Thursday, May 17, 2012

SNC resignation & War: Guns for terror. Warning Iran & the Nuclear Spectre

Going long here- 

Burhan Ghalioun front man for the NATO backed Muslim Brotherhood Islamist government/terrorists in waiting for Syria has either offered to step down or has stepped down, depending on where your reading?

Ghalioun, a sociologist based (resident) in France, (not resident in Syria) was ‘re-elected ‘(selected by the inner circle) just two days earlier as head of the group he has led since August.
Recalling from the previous post “the  international envoys found themselves the only participants in a meeting”  The international Syrians!

A result that angered critics who had hoped to bring in a leader who would rectify what they see as Ghalioun’s failings.

"These include failing to strengthen ties with anti-Assad forces in Syria", (that is the long time opposition in Syria itself, some may have met with the Russians)
“ Including a growing insurgency”?? Thrown into the create the belief that the SNC is separate from the armed terrorists. They are not. Both are NATO created tools. 

“And providing a liberal, secular veneer to an uprising whose armed element is drawn from Syria’s Sunni Muslim majority.” What this means, as I have mentioned twice previously, Ghalioun is the shiny, happy face for the terrorists Muslim Brotherhood. He isn’t “liberal” that is the lie the target audience is supposed to believe.

“The prominence of Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood in the organisation and finances of the SNC, and the sectarian Islamist language of rebels on the ground, have alarmed religious minorities and secularists in the opposition.”

It should terrify religious minorities and secularists!
Syria opposition chief resigns amid infighting
Syrian National Council chief Burhan Ghalioun said on Thursday he will step down to avert divisions...

Hours earlier the Local Coordination Committees, a network of activists on the ground, threatened to pull out of the SNC over its lack of collaboration with activists in Syria and "monopolisation" of power.

"The deteriorating situation in the SNC is an impetus for us to take actions, which could begin with a freeze (of LCC membership in the SNC) and end with a withdrawal if errors are not solved and demands for reform go unmet," the LCC said.

It pointed to "a total absence of consensus between the SNC's vision and that of the revolutionaries" and charged that influential SNC members were monopolising power and marginalising most of the LCC representatives.

The LCC also criticised the SNC over the strong influence that Syria's Muslim Brotherhood wields over the coalition.

So long scum, don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

None of this “fighting” amongst the SNC changes a dam thing on the ground. The arms are flowing from Saudi Arabia, with the help of their friends in the US.

Syrian rebels get significant boost in arms, logistical support

US insists it is not funding or supplying lethal material. If you believe that??? 

Syrian rebels battling the regime of President Bashar Al Assad have begun receiving significantly more and better weapons in recent weeks, an effort paid for by Gulf nations and coordinated in part by the United States, according to opposition activists and US and foreign officials.

The US position of “not supplying lethal weapons” is nonsense. If the give them to the GCC to funnel through they are still supplying- So I won’t waste any time on that tripe.

Flow of weapons

Many officials now consider an expanding military confrontation to be inevitable.  ‘Material’ (WEAPONS) are being stockpiled in Damascus, in Idlib near the Turkish border and in Zabadani on the Lebanese border.

Syria's Muslim Brotherhood also said it has opened its own supply channel to the rebels, using resources from wealthy private individuals and money from Gulf states, including Saudi Arabia and Qatar, said Mulham Al Drobi, a member of the Brotherhood's executive committee.

The new supplies reversed months of setbacks for the rebels that forced them to withdraw from their stronghold in the Baba Amr neighbourhood of Homs and many other areas in Idlib and elsewhere.

"Large shipments have got through," another opposition figure said. "Some areas are loaded with weapons."

All the better to kill civilians with. Sick.

From Haaretz: US aid to Syrian rebels is a signal to Iran

In what was clearly an officially-sanctioned leak, the U.S. sent Iran a clear message just a few days before the next round of Iran-West nuclear talks in Baghdad.

The word Iran appears only once in Wednesday's report in the Washington Post on American assistance to rebel forces in Syria, which includes coordination of larger and much improved arms shipments. That mention was buried at the end of the long piece, almost as an aside - but Tehran's address is written all over the report.

Since it's not clear when the American aid began and from the wording of the report, it is clear that this was an officially-sanctioned leak, accurately timed to come out just a few days before senior American diplomats and other representatives of the five permanent Security Council members and Germany are to meet with a senior Iranian delegation in Baghdad.

Until now the Obama administration has been observing a hands-off policy, denouncing President Bashar Assad and calling upon him to leave, but doing nothing to actually make that happen.(that’s a lie, there has been no hands off- just an “arms length”

So why has the administration decided just now, not only to provide "nonlethal assistance" to the Syrian opposition, but also to announce it?

If that announcement was a signal? What to make of this? A rockets red glare?
U.S. Ambassador to Israel Speaks of Military Option for Iran

The American ambassador to Israel said this week that not only was America willing to use military force to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons, but that preparations had already been made for a possible attack.
In Iran, officials reacted coolly to the ambassador’s remarks. “These are words to calm down the extremists and radicals in Israel,” said Hamid Reza Taraghi, a political analyst who is close to Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

“Calm down the extremists and radicals in Israel” Snicker.  He must be referring to the entire Israeli government? Anyone get an image of a red faced kid wanting a balloon, screaming and tirading at it’s parent in a store full of shoppers? I did!
War and rumours of war.
Russia, not wanting to be left out of all the threats, used some interesting language-

Russia says action on Syria, Iran may go nuclear-

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev warned on Thursday that military action against sovereign states could lead to a regional nuclear war, starkly voicing Moscow's opposition to Western intervention ahead of a G8 summit at which Syria and Iran will be discussed.

"Hasty military operations in foreign states usually bring radicals to power,"
"At some point such actions which undermine state sovereignty may lead to a full-scale regional war, even, although I do not want to frighten anyone, with the use of nuclear weapons," Medvedev said. "Everyone should bear this in mind."

All this talk should warm the hearts of humanity. NOT!


  1. Ban Ki Moon admits Al-Qaeda causing chaos in Syria; well we all know that but why is he finally admitting it?

    Is the US waving the stick at its dogs of war?
    US "Kurdish" Threat Aimed at Turkey, Not Syria ponders Tony Cartalucci.
    Al-Qaeda chief: Saudis must rise up against ruling family

    1. Hey Freethinker!

      thanks for all the link, I have taken the time to read them all
      Of course some are rather nauseating...

      Ban Ki Moon's admission..... Wondering if he setting the scene for intervention due to Al Quaeda's presence, along the line of the bogus "war on terror" More aptly "war of terror"

      I saw the Tony Cartalucci piece.

      I don't by that angle myself. One of these days I have to make a post on that subject.
      There are so many Kurdish factions.
      Some of them are hunky dory with Turkey, some are not
      IMO the US does not need to use the Kurds to get Turkey motivated.
      Turkey has been motivated all along

      The Saudi angle is interesting but in my opinion, nonsense.
      The Saud fiefdom has created Alqaeda with the help of the west so why would they bit the hand that feeds them and continues to feed them????

      Helping them to expand and grow, training them in Kosovo
      The whole chechnya thing??

      Maybe that 'news' is coming out to distract from the fact that Al Qaeda is a western tool... and the west finds Saudi Arabia very useful, very useful when one thinks of the oil aspect, never mind the terrorist provider aspect

  2. There's a massive amount of mind-fuckery going on in this POMED article:
    Lieberman: Turn the Tide Against Bashar al-Assad Get out the way Ban Ki Moon and Kofi Annan, Lieberman is taking charge.

    and related:
    Largest protests yet in Syria’s Aleppo; UN team chief says monitors alone can’t end bloodshed We know how the UN/NATO loves to end bloodshed - time for the storm-troops.
    Syria: 'Heroes of Aleppo university' protests - live updates Well, you know there is serious bullshit around when the Grauniad goes into live-update mode.

    Things are warming up.

    1. The Aleppo university- claims of large turnout and the Guardian. But, no pics included?

  3. I went back and double checked, yup, no pics
    So the numbers can easily be inflated and "protest" pictures can be created, fabricated etc

    And there have been so many..

  4. Hey Freethinker

    news on the protest is different then the guardians.

    "Thousands of students from various faculties came out of their classes when the UN observers arrived and shouted slogans calling for the fall of the regime," a Syrian activist Mohammed Halabi told AFP in Beirut in a telephone call on Thursday.

    Said the activist on the phone.

    Not tens of thousands or fifteen thousand
    Just thousands..

    the picture there

    isn't a picture that I would take if I wanted to show the scope of a protest.
    Don't know if there are others.....

    1. Thousands of students in Montreal continue their efforts at peaceful protest against fascism. They are beaten, their "protest" pictures are also manipulated, and the use of agent provocateurs continues to enable police brutality against them. The CBC does a masterful job in leading the so called liberal minded Canadians to hate the students and support this fascist war on them.

      The draconian laws passed yesterday in this crisis effectively end free speech and the right to peaceful assembly and protest in Canada. Comments at CBC on the crackdown reflect just how brain dead Canadians have become.
      I wonder if there are any Syrian bloggers scrambling to update and inform Syrians about every detail of the crisis in Quebec?

    2. anonymous:

      "I wonder if there are any Syrian bloggers scrambling to update and inform Syrians about every detail of the crisis in Quebec?"

      I have blogged on Syria since the destabilization began well over a year now...It is the one story I continually cover because it may drag us into global war.

      Being one person, doing this in my spare time, I can't do it all.

      But, you are free to leave any updates here on the situation in Montreal.

      If you wish to help the cause, leave some links, that I can turn into a post?

      Because critical comments aren't helpful and I would like to help
      As you are aware.

    3. Anon: "I wonder if there are any Syrian bloggers scrambling to update and inform Syrians about every detail of the crisis in Quebec?"
      I very much doubt it, and I don't think any of the Libyans that were bombed by Canadian CF-18s were too concerned about the plight of students in Quebec either.

      Where is your sense of proportion? Do you really believe there is any parity between the plight of Syrians and that of Canadian students?

      I would be interested to know whether these 'anti-fascist' students support the 'rebels' (ie foreign backed insurrectionists) in Libya and Syria.

    4. Hi Penny.
      I know you want to help, and you are good at it.
      Where and how you direct your energy is your choice. My sarcastic criticism of you was an act of frustration over the slow death spiral that Canada is currently in the midst of. The lack of any substantive alternative reporting on the student protests is tragic IMO. My disappointment with you over not covering this Canadian story is a function of my respect for the good investigative work that you do on many other issues. You are just a victim of your own success, sorry about that.

      I would like to take you up on your offer of leaving some links and info that you could use. I will send you some stuff over the next day or two.

      ft, There is absolute parity between the students and Syrians as both are engaged in struggle against the same forces. Canada, like the US and UK, is committing crimes in Libya and Syria because our government is run by a bunch of fascist NWO swine, and backed by media who keep the sheeple in the dark.
      Syria does not have a prayer unless the people of Canada (and other aggressive NATO states) regain control of their governments.
      Standing up to fascism and regaining control of our government is exactly what the Quebec protests are all about. You sound like one of those propagandized Canadians (too much CBC??) who view the students as rich spoiled kids trashing the city. Ever heard of agent provocateurs? I know you have. This is a massive class struggle and the laws passed in Quebec over the past few days make this a big issue for all Canadians.
      Some Canadians have always found Canadian politics boring and look to the sexy high profile American war machine as the big story. It is one of the reasons our governments have gotten away with so much criminality. Apathy is not a problem in Quebec, thankfully.

    5. Anon, I still think there is no comparison between the plight of the Syrians and The Quebec students - but I understand where you are coming from. BTW I'm not Canadian, so I'm not that familiar with what's going on with your students. I had read that it was a protest about tuition fees, which is reminiscent of the UK student protests in the UK last year that preceded the engineered London riots. Agent Provocateur were of course much in evidence.

      I tend to think that when people start talking about 'class struggle' they are stuck in the old false paradigm of left & right. That is just a dialectic used by the PTB. The governance of the NWO will be a synthesis of Communism and Corporate-Fascism.

    6. Anonymous:
      thanks for your response.
      I absolutely understood your response was out of frustration.
      My offer to help still stands.
      And I look forward to any info you can leave.
      You hadn't realized that day, when you left the video, I let some of the Canadian bloggers that I am aware of know about the video.

      "Syria does not have a prayer unless the people of Canada (and other aggressive NATO states) regain control of their governments.'

      especially the Americans.

      I also contacted "the mouth that roars" Meria Heller
      She posted it on her face book, she tweeted it and it was included in one of her shows.
      Never mind the time on spent on the CBC forums
      The CBC censors heavily, and some of my comments did not make it through.

      More then, I think the quebec students realize, I understand this is about bigger issues....
      NAU, fascims, one world government and total tyranny.
      Control of our lives.
      I am going to get in touch with someone who may be able to provide me with some info, I hope, but can't promise.

  5. Freethinker:
    I suspect that there is a great deal of provocateur activity in amongst the students

    It only takes a few well placed individuals
    As you know...

  6. penny may be interested in THIS demonstration at Alleppo university:


    1. thanks brian!
      missed responding to you in the other post, but, keep leaving the links!!! They are great.
      For me and others also :)