Monday, May 28, 2012

Massive Targeted CyberAttack- mostly striking Iran- Flame

And it appears to be state sponsored! Flame.

 A complex targeted virus has been discovered stealing data in the Middle East, security researchers announced today.
The malware -- dubbed Flame -- has been operation since 2010 and appears to be a state sponsored, Kaspersky Labs said today, but it was not sure of its origins. Flame is designed to steal information about targeted systems and stored files as well as computer display contents and audio conversations.
"The complexity and functionality of the newly discovered malicious program exceed those of all other cyber menaces known to date," Kaspersky Labs said in statement announcing the malware's discovery.

The virus is about 20 times the size of Stuxnet, malware that targeted the controls of an Iranian nuclear facility. The largest concentration of infected machines is in Iran, followed by Israel/Palestine region, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. 

"The preliminary findings of the research, conducted upon an urgent request from ITU, confirm the highly targeted nature of this malicious program," Kasperky Labs' chief expert Alexander Gostev said in a statement. "One of the most alarming facts is that the Flame cyber-attack campaign is currently in its active phase, and its operator is consistently surveilling infected systems, collecting information and targeting new systems to accomplish its unknown goals."

"The Flame malware looks to be another phase in this war, and it's important to understand that such cyber weapons can easily be used against any country," Kaspersky said in a statement. "Unlike with conventional warfare, the more developed countries are actually the most vulnerable in this case." 

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The virus, named Flame or Skywiper, could only have been created by a state, according to analysts who have investigated it and the pattern of infection.
The results of our technical analysis support the hypotheses that Flame or Skywiper was developed by a government agency of a nation state with significant budget and effort, and it may be related to cyber warfare activities” 

'Flame,' a cyberweapon that makes Stuxnet look cheap

Meet "Flame", The Massive Spy Malware Infiltrating Iranian Computers

I simply can't imagine who would be targeting Iran......




Israeli Minister 'hints' Israel behind Flame virus



  1. All these malware and virus problems would cease for Iran (and any other country) if they banned the use of Microsoft systems in all Govt agencies, if not nationwide.

    Adopting Linux operating system would put an end to these national security attacks. it's a 'no brainer' and its FREE, for God's sake!

  2. You "all" forget something.... We Americans believe in our safty. The dollars going out are from "US", Care of the U.S. Govt. In other words, WE DO NOT WANT A NUCLEAR EVIL COUNTRY! You may call us whatever you like i.e. Zoinest, antichrists, etc. However, know this fact. Each and every dollar going in and out is "OUR MONEY", now our governments. When you accuse evil, your talking about my Momma, uncle, best friend, etc. "WE" do not like the evil people, which is why there is a "table" to put options on in the first place. Iran "WILL DIE" as a country if they do not play ball for the first time! I have worked for both an Iranian and an Israelie here in the us. I thought they were "cool people, and very wise". But I'm not talking about them here, I'm talking about the Government they know. Iran, are you brave enough to protect life, engage in a "SUPER POWERFUL" realtionship with other governments to propell you into the great new future, or, will you allow yourself to perish. I really don't care what you do, I only care about my friends. Thank GOD that they're here!

  3. find who is being targeted and who is not and you will find your source

    1. Israel's hinted it was them
      No surprise there

  4. NaturalChruch,
    Spending your own money exploiting others does not make that exploitation less evil.

    Stationing troops in countless countries around the globe is not the action of a peace loving country. The only countries that do this are the US and its NATO partners.

    Building a ring of military bases around a country and threatening that country with annihilation if they don't do what you want them to is the action of a war loving nation.

    War loving nations are a threat to everyone, including you and your friends.

  5. War loving nations are a threat to everyone, including you and your friends.

    That would read better as, "War loving governments are a threat to everyone, including you and your friends"

    1. Hi James.

      "Natural Chruch" is a real live wire

  6. Okay, say what you want to. However, "we did not strike yet died we?" If you feel this way about the U.S., why not take a few nights at the Super8 motel in Syrea? They like war and death. They like to destroy and hack people and babies up! The "GOOD?" countries of the world are saying to stay out of it! Bet you live in one of those places don't you? I see two real problems here, and ever lasting so far: 1, your innocent children are being perverted by your "GOOD?" Anti-West governments, and growning up to be terrorists, Murderers, and such the like. 2nd, Bad guys "ALMOST NEVER STOP THEMSELVES"!!! They almost always must be stopped. I met the beautiful children of my Iran and Israel friends. Lovely! However, once they grow up, only mom and dad see that anymore, we all see the rest, and it must be stopped. We have a saying in the U.S. towards Drug users: If nothing changes, then nothing changes. I suppose the same can be said of addiction to Nukes and Regime change - which I know, and "my friends know" must happen. Say what you will, but at the end of the day, the 3 of us are accomplishing HERE IN THE U.S., what you in your Infinate wisdon, and in your goverments High moral Values, could NEVER attain. What do you have to say about that!

  7. By the way sir, you think your so Intelligent putting things a certain way as to dominate the contentions thoughts here, but I am wise to that. First, I love you as one human to another, and wish you and your family Much, even underserved wisdom. This is because Half of true wealth is accompanied by a form of generally acceptable knowledge. Now, you see exploitation, and that's based on what's available to you- personally. That's how your mind is, and I don't see any real Hostility here, but resentment, yes. Even a feeling of being appauled! This is because your facinated with the ring of power that you see errecting around the globe, and the dominant powers behind it. You fear too. This fear drives your fear based logic, which is different than a peaceful mindset. That's why we're barganing with Iran, or should I say "IRATE". Everything Relegious is emotional, no matter which one it is. We want you Iran to step away from all of that for a moment, and see the larger picture, and hear their words spoken back to them. ANNILATE I believe you said! A gentle yet working hand does much more than an IRON FIST. For most, Religion "IS" the path to all of this Love and Enlightenment that keeps peace. NUKES DONT! Read the NPT in terms of LOVE and ENLIGHTMENT, not twists and turns. Hey, that one was made, maybe another one can be made too, and therein maybe we'll all find a way out of this. Peace.

  8. Hi, NaturalChruch,

    whatever they are paying you, it's too much. If you want to keep your job, I would suggest you work on keeping your "voice" more consistent throughout your comments.

    So lets try it again, shall we?


  9. Natural Chruch-

    your comments really speak for themselves...
    And what they say, is not rational.
    It could be taken as delusional.

    You love people "as humans" and wish them well on one hand
    But the other hand, has no problem blowing humans to smithereens

    You say "religion is the path to peace" for most. You appear to be "religious"
    But for you religion is not a path to peace, because you have no problem regime change
    Which is always fraught with death and destruction.

    I would suggest you adjust your morality to you know, actually being moral.

  10. "we did not strike yet died we?"

    young padawan too confused to be a jedi. ~ yoda

  11. Many "Iranian cyber agents" here on the net these days. these guys are some of them. Re-read their Writings. You can specifically tell by bits of their "lack of omission" of the "obvious"- and finely tuned argumenative curves. You may say that this is "battlespace" currently. Therefore, "ex-Scud" me as I elaborate some... $FREELY$- IRAN GOVT BAD. IRAN PPL GOOD! Iran lines up with the WORST OPPRESSORS IN HISTORY, I'm surprised they're not the Catholic home base! Now, that's not my problem until they get Nukes. You got a prob w/israel... and how long have they had Nukes, and your still here. Once the tables turn, Israel won't be there anymore. The "AK-27%" decreed it many times over, did Mr.Net? Did the US, but Iran is "bouncing balls" like they have a pair, but, they're still in the oven cooking! And yea, you NEED WISDOM to get past your ignorance. Russia and China are "allowing and preserving more oppertunity" for syrian's to get mutilated, and are trying like hell to stand with Iran as a part of their aim to control world Oil supplies and the middle east. If Russia and china are such good people, why isn't your life better? Americans lives are decent enough... no tanks outside or malicia men with gutting knives, the neighbors aren't threatning to blow us up, and we're not doing things soo bad that the int community has to step in on our soil and say "treat americans right". They're good as a matter of fact. I'd like that for Iranian's, but the AK-27% cares only about whats written in an old book,in the measure of what he can add to it, or manipulate it, like you are trying to do, for the purpose of self-interests, And as you stated, he is possibly bordering on DELUSIONAL, not me my friend. But do your Cyber "thinigie", and come back with some "concrete substance"- you rethorical a-hole.

    1. Naturalchruch:

      "ex-scud me"
      how clever.

      Your nothing, if not amusing.

      You think Americans lives are decent enough?
      Despite the fact that millions are jobless and homeless, exploited by banksters

      You talk about Iran lining up with the worst oppressors
      All the while ignoring the history of America involved with every dictator possible, anywhere in the world

      America that has created death squads the world over to slaughter innocent people

      America that kills with impunity via drones

      Who is the oppressor, really?
      A nation that has not attacked anyone (Iran)
      Or a nation that attacks covertly or overtly everyone.(US)
      In fact the US is the only nation on the planet, that intentionally and with forethought nuked civilians, not once but twice.

      You do your Cyber "thiningie" what ever that is
      At least talk truth and facts
      Don't waste anyone's time spouting garbage and nonsense
      Delusional nonsense

      "If Russia and china are such good people, why isn't your life better? "

      Why don't you ask corporate America especially Walmart about China, they love exploiting the chinese workers...