Thursday, May 24, 2012

US poised to supply arms to Syrian Terrorists, ooops I mean "rebels"

Not like they haven't been all along!

The Obama administration is preparing a plan that would essentially give U.S. nods of approval to arms transfers from Arab nations to some Syrian opposition fighters.

Recall: SNC resignation & War: Guns for terror. Warning Iran & the Nuclear Spectre

 Syrian rebels battling the regime of President Bashar Al Assad have begun receiving significantly more and better weapons in recent weeks, an effort paid for by Gulf nations and coordinated in part by the United States, according to opposition activists and US and foreign officials.

For whatever reason the US is choosing to tell the world they are arming the terrorists in Syria.

These arms are going straight to 'Alqueda', Alciaduh, or Almossadah and other NATO allied terrorists.

The US is clearly looking to foment sectarian violence. The US clearly wants Sunni's to slaughter Shiites.

Why do I say that? Because the US denies that is the reason. Therefore you know it is exactly the hoped for outcome!

The vetting would be the first tiny step the U.S. has made toward ensuring that the Syrian opposition uses the weapons to fight Assad and not to turn it into a full sectarian conflict.

By some accounts,  nations already have begun to ship weapons with tacit U.S. agreement. In Turkey, private businessmen have begun funneling weapons into Syria.

Libya's new rulers, fresh from their own revolution that toppled longtime dictator Moammar Gadhafi, have pledged support for the Syrian rebels, but actually transferring weapons is tricky. Last month, Lebanese authorities seized a ship carrying rocket-propelled grenades and heavy-caliber ammunition, possibly bound for Syrian rebels.

The fighters' attempts to bring in heavier arms that could change the course of the 15-month-old uprising so far have been stymied at every turn, even by countries sympathetic to the revolt. All are wary of being drawn into the fight.

The rebels have cast a wide net, contacting weapons dealers in Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia and Azerbaijan.
And they openly admit they have the smuggling lines into Syria

Washington's supplies of communications equipment and medical supplies to opposition members it has approved are already under way, Officials said that those supplies can now be easily augmented with weapons from other donors.

"Smuggling lines are smuggling lines. We use the same donkeys," said one, pointing out that the routes are essentially the same for bandages as they are for bullets.

For the ordinary Syrians, this is going to go from very bad to even worse. 

Related to Syria and Iran-

 Wultz family of Weston gets 322 million dollars  in suit again Syria and Iran
The family of Daniel Wultz, the Weston teenager killed six years ago in a suicide bombing at a Tel Aviv restaurant, won a $332 million court judgment against the governments of Syria and Iran A U.S. district court judge on Monday ordered the judgment in a lawsuit brought by the family of the 16-year-old who was one of 11 people killed in the April 17, 2006 blast. 

Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the bombing.The judgment was the first courtroom victory against Syria for the law group that represents victims of Palestinian violence. The group has won previous courtroom victories against Iran 

An American attorney representing Syria said in court papers that the lawsuit should be thrown out on the grounds of "sovereign immunity."

 But U.S. District Court Judge Royce Lamberth said in his ruling: "When a state chooses to use terror as a policy tool, as Iran and Syria continue to do, the state forfeits its sovereign immunity and deserves unadorned condemnation." 

So how about when Israel and the US choose to use terror as policy? Will there be lawsuits from  Libya, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Laos and on and on and on and on and on...


  1. 'But U.S. District Court Judge Royce Lamberth said in his ruling: "When a state chooses to use terror as a policy tool, as Iran and Syria continue to do, the state forfeits its sovereign immunity and deserves unadorned condemnation." '

    and will this judge now hear case against the US and its use of terror around the world? or is he afraid to tackle the US regime?

    1. "and will this judge now hear case against the US and its use of terror around the world? or is he afraid to tackle the US regime?"

      We can hope. Other nations should pursue it.
      There would be so many plaintiffs

  2. about those syrian snipers....
    Syrian snipers outsiders trained by the US navy! News from James Corbett

    also democracy now may like to view these!

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    1. Brian:

      are you saying the snipers weren't Syrian army..
      like the msm was spinning?
      Imagine that?

  3. The Assassination of 6 Most Important Syrian Security Officials At Once
    News About Syria - English shared a link.
    18 hours ago
    #Syria #RealSyria

    Very important article... PLs read and spread all over... specially on twitter.

  4. Jewish Hollywood`s Power In Action

  5. Israeli land thieves benefit from Save Darfur charity!
    You donate money to what you think is a good cause fronted by stars like George you ever wonder where that money goes?

    so this is how one gets rich?

  6. Mahmood Mamdani:
    Let me tell you, when I went to Sudan in Khartoum, I had interviews with the UN humanitarian officer, the political officer, etc., and I asked them, I said, "What assistance does the Save Darfur Coalition give?" He said, "Nothing." I said, "Nothing?" He said, "No." And I would like to know. The Save Darfur Coalition raises an enormous amount of money in this country. Where does that money go? Does it go to other organizations which are operative in Sudan, or does it go simply to fund the advertising campaign?

    1. The whole Darfur thing is a scam?
      Out of Hollywood?

      George Clooney? There is something very "off" about that man.

  7. pity someone cant email this to Clooney

  8. meet 26 FSA terrorists: notice many are tunisian...

  9. Regarding the massacre in Houla, UN mission head Major-General Robert Mood said: "My patrols went into the village. I can verify that they counted 32 children under 10 years old killed. In addition there were more than 60 adults dead." He said the killing in Houla was "indiscriminate and unforgivable." But General Mood would not explain how the villagers died.

    Horrific pictures posted on YouTube appear to show that they were shot or knifed to death, some having their throats cut.

    On the basis of loads of experience of allegations of atrocities by Syria's security forces this past year, I am sure that the generality of people in Syria won't believe the allegation that the crime in Houla was committed by the security forces. (That's one of the reasons why the government stands strong today). But meanwhile the allegation against the security forces will get lots of credence and airtime in the foreign media. The framework and basic assumptions among the foreigners is a lot different from that of the Syrians themselves.

    The Syrians know their government and their security forces much better than the foreigners do.
    Posted by: Parviziyi | May 27, 2012 1:16:40 AM | 14

    My Comment:
    'Horrific pictures posted on YouTube appear to show that they were shot or knifed to death, some having their throats cut.'

    this is clearly the work of jihadi terrorists

    which make this claim odd:
    'The UN monitors found debris of tank and artillery ammunition in Houla that would be consistent with the use of government weapons'

    so did the perpetrators after using this tank ammunition then go and cut throats?
    its this sort of inconsistency that tells us who done it

  10. During the last few months in Homs province a number of whole families have been slaughtered, where the killed families were government supporters and the killers were local rebels, and local personal vendettas are thought to have been part of the context.
    Dated 20 Mar 2012. 13 men, women and children killed in cold blood in Hasiba village near Quseir in Homs province. The killed were all civilians who were members of a family named the Al-Amory family, and who were supporters of the government. A lot of armed rebels are present in the Al-Quseir area.
    Dated 8 Feb 2012. Massacre of 8 men from the same family in Jabornin village in Homs province. The assailants were armed with automatic rifles, they surrounded the house, took out the men and executed them on the spot, leaving the women and children unharmed. The murdered men were supporters of the government. The family had been threatened beforehand to pay money to support the revolution.
    13 Mar 2012. Massacre of 45 men, women and children in Karm al-Zaytoun neighborhood and some other neighborhoods of Homs City all on 11 or 12 March 2012: , . Some footage of the massacred bodies: , .
    The massacre in Houla in Homs province is the biggest in scale this year to my knowledge, as over 90 were killed. During the next few days we'll likely be finding out exactly who the victims were. I won't be surprised if their surviving relatives and friends will be on Syrian State TV saying that the massacred families were government supporters, as happend in the other massacres noted above. A possible motive for massacering them would be to put fear into others in the Houla area, which would drive out many of the remaining government supporters from the Houla area and leave the ground more solidly under the control of the rebels.
    Posted by: Parviziyi | May 27, 2012 2:51:30 AM | 18

  11. Good work Brian.

  12. Georgia relocates parliament to international hub of weapons trafficking for Syrian rebels.

    Yup, the war drums are really sounding now. The Battle for Syria - I hear the Iranians are already in there. Meanwhile, supplies are being provided via established logistics links in Georgia and the region, including Turkey. The devil is in the detail and the question remains as if this is done as a for profit operation by the locals or who is really in control and organizing it

    History may be funny in describing how massive reconstruction works in Georgia was paid for by Syrian Rebels. All the while recriminations fly in all directions. Clinton blaming Russia now: all this experience in arms and human trafficking can be put to good use and even all those weapons that fell into Russian hands, I am convinced that the Russians would never resell them to the Georgia for third parties – NEVER!!!

    Who is selling what to whom – and perhaps this is a well baited trap, one that Christian soldiers cannot resist. Russian foreign minister Lavrov says the rebels did some of the killings, as they were killed at close range in a rebel-controlled neighborhood. Regardless, allocating the blame – but the getting the bang for the buck is not just for defense contractors.

    I think we'll see a new Security Council resolution soon - worded to make it as hard as hell for the Russians or the Chinese to veto it, but I hope they do.

    I wonder what effect it'll have on this place. "Georgian Parliament relocates to hub of Syrian weapons trafficking” I like this - only to prove it - and get pictures loading up the planes.

    1. Kaspi:
      I see this comment associated with this wordpress site

      I am not clear on what you mean by Georgia relocating parliament to hub of weapons trafficking for Syrian rebels
      Would you be able to explain that more clearly?

    2. It was used as hub back in 2008, and I have the tapes on that - and this is a logistic network set up by the US government and NATO partners, especially Norwegians, pre-positioned of weapons. One only needs to look at the CV of the former US Ambassador, John Bass and his logistical background and the connections to Israel.

      I would rather you give a critical analysis on how we have tried to share information about allegations of weapons and what happened and the results as a starting point.

      An American journalist, Jeffrey Silverman, long term resident of Georgia, 21 years, with whom I am/was working was behind Russian lines during the Russian-Georgian war of August 2008. He found Russian (designed) and German made weapons. These were imported from Serbia via Jordan. He also discovered the use of Israeli cluster bombs on civilian population by the Georgian side. Based on an end user certificate that he had previously had, [thought to have been provided him by a person working with suspected European intelligence agency]... it was clear these were part of the same shipments that were being brought in from Jordan via a intermediate company, Melville as well as otherwise legal imports. He adamantly contends that the weapons were never intended for the Georgian army but had been preposition for possible use against Iran. The performance of the Georgian army made it necessary to move the weapons quickly, and many fell into Russian hands and sold on the international market.

      As a result he approached the Georgia media to do a program, an opposition TV Station, Maestro. Mr. Silverman also wrote articles about illegal weapons trafficking, former editor in chief of the Georgian Times - working with a human rights center too and Georgian State TV.

      It is his contention, and proved by other exports that weapons shipments have been going to third country from Georgia for many years. Moreover, he also has more recent documentation, 2010, of a session of secret recordings of two Turkmen nationals and two special agents, US customs control - over the mechanism and negotiations for delivery a weapons to Turkmenistan via Georgia and Azerbaijan. These have been posted on the internet.

      The manufacturer, Dillon Aero is from the US State of Arizona - coincidence that John McCain is from this State and there are links with illegal exports to Mexico and other countries. BTW, Silverman has lived and worked in Georgia for the last 20 years and is associated with, thought to be doing work on the side for American contractor to Homeland Security, as he has no apparent means of support, he too has a reputation for beating up a FBI agent once in Tbilisi - and getting away with it.

      Somehow he landed an assignment based on his knowledge of weapons trafficking and being a human rights defender. Most likely because he has special insight into the weapons trade, going back 20 years, and before getting involved in human rights issues and having served in the US Army, as a forward observer, Calvary Scout – one of the most critical and dangerous military occupations, first-in-and-last out of war zones, as found in one of the articles posted about him. His reputation proceeds him, in such hotpots as Pankisi Gorge and events of May 26, 2011.

      He is somehow landed an assignment to check the accuracy of some transcripts in Russian and English related to an undercover investigation “sting operation” of weapon shipments to Turkmenistan, however, in digging deeper, based on his local knowledge he quickly understood that this likely was just a shell game and the weapons were "most likely" arriving to Georgia for transshipments to third countries.

      Syria is only one of these countries.

    3. Don't be offended but, Silverman, as a 'human rights activist arms dealer' is making me think of Wisam Tarif
      dealing for weapons and fighters from Libya.. via Lebanon
      under the guise of the humanitarian group AVAAZ to destabilize Syria

      I went to read the interview with him posted at one of the links you left

      IMO this guy is everyw ay connected to either NATO or Mossad.
      Or both, Or even more then that.
      Seriously who knows?

      Are you trusting the information he is providing you with?
      It could be good? Or it could be bad?

      You seem to have a real grasp of what could be going on here.
      I will admit,to being a bit "blown away" by it all.

      Besides Syria, where else could these weapons have gone.
      I had some news posted that Syrian rebels were being trained in Kosovo???
      Is that connected?

      Kaspi, I admit to being intrigued by this all.
      But, really, how to help? Not a clue.

    4. It gets better, a clip of an arms deal that was posted on youtube by concerned citizens was pulled off the the Internet by a Federal Judge from the State of Arizona.

      United States District Court, District of Arizona,

      CR-10-00233-PHZX-FJM, Protective Order

      United States of America vs. Ruslan Gilchenko, and Victor Dobrogaiev


      The two undercover video recordings, dated January 21, 2010 and February 22, 2012 respectively ... pursuant to Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure 16 (d), a protective issue directing the parties not disseminate to any other person or entity copies of the the undercover vedeo recording referenced, etc., etc.

      What is interesting is the the Judge signed the order on the 18th day of July, 2012, Federick J. Martone, United States District Judge. The links are John McCain and campaign contributors is very funny, and worrying about tapes of arms dealers of guys who are already locked up.

      I suspect there is a Syrian-Turkish connection here and some well established weapons trafficking networks involving foreign intelligence serviced and the former Viktor Bout network.

    5. Kaspi: apologies for tardy response time

      Ok so the clip of the arms deal that you had left, posted on You tube has now been taken down by court order?
      Has someone else taken it upon themselves to put it back up?
      It will happen.

      I checked the ICE report and saw the deal referenced there.
      So these fellows are in jail and yet the video was ordered taken down?

      The Viktor Bout network? That is a new one to me!

      Interesting at that same link there is news of the BAE pleading guilty to a number of conspiracies
      That case seems tied to Prince Bandar and the BAE scandal going back to Margaret Thatcher

    6. That is what the trafficking network is referred to in undercover tapes that I have privy to. We are trying to find a sponsor for a documentary but most are too scared of the real thing, we have some possible sponsors but they seem to be a day late and a dollar short. This is more than just the run of the mill recriminations and finger pointing. Share a email with me and I will send you the transcript of the deal going down. I can share the judges order too!


    This story is very current and related to the bigger picture of things - and only now concerned about worker safety. This story needs to be expanded as why all the secrecy - I suspect that much is below the surface, literally, and the foundation and soil may have been a contributing factor. Nobody cares about human life in Georgia.

  14. Would like to network with people who are really interested in this story - as I need backup to dig deep into what is going on in Georgia right now.

    1. Kaspi:

      Your comment resulted in a newer post on the topic
      check it out and leave a comment

      there is interest because the post is being hit on.

      "nobody cares about human life in Georgia"

      Sadly, not in Georgia or anywhere
      Humans are just fodder for imperial games and geopolitics

      I will look at your links, but, bring it to the latest post.
      Perhaps some readers here can help you out

    2. Can't find the newer post on the topic that you mentioned. BTW, how many hits has this string received. Cannon fodder, I know very well, "nobody cares about human life; I was behind Russian lines in August 2004. Even the Georgians killed their own troops with M85 cluster bombs, no mention in the mainstream Georgian press.

  15. Penny,

    I think you did a good job of that is the follow up to this posting - and this story is now developing. We need sometime to communicate off line. I have been in the neighborhood for a long time. I guess you saw the latest about Air America/Georgian-Arab Airlines flying out of the new airport.

  16. Attorney General Eric Holder was grilled by members of Congress over the whole Arizona gun-running episode, which saw the death of an ATF agent, via guns which the USG sold to Mexican drug cartels, apparently as part of a "sting" operation - it took a few ATF whistle blowers to bring this info out into the light of day, and this story has been unfolding for many months now. There is also an link between this story and Mexico, especially the State of Arizona, John McCain and those that make campaign contributions.

  17. It is good to have been right about all this - however, unfortunate for those on the receiving end.

  18. Kaspi

    I did some follow up work on Georgia and was hoping you would pop by and give my readers and myself a local perspective

    If you can tell us anything about what is going on in Georgia would you

    BTW: hope you are well.

  19. What comes next, especially if the Republicans can rig the elections with their voting machines.

    Nezavisimaya Gazeta
    October 18, 2012

    US Probes South Caucasus’ Attitude to Iran


    Georgian politician Irina Sarishvili said before Rubin’s visit that many hospitals built in Georgia recently under a presidential program bear an alarming likeness to standard US military hospitals. Considering the speedy modernization and construction of airports for heavy transport planes and other infrastructure improvements, this could be more than straightforward concern for the Georgians.


    Eric Rubin, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasian Affairs, is touring Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia to promote democracy and cooperation and develop partnership on the issues of Syria and Iran.

    The media in Azerbaijan reports that Rubin’s visit to Georgia focused on economic issues, civil freedoms and Nagorno-Karabakh.

    The US Embassy in Armenia’s press service said Rubin would attend a meeting of the US-Armenian group on economic cooperation to discuss stimulating investment in energy and trade, as well as nuclear power.

    The agenda for high-ranking Washington officials’ visits to the South Caucasus seldom varies, and this is not simply because Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia face largely similar problems, but also for ethical reasons. Washington wants to convince them that they are all equal partners.

    Therefore, if Rubin talked about Iran in Georgia, he did or will do the same in the other two South Caucasus states.

    “During the meetings with the President and future Prime Minister of Georgia, we discussed the international community's efforts to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons,” Rubin told a press briefing at the US Embassy in Tbilisi as quoted by Azernews. “We are broadly cooperating over the Turkish-Syrian issue, and Georgia is called upon to play a peacekeeping role in the region.”

    However, some Georgian experts believe that Rubin met with Mikheil Saakashvili and Bidzina Ivanishvili to probe Georgia’s attitude to Iran, where Washington will want Georgia to play a special role if the situation escalates.

    Georgian politician Irina Sarishvili said before Rubin’s visit that many hospitals built in Georgia recently under a presidential program bear an alarming likeness to standard US military hospitals. Considering the speedy modernization and construction of airports for heavy transport planes and other infrastructure improvements, this could be more than straightforward concern for the Georgians.

    Eric Rubin also said in Tbilisi, clearly referring to Russian bases in Abkhazia and South Ossetia that “the US position regarding the obligations that Russia undertook in 2008 to withdraw its troops from the Georgian territory remain unchanged.” He said the US stance on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia is firm and clear.

    Commenting on the recent parliamentary election, Rubin congratulated Ivanishvili on the victory and praised Saakashvili’s personal contribution to positive developments in Georgia. He said the world can see that democracy in Georgia is real, and that the country can become a model for the region.

    Rubin also met with ministerial nominees, notably Irakly Alasania who is slated to become the Defense Minister. Alasania assured him that Georgia would honor its commitments in Afghanistan. In response, Rubin said that Washington would redouble its efforts to promote Georgia’s rapprochement with NATO.

    The US official refused to comment on Ivanishvili’s plans to participate in the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014. He said he was pleased with Saakashvili’s assurances that Georgia is committed to strengthening ties with Euro-Atlantic organizations and the United States, and to guaranteeing press freedom.

    1. Hey Kaspi

      odd, in that I was just reading a report from RT about Georgia and the Chechen terrorists and here you are
      Mind reader or what?

      This looks a good read and I want to move it to the front

    2. Keep digging - there is lots of smoke here - and now is the time to stir the pot. I am very current on this topic. Going around and around with a possible funding source for a deep investigation - as they are afraid of catching the Americans and its strategic red handed in providing material support to terrorists. What a double standard the US and NATO practices in meddling in this region of the world. America does not care about the outcome of the Civil War in Syria, as long as the region is destabilized, and that includes Turkey too. Funny that Iran may be providing assistance via Iraq; I guess it is all about keeping friendly relations with close neighbors.

  20. Keep me updated. as things seem to be heating up.

    1. Hey Kaspi

      yup, heating up.
      I see the Ukraine is full of protests
      Syria is up. Violence wise.
      Even Saudi Arabia
      when it all hits the boiling point then what?

  21. An American journalist blames Georgia for supply of Syrian rebels with weapons

    Georgia has long been recognized as a transit point for illegal trade and illegal arms trafficking between Central Asia and Europe, and more recently the rest of the world. It should be in the direct interest of the law enforcement and intelligence services to curb this trade. The links with these networks can however provide deeply important information regarding the activities of certain “groups of interests”, including terrorist networks . . .

    FrontPage in Georgian newspapers, very interesting documentation here that is mentioned too!

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. Lots going on with this story now - stuff starting to float to the top.

    1. A leaked Homeland Security video shows illegal arms trafficking!
      Stop this corruption once and for all! All the talk about money makes me sick. Money is all they have in their screwed heads! They are MURDERS!


    1. Hi Kaspi

      I am relinking this is my latest post
      You can find it here, credit to you of course for leaving it
      Another commenter has mentioned that protests are still ongoing in georgia, people still want Sakeshvilli gone.. (spelling? and apologies for mistakes)

    2. Saakashvili - lots going on here and there are even protest organized by those close to the US Embassy to keep the president around but the vast majority want him gone, and good riddance - and before his technical term of office as president is up, which would have been later this month. However, he can legally sit in place till September. People are now protesting wanting him to depart when as was under the old constitution - not to hang around and make problems for the new democratically elected government. Send me your email and I will send you an update. I know the New Editor of the Georgian Times and information will be coming out on such things - and not the official line one way or another.

    3. Hi Kaspi

      thanks for the update
      I am unsure how to send you my email?
      However I am now moderating comments here due to troublesome troll issues
      If there is anything that you do not want widely read it won't be.
      Please keep updating myself and the readers regarding the ongoing situation in Georgia
      It is strategically important, really
      Here in the West we don't get that type of info
      thanks so much Kaspi


    Even before the new Georgian government came to power layers of competing and vested interests, with short term political agendas, were shaping this policy; national security was not its guiding principle. It is now clear that many of the purchasing decisions of the Ministry of Defense were economically and politically driven, especially in the run-up to the 2008 Georgia-Russia war. Georgian and international media outlets have documented cases of corruption in arms and food procurement, such as the case of Meals Ready to Eat (MREs), and the scandal back in 2008 of substandard weapons and ammunition being supplied to the Georgian Army.

    It is clear that many of the instances of corruption in the Georgian MoD were discussed when Robert Muller, the former FBI Director, visited Georgia in early May 2010 and held closed door meetings with Minister of Internal Affairs Vano Merabishvili and Minister of Justice Zurab Adeishvili. Such violations as corrupt procurements, arms trading and the other alleged “side deals” reported are breaches of the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act when US citizens are involved in paying kickbacks to members of the Georgian government.

    Muller’s visit lasted several hours but still, to this day, the full details of how widespread the corruption was have not been revealed. But the Georgian media has since published the names of specific individuals involved in it and there is clearly a connection between them, especially people such as David Kezerashvili, the former Minister of Defense and Temur Alasania, the uncle of the Georgian President. Such individuals are vying for first place in what appears to be a real power struggle, deriving from their respective positions in government, past and present, and their continuing spheres of influence and networks of patronage. American sources suggest that the main suspect in the weapons smuggling known to have taken place through Georgia, Daniel Alvares, has also been charged with corruption related to weapons sales made in association with members of the Georgian government.
    On a micro level, a recent audit of the Ministry of Defense (MoD) revealed many instances of corruption, notably the purchase of 3,000 bullet-proof vests costing a total of 2,800,000 USD from Ukraine. It was determined that these were of low quality and totally unsuitable for military purposes. Another such case was that of the multi-launch systems which rained down tube launched cluster bombs short of their targets, on Georgian villages and troops near the front, in 2008.

    1. Hi Kaspi

      I believe you left this one previously and I posted the article
      but thanks, as always

      Any news on the situation in Georgia you want to update us all on?

      Last time I had read up on it and think I might have some stuff bookmarked
      It appeared as if Sakashvilli (?spelling) was looking to hold onto power
      by denying the people the right to choose and moving to have parliament elect the leadership or something along that line?
      Is that correct?
      Could this alter the election results?
      Anything else you want to share re Georgian goingson is great
      Georgia is very important geostrategically speaking
      which means the people will get railroaded unless they stay on top of all this

      And hope you are well also :)

  26. So so, hanging in and not hung up yet, but lots going on. He may try to dismiss the parliament - and it is wait and see, he has time to play out zero sum games in the meantime with making the new government look bad and as a subdivision of the Kremlin. He cannot get the existing Parliment to support him as the former opposition is now the majority.

    I sat in ona meeting the new Justice Minister the other day and the court system is still under the control of the old government and little can be done for now until Saakashvili is totally out or dead - his term is up and it what will happen with new presidental elections is a big question. Nonetheless, the game is still on "Great Game" and with relations with Russia going in the direction of normal, much to the dismay of the US and its so-called allies. It is all about Iran being in the crosshairs after Syria is knocked out.

    It is fun to have a front row seat.


  27. CNN posted a short msg about the U.S. supplying weapons not long ago to Syrian rebels.
    When most Americans see this they think: oh, well, that's good, the government will take care of it; they know who are the good guys and who are the bad guys. But it can only be a bad thing. Glenn Beck is saying to get your house in order - prepare for WWIII. People here are oblivious... it's the only thing they can do.. we have to work - work - work and never seem to get bills paid off. They have been supplying weapons for a longtime already to Syrian rebels and what good has it done - other than destabilize the entire region.

  28. "They have been supplying weapons for a longtime already to Syrian rebels and what good has it done - other than destabilize the entire region. "

    That is exactly the good that has been done
    I don't define it as good, you certainly would not define that as good
    but to the psychopathic we allow to lead us, this destabilization is 'good'
    order out of chaos
    it is up to the people to turn the table on these so called leaders