Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Israeli Minister 'hints' Israel behind Flame virus

Israel & the Flame
A senior Israeli minister said on Tuesday the use of cyberweapons to counter Iran's nuclear plans would be "reasonable," hinting at Israel's possible involvement in unleashing the newly uncovered Flame virus.

"For anyone who sees the Iranian threat as significant, it is reasonable that he would take different steps, including these, in order to hobble it," Moshe Yaalon, the vice prime minister, told Israeli army radio, just hours after the Flame virus was discovered by Russia's Kaspersky Lab.

"Israel is blessed with being a country which is technologically rich, and these tools open up all sorts of possibilities for us," said Yaalon, who is also Israel's strategic affairs minister.
Cyber warfare. Killing Scientists. False Flags in India and Thailand.
Israel's concept of what is 'reasonable' is quite strange.

Flashback: Israel's omniscient ears


  1. If you are chosen by God over everyone else, then anything you do is reasonable because you are enacting God's will. To argue with anything they do is to argue with God and his will. And anyone who argues with God is worthy only of death. How could that not be reasonable? It is certainly logical.

  2. Gosh James, the way you explain it, it does seem all so reasonable

  3. Use of cyber weapons against a nuclear power stations is not reasonable if you trigger a catastrophic melt-down that poisons the entire region. And indeed it is known that Israel's previous "creation", STUXNET, was present in computers near the Fukushima power station prior to the quake and tsunami. It is also known that many of the Siemens controllers that STUXNET was designed to interfere with did not work during the crisis at Fukushima, leading to the possibility that in its haste to destroy a threat to their own clandestine nuclear weapons program, Israel destroyed a major human food source, the Pacific ocean!

    1. Hi Michael:

      James and I are both aware of the fact that cyber weapon use is absolutely not reasonable.

      Fukushima is bad enough for the planet, most certainly the actions of Israel are outrageous. I can assure you that everyone at this blog (regular readers and commenters) are aware of the possibility of a connection between Stuxnet and the Fukushima disaster

      James and I are being completely facetious with those comments.(note the wink?)

      Thanks for helping to get this very dangerous action on Israel's part out to the world!!

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    3. Thanks for letting me know that William
      Why am I not surprised?

    4. I was able to post this article to FB. Uncertain if it appears in others feeds as of right now.

    5. Thanks switters :)

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  4. Thanks, Pen. I knew you'd see the light. Anybody can with a little reason of the right kind. The God kind, that is. And here is an example of God being reasonable, in case any heathens out there think otherwise. (it's also a little 'heads up' for them)

    Leviticus ch10 (CEV)-

    “1 Nadab and Abihu were two of Aaron's sons, but they disobeyed the LORD by burning incense to him on a fire pan, when they were not supposed to.
    2 Suddenly the LORD sent fiery flames and burned them to death.
    3 Then Moses told Aaron that this was exactly what the LORD had meant when he said: " I demand respect from my priests and I will be praised by everyone"!
    Aaron was speechless."

    See what I mean, reasonable! If you don't do what you are told, then you shouldn't complain when you get your sorry arse singed a little. Ok, a lot. Can't be fairer than that.

    1. Natural Chruch should enjoy that!

    2. Ya gotta love old Yahweh - no, seriously, you've got to.

    3. Or he'll throw some flames at me?

    4. Well to be serious for a moment, I agree with James and Gilad Atzmon the real issue is 'chosen-ness'. We have to get away from any one race thinking they are superior or devine - whether Aryan or Jew. 'Chosen-ness' is instilled into virtually all Jews - even the secular strangely enough. Some, relatively few, are able to break free of this supremacist programming.

      Here's an example: Where ya from? from 5mins a nice Jewish lady is interviewed then at ~8:15 she comes out with -
      "We the Jewish people are the chosen nation, and all of you will recognise this - its so stupid of the Muslims and Christians not to admit it..." She's not evil, just a victim of programming.

      Barbara Spectre is another nice (well I'm sure she thinks so) Jewish lady who has a fine sense of her own superiority. I think she would be better served making her own Israel multicultural.

      So although I don't believe many Jews are aware of the nitty-gritty of the conspiracy I suggest most believe that they are chosen - it is their 'divine right' to rule - their destiny.

      Also, not all Jews are equal. The elite are quite willing to sacrifice their own lower orders for the greater good. This was demonstrated by the WW2 Nazi-Zionist pact (Edwin Black - Transfer Agreement) whereby the zionists selected some jews for 'repatriation' to Israel but refused to take others off the Germans' hands. So, I believe, it is quite possible that the Zionist elite will sacrifice 6,000,000 (that magical number) of Israeli jews in the cause of the International Jewish Utopia.

    5. Barbara Spectre?

      I had seen this video previously. She was quite presumptuous. As if everyone was simply going to accept her version of what European society should be. It seemed odd.

      Freethinker: Not only the Transfer Agreement as a resource making clear the elite zionists sold the ordinary follower of Judaism, down the river without a paddle, there is a book called

      Holocaust survivors accuse- something like that?
      I have to double check to get my title correct.
      Hang on...

    6. Freethinker: THe book is called
      "The Holocaust Victims accuse"

      And they accuse the zionists.

      The Chapters

      Three enemies of Judaism.

      How rescue was impeded by Nathan Schwalb and YItzchak Greenbaum of the Jewish Agency.

      The crimes of Abba Kovner of Mapam and Chalm Weizmann.

      How our people starved because of Stephen Wise of the American Jewish Congress.

      Zionist betrayal resulting in tragic deaths on land and sea.

      The unique obstructionist role of Sail f\Aayer of the Joint Distribution Committee.

      What Henry Aontor of the United Jewish Appeal and other Zionist officials were doing while our people died.

      The Romanian Jews and thwarted rescue plans.

      The shameful role of Mordecai Ehrenprelsz in Sweden.

      Fifth columnists in the ghettoes: Merin and Moldetsky.

      The book is out of print, for what I would say are obvious reasons...
      (history better suppressed to promote a specific political agenda)

      Interesting review here

      I can send you a copy, if interested.

      Sent it to James previously don't know if he got around to reading it?
      It is still on my must read, but, I have breezed through it.

    7. Thanks Penny, that would be good to have. I think James can get my email address from WP, failing that is there a discrete way to pass addresses, maybe I could stick it in a comment on an old thread - does Blogger notify you of all comments?

      That Barbara Spectre video is a classic (often deleted) - she really does want to help us poor deficient souls. Note how the camera lingers on the Masonic emblem at the start. Of course Masonry and Jewry have no connection, no no no ;)

    8. deleted my previous dopey answer, sorry FT
      Leave it anywhere you like. I will find it.
      Keeping watch...

  5. Stumbled over this yesterday. YMFII if not seen before.

    One thing for certain is every system is backdoored by these crooks, ever thought they might be holding all medical systems to ransome? I am more than sure that that was what Y2K was about.

    1. Hi Incoming!!!!!..

      THanks for that. I am pretty sure I have a post somewhere way back on that place..
      Good refresher and extremely relevant in light of the Flame and Stuxnet

    2. Funny old place the Negev. This one has the whole thing wrong ended.

      I wonder what gets side lobed out to where?

    3. thanks incoming, will check it out!

  6. unrelated

    1. thanks: looks interesting I shall read it in full :)

  7. Great comment, Freethinker.

    1. james, more often then not it is your comments that go to spam
      I haven't a clue why?

  8. It strikes me that placing the authorship of Flame on Israel is, perhaps, a beard for the US. As in the US either working closely with Israel or commssioning Israel to create this. Or just passing on programming already in place and collecting tons of information on Americans, anyone within the US, and anyone communicating with people and computers within the US.

    It sounds a lot like Total Information Awareness, supposedly killed under the Bush/Cheney administration. Riiiiight.

    1. Anonymous:

      Your probably right
      The US and Israel are likely in this together
      THey were on Stuxnet, so there is no reason to think otherwise with Flame
      Israel is always boastful about their accomplishments.
      In an underhanded sort of way, but, it seems they can barely contain themselves when they have done something evil and potentially planet threatening.

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