Tuesday, May 29, 2012

William Lyon MacKenzie King- Rockefeller's 'other' PR Man

Last week I relinked the book Rockefeller Medicine Men

It is said that those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
I agree with that thought.  Though it would be a more valid and applicable statement if we had any real knowledge of history.

Keeping that in mind. I had to wonder why it was not common knowledge that long serving Prime Minister of Canada, William Lyon MacKenzie King, was a PR man for JD Rockefeller ?

If it was not for reading the aformentioned book, I would never have known.

A nifty little pdf if your interested in some real Canadian or American history, for that matter

W.L. Mackenzie King: Rockefeller’s ‘other’ public relations counselor in Colorado

This study profiles William Lyon Mackenzie King’s role as a counselor to John D. Rockefeller
Jr. in the aftermath of the bitter 1913–1914 Colorado coal strike. Mackenzie King—not his more recognized counterpart, publicist Ivy Lee—provided many of the modern public relations ideas that Rockefeller eventually adopted to alleviate tensions and improve labor relations.

W. L. MacKenzie King would become Canada's Prime Minister, just seven years after this fortuitous job opportunity.

"Right Honourable"? As if a PR man is ever honourable!

The coal strike being referenced is none other then the notorious Ludlow bloodbath

Woody Guthrie recounts in song. Very effectively.

William Lyon MacKenzie was the PR man that smoothed this massacre over for the Rockefeller's


  1. Penny, don't you know that spreading and keeping Canadian history is currently being shunned on by our dear leader? Tell me why any kind of archival fact should be preserved, or even mentioned again? Why think of the money we will save by totally dismantling our archival structures? Who needs history? We can invent what we like.

    Shame on you for keeping this stuff out there - heck - someone should tell Harper about this. It needs stopping.

    I hear there will be jail space available soon for the likes of history buffs! Dangerous folks those....


    1. Hey Buffy:

      I was at the CBC forum and they were censoring my comments so heavily...


      No place for real history, facts or truth in this world
      Just phony 'narratives' that suit the storytellers

  2. Wasn't it a Canadian writing GWB's Kill Saddaam speaches? Always hated returning to Canada. Freak show. Going with my gut and Jumping the wall into East Berlin 1973 would have been the right thing to do.

    1. Yes, it was.
      His name escapes me, but, he was the creator of the
      "Axis of Evil" reference. A brilliant label applied to the wrong nations, of course

  3. William Lyon MacKenzie King is an unfortunate name especially for a politician. Still it could have been worse - William Lyin King MacKenzie. oops, typo there