a gun, or people protesting please call the authorities”
A 'pro-Assad group' (ordinary citizens) gathered in the area and shouted their support, “One, one the Syrian people are one. We are ready to sacrifice our souls and our blood for you Bashar,” they chanted.

Qatar. Instigator. Supporter of Terror. Same as in Libya. Yup!
Watch the video. That random and spur of the moment gathering is larger then any "protestor" gathering to date.


 Freethinker left the links to this info
 Honourable mention to Marty/Marie who had also came across this info.


Free Syrian Army Uploading Evidence of Bombings Before They Happen

 This film has been shown around the world in the media today, but it was published on Youtube yesterday, before the bombing actually happened. Claiming to be todays bomb blast. 

The film claims to be the bomb blast in Damascus today, so the Free Syrian Army who made this film obviously knew that the blast was going to happen today.

Long story short, a video was put online May 09/2012 showing an older explosion, but, claiming it was the one that took place today

Another curiosity? Not really, when one thinks about it. 

Google Marked the Spot 1 Hour Before the Bombing

It was Google Maps, maps and the development milestones at security headquarters listed and identified by name and place one hour before the implementation of explosions to clear the size of the plot common to all the tools of crime and terrorism, and enclose you herewith a link the Web site and a picture of what published one hour before the explosions, which were of by car bombs




Could the altered Google Map have been the indicator or notice to the terrorists, where to place/drive the car/truck bombs? Was it used to identify the target for the terrorists. They all have internet access. Provided for them by the west. Google maps, used for terrorism? It does make sense. 


This link left by fitzhenrymac. Thanks fitzhenry.

Syria explosions: First blast 'attracted crowd'

Indicating just what level of evil the Syrian civilians are dealing with.......

The first bomb was exploded to attract maximum persons and security officers to the scene. 

Second, vastly larger bomb, killed and wounded more people. For maximum terror.

video at link above

  Also, Syria has given a list to the UN. Copies of which have gone to all members. What this list contains is the names of FOREIGN TERRORISTS either killed in fighting or detained by the Syrian government. 

 Jaafari told the U.N. Security Council that 12 foreign fighters had been killed and 26 detained in recent clashes with Syrian forces.

He said a list of the 26 foreigners detained had been sent to U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and to the Security Council, according to AFP.

“We have a list that contains 12 names of foreign terrorists killed in Syria, including one French citizen, one British citizen, one Belgian citizen,” Jaafari told the 15-member council.

Special ops?  Mercs?  Definitely terrorists.

Besides, Europeans there are Tunisians and Libyans.

 None of this should come as a surprise to anyone that has been following along with the Syrian destabilization.


  1. Some interesting articles here-

  2. freethinker beat me to it again - that site is worth checking out because they are claiming that videos were uploaded to the Internet and info put onto GoogleEarth referencing today's blasts BEFORE they happened i.e. yesterday!!

  3. This link is the best report I have seen on these terrible incidents. Surprisingly it is from the BBC which is not usually so unbiased on Syria.

  4. Thanks everyone for all the great info.
    Marie/Marty, thanks for trying :)
    I have used it all to update the post, yet again!

  5. Penny - the coverage of the BBC is predictably quite disgraceful. Its Security correspondent with all the right intelligence contacts, Frank Gardner has had the temerity to ask rhetorically "So is it really possible that a sovereign state like Syria could be so cynical as to deliberately kill its own forces for some dark, Machiavellian purpose?" which he swiftly answers by quoting Sajjan Gohel, an expert on transnational terrorism at the Asia Pacific Foundation, thinks so.

    He told me: "The Syrian regime is more than capable of planning attacks against its people for propaganda purposes. We have seen that already in Lebanon in the past."

    i.e yes.

    Would Gardner suggest similarly that the WTC or 7/7 could have been a similar inside job? Of course not.
    Media Lens has picked up this piece of outrageous reporting.

    [Gohel] adds that it is possible the blasts were designed to deflect international criticism of government forces' shelling of civilian areas.

    Lyse Doucet of the BBC surprises me by admitting: Every time something happens in Syria, there are two narratives. We have spoken to angry people who blame Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey - countries which have come out in support of the Syrian opposition.

    Grieving families cursed the opposition. The opposition alleges as always that this was the cynical work of the government itself to try to discredit the opposition.

    But notice the headline: Syria unrest: Damascus 'suicide blasts' kill dozens Why the quotation marks around suicide blast???

    1. Felix

      I saw that article from BBC
      Noticed also the media was spinning the narrative hard and fast that the attacks were done by the Assad government.
      This was the same as in Libya.
      scapegoating or blaming the victim
      Mind control for the western masses, who have already been conditioned to believe that Assad is a 'madman'

      "Would Gardner suggest similarly that the WTC or 7/7 could have been a similar inside job? Of course not. '

      Of course not, because we are all supposed to BELIEVE that our 'democratically elected' LOL governments are here to serve us....therefore they would never do such a thing

  6. BTW: today they tossing around Alquaeda.
    So they used the blame assad tactic yesterday while the news was getting maximum exposure-today, Friday, everyone is more out to lunch then usual and the tune is already being changed

    Alqueda = CIA/MOSSAD/NATO etc

  7. Gallier... If you are lurking would you give us a run down on the French elections?
    If you would not mind?

    1. Oh, there's nothing really interesting to say about the election. Hollande won as was predicted, Sarkozy's attempt to catch FN votes by beating on the "bad-muslim meme" more or less failed*. He will lose his immunity soon and will probably flee the country, he announced that he will be some kind of lawyer in Miami. With all the shit he has in his CV it's necessary or else he will pass the rest of his life behind bars (especially the retro-commission affair (Karachi-gate) and the Bettencourt affair are far from being over and the story of the financing of his 2007 campaign by Kadahfi is starting to get traction). It's a bad idea to get elected president at such a young age, you may not die (Mitterand) or get demencia (Chirac) before the justice catches you.

      * the mainstream doesn't really understand the FN vote in reality, because they are smug, they believe their own propaganda and don't listen to the people.

    2. thanks gallier and fyi
      i did respond back in the bank post,d on't know if you saw it?

      "he announced that he will be some kind of lawyer in Miami"

      good place for him

  8. penny
    whats your view of Joshua landis and his Syria Comment.....he seems to have turned into a supporter of the insurency

    1. Hey Brian:
      for whatever my opinion is worth
      I was pretty much of the mind that Landis was somewhat of a limited hang out kind of person.
      I had an interview here with him.
      He will talk a varying talk with others, seemed to allow a decent discourse on his blog, but, as for himself..
      I thought he was pretty much in the camp of the destabilizers.

  9. a syrian eyewitness:

    '.....The people of Hama are currently living in a state of caution and stress because of the presence of masked armed men from time to time and suddenly in the streets, shooting fire to terrorize the people and close schools and markets, and the people notice non-Syrian armed men among those call themselves “Rebels”..

    Yesterday morning, a colonel and his commissioned officer were assassinated, and after pursuing the perpetrators, it turned out that they had set an ambush for the law enforcement personnel in order to drag them into one of the residential areas, which forced the Syrian Arab army to interfere for backup and handling the situation, and within a short period of time, many masked armed men showed up with machine guns and RPG shells in the city’s neighborhoods and markets, shooting fire and forcing people to close their stores and burned some tires and caused a great deal of chaos and panic, then some of them head to the places of presence of the law enforcement personnel and attacked them, it turned out that it was in line with false news report about Hama, that the Syrian Arab army is shooting randomly and shelling some areas.'

    1. Brian: I have read almost all of your comments and thanks so much for bringing them here for the readers.

      I have never come away with the impression all this time that Syrian army has been willy nilly shooting at people
      that is nonsense.

  10. CONFIRMED: Sunni-Extremists Behind Damascus Bombings

    1. I was waiting for that news.
      I was expecting it.
      It would seem the spin of the day- assad responsible- was just a demonization tactic

  11. Just noticed that the spooky Martin Chulov of the Guardian also did a Frank Gardner (and the Guardian naturally gave space to the even more spooky Gardner on the same page...)
    If regime officials were responsible they would have moved sensitive stuff away beforehand. There is no proof that the regime was responsible, and it may well be that an insurgent group was responsible. However, it's prudent to look for clues among recent regional events. i.e. yes..

    1. "If regime officials were responsible"
      obviously they would have moved more sensitive stuff away from the scene.
      spin,spin, spin

  12. Al Nusra Front?

    I heard an interesting report today on the BFBS - some jorno saying things are worse in Syria than imagined, and remind of 'Iraq'...Sounds to me that they ARE looking to invade Syria as it may be the only way in now?

    aka Marty

    1. al nusra front- took responsibility for an earlier bombing in damascus

      Yes, they are looking for a way to invade and I understand there are some exercises taking place today? with jordan

  13. 'A more telling example of what Andrew McCarthy has termed “willful blindness” could hardly be imagined: Opponents of Assad can flaunt their adherence to the most retrograde current in Islam – displaying the al-Qaeda flag in broad daylight and even posting a video of the gesture on the internet – and still the American government and the American news media refuse to see the reality of Islamic extremism that is right in front of their eyes. The attitude of the media is perhaps more important in the present context, since it is the “willful blindness” of the American media that risks condemning the American public to involuntary ignorance of the truth about the Syrian opposition. '

    A 2007 New Yorker article written by renowned journalist Seymour Hersh revealed a plan under the Bush Administration to organize, arm, train, and deploy a regional army of Sunni terrorists, many with ties directly to Al Qaeda, in a bid to destabilize and overthrow both Syria and Iran. The plan consisted of US and Israeli backing, covertly funneled through Saudi proxies to conceal Washington and Tel Aviv’s role, in building the Sunni extremist front

  14. I clearly remember waiting in a queue inside Damascus airport in 2008, behind me was half a dozen of what looked liked US Marines.
    They spoke German or something - They may have been NATO troops.

    I often wonder how these guys traveled through the country, in their military uniforms without, it appeared, anyone batting an eye-lid'. At the time I recall that I thought they were coming or going to Iraq, but then why go via Syria?

    I believe things were being put into place even before 2007

    1. "I believe things were being put into place even before 2007"

      I think that is likely right. Someone left a link here to an article from way back indicating just that.
      If I find it, I will link it in a new post

  15. US kidnap and torture victim gets day in EU court:

    'The CIA apparently thought it had Khaled al-Masri, a completely different person, and when they discovered that they had kidnapped an innocent car dealer, they dumped him off in a deserted road in Albania in the middle of the night.

    The German government says the US has confirmed that it has “mistakenly” kidnapping el-Masri, and a WikiLeaks cable revealed that the US had warned Germany not to attempt to issue any warrants related to the case.

    Though the kidnapping is a recognized fact, the Macedonian government has repeatedly denied any involvement. This is expected to change, as an unnamed senior minister in the Macedonian government is planning to testify at the court that the account Masri gave of the “rendition” was accurate.

    govts freely do what for a citizen is a crime

  16. FYI

    useful site:

  17. 'Despite the fact the [government] in Syria successfully discredited all the reports the Al Jazeera & sisters from the NATO Allies in the case of Zainab Al Hosni, we see Nir Rosen, one of your heavily involved journos in Syria talk about another body shown on his channel & asks who she was, indicating that he didn't watch Addounia TV mocking his channel & all other warmongers when showing & proving that the 'other body' reported was nothing but a mannequin cut & burnt and even in a closer look when Addounia froze the cam, the steel joint for the armpit was so clear in the images, but why bother, who will watch banned Addounia channel on the European satellite in the name of free media and discredit Al Jazeera Stories..!'

    this is why the 'free' press should have its media credentials withdrawn

    1. "this is why the 'free' press should have its media credentials withdrawn"

      I could not agree more!