Thursday, May 31, 2012

Shabiha: The fantasy and reality of Syria's "ghost fighters"

The “Shabiha” in Syria have been getting a whole lot of media coverage that past few days.
I noticed an increased reporting, once again,  of their ghostly existence right after the NATO terrorists massacred civilians in Houla.

The narrative of the Shabiha is not a new one. It emerged about a year back. The narrative was given birth to by the “activists”.  And, the Syrian Human Rights Council, you know the one based in Britain? The one that has a direct line to the BBC spin department? Yes, that BBC,  one of the best known UK propaganda outlets.

I covered the Shabiha in a previous post: Ghost fighters haunt Syria 

look at my scary ghostfighter. Boo!

The information for the previous posting came from the BBC. Using the search engine link, here, you can see that the BBC had an article that corresponds with the date of my earlier post and then an updated version. The updated version appears right after the Houla massacre.

So, the Shabiha narrative is being promoted yet again. Like any other fictional narrative it hits all the right notes, mystery, suspense, drama, intrigue. Riveting.

                No on really knows who they are. No one knows where they come from.

Like much else out of Syria, it is simply  more spin to draw the gullible in and justify the desired for NATO attack.

The Shabiha narrative was created by the “opposition”, and is promoted by the usual lying media to manage your perception on what is really going on in Syria.
The Shabiha, give cover to the NATO backed terrorists and their slaughter of Syrian civilians. They have from the first media mention all the way through to the most recent media mention

Two very telling sentences that give this charade away come from both the BBC and the other lying media outlet The Guardian.

BBC: “There were even reports that soldiers and police who tried to stop shabiha killing civilians in Tell Kalakh and elsewhere had been shot dead”

The Shabiha reportedly kills soldiers and police. Who else kills soldiers and police?

The Guardian. (This one is a real gem!):
”Businessmen, many of them Sunni and not Alawite, who are now quietly passing money to the shabiha, mainly to protect their lucrative business privileges, but also to keep their political sponsors happy.Sunni “business men”, NOT Alawite, are funding the shabiha?! To keep their political sponsors happy.?!
What political sponsors are being referenced? ? Who are the political sponsors these Sunni business men "are keeping happy"? A happiness that requires them to fund  the Shabiha?!

Has Saudi Arabia popped into your head yet? Because that’s the nation name that spontaneously burst into my brain.

 Sunni “business men” funding the Shabiha, have everything to do with FSA, Alquaeda, NATO and absolutely zero to do with Assad or his government.

The mainstream media is, as usual, lying on behalf of NATO. The deaths squads are real. People are being killed. At the behest of NATO/ GCC nations and Israel.

Additional reading:  BBC Wages Propaganda War on Syria 
From Steven Lendman

"Anyone can spot the propaganda with a modicum of vigilance while watching the news."
You would think so, but, some persons choose not to be vigilant.


  1. From wikipedia: "According to the Arab Organization for Human Rights, the Shabiha were originally concentrated in the Mediterranean region of Syria around Latakia, Banias and Tartous, where they benefited from smuggling through the ports in the area."
    The Arab Organization for Human Rights was established by a certain Saad Eddin Ibrahim and he is represented exclusively by Ms Benador from Benador Associates who has been described as following: "When historians look back on the United States war in Iraq, they will almost certainly be struck by how a small group of mainly neo-conservative analysts and activists outside the administration were able to shape the US media debate in ways that made the drive to war so much easier than it might have been… But historians would be negligent if they ignored the day-to-day work of one person who, as much as anyone outside the administration, made their media ubiquity possible. Meet Eleana Benador, the Peruvian-born publicist for Perle, Woolsey, Michael Ledeen, Frank Gaffney and a dozen other prominent neo-conservatives whose hawkish opinions proved very hard to avoid for anyone who watched news talk shows or read the op-ed pages of major newspapers over the past 20 months."— Jim Lobe, The Andean Condor among the Hawks, Asia Times, August 15, 2003.
    And that's how you create the narrative...

  2. Well isn't that interesting?

    Arab Organization for Human Rights ties right back into the neo cons.

    Is it possible the Arab Organization for Human Rights is a front group for arms smuggling to the "rebels" who are really terrorists??

    Oh what a wicked web we weave...

    You know what bugs me?
    As much as the msm bullshits and assaults viewers and readers emotionally every day
    Little tidbits of truth are present.
    If people would just bother to read all the way through the vast majority of articles
    And think for themselves!

  3. I'm hearing more disturbing news on the BFBS radio of further 'massacres' and corresponding Youtube videos.

    I heard Clinton's latest BS, so it appears that we are very soon going to see some kind of air bombardment which is supposedly to 'protect' the Syrian people...

    I also heard someone with a British accent on the radio - not sure if he was UK Government spokesman - said something that the Youtube videos have been 'verified' and the bodied were inspected and confirmed by the UN monitors -

    In other words, the reason they need so many monitors, is obviously to set up the scene for 'witnesses to a massacre'...therefore Military Intervention without waiting for Russia or China... Everything point to this. I am guessing possibly by 6th or 7th June?

    P.S. Remembering how we all said how 'all they need is some massacred children'...well they've got their wish!

    aka Marty

    1. You think it will be that soon?

    2. Hi Penny, I am just going by feelings to be honest. It just appears that the rhetoric and propaganda have sped up. I hope that such a thing never happens but it's looking increasingly likely.

    3. I have a news story bookmarked that Canada is "making plans" including boots on the ground.
      From today. So you could be right?

      "I hope that such a thing never happens but it's looking increasingly likely."

      From what I was reading there are plans to possibly use Cyprus as a launching pad (one of them)
      A British base? (I think)

  4. Good to see the Shabiha mentioned. The Financial Times reported that Assad had more or less wiped out the Shabiha.

    - Aangirfan

    1. The Financial Times reported that Assad had wiped them out?
      That's interesting?

    2. yes that is interesting....can aangirfan find the link to that as it will undermine the attacks on Assad even more

  5. Russian Church Is a Strong Voice Opposing Intervention in Syria

    By Ellen Barry | May 31, 2012 | New York Times

    Remember Ellen Barry is an ardent Zionist, there are only Zionist and their supporters who work in the NYT.

    1. Interesting comment

      "In his warnings, Patriarch Kirill I invokes Bolshevik persecution still fresh in the Russian imagination, writing of “the carcasses of defiled churches still remaining in our country.”

      The carcasses of the Bolshevik defiled churches still remain in the country?

      Interesting when one thinks of just who made up the bulk of the Bolshevik revolution.

  6. nice posting.. thanks for sharing..